Thursday, January 13, 2011

After the Snow~A Silent View

By the end of this little picture story, you'll see the dilemma I am facing. I've been mulling it over since 11 last evening when my first thought was to lob my sweet little kissing ball at his windshield. Then I planned to call the town office first thing this morning. Now that I've cooled my jets a bit, I'm not sure what to do. Perhaps you have a suggestion...

 Kissing Ball and Whipping Flag

Evergreen Basket and Skinny Snowman

A Cleared Path

Yesterday's Footprints Covered

Take Off the Red Bow and It's a Winter Wreath

The Well and Birdhouses

Chippy Barn Star and Chippy White Fence Wearing White

The Icicles Finally Match My Header's

Neighbor Cleared His Yard

And this is where it gets interesting...Last night between 10 and 11, my neighbor across the street plowed his yard directly onto my front lawn. All of it.

The back edge of this snow is in my garden! Ackkkk... The town plows don't even do this!

Another view of how far off the road the little scamp went...that's my front lawn.

Oh yes! Mrs. Kravitz strikes again. Here he is right outside my window. The nerve of some people!

A look east toward the river and at the end of the drive

Plastic Snowflake on Front Door

The plastic snowflake makes me laugh.

Going in Now

And thus ends the wee tour...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun in the Snow~ Vid

Fun in the Snow~ Video (not the best quality as it was uploaded to Google docs...couldn't get it uploaded any other way.)

This video is dedicated to Lorrie who loves to encourage me to get out and enjoy winter. The little video cracks me up. Nothing like being highly amused by one's own antics. Anyway, if, when you hear the sounds of prancing reindeer hooves, you aren't laughing as well, just let me know. (I do consider myself rather lightfooted, but this is ridiculous!)

Vee's Very Blustery Day

I'm talking about myself in the third person. That can't be good. Perhaps it comes so easily to me because Vee is not my name. Course, I've been called Vee for so long that it comes quite naturally to me now. It can honestly be said that I wish Vee were my real name. I know people with my real name and they are perfectly normal gals. Wonder why I feel so odd about having the name and always have. Doctor? Is there a doctor in the house?
By the way, what's up with that show V? Lost got me for six long years and it appears that I could be sucked up into the mother ship on this one, too.

But I digress. I want to chat about the weather.

Last night as we were watching the reports on the evening news, the meteorologist repeatedly called the coming storm a "bomb" and an "explosion."

"That guy better watch his language," John said.

By morning's light the explosion looks more like a great day for baking cookies and having an extra cup of coffee.

Even if you're having a blustery day, keep it cozy!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Isn't Working for You?

Aha! That is the question of the day. You may remember my saying that I'd save furniture arrangement for another day. This is the day.

Right in the middle of the Christmas season, I noticed something for the very first time. I am a bit slow. Can you see what it is? I'm sure all those numbers all over the place make it a challenge so I'll just tell you. The chair, the big blue Volkswagon of a chair, is right in front of my hubby's bookcase, the one he uses all the time. Right. I can be quite slow about what isn't working when I am not the one affected. That day, as I watched him leaning in trying to retrieve a book, I finally noticed. (Let us not discuss the fact that I hadn't for two and a half years.)

It was such a simple fix. Why hadn't I thought of it before? Now you may say that the hassock is causing grief, but John uses it to sit on while he's looking for his book or he simply backs it up. It's nowhere near as heavy as either of the Volkswagons. And, trust me, this is a cozy little arrangement. (Please forgive the unattractive fleece's cold up here!

Here's a slightly different angle...

So that's the story, now tell me, is there something in your furniture arrangement that isn't working for you?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Embroidery Patterns~Mosaic Monday

January and February bring many quiet hours for a lot of us. Bad weather, cold temperatures, and the cozy comforts of home all contribute to those quiet hours. (We shan't mention the Christmas let-down.) I always try to have some embroidery to work on in the evening or late afternoon. This year, I will find myself doing plenty of waiting and so I have made up an embroidery kit so that some dog-eared magazine doesn't get too much of my attention.

I thought I'd gather up some free patterns. If you visit the site given, you'll find the patterns ready to print out.

*Bustle and Sew  (Though no patterns are shown, this site offers some really terrific free items. Check out the sidebar!)
*Pattern Bee Free Patterns 1 and 2
*My Transfers 6, 7, and 8
*The Baby Gardner 4
*Stichado 3 (The link no longer works.)
*Tip Nut  5

(#9? I can't find my source and I have actually worked this pattern and love it. If anyone knows the source, please let me know so that I may give proper credit. Julie tells me that this is on Flickr *here.* That's not where I found it, though it's a better representation.)

Should keep me going for some time to come.
Wonderful patterns for embroidery are available for purchase at some of these sites. You'll find the prices very reasonable. (No one has asked me to endorse her products nor have I been paid.)

Please join Mary at Little Red House for more fun mosaics. (Thank you, Mary, for all you do. Mosaic Mondays are so much fun.)

Enjoy a great week...

No, Lord, I Have Not

This question has kept coming to me over the past few months along with some others that God asked Job. I'm no Job, but I have asked God many questions and sometimes with a fair amount of "attitude." When the tables are turned and He is asking the questions...


Some giant snowflakes, eh? John told me that when they start getting this big, we're definitely moving to Florida. This idea was lifted from inspired by Terri and Bob at Lakewood Manor right here on *this post.* Yes, the weather does get cold down there in Missouri.