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Thursday, January 6, 2011


A dark picture taken last evening showing what it'll be like this evening when we settle down to honor the day. Peeking closely, you can see that the clock high on the wall says a little after 4 in the afternoon. I am already noticing the lengthening days. (Happyone keeps me well informed on length of days.) Because you can't see it so clearly, I'll save the furniture arrangement story for another day when the tree is down.

I'm certainly going to miss my Christmas things, including my newly inherited Christmas village. This is a little church with the manger scene outside. The wee worhippers are just about lighted out. I love how the door is open a crack allowing the glow to spill out and giving another peek inside. 

As always, I'm comforting myself by saying that Christmas is not a day of the year, but a matter of the heart. And before this very year is out, we'll be celebrating all over again. Have a Merry 12th Day of Christmas!


If you checked in on my post early yesterday and had any questions, I did some clarifying that might be of interest. 



  1. G'Morning Vee - just went back and caught your mac n cheese. Sounds like a plan to me! Yum. My grandmother used to make the most delish mac n cheese ever! I'll have to snag your recipe. How could you even imagine keeping to 1/2 cup is beyond me!

    "Baby grand" had me rolling - that's SO CUTE! I'd keep on calling him that! I love it - but you'll have to think of something clever and GRAND for the other one or he might get jealous! (just until the teen years - then they'll just DIE if you even whisper it!)

    Have a blessed 12th day of Christmas, my friend!

  2. Your home looks very warm and welcoming, just as I would expect! Thank you for your kind words!

  3. Good morning! I hope you have a wonderful day...and stop by to visit me and enter a giveaway! Hugs! ♥

  4. I'm also enjoying the longer days of daylight.


  5. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! -happy sigh-

    And couldn't you leave your newly inherited village out, a wee bit longer? Until it really feel like "it's time" to put it away? :-)

    Gentle Winter hugs...

  6. I love your little village. I usually feel the same as you about putting Christmas things away, but for some reason it didn't bother me this year. It has always made me sad when older people reach the point in their lives where they don't even want to put up a tree. Ohhh how I hope that isn't happening to me.

  7. I do like the few minutes more light in the evening, but I'd like it to be light in the morning.
    I miss my Christmas lights around the house. Next year I'm putting them up earlier!
    Have a great day, my friend.

  8. What a sweet village! I've noticed our days getting a wee bit longer too!


  9. Thanks for the clarification Vee :)

    I made homemade mac & cheese last night and I mixed in sauteed onions and some bacon pieces...it was sinful. :)

    We get our tree just after Thanksgiving and my LR isn't huge...so by the time Jan 1 rolls around I am ready to get rid of it and bring back the furniture I had to remove to make room for the tree. If Hubby had his way we'd have the tree up until April.

    I'm very thankful the local Boy Scouts come around and remove the trees as Hubby has a habit of putting them in the backyard and there they sit....and sit...lol.

    Have a great day!

  10. Vee, Your inherited little village is lovely. Just yesterday when I was at my mil's.. . .she said she would not bother to put hers up anymore and I can divide it with my girls.
    I guess that is how it is. ..one day I'll be sending things away too. I need to appreciate being "only" 51.

    Happy Epiphany!

  11. your tree looks HUGE all brightly lit, and
    i adore your little church with its tiny

    i'm looking for an epiphany this year.


  12. Love your little village, Vee. I still have Christmas stuff to put away, but am putting it off as long as possible 'cause I don't wanna put it away!

    Didn't get the mac and cheese made last night so I can't give a report on how yummy I'm sure it will be.

    I'm noticing the longer days, too. Hubby keeps me informed on this stuff! He's looking forward to spring as much as I am. Neither of us tolerates cold weather very well anymore...could it be an age thing? :D

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  13. How warm and welcoming your home looks. And even though your Christmas decorations will be tucked away for another year, you have Christmas in your heart.
    I haven't ignored your question about why I'm studying - I'll send a private email soon.

  14. I love the little village church. It looks so warm and welcoming.

    I made your Mac and Cheese recipe last night. I used extra sharp cheddar and I noticed that my hubby went back a couple of times for extras. I guess it was a hit:-)

    Thanks so much for your help this morning. I am happy to report that it is just the way I envisioned.


  15. Happy Epiphany!

    My husband remembers as a child in Italy that the Epiphany was a big holiday. Very often people in the town would go to chuch and then go out and cook and picnic in the countryside. "La Befana" would visit the eve before and leave the children sweets, fruit, a toy and usually something practical like new underwear or socks..lol

  16. I have never thought of the 12 days of Christmas...I guess because of so many early January birthdays and not something that was brought to my attention as a child.
    Your house looks so calm and inviting...the lights are beautiful!

  17. Glad you are keeping Christmas in your heart as you move into the new year. Your little church is darling! I have never seen one that had a scene like that inside.

  18. Vee,
    Thanks you for your comment on my post today. My fingers fumbled and I deleted it by mistake instead of publishing it. Drat!
    Just wanted you to know I appreciated it though!

  19. Vee, I wait to take down our Christmas until the 6th of January. We are going to take down things this weekend. I will miss it too!

  20. Epiphany, the "real" Epiphany, though we celebrated it Sunday in church.... I celebrated it in my heart on this busy, busy day at the office... thanks for the reminder this evening!

  21. I love it that you celebrate all of the days of Christmas. I grew up with a tradition (don't have a clue from where it came!) that it was bad luck if you didn't take your Christmas tree was still up after New Year's Day. I'm thinking next year I may just drop that tradition and remember that Christmas also includes Epiphany.

  22. Our 12th day wasn't the best, but we muddled through it! I love that little lighted house there in your picture...


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