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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Embroidery Patterns~Mosaic Monday

January and February bring many quiet hours for a lot of us. Bad weather, cold temperatures, and the cozy comforts of home all contribute to those quiet hours. (We shan't mention the Christmas let-down.) I always try to have some embroidery to work on in the evening or late afternoon. This year, I will find myself doing plenty of waiting and so I have made up an embroidery kit so that some dog-eared magazine doesn't get too much of my attention.

I thought I'd gather up some free patterns. If you visit the site given, you'll find the patterns ready to print out.

*Bustle and Sew  (Though no patterns are shown, this site offers some really terrific free items. Check out the sidebar!)
*Pattern Bee Free Patterns 1 and 2
*My Transfers 6, 7, and 8
*The Baby Gardner 4
*Stichado 3 (The link no longer works.)
*Tip Nut  5

(#9? I can't find my source and I have actually worked this pattern and love it. If anyone knows the source, please let me know so that I may give proper credit. Julie tells me that this is on Flickr *here.* That's not where I found it, though it's a better representation.)

Should keep me going for some time to come.
Wonderful patterns for embroidery are available for purchase at some of these sites. You'll find the prices very reasonable. (No one has asked me to endorse her products nor have I been paid.)

Please join Mary at Little Red House for more fun mosaics. (Thank you, Mary, for all you do. Mosaic Mondays are so much fun.)

Enjoy a great week...


  1. Thank you, thank you thank you! I have started doing embriodery again after many years..and I love it! Portable, relatively easy, inexpensive, creative..and USEFUL to boot! What can be better..thank you for the sweet patterns and links. I really love them :-)

    And I love your mosiac. Have a fun Monday (??) and keep safe & warm..

  2. each pattern is delightful and should
    help brighten your long waiting. you
    are wise to look ahead.

    i hope you let us see the embroidery
    when finished.


  3. I love them all, but my favorite is the mystery one! That sweet bird with the teacup is adorable.

  4. How sweet of you...and this made a very sweet mosaic! Happy Monday...stay warm! ♥

  5. It has been years since I did any embroidery. The patterns are lovely. Take care and have a great week.

  6. All the patterns are sweet and beautiful, Vee! Thanks for the list of resources to explore. As the owner of a piece of your embroidery I know you do very nice work.

    We are expecting snow again this week. It may be a very long winter!

  7. I love the patterns of your embroidery mosaic. Yes, it is a nice project for the cold winter months. I used to do crochet, and have since left my unfinished projects....because I am hooked to blogging.

  8. Vee, there is nothing more relaxing than having some handwork to do in the evenings. Your patterns are so cute! Gotta love that scottie!!


  9. Sweet patterns. Handwork in the evenings is a great way for me to de-stress and embroidery is a favorite.

    I hope this latest system blowing through your way doesn't last too long. And don't blame it on Canada! It's from the North Pole!

  10. I sit with handiwork most evenings - usually cross stitch. I think that any of these patterns would be beautiful in red work!

  11. I did embroider in past years but not now. The patterns are so cute and they make a lovely mosaic.

  12. I used to do embroidery but then
    BLOGGING came along and takes up all my spare time..:(
    These are some great patterns.
    xo bj

  13. Vee,

    These are wonderful! They make a wonderful, clever mosaic. Love the birds and the teacup. Thanks for the links!!!!

  14. This is such a clever mosaic! Thanks so much for the resource...I loved embroidering when I was younger and really appreciate the work that you do.

  15. Vee,

    What a cheerful mosaic! I think you will spend many happy hours stitching these pretty patterns. I hope your Monday is filled with grace.

  16. Very sweet patterns! Great idea for the mosaic!

  17. I can see how embroidery would be soothing and therapeutic. I love this time post Christmas especially the cosy snugness of being indoors when it is bad weather outside. I am no good with my hands though so will stick with my books.

  18. Very cute retro redwork patterns! Thank you, sweetie!

  19. What a beautiful mosaic!

    Thank you for teaching me how to create them. Now, if I only had your artistic eye. The stitching around the edge of the mosaic is such a great detail.

  20. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my recent blog entry.

    Gentle hugs...

  21. What a fun and unique post! I, too love to sit by the fire and do handwork...and do on most evenings...year round! I love your embroidery patterns and have a collection of them. Thanks for the links to more. This winter, I'm sitting and knitting. Trying to finish a sweater and a shawl.

  22. Vee, those patterns are so charming! I love embroidery and am always on the look out for linen pieces with some hand stitching. I haven't done much myself but it's on my "want to do one day" list.


  23. Your mosaic is a trip back in time. Nostalgia is the word that comes to mind. I remember being taught by my grandmother to embroider and I'm pretty sure I worked on the little bluebirds you featured in your mosaic. I still have a cloth she embroidered and use it on the table at Easter. Thanks for the memories!

  24. I love this and it inspires me more...I have been wanting to do embroidery again and this type is what my eyes keeps going to...this inspires me
    I am working on a Vintage Postcard by Crab-apple Tree...trying to see if I can remember how to do it...it has been...well decades!
    Enjoy and pleases show finished work

  25. Hi Vee, this is an interesting mosaic! I hope you will show us a photo of the finished pieces. I've done a little embroidery work, but not in recent years. I fear that the computer takes up more of my time than it should and other creative outlets have been ignored. Maybe I'll try my hand at one of these. I know I have some embroidery floss somewhere...I don't throw anything away. Yet. But I'm going to. Whenever I get off my lazy behind and get started on those closets! Have a great day, Cheryl

  26. I am dreaming about those quiet days of which you spoke. They usually only happen for me in the case of a big snow. So far this year it is all tiny nuisance snows...but one of these days....

  27. Such a cute selection of patterns to embroider. I have a large counted cross stitch that I haven't worked on for quite a while. I must get back to it and finish it this year!!

  28. Hi Vee!

    It just seems like I see you everywhere I blog, so I thought I would stop by and say, hello! You have a delightful blog! I have so enjoyed peeking around at all of your fun posts.

    I love the quote at the bottom of your blog, by Harold B. Lee, he was an amazing man!


  29. great idea for a mosaic...you're very creative!

  30. I am looking forward to some quite time with my embroidery patterns as well. Plus this winter is going to be the winter I finally learn how to knit... famous last words:-)

    Your pattern mosaic is beautiful Vee.


  31. Be still my heart, I do so love embroidery. I think it all started back in Jr. High....sigh.
    Which reminds me, I have a set of dishtowels awaiting my attention:)

  32. Your pattern mosaic is beautiful, and I appreciate you stopping by my blog! I am tucking away projects for that rainy or snowy day, and the embroidery reminds me of my grandmother who loved to embroider, knit, crochet, cross-stitch and the list goes on.

  33. Love all the cute patterns. The doggie and the birds are just so adorable.

  34. Oh thank you so much for the sites for free embroidery patterns! Just what my heart needed in the midst of this winter. It's been awhile since I've done embroidery, but I dearly love it. Think I'll go see how much thread I have tucked away! Thank you again, and I just love your mosaic. Bess

  35. How wonderful they look these sweet patterns! Can't wait to go find them and send them to Arianna!!! Thanks so much Vee

  36. Vee. .even the patterns are pretty. I confess. .embroidery is not my strength. My mom did such delicate work and yet I am all about french knots. .and that's about it.
    And. .yet I sew. Odd.

  37. These are just charming. They make me smile. Thanks, Vee.

  38. What a wonderful hobby! I used to love being crafty too and loved to needlepoint. I have many, many half-finished projects ;)

    What adorable designs and great idea for a mosaic!

  39. Vee,
    I love the patterns you have chosen. I remember them so well. I suppose once I go through all the dishes and flatware, I will have to tackle the "stuff" in the trunk.

    Have a great week!


  40. Darling mosaic, Vee. I'm quite inspired. I've been knitting a little in the evenings but used to love doing embroidery so I think I'll check out the sites you mentioned. Thanks for your clever post. It's really charming. I'm a new follower and I'm looking forward to reading more from you. Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Lynn @ Cottage and Creek

  41. Here is that parakeet transfer:


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