Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Deep Cold

To be warm in a warm room is nothing; but to be warm in an icily cold room is to taste a very special pleasure, a security in danger, peace in a storm. ~Elizabeth Coatsworth

Exactly. This is just how it is every sub-zero winter morning in the upstairs bedroom. There is no heat  there. Still, with fleece sheets, a comforter, a very heavy quilt, and another 98.6 body, it's perfectly delicious.

I used to feel sanctimonious about surviving deep cold. After all, I'm up heah in northern New England and it's flippin' freezin' and we're tough. Now that there are lots of folks way south of here who are struggling with snow and more snow and dipping temps, my superior attitude has had to be adjusted. I laughed so hard reading Sandi's post called Temper Temper! She describes this northern weather visiting the South so well. If you like a bit of spunk, spice, and sass (as I do), you'll love reading this.

Thought I'd answer any lingering questions...if you have any, feel free to ask. My sister stayed this week to help get some final things accomplished. Unfortunately, she became very ill with the flu. It'd be great if she could take another week, but I don't imagine that can happen. My nieces both have been ill as well so I'm hoping that it stops with them. (I've just learned that my daughter is also ill. Where's my echinacea bottle?)

My sister Molly has now become our little pup. She is 14 years old and I'm hoping that she'll be around for a good while longer. I couldn't handle another upset just now. She missed my mother terribly for the first four or five days, but seems to have settled down and has really bonded with John, though she's pretty fine with me, too. Anyone who has tips for living with and caring for a geriatric miniature poodle please comment.

We are finding that grief comes in waves. Sometimes we're fine, then we'll hear a song, be given a hug, receive a special card or call... Don't ambush me in the dairy aisle and tell me how sorry you are for my loss if you don't want tears. Tears come at the most inopportune times.

I am looking forward to getting back to normal blogging though it won't be for several more days. Until then, I hope to catch up with you in Blogdom. You're so entertaining!