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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Broken Promises

Broken promises...I have a lifetime full of them and a sewing room, too.

Just yesterday a dear blogging friend told me to watch the mail. Now how many times have I told her to do the same? I'm pretty certain that something is arriving this week; she, on the other hand, has learned that she can't count on me.

I have reasons. The best reason is that my grandmother's little sewing machine doesn't function so well anymore. It skips stitches with abandon. Reminds me of someone I know. Then I thought, no problem, my mother has her trusty Singer in storage.

When I brought it home sometime in May, I cleaned it and tried to find a manual for it, which I was able to do on line the internet being such a great resource, and then realized that it was another skip stitcher, too. Sigh.

Thus began my search for a quality machine and I settled on a little Janome. It came within a week and I like it fine. No skipped stitches. Now where were my projects? Were they in that pile there? In that drawer? That box? That laundry basket? The entire sewing room now had become filled with my mother's abandoned sewing projects in addition to my own. I had many distractions in my wee space for weeks. The potential for getting lost in there is still great.

Finally, just Sunday, when I had decided that television coverage of the 9-11 events in NYC would be totally unsatisfactory (all those talking heads yapping over the top of anything meaningful that was going on and each with his own agenda...ugh), I slipped upstairs to my sewing room where I could be alone with my own thoughts. I began folding fabric and praying. I folded and folded and folded, prayed and prayed and prayed, and came, at last, to a white laundry basket where I found my lost projects.

Tea Cozies Three

There are three, two good ones and a dud. Odd that they are heading for gals named Sandy. Well, one name Sandy and the other named Sandi. I have no idea if I'll finish them this week. I hope so. I'm tired of skipped stitches.

I have a new kitchen window and as soon as I can take a good picture... my camera has been acting up terribly... I'll post one. There I go again — another promise!

Enjoy your day...


  1. Good Morning Vee!
    We all do that don't we? If not to others, surely to ourselves! I know I do! I have been absent from blogland for so long I think I missed some new instructions on how to blog! For some reason I am having to type in my name and blogspot whenever I want to leave a comment. Very frustrating! Glad you have a new sewing machine so you can catch up on your projects. Have a fun day!

  2. Ah....so you are human? It is nice to hear just a bit about the ways that you are still a work in progress. We all are but here in Blogland sometimes it would be hard to tell that.

    Those ladies will be thrilled when they open their mailboxes and find your precious gifts in them. Whenever that happens, and I know it will.


  3. Vee, I know what you mean. I've promised to post pictures of things in the past, and...well I'm still trying to remember to do that. As life goes on, so do pictures. I have a terrible time getting things done, making decisions or finishing projects. I got more done with a housefull of people than I can accomplish now by myself. I see all these perfectionists on blogs and I just can't measure up! I think I'll do a blog on that! If I get around tuit!
    Funny about you praying your way to your lost articles. :D Isn't it wonderful to see God in the little things as well as the great! You made my day!

  4. It is hard to keep up with everything.

    I know they will appreciate your tea cozies....


  5. I hear ya. The boy reeled his school work out (he has one of those carts with wheels) for me to grade it, and guess what? Still sitting in the dining room, lol. I promise to grade it. 24 hrs later, another day, more school lessons. ANYWAYS, I hear ya. Thanks for responding to my email invite. Your a gem. :) Blessings

  6. Welcome to my world...
    Ah well...we can only try.
    got bins for my wool stash, gonna organize, really, I promise! ;-)

  7. I think that a lot of people have these problems. I don't know about you but I get bored easily. I have great plans for crafts and such but then I get so distracted....
    Such is life. :)


  8. I have a policy... Never make promises. That preempts the guilt-of-breaking-them. :-))))))))

    Sorrrry about the cam issues! Last evening we went to the highest spot, and took-in the rising Harvest Full Moon, in all its beautiful *golden-ness.* I said; "Betcha' Vee gets a great Full Moon shot, with her (new) tripod."


    Oh well, the Full Moon comes around next month too. :-)

    Btw, betcha' the only way I can randomly comment in Pretty Blog Land now (that I am not actively blogging myself), is to use my Google Blogger Sign In. So, that's what I'll do. Just explaining... :-)

    "Necessity it the mother of invention" and all that jazzzzzzzzz.

  9. Vee,
    Glad you got a new Janome. They are a great machine. I have things I need to finish because I have a niece who is having a baby in March and I "promised" to make a baby quilt and matching stuff. I am never going to finish my socks for my little cold feet!

    The Fryeburg Fair is sneaking up and then we go back to Florida 3 weeks later. Just don't know where the summer is gone.


  10. Your mislaid promises, faulty sewing machine, recaptured projects, and delightful sense of humor are so very real... I think that's why you are so popular. I know it's why I love visiting here. So don't pray too hard. If He blesses you with a completely sound mind and organizational skills I'll only be intimidated. Uh oh... He already gave you the sewing machine... ;)

    Love all the ingredients in the photo by the way... Can't wait to see what it turns into! A cozy? I'm getting it now... the teacups are a hint aren't they? My 'machine' obviously still skips stitches!
    Lawdy, I'm not kidding, I only just noticed the caption under the photo!! So glad I hadn't hit post comment yet. :{

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. Hi Vee - Great minds... when fall arrives my thoughts turn to sewing or quilting and re-organization is the first step before creativity steps in. A friend gave me a basket for my birthday and i use it now to store all of my unfinished projects . I also bought a quilt rack years ago and it holds the newly purchased fabric that has yet to be used...neatly folded and just hanging there, it reminds me that I loved the fabric and sometimes just seeing it inspires me to start a new project. There will be time to finish the "in the basket" projects one of these weeks. I can now visit your blog using Google Chrome - no problem! Have a good week!

  12. If I could live on "good intentions" , I'd live like for-EVER! I let myself down and am critical with myself more than anyone has been with me..so my advice (that I need to follow as well) is..be kind to yourself. We all need to treat ourselves like we treat others..with dignity, respect and forgiveness :-)

  13. PS..I recently found a darling pattern pinned and cut around a sweet little flannel sleeper for my son Andy..........................who is now 42. Yep..42 years old ans a big burly biker-dude :-/

  14. Better late than never, I say! At least your heart is in the right place. A new Janome--now that is exciting. Can't wait to see the cosies when they are done.

  15. Oh Vee......I always love reading your blog, you're so human......and that makes me feel a wee bit better about my unfinished business.

    I bet that new window is good looking..

  16. Hi Vee

    Yes the commentary on Sunday was getting on my nerves too. I'm home from work today - not feeling too well.

    Glad to check in with you and here what you've been up to.

    Enjoy your projects!

  17. I think this is the reason I have never become a crafter/seamstress. The few times I have set out with good intentions, the projects rarely are completed. A few years later I have to decide what to do with that partially finished project. Apparently we're not alone as I often see bags of these projects for sale at the thrift shops.
    However, I know that you will complete these cozies and make Sandy and Sandi very happy.

  18. I'm glad you finally found your "to do" basket, Vee! My daughter and daughter-in-law are beginning to take sewing lessons and I have a feeling a sewing machine may be on their Christmas wish list tis year. I will have to check out the Janome machine.

  19. Oh September is sewing mouth and Saturday was National Sewing Machine day...so you are right on schedule.

    I too have all those unfinished projects and one I have been avoiding...my kitchen curtains, so you have inspired me to set my neglected sewing machine up and get going.

    Enjoy, enjoy!!

  20. I am glad your projects turned up. I have been trying to finish my now 14 year old daughter's baby quilt in a basket. Somewhere. Waiting to be finished. It's so easy to say I'll do something and then .... life gets in the way. Maybe it that we put too much pressure on ourselves. Do you think pioneer women planned ahead to sew or cross-stitch or make a wreath? I wonder what might have interfered with their work.... surely something! I think I do better if I just get a "wild hair" and go with it!

    Have a good week!

  21. I can totally identify with the basket of 'good intentions'! Good luck with bringing things to a successful completion.

    Glad you are enjoying a new kitchen window!

  22. Skipped stitches, would be a great name for a book!
    And yapping heads, far to many of those these days :(

  23. You're just to much and that is why i love visiting with and you. You always pull it together, and am looking forward to photos of the window.

  24. I just love coming over here, Vee..it's just like I am right there in the room with you. Yep..I see those unfinished projects...wanna come over and see MINE? I have lots of them....
    o, and yes, I see that new window..hurry and get a photo so I can see if it look, in real life, like in my mind's eye.:)))

  25. Vee
    It is just so..neat how the Lord cares about the little things we need, as well as the big. I often pray for the memory that I've lost. More like the marbles I've lost, if I were honest!
    I know what you mean about broken promises-I find myself saying I'm going to show some project to my blogger friends, and never do. I'm sure they must think I'm a horrible liar-just making it up. Maybe someday I'll go back and review all those broken promises and do a blog just with pictures of them. Oh no, there I go again promising something that will never happen! I'm hopeless.

  26. It would be lovely if you lived close by. My machine doesn't skip and I serve tea too!

  27. Ahhh...broken promises...unfinished projects...I could write a book! Looking forward to seeing your new window. Glad to know that someone is getting something accomplished!

  28. Hi sweet friend....I'm so glad you found your lost sewing projects!!!! Sounds a bit like my studio ~ so many good intentions buried in the rubble. Wishing you easy sewing and definitely NO skipped stitches, hugs and love, Dawn

  29. Vee, my Singer will skip a stitch if I don't have the right sized needle. Usually I am trying to use one that is not for the right fabric. Have you tried a heavier needle? Just a thought...

  30. Thanks for the suggestion, but I was using the correct needle. It needs a little time in the shop, I think.


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