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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Confused? Who Me?

Okay, I admit that in a mere two days I have a new appreciation for my mother. She took care of three...her mother, my father, and herself (plus two cats and a poodle). I only have to take care of my grandmother and myself. John, bless his beautiful heart, takes real good care of all of us. So I am the fortunate one.

Still, I confess to feeling confused from time to time. Living with the confused can do that to a person. ;> No one, however, is as confused as this crazy Christmas cactus of my mother's. It is living with me now, too, and is hanging out on the corner of the deck where Claudi/Emmy used to be. Have you ever seen a Christmas cactus bud in July?!

Oh, and just in case you thought the only newcomers were my grandmother and the cactus, wait until you hear about Sarah.

Have a pleasant weekend, Dear Ones!


  1. Laura Childs!

    Light "cozy" mystery books for your grandmother.

    Start with her Tea Room mysteries (try to go in order if possible, but not necessary).

    I think we were online at the same time. :)

  2. I now am the proud owner of two Christmas cacti...one was my sister's the other one my mother's. My sister's had never bloomed for her and now it just keeps on a-blooming! I can't get it to stop blooming! Craziest thing I've ever seen. Enjoy those blooms Vee!!
    About my blog...yes, it's still there. You never know when I may just feel the urge to jump back in!
    Take care!

  3. Christmas Cacti have a mind of their own. Sometimes they don't when they should and sometimes they should when they don't. Who knows. After all Christmas is a movable holiday.

  4. Well, you know the saying...Christmas in July! ;D

    Have a wonderful weekend Vee!


  5. My Christmas cactus blooms whenever it feel like it, but NEVER at Christmas! LOL

    I am wishing you the best in your care giver role. Not easy, but there are precious moment and rewards!


  6. I walk around confused :-). The pink lemonade on my blog I found at a gourmet grocery called Fresh Market. Manuela said she might have seen it at Cost Plus...

  7. Funny, Christmas on your blog and mine today. You know what they say about "great minds"...

    I hope that you find lovely moments with your Grandmother to cherish.

    The Christmas Cactus is saying thank you to its wonderful host and hostess.


    Becky K.

  8. Vee, yesterday I noticed mine was blooming too! What is going on with us?????


  9. That cactus is a real trooper, providing you with blooms out of season. I have awarded you at "Margie's Crafts". Hugs, Margie.

  10. I spend my life in a constant state of confusion. But it keeps the days from dragging by so I guess it's okay. lol

    You have gotten so good at your photo collages! I'm impressed. You'll have to do a tutorial one of these days for your less talented blogging friends (i.e, ME!). :)


  11. Everyone else will write happy things. You'll have no lack of those comments.

    You/Vee wrote:
    "...in a mere two days I have a new appreciation for my mother. She took care of three...her mother, my father, and herself..."

    And I will say; "And remember what the above, got your mother." Remember that her doc said that stress might have contributed to her cancer.

    No, I'm not trying to be horrible. I'm just trying to be a bit of ballast, on your ship. Not letting it tip too far to the 'duty at all cost' side. And thus... sink.

    Aunt Amelia

  12. Well it must like it's new home and surroundings! It's the "Happy Cactus"! LOL

    Have a great day Vee~~~

  13. Vee, there are many a day that I walk around dazed and confused. More like chasing my tail and forgetting where exactly I was going.

    LOVE the cactus! What a wonderful thing to keep it going and to remember your mother.


  14. I just went to check my Christmas cactus - nope mine's not blooming.

  15. Do I know who Sarah is?

    What a nice surprise that your Christmas cactus is blooming!

    I know you'll do just fine in caring for your loved ones. And thanks be to John for caring for you all. It's good for you to have him in your corner!

    Have a wonderful week and I'm waiting to see who Sarah is???

  16. Cactus and cats, now why did I not think of that! I am having technical difficulties of the brain to come up with blog posts lately. I think I'll hang out here a while and gain some ideas.

  17. Hi Vee

    I believe a Christmas cactus reacts to light and temperature so the cool and overcast "spring into summer" weather you've been having may have resulted in the plant believing it was late autumn. My Christmas cactus always blooms before Christmas...it's more of a Thanksgiving cactus..lol

    Hugs, Pat

  18. Try to take care of ourself while you are taking care of others too. A tall order but a necessity. Get out and do something different etc. Do things with our husband extra. Get some help if necessary. Bless you for caring but to care you have to keep mentally and physically healthy too. Been in your place several times and I do not regret doing it at all. It does take a lot out of you though. Somedays your heart aches more than our feet... Jody

  19. Happy Anniversary on your blog, sweet friend! I'm catching up tonight and taking a break from unpacking! Do you have any root beer left?


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