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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Rest of Yesterday's Story

Have been grinning that some have thought that yesterday's winter mosaic was the view from my window...I wish! No, John took me out to dinner after he'd been to church and we drove the back way over the ridge so that I might capture some photos of the foothills and beyond to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

As a reminder, this is the scene that I see beyond my own windows...

I think my neighbor has the prettiest house in the neighborhood and I'm glad that it is my view.

On the other side, I have the pointed firs, which are the boundary trees between my neighbor to the east and myself...

Here's John standing beneath them just before we struck off for dinner.

It's so much fun to see him taking a cell phone call these days without any difficulty whatsoever. When he first got the cell phone, it would ring and he would jump straight into the air and usually drop it before retrieving his call. Actually, that was kind of fun, too. < insert sweet little grin here > Anyway, he's come a long way!

John had to drive some pretty mean roads for me to get my winter mosaic pics. I love that he is willing to suffer my directions and my frustrations and winter driving in general.

After lunch, we did some grocery shopping and then some flea market shopping. John loves shopping at the flea market. In fact, this is the mosaic that didn't make it yesterday. 

He's often the last one out and even then he doesn't want to leave. ;> All in all, it was a very pleasant day to be out and about. We must enjoy the time we have even if it isn't July with warm temps and low humidity. There are precious few of those kinds of days, right?

Have a happy day...


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful part of the country....I love the trees...I miss having trees in my yard.
    Looks like a fun day with a very loving husband.

  2. Hi Vee, sounds like you had a nice day and the story about the cell phone made me laugh. You see, my hubby had trouble hearing his cell phone ring, so he now pays each month to hear Toby Keith blasting out a song that still makes him...and often those around him...jump most times. (I can't help but laugh.) He keeps it on silent when the occasion calls for it, tho. Great photos! Have a good day.

  3. Vee,

    I think I have been by that flea market but I have never stopped. Maybe next summer!

    Glad you had a lovely day.


  4. You two are such a pair. He must love you so very much to risk life and limb and follow your instructions to stop here or there....
    And your affection for him comes through loud and clear. Love it!

    The scenery is gorgeous even though it does make things difficult sometimes.

  5. You have beautiful views from your home too. It sounds like it was the perfect kind of winter day.

  6. Both views are beautiful and you DO have the bestest hubby for taking you on a photo-journey! Mr B swore he'd never get a cell phone - now doesn't know what he'd do without it! He still uses just the plain one - just to calls but I recently got an Android and I. Love. It!

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for all your very sweet support :-)

  7. So how many times did John try the door...before believing they were closed? Funny.

    Sounds like you had the perfect Sunday afternoon drive...and the views on the homefront are not too shabby either!

  8. My hubby also likes to go to flea markets. We can spend hours looking and looking and usually don't come out with anything. You guys have more snow than we do.

  9. Judy, he was on the inside. He'd been shopping for about forty minutes. It is true that the owner shut his door seven minutes before closing time, but still. I thought it was so funny to watch John wrestling with the door as if he couldn't bear the thought of leaving. (The door was not closing properly so he took the time to fix it.)

  10. Ken and I enjoy going to flea markets together too.
    Your winter mosaic is so pretty and so is the view out of your window.
    I don't have such great views outside of my windows, but I do get to enjoy the views around my lake most mornings.

  11. Gorgeous pictures. No better way to get them than to spend time with a loved one.

  12. Vee, have you ever watched the show "Idiot Abroad" It is a British show that has these kooks sending their friend on "vacations" so that they can enjoy his discomfort in his new surroundings. It sounds pretty mean but we comfort ourselves with the fact that he's getting paid to do this and no one is forcing him.
    Anways. .my point. .The other day we were watching an episode when they sent him to see one of the wonders of the world. He said to them that he'd rather live in a cave and look across at the fancy house than the other way around. They made him sleep in a cave. .(was it Jericho? ..maybe?). . anways ...I thought of you and smiled with your lovely house view.

  13. Vee,

    You live in a beautiful neighborhood! I am so glad you have a super fun day.

  14. So glad you had a pleasant day! Hubby and I love to take long drives with nowhere in particular to go--stopping by roadside markets or antiques stores. A perfect kind of day.

  15. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And how sweet of your John to take you out. A drive with the honey is always the best! It is so pretty up where you live. I love the snow. Always have. Maybe it's because the south is so ugly in the winter unless we do have snow.

    As for our Samantha, we were stunned when her honey came and asked our permission last week. They have been together awhile, but thought marriage was a while off. Of course her daddy said she has to wait two years.

    I don't see it happening.

    Have a wonderful week!

  16. The view out your window is truly a winter wonderland. Very peaceful & pretty.
    I got a kick out of John & the cell phone. I occasionally jump when mine rings in a quiet house.
    Sounds like a fun day out for you 2 lovebirds.

  17. You still have more of a view from your kitchen window than I have! :) Mine faces my neighbor's kitchen window, and it's so close we could pass a cup of sugar in between houses through the window if need be..lol. That's city life!

    The photo of John talking on his cell phone made me smile. My husband never hears his cell phone ring so I always text message him instead, as he does check his e-mail.

    I bet John finds some good books on his flea market excursions!

  18. Hi Vee - beautiful mosaic with clear clean colors! You live in a beautiful part of the country. I still aim to visit New England one of these days - it's on my bucket list!

    Cute photos of John on his phone - my husband fumbles STILL with his phone and he's had it for years. It's like their hands are so large they can't hardly manage a small plastic slicky cell phone with tiny little buttons on it. Tony's gets dropped quite often. He usually keeps his on silent mode, and sometimes I have to tell him that his butt is buzzing... tee hee!

    Glad you two had a nice day out. I'm looking forward to more nice days ahead myself - I think my daughter is coming home this weekend and she's going to help me with some wedding preparations! YEA! She's got way more ideas than I!

  19. Hi Vee!

    Your post made me giggle today - my dear husband puts his phone on vibrate, and everytime it vibrates, he practically jumps out of his skin! Good to know that others jump too!!

    I love to take the "scenic route", and yours is indeed a beautiful one! The snow looks so white against the blue sky, the old barn and the bare trees - just beautiful!

    I love flea markets that are full of old things. What really makes me smile is when I see things being sold for lots of bucks that I have given away! Sounds like you had a fun day, and the view from your window, it very pretty . . . :0)

    Keep that wonderful positive attitude - I hope it's contagious!


  20. You do have some beautiful views of the neighborhood. I went along to get the mail yesterday and took pictures as well...but we didn't have a flea market to explore...just the post office, an old hotel and a general store 5 miles from here. it was nice to get a breath of fresh cold air anyway. Sunshine Always!

  21. Vee,
    Great views from your windows!
    We like to shop flea markets too, what fun!
    Mister didn't have a cell phone either so at first he never had it with him. Now that he has one through his work and gets email on it too....he's never without it. Good and yet, ugh.

  22. Hi Vee,
    The view outside your window is lovely. I love that house. I have a pretty house across the street that looks like a painting I have.

    You are so blessed that John supports your creative side. We had a mild day yesterday with some melting, then within an hour the temperature had dropped and everything was frozen again.

    I haven't seen the ice fisherman on the lake here yet this year. Nor heard snow mobiles.

    Well, have a great day.


  23. I can remember a day in North Dakota when I lived there. One morning the blue sky was out with its partner The Bright Sun and the temperature was up to a very warm 10 degrees. We were out with no coats on because it was so warm. Winter can bring some beautiful days. I miss winter.

  24. Sounds like my kind of day - grocery shopping and then the flea! I agree enjoy everyday that we are given!


  25. I agree we must savor thetime we have together. Beautiful pictures....m..

  26. I love it that he doesn't want to leave the flea market -- he's a man after my own heart! :)

  27. These blog husbands have a hard time of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great winter mosaic.