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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Best Corn Bread Evah!

Oh So Good!

As I was serving supper last night, I told John that this was touted to be "The Best Corn Bread Ever." I had just turned to grab my own plate, when I heard him exclaim, "I'll say!"

For those who like to mine a bit, you can find the secret for yourselves at Brenda's Coffee, Tea, Books and Me right *here.* Edited to Add: No, no, you won't. For some reason Brenda's removed her post. I'll get back to you. If she isn't putting the post back, I'll provide another link. YES! Yes, you will. Good heavens...Brenda thinks that it was a hiccup. Anyway, here's another point: The method, in this case, is far more important than the recipe so if you have your favorite recipe, go ahead and use it.

Hmmm, it was scrumptious. I don't think I'll ever return to my former method of making corn bread. What amazing results and all so simply. It's like magic; as Brenda would say, "Narnia magic." So, really, do yourself a favor and check it out and bake some for supper tonight. Your family is going to thank you!

(Yes, *cough* *sputter* *ahem* we are still on our eating plan. It's just that, every now and then, we simply must eat something yummy or we I go stark raving nuts. John is a little over a pound above his goal. I am fifty-five pounds above mine. What, I ask you, is wrong with this picture? Gheesh.)

Not a whole lot of excitement at the Haven. Lots of work going on outside; lots of painting going on inside. You know how I loathe painting, but I do like things looking fresh and bright so that's what keeps me going. Otherwise I'd quit and work in my sewing room where I'd prefer to be.

I am still trying to keep up with you and learn what you're doing. Anything new that I may have missed?


  1. I love corn bread!! That and a big pot of chili are an Autumn Favorite!

    Hugs to you today.
    I've got way more than that to lose to be at a healthy weight...not that this really makes it easier to you....it's just empathy.

  2. I'll definitely check out this recipe - Brenda's are all good!

    Weight sympathy here too!


  3. Thought i would stop by before going to the garden, Vee, This corn bread looks so delicious, and would go so well with what I have planned for our supper tonight,....so let's get hoping and find that recipe for me. ~smiling~ I am curious though, the little pinch that is missing, who ate it? And what is your secret to getting it to brown so beautifully.

    Men just lose weight faster than us girls, and if someone can explain I would love to know!!

    Nothing especially news worthy around here, except I was kidnapped last Saturday,by you know who, I thought of you kidnapping John and wondered if you and dh had been conspiring. lol. It was a fun date! It sure sounds like you all have been busy, and I hope you will be sharing.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. "And what is your secret to getting it to brown so beautifully."

    Ahhh, that's just it! I'm waiting on word from Brenda...

  5. That corn bread looks wonderful. Can't wait to get the recipe.

    Not much going on my little world...spending tons of hours in the studio making mosaics for the vendor night I will be at on Oct 13th...

  6. Cornbread is a favorite of mine and I have a failproof recipe that I use from my one of my cookbooks. Give me cornbread and some blackeyed peas with peppers and I'm a happy camper. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  7. Well, I'll take your word for it. It looks quite fine! And then I'll come back and snag the recipe later. I have rarely made cornbread...though I like it a lot.

    Have a fun day painting!

  8. The post is there, it is the second one on the blog about my favorite part of the trip to Williamsburg.

    I have a feeling Blogger had a hic-up... which has been known to happen!

  9. A new furnace being installed today...and a gasline to the downstairs fireplace after all. It will be almost 85 here today and won't slip down into 60 until a week from now. We will be ready for winter here!

  10. This cornbread looks very good! Is it made in an iron skillet? I'd love to have a good recipe for one I can bake in my mil's skillet. It's another gorgeous day here in NB. I made banana muffins with chocolate chips this morning -diet food! LOL Yes, why is it that men lose weight so much faster than women! Hang in there Vee, you can do it!

  11. That link takes you to yesterday's post. The link for the YouTube video is in the post from the day before.

  12. I love ham and beans and cornbread! Sounds like a recipe I'll have to try. As for losing weight, I'd have a better chance at it if that darn chocolate would just keep from jumping into my hand every time I open the refrigerator. (That's where I hide it.) And Pepsi went out of business. (Fat chance.)

  13. ThANk YOU, Brenda! All straightened around now.☺☺☺

  14. I'm sorry but I can't find my way to the *secret of the best corn bread evah.* I've clicked on your links and read your comments but........

    Could you possibly update this post, and give us a click-able link to the correct entry?

    Please and thank you...

    "Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits." ~~Samuel Butler

  15. Hi Pix Muse! It's already been done, unless the Blogger gremlins have returned. You will follow a link that Brenda provides to reach your ultimate goal.

  16. I'm smiling here Vee. ..imagining this going up on Mennonite Girls Can Cook ..but jumping through the hoops to get there.
    I love a good corn bread so I'll check it out and smile while I make it. .
    thanks for the smile.

  17. I don't make cornbread often, but do enjoy it once in awhile. Occasional treats on your "way of eating" are a good way to not get bogged down and feeling deprived.
    My husband has not gained ONE pound in the 34 years we've been married. Not. one. single. pound. Life is not fair!

    (and I do cook for him - cinnamon buns, cookies, etc - last night before bed he had a bowl of ice cream, I had a glass of water - tell me, is that not unfair?)

    Today I am turning in my very last essay. Yes, next week is my last exam and then I will be finished this degree. I hardly know what to do with myself. But I'll think of something!

  18. The thought passed through my head.. "aren't those two dieting"?? just as you wrote the paragraph about indulging.
    I agree whole heartedly Vee. You cannot deny yourself. Moderation is the key. Don't worry, the weight will come off of you as well. I know that it feels like a long road though-I've been there. Remember I lost 40-45 pounds last year. :)

    I love corn bread but, no one else here does. I think that I might whip this up for Thanksgiving though this year. It's in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know how it turns out. :)


  19. Looks good! I make Mexican Cornbread. The usual method in a iron skillet. I guess I am just to afraid to try a new & different way. (I guess it has something to do with being "southern", dunno.) Blessings

  20. I have been craving cornbread...so this is timely and will try

    Oh sorry about the painting...I had muscles hurting I didn't know I had, but I love the clean look at the end...enjoy the fruit of your labor

  21. This corn bread does look nice and yummy! I'll have to try it one day

    I have been eating a (mostly) vegan diet the past two weeks trying to "kickstart" some healthy weight loss. It is a diet of mostly beans, vegetables and whole grains. The jury is still out as to whether it is working. I had to go off thebdiet last night for a special event, but it was worth it -- future blog post -- lol!

  22. Hi Vee,
    How did you know I love cornbread! with butter and honey...oh yes I do!
    Yummmmmmy Yum...
    Now I want some...really bad LOL
    Thank you for always leaving me such thoughtful notes, you mean a lot to me, you really do. I think you are one of the kindest and really true to yourself people who blog.
    Really big hugs, Elizabeth

  23. Yum! I love cornbread. I'll have to try this method. Blessings...

  24. I'm ready for a new cornbread recipe. I haven't been thrilled with my old one for awhile... Thanks!

    Blessings, Debbie

  25. Cornbread looks yummy, will have to give it a try!

  26. I am oh so far behind in my visiting. This sounds interesting..gotta check it out. I do love me a good cornbread. :)

  27. Well, minus the sugar and changing the cornmeal to white, this is the cornbread we ate at least three times a week as I was growing up. My sister has my mom's big iron skillet now, but I have a small one I make cornbread in every now and then; just the right size for two plus just a little left to crumbled in a glass of buttermilk for an evening snack. Yeah, we're crazy, but we know how to make cornbread reeeaaaalll good!

  28. Deb, did you use that method as well? I've always used a skillet, but not "the secret method." Recipe doesn't matter too much.


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