Friday, November 30, 2012

Kitchen Light

I took so many photos trying to find the correct angle, that I finally decided to make this here mosaic so I could use them all. It may or may not have anything to do with a kitchen light.

And speaking of the kitchen light, I am not a DIYer; I did not find a sweet, chippy, old bucket or a rustic lobster crate or an apple basket or a vintage bird cage and create my own unique light as you might have done, my talented, think-outside-the-box friend. I am so in the box, I'm growing square.

If you've been reading here for any length of time, you have heard me say that I live in a wee home. I do. It's small and I don't even have a real kitchen. It's a corner of a larger space where a dining and living area have been eked out. The former living room, which sits at the front of the house, is my guest bedroom and office and portal to Blogdom.

You can see the layout in the following photo...

I am standing in the living room area. You can see the front wall of the house just down there through the wee hall. Living in a small home came as a huge shock when the kids and I first moved here after living in a much larger Cape Cod with four bedrooms, a laundry room, a dining room, a living room, a pantry, a kitchen, a sunroom, a shed, and a barn. Now that I am a little lot older, I can see the joy of not having all those spaces to clean and maintain, though it certainly took some time.

But then we were talking about lights...see the problem we had? Trying to keep some semblance of complementary because of the dining room light to the left in the above photo. Now I'm looking for a photo showing the former light...let's see...hmmm...*clunk* *rattle* *shake* *sift* *bump*  Oh, here's one...

Usually, I did everything possible to disguise that light fixture. This one, taken last Christmas, made it because I had to get the antlers in. Wonder what she'll show up wearing this year. Oops, off-topic again!

I didn't like the former light fixture because it seemed too small (not that the new one is so big); however, it was those $25 light bulbs that really did me in.

Today, I should use my baking center. Small kitchen, not much space=baking center on kitchen table.

Know what I'm doing with those melts? Take a peek right *here.*

Enjoy a wonderful Friday and a sweetly blessed December weekend...

Love Vee


  1. Goooooood morning, Vee! Am I first? Well, let me say that the new light is a big improvement! I love it - your other light was nice, but didn't go in your house...

    Your house is lovely and cozy and warm - I love how you decorated it, and I see those big platters again up there - I've been wanting to do something like that since I saw your kitchen last. I love your baking center on the kitchen table, too. I have one little table and that's it! Your house is just big enough! I think I could hang out there and be quite comfortable.

    Have a wonderful day - I'm off to Canton Trades Day to see if I can find a certain Christmas present for a certain sister who reads my blog!

    Your daughter is darling - she has your eyes - wish I could have met her, too! Tootles~~~

  2. Hoooooody...... See you got great pics of your new light and your old light and etc.

    Although me continuing to be dense, just can't get the hang of your layout. I hear you on the big, space, used for diff purposes. And I always figured your kitchen-space was at the back of the house. But now, it looks like .... Your Living Room is in the back. Middle is kitchen/dining room. And out front of house, is your Guest Bedroom, etc.

    I know. I'm hopeless. Well, if you read my post and ADDITION, you'll cut me some slack.


    Keep Jingling!!!

  3. I think your wee space is perfect! Great choice on the light. And Thanks for sharing the Santa Hat recipe! Have a delicious weekend!

  4. I love the new light fixture! I thought the older one looked nice too, but this one is definitely better! Alas, the light switch to a beloved lamp of ours broke last night. Now we have to figure out how to fix it and we collectively have zero repair household skills. It's always something, huh?

    Your place looks cozy. Yes, it is definitely an adjustment to go from a large place to a smaller one. We are still adjusting too, even though we sold our big, rambling place 3 years ago. I miss those HUGE rooms! Except when I vacuum and dust, LOL.

    That candy recipe looks ambitious but adorable!

  5. Good morning! The new light is perfect! The old one did not go nearly as well with the "feel" of your warm, cozy, darling, wee little home. I love how you have decorated it, and the whole atmosphere you have created. Enjoy your week-end!

  6. Well, you may not be making light fixtures out of lobster crates, but turning bugles into Santa's hats... I'm impressed. I think that will be a big hit with your grands and also your daughter who obviously has the Christmas spirit.
    All kidding aside, the new light fixture is very attractive and looks great in it's new home.

  7. Oh Vee The old Parsonage is small too - just 1728sq feet. Although your haven may be smaller. I love every inch of our old girl! I think the new mini chandy is perfect love the brushed look.

    That Santa Hat candy mix is soo cute - love what they do to the bugles. It reminds me of something my boss makes called "White Trash."

    Enjoy your coziness!


  8. I like your home. You have a beautiful location and yard, and you enjoy some privacy. Space isn't all it's cracked up to be. Mine keeps me constantly working to keep the laminates clean and everything dusted. I would love to buy a smaller home and scale down to just those things I really like if I could get Handyman on board. Lots of the stuff we have is just space filler. Your home looks cozy and you have some great pieces. Your new light fits in well. You have a talent for putting things together that I have to really work on (or have my daughter help). I often steal your ideas. :)

  9. I like the new light, it's very similar to the 5 light one over my kitchen table. We downsized from a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom large home and I don't miss cleaning it at all. Smaller is cozier and we only have seating for 4 in the living room but make do.
    I find your little home charming Vee, made that way from the personal touches you've added.

  10. Good Morning, Vee. I like the new light fixture. Here in GA, there are not a lot of options when purchasing new fixtures. We had to replace the hallway fixture and finally found a reasonably priced one at the home improvement store. Our home is tiny, too. I enjoy the fact that it does not take long to clean these days with all my aches/pains!!!!! Like your other comments, I love the coziness and warmth of your home, especially the kitchen. Fun for me to see your daughter, too. You both have such lovely eyes. Wishing you and John a delightful weekend.
    My John began taking insulin yesterday and seems improved today.

  11. The new light looks great! Rick and I would like to downsize, but don't want to sell in this economy. We would love something small that would be easier to take care of. Less to heat, cool, and clean sounds great to me! Let us know how that party mix turns out. I saved that on Pinterest a while back and was hoping it tastes as good as it looks.

  12. Vee, your wee house is very cozy and inviting. I really love your new light. It looks perfect for your home. We down sized moving into this new home. The house is about 1/2 the size of our last one. Of course, we have most of our furniture from the bigger home and we are trying to fit it all in. We decided to call Habitat for Humanity yesterday and they are coming by on Tues to take our couch. We had the couch for about 12 years now. Our new living space didn't have room for a couch and 4 chairs. The chairs made more sense.

  13. Vee, I think that a lobster crate light (you always make me smile!) would not have coordinated with the other light in the room. As it is, this one is lovely! And no $25 dollar light bulbs! (Sheesh!)

    I also think that spaces that flow into one another are wonderful. Our farmhouse, typical of the era in which is was built, consists of small-ish detached rooms (with the notable exception of the large-ish kitchen for which I am thankful), so I always admire open spaces. There are such possibilities with connected rooms.

    Your daughter is adorable! :)

  14. it all just looks beautiful and sometimes the best things come from small spaces, YUMMO!!

  15. I like the light so much and honestly I love the way your kitchen is open into the living space. It makes it all seem so warm and cozy. We upsized when we moved here in February, but I almost wished we hadn't... then my kids have gaggles of friends over and I count my blessings that we did. Although Audley is already counting down the days until the baby graduates high school in five years and we can move into the country. He misses chickens and goats. ALthough none of this has nothing to do with anything... I'm lacking for conversation this week.

    Have a great weekend!!

  16. I like the new light fixture a lot. And love your red cabinet! And I have that little white open out to three little cookie or whatever server on the top of that red cabinet. (I always find it amusing to see things in other blog homes that I have in my own.) It all looks very nice and cozy ... a favorite word of mine. Have a nice weekend!

  17. I like the new fixture very much! I imagine it will be seasonally trimmed if it is not careful...
    When we stay in a hotel suite with a small kitchen area I often realize how easy it is to keep up the space. It is all our "stuff" that requires storage that inhabits the extra footage at home.

  18. Aha...Santa hats happening at the kitchen centre sometime soon! I never clued in that your house was 'small'...until today. Having the main living area 'open concept' definitely makes it look spacous on photos. Enjoy your new light suits just perfectly.

  19. Oh Vee, I enjoyed this post. So straight from the heart, this is me, kind of post. I share many of the same issues and agree that downsizing is a wonderful thing. I have such limited counter space that I also need to use my dining table as an extension of my counter. I like your new fixture very much. xo

  20. I agree, the new fixture is more fitting to the style of the house. I can certainly relate to the size of your kitchen and living area; the home I grew up in was so similar. A lovely post and I truly feel like a friend invited into your home, thank you, XOXO

  21. All I could see was the ceiling. I love your ceiling! Ok, I do see the light, too and it's a good choice. We have gotten used to a smaller space, too, after we walked away from our 3600 square foot home on the hill that tried to go down the hill. Long story....

  22. The new light fixture looks really nice! Who wants an old lobster crate anyway? Not I. :) Your home always looks so warm and inviting and comfortable...just my style.

    Your daughter looks so the antlers!

    Have a nice Friday and weekend.

  23. My house is small too. I call it my nest. I do not care for big lofty ceilings which some of my kiddos live in. I am a nester. Always have been. I need every little nook and cranny filled. Enjoy your holiday preps.

  24. I admire, your open concept kitchen/dining/living room. And I admire rearranging rooms to make the house work for you. And I admire the new light fixture. May I admire your daughter - love her smile!
    The snack mix sounds equal parts delicious and threatening to a stable weight. I admire you for tackling those Santa hats!

  25. I love your home, Vee. It looks very warm and inviting. Your new light fixture is perfect.

    I hope I am not making a mistake as I am upsizing, not downsizing in my new home. My present home is not large and for many years I wished I had a larger place for entertaining. The kitchen and family room of the new house really "sold" us but I am a tad worried the long staircase to the bedrooms might present a problem in a decade. Hopefully my senior years won't come too early and I'll be able to manage it all for a long time to come.

    The Bugle Santa hats are so cute! I guess grandboys are coming over to your house this weekend"? :)

  26. I had so much fun visiting. Loved your conversational meanderings... just as if we were sitting at your kitchen table in your home. Which by the way is so cozy and inviting... like a dollhouse.

    I'm so glad you let us take a peek.

  27. Okay... got a couple of things to say here. #1... You are so hard on yourself!! Your tiny little house is the perfect escape for many who visit here. You have a talent for creating focal points and what better place to do that but tiny. Your photos are so pleasnt and inviting. Nuff said. #2 The light fixture is perfect!
    I too moved from big to small. Hallelujah, less to clean. I love little.

  28. I really like small cozy homes and it is what I have pictured our cabin to be like here at Happy Trails.
    I think your house is charming!! Very nice lights!! What a great mosaic too.

  29. Your new light fixture is perfect! Do people really make those creative light fixtures?!! I see them in magazines, but I would rather go shopping for one.

    The Santa Snack Mix would be great for gifts, too. Thank you for sharing the recipe. That is a possibility, but where do you get the red sticks to coat the bugles?

    Your home was way ahead of its time. The new floor plans all lean towards open spaces. I miss having a formal dining room, but we enjoy having the kitchen, dining, and living areas all together. It creates coziness!

    1. Oh, yes, Diane! I've seen some truly wonderful ones. I'll send you some links if I get a chance. If I were talented...

  30. Hi dearie - come see me - you have a feature!

  31. Love your new light fixture. Also love your cozy, open home.


  32. I love the new light fixture. It suits the character of your home and is lovely. My mother lives in a very small house also which entirely reminds me of yours. There is something to be said for a small and manageable and warm and cosy space. She always feels there is not enough room and clutter is a constant battle. But you know, I am never happier than when I am there with her quilts and yellow walls and small space and the total Mom-ness of the space. i wonder if kids nowadays, growing up in monster homes, will ever feel that sense of safety and snuggliness that comes from living under each other's feet in a perfectly small space? I remember when I was a kid and people came over for Christmas that there would be no room to move in the kitchen and the visitor usually had to hold the turkey on their lap or almost. hehe. It was small. She built a mudroom and such since and it helps a lot. I love your space Vee. It is David's favorite type of home too. And I know your home is full of love, and good cooking I suspect, so even better.

    xo's Terri

  33. Now how did I miss this post??? I don't know. But, I'm glad I scrolled down from today's post (or was it yesterdays?) and found your new light fixture. I really like it! It goes well with your decor and the dining room fixture too. Your collage is beautiful and shows off your sweet Christmas decor and vintage things. I love how you've packed (fit) everything into your small home and it looks so cozy. I often wish I could have a bigger house to fit more stuff in. Ha. That's just what I need. More stuff. We have so much stuff we're bursting at the seams. M. keeps buying more storage cabinets. That means he's hiding all the stuff we have. :) All to say, your home is sweet and cozy and filled with love. What more do we need. Blessings, Pamela

  34. The new light fixture is a perfect fit ~ And I especially loved your onomonopia (:

  35. You are too funny..."growing square" LOL!

    I do love your new light fixture. It looks really nice with your ceiling & decor. The other looks more modern.

    I never got the sense that you lived in a small house. I wish I lived in smaller house (with no stairs) and that's my goal for the next one. Small cottage/ranch style home. I imagine it will be much easier to manage and leave me more time for the garden :)

  36. The new light looks great. I agree with you about the $25 stupid bulbs. We keep stocked up with cases of the now 'old fashioned' bulbs.


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