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Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Come this Far

Dishes are done; supper is ready for the oven when it's time; final decorations are down; beans are gathered, clothespins, too. (More on that later.)

I awoke to find John already taking down the lights on the deck as fast as he could. Guess he's ready to get on with the year.

Lower resolution

Higher Resolution

Now all that's left is my little angel standing guard over the Christmas aprons or else she's joining John in a hallejulah.

Lower Resolution

*Higher Resolution

Wish that my pumpkin pie would finish baking so I could carry on with the day.

Hope that you're having a great one!

ETA: *Experimenting Again


  1. What a great guy! It is time to begin this New Year isn't it! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your pie!

  2. Love the picture of the tree in the previous post. I am busy getting all my annual check ups done and then get all the Christmas put away. Don't use much fresh greenery any more so no big hurry. I am looking forward to a great year too. Blessings

  3. What a guy. I have to gradually hint for a few days to get Christmas lights down. When my hub gets tired of the hints, he finally gets the motivation to get them down.

  4. I'd like to stop by for a piece of that pie. :-)
    I'm getting the kitchen ready for painting tomorrow!

  5. Pumpkin pie sounds wonderful! I'll bring the coffee (or tea if you prefer) : )

  6. I like having virtual pie... no calories! I am taking things down today and this weekend. My house should be normal next week!

  7. Did you say PIE? I'll be right over to help! heehee! Enjoy your day! ♥

  8. I can smell it...now I should go light a candle, no baking today. Enjoy your pie.

  9. It sounds so cozy at your house. Pumpkin Pie baking.....yum!

    Enjoy it!

  10. I finished putting away all my Christmas decorations today and now the house looks empty. We are getting giant snowflakes but thankfully they aren't sticking.
    Pot roast is in the oven for dinner. I wish I thought of making a pumpkin pie! It's my favorite pie, or at least a tie with blueberry pie.

  11. Your angel is pretty. Our decorations are stored away too, in the attic.

  12. Sounds to me like a lovely way to spend the day..Enjoy your pie! Oh..and John ;-D

  13. Isn't is nice to have everything down and put away?
    I'm with John-ready to get on with the year. :)


  14. Hope to get the decorations finally put away Saturday. Other things got in the way of doing that this week. Hubby will help. He'll carry the big boxes up and down the stairs for me...aren't they handy to have around? :D Your pie sounds good, I love pumpkin pie in the winter. Have a good weekend. ~Cheryl

  15. I took our outside lights down yesterday as well. I was determined to put them away quickly this year... between you and me, they stayed up WAY to long last year:-)

    Pumpkin pie ~ Yummmy!


  16. Hi~I'm here from Donna~Cottage Days, you have a lovely blog! This year, my 4 y/o great-granddaughter wanted me to leave the tree up all year! I explained that if we left it up, we wouldn't have fun putting everything back up the next Christmas and that made the deal. :)

  17. Sorry Vee, I am siding with John and the angel on this one, time to tuck away the old year and begin the new one. Pumpkin pie and not even a holiday? Yum! Why do I only think I can have pumpkin pie on a holiday anyway? Enjoy!

  18. I just became follower . I enjoy your blog and I really liked your macaroni and cheese with ham.

  19. Get on with the year.... that's what we're doing here, too!

  20. I pray this new year will bring blessings to us all.

    I am so ready to start some new projects...just need to get a little more rest from Christmas and New Years....my second wind.

  21. I have a difficult time taking everything down at once. Like to leave a string of white lights on a plant or over a window for just a wee bit longer. We are on the road now, but I'll likely spend the first day home, taking down the Christmas decor. We even brought a set of rope lights to put up in our motel this trip and a Kenny G Christmas CD to continue the season a bit longer! To quote Eloise, "I simply love Christmas."

  22. Good morning dear Vee! I find it so hard to put away the little treasures that make Christmas for me. Wes is very anxious to get it over with, probably like John, but I like to look at each little ornament as I wrap it and put it in it's place in the tub. We have a sea of storage tubs right now and Wes already has plans to rearrange the liv rm furniture.... ugh. I like it the way it is... it's a good thing I'm a flexible person. LOL

    Have a blessed new year!! Sherry

  23. Vee, We are (that is dh and I) are in the best of company!! We finished taking our decorations down Sat. I had almost the same view from my window. lol Don't you just love to look outside and watch them as they (DH'S) go abut the things of life.

    Since I have been off line for a few days I want to comment on your last post, I love the christmas village, but more than that your thoughts, I always feel as though I am sitting there having a chat with you. Now when are you going to finish that book?
    Much love,

  24. Smiling at the rush to get the lights off as fast as possible.
    I hope you get some florida style warmth in your home today.

  25. Everyone is making pie, it seems. Perhaps I should join in!

  26. Any pie left?


    Hey, pumpkin pie is good all winter, right?

    Your hubby looks deep in thought there! What a guy to get the work done.

    relax now....



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