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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lost in a Fog

Thanks for leaving the light on for me. It was quite late when I finally was able to do some visiting. That's because I have been trying to find a home for so many items like a home for all the photo albums of the past 100 years. I always feel sad to see lost photos in a flea market; now I can see why it would be tempting to part with some of it. Don't worry, I'm banishing the thought even as I type it.

Now here is a breakfast table. I think so because of the syrup jug on the table. And here is little Vee at her high chair with her great-grandmother to her left, her beloved step-grandfather at the head of the table, her parents peeking out on the other side, and her darling Nan turned around looking at the camera. (Nan was only 46 in this photo.)

Let's take a closer look at little Vee. Ahhh, there she is. Some things never change. She's still lost in a fog. It appears that there's a battle of the wills going on as little Vee's plate is full of food and she's not touching it.

And here's a recent photo of the grands, John, and me. Note the hair. Some things just really do not change. I'm calling this one "artsy" because it's so out of focus. We're reading No, David by David Shannon. The grands think it's terribly funny and so do I. That's why I gave it to them and another book by the same author David Goes to School. Yes, another set of birthdays came and went. The grands are now five and four.

Where do the years go?


  1. Great pics and memories for you. I always think the same of photos seen in flea markets, etc. And even some of my mom's when I don't know the people in them. If only she had written on the back of them. The last pic is great!

  2. I wonder that myself. I love all the old photos I can find and totally yearn for those days and wish I could go back again. That must be a human nature thing. Why do we think everything was more wonderful then than it is now.

    I have lots of questions on my ever growing list. *sigh*

  3. Vee,

    I am drawn to these old family albums and there is no one left who can help me. I am scanning them in to the computer and I think I will pack them back away and just say they belonged to my grandmother. I may collage some of them. Little Vee looks very cute.

    Have a wonderful week. I am back to the shoveling and it's not snow!


  4. Pictures of my grand are hard to get too, they are NEVER still! Wow they sure are growing fast. I so love story time with mine too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Sweet photo of Little Vee, lost in a dream, and of the whirling grand kids.
    The whole issue of "who will get and preserve the family photos" is a bit of a dilemma in my family since we have so many. I did pay to have 50 slides from the 40s and 50s put on a computer disk :) as a way of keeping them and not taking up a lot of room.

  6. I love photos...and the one of you really is precious! I have to be in a certain mood to enjoy looking at old photos! I usually have a good cry over some of the old ones with so many memories! ♥ Enjoy your weekend, my friend! ♥

  7. After my dad died last year my sister and I had to go through everything even the picture albums. We would spend hours going through them (17 of them) and found it to be healing. I think you will too.

  8. Good morning dear Vee,

    Love your sense of humor. I always look so forward to your writing and sharing.

    Nope, I've never tilled. This was originally taught to me by my Grandfather's best friend Robert E. Lee. Then about 30 years ago I read books by an opinionated lady named Ruth Stout. She was a huge proponent of no till.

    When Jeff and I planted our big herb gardens etc. in Cambria we built it upon a hard pan red rock parking lot (all owned by Angela Lansbury and bought land from her). We piled soil, manure, and straw into beds we built of rock. From then on I was sold.

    When Angela came to our garden to hold her brother's memorial service she couldn't believe how they're grown and flourished. She said, "I feel as though I am in England, I feel as though this garden has been here 100 years (but it had been there a short time).

    Works for me!

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  9. Hello Vee - I loved how you mentioned finding a home for 100 years of photos - I've been struggling with the same project and actually have photos of my Great Great grandparents to sort through. I just posted about my sorting project last week and not surprisingly all the comments mentioned great intentions with regard to photos. Best of luck in sorting through your family's memories!

  10. Old photos are so special and hold such precious memories....love them. And look at cute little Vee in the highchair! Another great post...I always enjoy visiting here. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Vee,
    I think the same thing about old pictures, especially every time I see other families' pictures displayed in a Cracker Barrel or some similar setting.
    To that end, you should see the ancestral picture that hangs in our living room. It's a bit, um, odd/creepy/unsettling. My mom was SO glad to get it off her wall!
    Oh, and you hair looks great in both the pictures. And so does Nan at 46.

  12. What a treasure to have that photo of you and your family! I love old photographs - they take you away to a simpler time.....
    Love the pic of you and your grandkids - reading together is something they will never forget!

  13. Old photos are a wonderful window into the past. It is sad when no one remembers who the people are in the photos, however. You have lovely hair, Vee! It's the same as mine :)
    My parents were the first in their families to own a camera so there aren't many photos of grandparents or distant relatives except for a few very precious studio portraits. My husband's parents never owned a camera! I think I'm the one who made up for the few photos in ours lives :)

    Happy belated birthday to your grandsons! Reading together is the best memory gift you can give them!

  14. I love looking at all the old photos.
    I'll have to post some of mine one of these days.
    You look like you're deep in thought. Probably about what to do with the food on your plate. :-)

  15. Are you complaining about your hair again? It's so thick . .lucky thing you are.
    Oh ..love little Vee. The old pictures are so wonderful. They were so real back then. Captured and so precious since each photo cost money. Funny how we take that forgranted now.

  16. Awwwwwwwww how cute!!!

    And you just please be very grateful for always having had that glorious head of curls. :-) Spoken by one, who did/does not. -pout-

    Names printed on back of all photos, I hope. Approximate date also, if you can. 'Tis work, but think of what you're doing, for the future generations of your family.


  17. Love the old pic's...and the little cutie who refuses to eat! Can you even imagine not wanting to eat. Not I.

    Thanks for the book suggestions. I will check into those.

  18. Loving little dreamy Vee.
    My parent had to clear out the house of an elderly couple after the husband died. He was an Admiral, and their photos were amazing. The wife had gone blind, and they were both only children, and had had no children. My mom asked the wife what she wanted done with all the photos. Answer: Just throw them away.
    It was so sad.

  19. Hi Vee!

    I love old photos, especially when I know who the people are!! You are so luck to be able to name each one. You are adorable, and you look like you were truly loved... :0)

    What a great idea with the rocks! My entry looks terrible - this is a must try!


  20. I love your post. I am going through a lot of old photos. I don't know many of the people in them, so I keep having to ask my mom!

  21. LOVE david shannon! my son has quite a few of his books. when my son was younger he loved the junie b. jones series by barbara park. he won't read them now because they are "girl books"...i on the other hand still love to read them =o) that metal trayed high chair in your photo sure brought back memories...talk about a blast from your past!

  22. I inherited many old family photos, but the sad thing is so many of them have no identification on them! It's sad to look at an old photography of an ancestor and have no idea who they are and how you are related to them. Still I cannot bear to part with them, so they remain in the box.
    I love the photo of you in the high chair with all the family. A moment in time captured becomes a treasure!

  23. I feel the same way when I see family photos at a flea market. It's sad that no one wanted them! I love having them ... blurry, hard to recognize they may be but such beautiful memories. So glad you're hanging on to yours. xo


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