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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sarah, Plain and Long

I inherited Sarah and the Christmas cactus along with my grandmother over the past two weeks. Sarah was actually the first to arrive. She's a Maine Coon mix...the lovely big paws and that ghastly long hair. (Yes, I have been having nightmares about cat hair swirling through the house.) She had been hanging out mostly alone at my parents' house and had become a right regular mess. Grooming is essential, of course, for a long-haired pet.

When I realized that I was about to be "it," I put out an urgent call to Sandi our own Crazy Cat Lady requesting help. She suggested that before I introduce two adult female cats that they present a calling card from one to the other. Yes, how shall I say this delicately...offerings back and forth between litter boxes. Oh dear heavens! Well, let's just say that one cat took it quite well (Sarah actually) and the other, my own dear little Fioré did not. She tossed her "gift" right back out of the box with an "Eeek! I'm not taking any of that!"

Before you think that I had totally lost my mind, I want you to know that I did put my foot down about the condition of Sarah's mange...er, mane, her danged coat. It was matted beyond all belief and she wouldn't tolerate my touching her. So off she went to the vet's returning looking like a little lion. Kinda cute I thought and now I've been wondering why she wouldn't look cute that way forever.

I'd tell you how it all turned out in the end between Fioré and Sarah, but we're still shuffling cats. They have met once in the crack beneath the bedroom door where Sarah was locked. I don't know what Sarah whispered to the whacked calico, but it must've been impressive since Fioré landed back on the first floor without touching the steps.

Oh, by the way, did the pink lettering in the mosaic soften Sarah's image any? ;D


  1. What fun but I have to tell you when I first saw the title my brain thought it was a political post as I read "Sarah Palin." You can tell where my brain is! I hope that your two buddies soon become buddies themselves!

  2. I love your mosaic and you must share how you did it!

    The cats will be best friends, once they get over that territory thing!

  3. Like Sue, I thought this post might be about Sarah Palin. LOL

    Hope your "girls" decide to get along without too much more drama. And leave it to Aunt Sandi to come up with "that" way to ease them into their acquaintance! It cracked me up to read that. lol


  4. Yes, the pink lettering does wonders for her image.

    As if you don't have enough going on, a cat is thrown (literally) into the mix. Oh my, you are a brave woman.

    - Suzanne

  5. Stopping by to say "hi", I see you have your hands full! Hope all is well with you and your beloved. Wishing you many happy days with the new addition to your family! meow!

  6. Vee,
    You crack me up! Love the cat tails, er, tales.

  7. Haha, Sarah with a snarl. What a fantastic story. I really do hope it has a happy ending.

    The mosaic complements your storytelling perfectly ... or should I say purrfectly?

  8. You had me laughing out loud. The dogs had to come see what the matter was.

    I hope the two make up soon. I have taking care of my mom and her animals, too. Prayers and thoughts are with you and yours.

  9. Good morning Vee, My goodness you have your hands full with the two cats. I hope they get along with one another. They might turn out to be best friends. I'll bet Sarah likes having people around again. Maybe that's why she's more receptive. I've never had a cat so I do not know. I'm so glad your grandmother is doing better and home with you. You are blessed. I would give anything in the world to have my grandmother with me. I hope your mother is doing well.

  10. She's beautiful!

    I don't think you are crazy. We moved many times with our two cats and each time (when we could) we carried a plastic bag with some used kitty litter in it.

    That's what the Vet originally told me to do so they would feel more comfortable in their new house. The thinngs we do for kitties...

    By the way, was going to e-mail and tell you that my library has the Laura Child books in paperback. Don't know how good yours is.

    I will try to think of some more authors she would like, too.

    Now... back to admiring that kitty.

  11. Oh, that look Sarah is giving us all!!! I think that's where the phrase "if looks could kill" comes from! Introducing pets is not one of my favorite things at all. I've had to introduce several dogs and I just don't like it one little bit! I hope you have great success in mingling your two! They will be loving each other in no time...I hope. : ) Take care doll!


  12. Loved this post title! I loved the "Sarah Plain and Tall" book and movie. :-)

    It certainly is busy around your house these days! Cats don't blend easily, that's for sure. It's best to keep them apart in the beginning, as much as possible, until they call a truce.

    When I adopted my cat Bo, who is a long haired ragamuffin breed, he was shaved like a lion. I haven't had him groomed that way since, but at this time of the year there is white fur all over my house from his coat, even with being brushed twice a day.

    Love the mosaic! The photo of Sarah in it made me laugh! Cats can be so expressive, can't they?

    Hugs, Pat

  13. My Iraqi grandcat has lion cut this summer. (He's a Persian...but I prefer the modern geographical name.)

    If it is any help: When we introduced our cats to each other we petted them with a fragrance, a cologne aftershave so they both smell unlike themselves. That seemed to help..

  14. Tell Sarah to drop by my place and say hi! We cats are going over to Spooky's house to party while her people go visit a new grandbaby.

    Sarah would love it! Miss Kitty will be there...she is a Norwegian Forest cat...another BIG long haired girl!

  15. My son raises horses. I listen to him tell about how they introduce horses to each other, for several reasons. It is amazing how much fun it is to watch animals interact with each other.

  16. So funny. Well, ....good luck to you all !

  17. Thanks for the giggle today, Vee! I'm personally a dog person but love all those critters. They have such a personality of their own, don't they? There's always that evil streak in my that has to come out occasionally as I pet the neighbor's cat right outside the front window with the dogs watching. Boy, do they ever sniff when I come back in the house!

  18. You never signed up for this...did you? I'm sure we haven't heard the end of the Sarah tale as yet...you have your work cut out for you.

    May your longterm homestay guests be a pleasure to entertain!

  19. Oh my, I know what it's like to try and "make friends" with animals. I can't believe the you are questioning your Christmas cactus blooming in July. Come on now, I know you've been reading my Christmas in July posts:)

    Lots of Love

  20. Oh wow! A Maine Coon mix! I think Maine Coon's are beeeeeeutiful.

    My granddaughter has a similar cat... a Norwegian Forest cat. Look a lot like the Maine Coon's and need combing.

    Yes, she came from a shelter. Yes, some silly person lost her because she is beeeeeeeeeutiful. A kitten when they got her, and they grow till about 5 years and she's still growing. But oh such a sweetheart and she knows just how cute she is! 'Bella' is a doll.

    Good luck with melding cats though. Oh my! And yes, the mosaic is lovely. Although Sarah doesn't look impressed with the picture taking. LOL

    Aunt Ameila
    aka Alice's Aunt

  21. Hi Vee,
    Oh my goodness!. Two kitty's that want their own space. They will either keep fighting until they end up good friends or just tolerating each other. You many need a (cat whisperer)Let us know how the girls are behaving .
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  22. Hello Vee,

    Thank you for bringing a smile to my day...too cute!

    Have a wonderful day and I hope the cat hair won't be flying too high!


  23. Oh God bless you for coming to your Grandma's and Sarah's rescue! You have some new family dynamics to deal with don't you?? As for the Christmas cactus, I had one that bloomed in December and July for about 3 yrs. But it had the misfortune of having me for the owner and only survived that long! I did my best though. I know the cactus, Sarah and especially your Grandma are in good hands with you Vee!!

    Thanks for coming on my trip with me - it was great having you along!!

    Hugs, Sherry

  24. i am afraid i would, like fiore, not appreciate that gift. my 2 dogs however would have eaten it right up.

  25. It's always interesting getting cats to "get to know each other" Good Luck!! Sarah will love her new "do" just like my Louis does. I think it helps their coat to have it shaved once a year..sure cuts down on the shedding!
    Love your blog..the video of the ocean was so soothing!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...

  26. Oh, I laughed at this! I too have a cat that's either a Maine coon cat or a mix. His name is Clyde, and he's about 10 now. We found him in a dumpster. He has that long black and white mane and is really tall. He's so handsome. I've got his photo in my sidebar under my pets, of which I have four. Two cats, two dogs, and the saltwater fish aquarium. So happy to have found you! Love your humor!

  27. Kitties will be fine. They will deal.

    Blessings to you and John. I know this was not expected.

    Your mosaics talents are amazing.

    Great idea about Sarah's hair cut :D

  28. Oh my, it's a good thing your sense of humor is in tact with all that you have going on. I have never owned a cat but had to laugh out loud over this story. Also, the mosaic is very cute.

    Continued thanks to you for your thoughts and prayers, Vee.

  29. Oh Vee,
    I love your mosaic, and Sarah looks so soft. I remember when we introduced our old cat to our daughter's kitten. She never did get used to our Mittens. You are so funny, I know the story will have a happy ending.


  30. Vee..
    So creative and a lovely post.

    You are certainly making many points for your patience and troubles gone to for love of your family. It speaks well of your character.

    Now, about those nasty words for the kitty...lol. I know, it is like you can never "love" another's child quite the same way as you love your own.

    The shave was probably the best idea.

    What a sweet kitty and an awesome mosaic.

    I hope this makes sense. I am sooo tired.

    By the way, we came home to kitty mischief so that was what I posted tonigh. We leave so early in the morning these days...sigh.

    Becky K.

  31. Sweet Vee, I found your comment after returning to my blog tonight for the first time in literally months. It was awaiting moderation (??? though I don't remember enabling comment moderation.) It was a bright, fresh blessing from one of my favorite blogging friends! Thanks so much for your encouragement. I can't wait to catch up!


  32. Hmm..Sarah does look a little..how do I say this..perturbed? But good for you and your heart for taking her in. I know it's not easy, but you are a kind woman and all will be OK..all of us can get a little"catty" at times, but it usually does pass..eventually :-)

  33. What a time you have had, exchanging the gifts has to be the strangest I have ever come across, but I can understand how it works. We are cat people. I think Sarah looks softer if a little cynical in your mosaic. I would love to hear more about the developing relationship. My thoughts are with you. What does your grandmother make of it all? Hugs Margie.

  34. I hope your cats learn to get along. Our two cats have been together 5 years and still fight sometimes, but they get along for the most part.

  35. Wow 34 comments!!!
    My granddaughter's cat got one of those lion hair cuts too! :-) Her hair is finally growing in again.

  36. Good luck with the kitty-cat situation. Sarah's mosaic is quite lovely!
    Karla & Karrie

  37. I love how it looks as though Sarah is actually sneering at the camera. She's a beauty, though!

  38. oh my goodness, she does NOT look happy! lol! I think you've got your hands full, Vee!

    Thanks for the tip about Babel Fish ... I'll give it a try!


  39. Lovely cat, I assume she was back from the vets before this pic.

    Such fun meeting blogging friends.

    The red rocking chairs with the striped cushions look great.

  40. You are a busy one, Vee! Thanks for popping by with well wishes for me. I am sure I'll be doing a bit better every day!

    Take care (of yourself and all those in YOUR care now!)


  41. LOL! She looks a tad bit put out in that last lower photo! I'm not a cat person at all!

    I hope they make friends soon! We inherited a cocker spaniel when my MIL went to Assisted Living and it was a bit of an adjustment for Maxie our Golden but he came to love Buttons just as we did.


  42. Oh I betcha before you know it they'll be fast friends. My cat Shadow still hasn't accepted Sadie but our other cat Toby accepted her from day one. They certainly are fickle.

    I hope it is cool where you are. I am on the porch with my laptop...it's much cooler than in the house.


  43. Vee, what a delightful post. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos (and I do see her baring her fang...). Maine Coons are stunning cats, but yes, I reckon you will be sweeping (or vacuuming) more.

    I like the vision of them meeting in the crack. Very well put. I imagine that they will survive their meeting although you may be in for one sad cat. It is never the one you figure. I have heard many tales of this before, of dominant cats suddenly mellowing, of sweet cats reacting very poorly and peeing everywhere. I hope their meeting is uneventful, although I would love to hear more posts like this. Drama is so much fun!

    xox T.

    P.S. Fiore! What a marvellous name!!

  44. Awww she's soooo pretty! It takes some time, but they will grow on each other eventually. You've just got to survive it in the mean time.

  45. Kitty wars! It takes awhile for kitties to share their turf. One time someone told me it helps a cat to bond to home by placing butter on their paws and then letting them walk around (hmmm, in the house?). The scent bonds them to their new place. But, it sounds like Sarah has bonded quite well, even though she got the LION cut! LOL!

    Dear husband was working on a job last week when he discovered a BOBCAT looking at him through the fence! In town! He was surprised. It appears it is the friend and buddy of the homeowner. It's been declawed, but still has the grrrrrrrrrrr! Some people have interesting pets!



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