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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

We've been treated (see? it's all in the word you choose to use) to some pretty spectacular lightning storms over the past week. Last night's and the night before's produced some dangerous conditions with power outages, fallen trees, live wires down, and that kind of thing. I've never thought to take a picture of lightning so I had to resort to Google images to find the amazing shot above. Our lightning was impressive, but not that impressive. (Photo removed for lack of sourcing.)

As the evening wore on, the rain intensified and the humidity levels were sucking the life (hmmm, how could I say that more cheerfully?) out of us all, John sat looking dispirited and then brightened, "Do we have any root beer left?" I shook my head no; he looked downcast and disbelieving.

"What?! Do I have to explain where every single one of those twelve cans went?" I asked.

Yes, things are like that around here. The last traces of ice cream disappear from the box, the last of the M&Ms goes missing, the final crumb of cake, and so on. I am usually blamed, but then I usually am to blame. It's my duty as a good homemaker to tidy up, don't you agree?

Anyway, I had a suggestion for John — how about some orange crush floats like Judy's? I had thought of them all day. It's wonderful to be married to a man who takes to a suggestion so well because our evening nearly ended in a perfect creamsicle haze.

Nearly. We are using a monitor system with Nan so that we can hear her should she need anything in the night. Just as we were nicely dozing off, the snap and crackle of the monitor began. "Kitty, Kitty, Kitty." We groaned and rolled over. Just as we were about to sail for Dreamland again..."KITTY, KITTY, KITTY." And on and on and on it went interspersed with "Sarah, where are you?" At that point, we just dissolved into giggles. This morning, Nan laughed so at the retelling of the story. It was good to hear her laughter again.

So many have asked about my mother that I wanted to give a brief update. Today she has begun her chemo treatments. (The cellulitis in her leg really postponed her chemotherapy.) She has been through chemo-like treatments before for her rheumatoid arthritis and went toxic on it. We are praying a lot and believing for the best, but we know that the next twenty-four hours will be telling. Thankfully, my grandmother has forgotten that today is the day. I'm thinking that it's God's mercy on her as, even at nearly 100, she is an extremely overprotective mother.

Stay cool out there and thank you for your wonderful visits. They are immensely cheering and I appreciate everyone's comments and emails more than words could express.


  1. OH! I get to be first today! My beloved gives me the look too when the last of a goodie has disappeared. Thank goodness for orange crush. I'll have to check that out! I'm sending up prayers for your mom--though I know the good Lord is already standing watch over the proceedings. ~Kathy

  2. Someone really knows how to take 'lightning shots'...beautiful photo. We have seen a lot of thunderstorms this past week...but not much in the line of rain at this location.

    I'm glad I could steer you away from the root beer...and on to orange floats!

    I'll be thinking of you...and keeping your mom in my prayers. Hang in there!

  3. Love the photo ...

    Hope everything goes ok ..

  4. Vee, your mom will be in my prayers. I will pray that the treatments will be effective, that she can withstand them and they won't be toxic to her again.

    Sounds like a run to the store is in order to get some more "goodies" for John. Get your umbrella out and go for it!

    We had NO rain and 100+ temps for a good 6 weeks, then the last week it has been 98% humidity and scattered thunderstorms. They are predicting more for the next 7-10 days. We are under a flash flood watch today. Last night it rained again, all night with thunder and lightning. It's SO welcome, everything was so dry around here. Now it's turning bright green again!

  5. Thank you, so much, for sharing about your Mother and Grandmother.
    I will pray that things go well.

    I apparently talk in my sleep...at least as a teenager my Aunt would tease me about saying things like football. Warren has also learned not to carry on conversations with me if I have been asleep because we had plenty of misunderstanding when he thought I was awake and we made plans to meet here or there and then I would have NO recollection. Funny!

    As for finishing things up...I wish someone would around here. There is always just a bit left at the end of everything that no one will touch. Sigh... However, you did well with the creamsicle idea last evening!

  6. My poor kids were raised hearing me bellow "who ate the last _____!!!!!" of whatever it was that was gone. Now they all know better than to eat the last fudgesicle or the last piece of bread or drink the last of anything without asking if anyone else would like it first. However, when my oldest son comes home, he now makes it a point to eat the last of things, just as a sort of revenge against me for all those years of my yelling. lol

    I hope your mom takes the treatments well. I'll keep her in my thoughts. You really have your hands full, don't you? You're amazing. And you're truly a wonderful daughter and granddaughter.


  7. Prayers for Mom and Gramma. I love storms. So far we have never experienced bad damage from the wind or lightening but I love to hear the rain and know really we are all in God's hands.

  8. I also noted Judy's orange crush floats, but haven't made one yet.

    I'd love a thunder storm or two coming our way, but they are rare indeed.

    May your weather soften and dry out soon; and in the meantime, enjoy those floats!

  9. That is a beautiful lightening shot that you found. Isn't it amazing how something so dangerous and even deadly can be so beautiful at the same time? We have finally had a bit of rain here. It seems like the last three weeks that it has rained all around us while we remain parched!
    The orange float sounds absolutely yummy. Mr. Jones likes to give me a pitiful look when we are out of his favorite treats as well. I'm glad your mother can begin treatments. I hope that all will go well for her.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  10. Oh the creamsicles - I remember them well - Push-Ups! The photo is lovely and well, you did FIND it, so it's yours..sort of :-)

    Your Mom is in our prayers - the Cancer thing SUCKS - ad it seems to be affecting everyone - we must rise above this and rid ourselves of it - just tell me how :-(

    Blessings and hugs to you & yours

  11. I will pray for your mother, too. You have much on your plate and handle it with such grace! I'm glad you have Orange Crush Floats to see you through! C

  12. Dear Vee,

    Wow, sounds like crazy weather. Here in the Northwest we hit over 100 degrees yesterday - something that does not happen hardly ever...I can't stand it!

    Praying for you and your family!
    Take Care!


  13. I will be praying for your mom!

  14. Lightening, laughter, and luscious dessert, sounds like a fun evening, well, maybe not the lightening part. We are having rain here too and it is making the face lift go so much slower than anticipated.

    I'll be keeping you all in my prayers.

  15. Hi Vee

    We've also had bad storms this week. We even a tornado warning! I'm not accustomed to seeing a tornado warning flash across my YV screen...scary...but thankfully it didn't materialize.

    Hope all went well with your Mom's treatment today. The first few days afterward are always rough. Keeping her, your Nan, and you & John in my prayers.

    {{{{Hugs}}}} Pat

  16. That is so precious that your grandmother is still such a mama at her age. It is also precious to me that you (and your sweet John) are modeling what family is all about in taking her into your own home. Now that's sacrificial love that is being "lived out loud" in front of all of us.


  17. Wishing for the best news, with your mother...

    'Alice's Aunt Amelia'

  18. Your "kitty" story made me smile with memories of my own mother...keep the laughter going...we all need to laugh more. The skies here have been dark but I am waiting to be treated to a good storm complete with lightning and thunder. Have a good day, Vee.

  19. I am sending you postive thoughts and prayers...hugs...m.

  20. You all will be in my prayers. Your poor mom. I hope your grandmother doesn't notice what is going on, because my mother being ill was so hard on my grandma. Just know that I somewhat understand what you are going through.

  21. Wow that is some lightening photo!!
    Oh I love root beer especially with vanilla ice cream in it!
    Hope and pray all goes will with your mom!!!

  22. Ohhhh Orange Crush! I haven't had that is years. It is great that Nan is laughing again...
    p.s. that thing on the roof is a kids frissbee/boomerang type thing. I saw it today when we I was taking the picture. Now we have to figure how to get it off a two story high house roof. I am hoping for a big gust of wind...

  23. Whoever took that shot did an amazing job! We've had storms and torrential rain for two days now and the humidity....I feel your pain!

    I hope things go well with your Mom.


  24. Dear Vee, I am praying for your mother to be able to tolerate her treament and be healed. It sounds as though she has been through so much.

  25. Oh Vee. . .I started out so impressed with the photo you took ..and calmed down when I saw it was a source photo .. but a good one.
    And then I laughed at the root beer story. . .I just laughed. .too funny. What makes me smile is how we all act like we live next door. . Judy's floats. ..

    OH.. and your nana. . dear soul. .

    and your Mom. .oh Vee. . I will pray for her.

  26. Good morning Vee,
    What an awesome photo!!
    I sneaked out early and am sitting on the porch just savoring your post.

    I just had to smile at your comment on us women being blamed for things getting gone so quickly, I am now wondering if it is a guy thing! LOL In our home I am expected to not only keep up with my specks but dear one's as well!! LOL.
    I will have to check Judy's recipe out.

    Thank you for the update on your mother as well as how your grandmother is doing. I will continue to pray for them and for you and John to be strengthened and encouraged.

    God is so good, he knows when and what to send to us, and the little experience you both had in the night to where you were able to laugh is a perfect example of His love for us.
    Thank you for sharing , I always leave inspired!

  27. That is an amazing lightening photo. I imagine you are ready to see less of that and more sunshine,however.

    I will continue to keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers as she begins her chemo treatments. I pray that she will be able to tolerate them well.

  28. Vee, your mom will be in my prayers. It's so hard to watch your mom getting older, no less to have to have medical issues. Your grandmother sounds so cute, I hope that she forgot too.

    Goodies disappear here too, sometimes I will even take chicken or something out to prepare a special dinner. Only to find someone cooking with my ingredients. hmppfff, well it's not important really.

    Your lightning photo is amazing, we are getting the storms, but the lightning is avoiding us so far.

    Take care, and you and your mom are in my prayers today.

    Blessings, Karen

  29. Hi dear Vee, hope all is well and thinking of you, your beloved Mum, and your very sweet Grandmum. You are all in my prayers. And bless you and John for being such good people - you know, such kind and giving and loving spirits are so rare - your family is blessed to have you both!

    Creamsicles....! It is 30C (like...86F) here and I am miserable. I hate the heat. I know the east coast gets hot summers - it routinely gets to 100F at Mom's in August. Calgary is not that bad, thank heaven, and we don't have humidity (desert!) and it cools down at night. I hate this place, but the bearable summers make it all worth while living with crummy gardening, crummy shopping, etc.

    Going to make a salad - I really want to make cookies, but who wants to turn on the oven? Maybe ice cream...sounds like you and I have sweet tooths. I devour any and all chocolate in the house asap. Nothing is safe. David's Kit Kat bars go missing...

    : )

    x Terri

  30. In my family, our motto is "you snooze, you lose" because my husband is famous for not getting the ice cream, pop, cookies, etc. until everyone else (that being my son and I) have nearly chowed down on everything.

    The motto started when our daughter still lived at home. Thus... teaching hubby that if he wants something bad enough, he'd better go after all the gusto he can get when it is still available.

    I think even Sasha is eying that last bit of ice cream.

    Praying that all goes well with your mom.

  31. Loved the photo of Grandmother with your grandson.

    We have had relentless rain and some storms too. Coming from yur neck of thewoods on the jet stream apparently.

    Good to catch up with you Vee and many prayers for your Mother.

  32. Aye, yes...us moms do get blamed for things, don't we? In our house it is more like "what did you do with....???" (like I intentionally plot against them to hide their things! - like I have time....) I am laughing at the root beer! Now those orange floats sound mighty fine to me!!

    Nan.....prayers and smiles for her. God Bless her and her loving heart! What a joy to have her there with you - despite the middle of the nights chuckles. God gives us these gifts so that we can smile big later as we sit and reminensce.