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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Old Photos

So many have asked how I am doing what I am doing with special photo effects, etc. No doubt you remember my earlier feeble attempts at special effects. Now it is true that I am slow...very. But once I do learn something, I have great fun with it. No tutorials today, but I am going to share my three secrets with you so stay tuned for links.

This photo is one that I have shared before right *here* and like so many vintage photographs, it is damaged. Personally, I find great charm in that, but this young woman is my great-grandmother long since gone and so, nudged a bit yesterday by a visiting aunt, I wanted to see her entire countenance. A lovely one it is, too.

I'm sure that there are easier ways and I am no expert nor am I an artist, but by working back and forth between Paint and Photoshop and Big Huge Labs, I was able to recreate the missing eye and do some general tidying. Well, all that and a few hours tossed in. When Gram began floating up from the mists and I could see her beautiful unblemished eyes and face, I got quite choked up so guess that it was worth it. Seems important to me now living with an aged grandmother to remember that we were all young once upon a time.

With patience, one can have great fun with digital art projects like this photo of my younger self with my today self...

Oh dear lawd, maybe not!

As promised, my three secrets:

Secret 1

Secret 2

Secret 3 (Oops! My apologies! I sent you to the wrong post before, but this one will work better.)

A happy day to you! (If you decide to give this a try, please let me know. I'd love to see what you do.)


  1. I used Big Huge Labs for my Outdoor Wednesday Post today. I think I will check out Flickr.
    There may be more options when it comes to mosaics.

    I am glad to be called "a secret" tee-hee.

    By the way...your photos are great!

  2. You are really good at making us do our own research, Vee! I saved the link to the magazine covers...it's a little different than one I have used before...and I like it. There's so much fun stuff to learn out there...I just need a few more hours each day.

    Thanks for sharing...you did a great job on the old photo of your great-grandmother. Has anyone told you that your daughter looks like you? I see it in your 'younger self' photo.

  3. Thanks for sharing your secrets. I always love it when bloggers teach me new tricks. Now if I can just find time to try them.

  4. Thank you so much, Dear One, for sharing these instructions. I'm not going to look too deeply, right now. Since I can't seem to keep up with the teeny-tiny-little list of things to do, which I already have in front of me. -le sigh-

    But I'm so happy to have them here! To come back to and dwell on. When I get the creative urge. Welllll, _my_ version of a creative urge, that is. :-)

    But btw, you are doing marvelously with your Special Effects! Love them!

    Aunt Amelia

  5. It's wonderful that you were able to fix the picture of your great-grandmother. Such a beautiful young woman. I love looking at old pictures. Thanks for the hints.

    How are the cats getting along? And, how are you surviving?

  6. Vee, I wish I had more time to explore all the wonderful photo imagining web sites you mentioned and try out editing programs. I use Google Picasa for everything and I'm spoiled how easy it is. I did have to pay a $20 yearly for more storage on it, however.

    You did a wonderful job on your Great Grandmother's photo! That is beyond what I'd be able to do.

    We could be sisters! Same hair, eyes, cheeks, etc.

    Hugs, Pat

  7. Nice work! I've used the Picasa retouch feature to fix similiar situation with reasonably good results. Since it is free, it is worth a try for those who would like to try.

  8. Dear Vee,

    Thanks for sharing some of your secrets with us!
    I use to have a good photo program...but it seems to have disappeared! I use Picasa for just the basics, nothing fancy!

    Have a wonderful day!


  9. Oh, now I see why you were wondering if you'd already visited my post today.

    I think Bloggers are becomin like the hive, with a collective mind driving it all subconsciously.

    OK, that's my Deep Thought for the day!! HA.

    - Suzanne

  10. I have just been experimenting with Shabby blogs and having a great time.I am like Aunt Amelia, I can't hardly keep up with what I have going now. I have a friend who has a nice business fixing up baby pictures with several programs. I am going to experiment one day.Blessings

  11. One of these days, I'm actually going to take the time to learn all about these photo programs. Randey got my photoshop for Christmas and I have yet to do one lousy thing with it (besides load it onto the computer). I'm trying to find a digital photography class to attend. I'm checking out our local community college at the end of this month. Hopefully they'll have something. I've got that fantastic camera that I still have no idea how to use properly.

    You know, I think I'm actually a WORLD CLASS procrastinator. I've been fussing about learning that camera for over a year now. Pitiful, I tell you, just pitiful. lol

    I love the picture of your great-granny. I always wonder about a person's life when I see their picture from so long ago...how much different it must have been from how we live today. Especially the women! (Wonder if my granddaughters will be saying that about my life one day!)


  12. You're pretty darn good! And I'm so glad that I finally got a glimpse of you;P

    Have a great night!

  13. Hi Vee,
    Just trying to catch up tonight, and I have enjoyed all of your previous posts. Commenting on todays, you certainly did a beautiful job, and I understand the emotion of seeing that part of your heritage opening before your very eyes.
    And you still have those beautiful sparkling eyes I saw in you photos, I know one reason why John fell in love with you, and the other one being the compassionate heart that i see, your love for your mother and grandmother truly blesses me .

    It is such fun trying to animals to adjust to each other!!! LOL good luck, Loved the collage.

    I agree with your friend Happy One lets not save the best china for special days for all are special days, Looks like you all had such a great time.

    I always enjoy my visits here.

  14. You did a beautiful job with that photo. I love working in photoshop, and I was trying last night to fix an old piece of art of mine, back from when I was just seventeen. I love the photo of you when you were a teen, but you still are as beautiful! I have a theory that we are forever seventeen. We start off knowing what we want but our youth is too shy. Then we travel along and then one day we find ourselves back to her again, but with a bolder approach to life and a whole lot more appreciation!

    Have a lovely night Vee. When I get that old artwork looking like it did once upon a time, I'll show it on my post.


  15. Thanks for sharing your secrets. I love playing with my digital photos and there's always more to learn.


  16. Vee,
    I am not good with all this techie stuff but I would like to give it a try. I wish they had some sort of photoshop class in my area. I learn better if I see someone else do it. Thanks for the links. Once I get through with my art room I am going to need a break and playing with photos sounds like fun!

  17. Tee heee, I love it Vee! Thank you for sharing! I'm like you, I love them old and vintage. My Mother has the biggest collection of vintage photos in her home....she picks them up at garage sales. People always ask who all those relatives are but they are no one she knows! LOL

    Good to catch up with you!
    Kathi :)

  18. I want to learn more about photography. Maybe this winter I will give photo bucket and the paint shop a try. I have heard a lot about them. I would like to learn how to put groups of pictures together. You are doing a great job! I lookforward to learning secret 1,2, and 3.

  19. How have I missed your blog all this time?! I just had the best laugh over at Nadine's Nook ~ your (John's)comment was so funny. And just now, I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the post about Sarah and your cat meeting! Too Funny!
    I will be back to check out more later!

  20. Oh she is beautiful! But I knew that even without the repair...the repair reveals the whole though so she can be appreciated...and I really like the young/younger version of our Vee!
    hugs to you my friend

  21. I'm soooo going to return to see more! I promise! Love the photos!


  22. Well, I probably need a little remediation when it comes to photo technology.

    But I like what you've done.

    P.S. I like those red rocking chairs too. (prev. post)

    Thanks for letting me look around your blog.

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Vee...thank you so much for the three secrets. I finally figured out how to create a mosaic from your first secret. YAY!!!!!

    Have a great weekend~~~

  24. I'm back again. I'm afraid I got off on the 'secrets' and forgot to leave a comment earlier. All I wish is that you would post a FULL picture of how you look NOW and THEN as well! How fun! Thanks for the peek!


  25. Hey friend I really like the header of the flowers and books. Two of my favorite things...Hugs..m..

  26. Vee,

    Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comments on studio. Have a sweet and rest filled Sunday!

  27. Thanks for the reminder Vee. I have recently practiced thanking the Lord for things I can't even see yet, believing that they are already here. You are so right, being thankful is a choice.

    Have a beautiful Sunday.


  28. Vee, that's wonderful that you were able to figure out how to do this! I really avoid most things having to do with computers and computer programs. I usually make...I' mean get - my daughter to do things for me. But since she'll be off to college soon I suppose I ought to get familiar with these things. I actually have photoshop but gave up on it!


  29. Vee, I have to comment on your newest post. My youngest son and I were just having a discussion last night about the misuse of the word can't and won't.

    I so enjoyed your view!!!


    PS: LOVE the now and then photo of you! So creative!!


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