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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Downton Abbey Thoughts Pt 2

Yes. There will be a Downton Abbey discussion for Season 4 programs through last Sunday night/Episode 4.  If you don't wish to be tempted, hustle on outta here while you have the chance! Anything from now on is at your own risk. We are not discussing future programming, though I have indeed done as Kathleen says below.

Vee how could you! You watched the whole thing?! That's like eating the entire bag of candy. Like reading the last page of the book! ~Kathleen

~a gift from Lovella~

Call me incorrigible. I absolutely do eat all the candy and I always read the last page of the book (before I read the first). ☺ 
~too good to save~


So there is a lot to talk about. It seems more fun and interesting to chat as we go along, while we still remember the plot. ☺ (At first, I thought we'd talk in code, but I can't figure out how to do it well so I've nixed that idea.) 

How fabulous Mrs. Hughes is! I really love her. She is so wise, so intelligent, so good. On the other hand, I have read some commentary suggesting that she is nothing more than a hypocrite for being on the one hand very concerned for Anna and, on the other, willing to threaten similar bodily harm to Edna. (Say! That was pretty good code talking right there.)For me, I found it very satisfying when Edna had met her match in Mrs. Hughes.

Seems as if everyone is ready to throttle Julian Fellowes for taking the program into such a controversial area. It didn't settle well with me either because I am still thinking of Downton Abbey as tea and scones. It is hardly that. If I am honest, it never was. But to have a favorite character suffer this... Well, feel free to share your thoughts.

 So Mrs. Hughes is my favorite this year. I am unimpressed with the upstairs people thus far. I call them the "flat people" in their one-dimensional portrayals. Tom may have a few layers, but that's because he's half one thing and half another. Rose's story bores me. Party girls always do. Edith is not behaving well. Does that give her more layers? Cora and Robert are lost in their terrarium, though did you not love how Cora handled that mean, old, rotten Nanny West? Mary remains Mary of the ever so haughty tone, which happens to be quite flat. If anyone has anything redeeming to share about Mary, please do!

Still enjoying the banter between Isobel and Violet, especially now that it is ratcheting up.

Does it seem as if the scenes move even more frenetically this year? As if there's a lot of ground to be covered and not much time? 

Turning the floor over to you. Tell me, what has been your favorite episode this year? Is it always the last one? What is your favorite storyline? Who makes the best villain? Do you have a favorite character?  Edited to Add: One more question: does your husband join you in watching?(mine does not)Do share!

P.S. I'd like to thank Lorrie for encouraging me to stay with the show. She said that things would get better. One can hope! 

Photos allowed to stand...from g00gle images...though I added characters' names to the first


  1. Hi Vee,

    You've made some excellent points and given us something to think about. The upstairs people have been "flat" this year, for sure -- that's a good description. I also love the way Cora handled the evil nanny! Go Cora! I was shocked to see what the nanny was really up to! How funny that Thomas was the one to bring this to light, even though he only told on her because she didn't respect his position in the household. I really, REALLY dislike Edna -- she's a devious, lazy trouble-making, gold-digger (wow, that was a mouthful). :) Mary is always haughty, but I'm glad she's taking an interest in the running of the estate, for her son's sake as well as her own. I agree with Susan Branch that Lord Grantham should never be allowed near the money again. :-D

    My hubby enjoyed watching the show with me the first two seasons, but now he says it's just a big soap opera. I'm starting to agree with him. My favorite characters are Anna, Bates, Tom, Mrs. P (the cook), and Violet. I think Edith is behaving quite foolishly.

    I'll look forward to the weekly discussions, Vee! I hope you have a great day!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. I agree with your husband and raise it...all of life is a soap opera; the Bible is a soap opera telling the good, the bad, and the ugly. Oh how I remember the days of watching soap operas four decades ago now, when I'd say, "This is not possible!" Now I know better. Anything is possible.

  2. I also love the way Cora handled the Nanny as well as the way Mrs. Hughes handled Edna ! I do feel it has taken quite a turn toward drama. I would prefer more " Tea and Scones "

    1. Elizabeth, do you remember Pamuk in season 1? Definitely not tea and scones!

  3. I love Isobel and Violet. I also love Mrs. Hughes, the Bates ( and thank you btw, I did search), Tom. Hmm..on Edith..honestly, I like her..(although I have already shared my view with you on what I think.)--I am not happy with Mary and her selfish "me" attitude. --I also read the last page of a book before the beginning. I know, weird. I look forward to your weekly post on this. Thanks Vee. Blessings

  4. I thought I wouldn't watch DA this season because, somehow, I'd become tired of these people. But I watched the first episode and will probably continue watching. It certainly is a soap opera and things are moving a bit too quickly, but it's not quite possible to not want to know what comes next. I did think the proposal to Mary came much too quickly and since it was not based on love from someone who really knew her as an adult, it was foolish timing. It was inevitable that she would say, "No,". That cannot be what he wanted. I am sad about several of the plot lines. We'll see.

  5. The quips are really quite delicious. The banter goes so fast, it's hard to catch them all! ("Don't be transparent, Mama. It doesn't suit you." Ha!) My favorite characters by far are Violet and Mrs. Hughes.

  6. Ron watches with me! The man (who lives in a house of females) has watched many chick flicks in his time, but he seems to enjoy Downton as much as we do.

    Yes, I do agree that the story line seems to be moving fast...and your comment about there being another "jump" in time has me wondering. Perhaps I am a hopeless romantic because I was secretly hoping that Mary would find true love with Lord Gillingham, but wasn't surprised when it went the way it did. Mary's redeeming quality? She is gorgeous and elegant and wears beautiful clothes...but then, that is not "redeeming", is it? ;)

    I was cheering Cora on as she dismissed Nanny West...and I was cheering Mrs. Hughes when she got rid of Edna! (Such a snake-in-the-grass, that Edna.) I am not cheering for Julian Fellowes for the story line involving Anna and Bates. Again, I am not surprised as in this show, no one is allowed to be happy for long.

  7. Good morning Vee, I must be the only one here in blogland that hasn't see Downton Abbey, as a matter of fact I once thought it was pronounced Downtown Abbey. ~smile~ However i am now encouraging myself to see this program! Hope all is well at the Haven, as you can see, I am still here, just been so busy!

  8. We watch the show together and since we have a PVR..he often is instructed to stop and go back because I want to hear a certain really good line again. When the season is over we watch whatever PBS Masterpiece theatre show there is and so it is Masterpiece Theatre that has become our Sunday night show.

    I'm kind of keeping my eye on Carson and Mrs. Hughes. Their relationship is sweet and now that he got his long lost first love sorted out... it seems that maybe they could come to love one another.

    I also find the upstairs people flat. I like that description you use and will be sure to use that when we watch it. I normally find Cora a bit eye crossing but I also really liked the way she handled the nanny.

    I think what struck me was how Tom and Mary could drive down the driveway past their babies in prams and not even glance sideways. I fussed about that for awhile and I think he had to stop the show again until I was done.

    I love this idea of yours to have a discussion board each week!

    1. I have thought that the children are often out of sight and mind...my goodness! I totally missed the scene you speak of, which would so represent that, twice! I'm going to go looking for it right now.

  9. I've loved Downton from the beginning, but this year, like most of you, I'm finding that the storyline is just moving too fast. Cora was fabulous dismissing the nanny, and Mrs. Hughes was fabulous dismissing Edna (and coming to Tom's rescue in the process). Is anyone else wondering if there's a growing Mrs. Hughes - Mr. Carson connection?

    Mary. Mary is who she's always been. Personally, I was happy to see her throw off her mourning and begin to live again this last episode. Haughty as ever, yes, but she's back!

    As for the storyline with Anna, I'm pretty disappointed in Mr. Fellowes. I want justice for Anna, not a failed marriage. I realize that his storyline probably reflects, properly, the way things truly were in such a case in those days, but surely such a beloved DA character cannot be left to suffer this way.

    My husband watches with me, and we laugh together, right out loud, at all the same parts. No one could play the dowager as well as Maggie Smith!

  10. I love Downton but find the Sunday evening timing nearly impossible for me to catch. So, I end up watching it by myself later in the week. This means I spend the days leading up to it dodging spoilers. But I suspect that at season's end Warren and I will watch it all in a marathon because he enjoys it as well. I forgot to ask him if he watched it on Sunday night. I was out with some ladies from church. This is a hard season to get excited about so far but I've not given up hope. I'm very frustrated with Anna....for her reaction.....but I guess I understand. Does this mean she really doubted Bates innocence in his wife's murder? Or is she just being proactive and protective? I too love Mrs. Hughes while Mrs. Patmore seriously needs to take a chill pill. :-) I keep getting the kitchen maids confused because they look too similar to me.

  11. My husband is just as interested as me. I have always seen Cora as very shallow and very non discerning.
    Robert lacks leadership development because as a wealthy son he never had to work for anything. Remember Matthew had to work for an education and learn. I totally get Anna's fear. In that day justice wasn't always served so well. Really the characters all reflect real people just like today. I have observed a numbered of "Mr. Moseley's" in my day!

  12. I was downright excited to get on here this morning and see what everyone has to say. Is that pathetic? haha Sooo, first of all I couldn't agree more with you about the upstairs people being flat. They are! PERFECT description of them. Hubby watches the show with me and seems to enjoy it as much as I do, though it is tending to go a little too soap operish for both of us this year. I love Mrs. Hughes too. How could you not? The way she handled Edna had both hubby and I cheering. And as for Mary... I just don't like her most of the time. She is too haughty for me. I loved when her when she was in love, but now, not so much again. I also would kind of like to see maybe Carson and Mrs. Hughes get together. Hubby and I were discussing how old it has to be to constantly dress like that for dinner, lol. I love looking at the clothes and their hair and styles etc., but how exhausting, even if you did have someone to dress you all the time, lol The story line is moving VERY rapidly and Mary's proposal seemed too premature to me. I cheered for Cora with the Nanny and want to talk to Ana myself and tell her to TELL Bates. This story line is driving me crazy. All in all I am as hooked as always. On a side note, my mother LOVED this show. She so frequently couldn't understand what they were saying we had to stop and rewind many times so she could hear it better or explain what just happened. I will never watch the show without thinking of her and missing her. She loved the old dowager, Maggie Smith. She is just a riot. Well guess that's it. I might pop back later and read more of other's thoughts. I will look forward to these discussions. Enjoy your day Vee!

    1. I don't think it is at all pathetic. ☺ Course, I wouldn't. I have very much enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts.

  13. I watch it alone - The Great Dane is usually in the room, but reading or playing a computer game, to keep me company. I'm watching Mrs Hughes and Carson - there may be something brewing there - also, the new lady's maid for Cora. Don't you find Cora just a little too naive and smiley to be believable? I find Robert to be completely believable and probably quite true to his time and class. I hated the episodes with Shirley McLaine. She is just so wrong for the part. There are my two cents!

    1. Ahhh, but we know nothing yet of a new lady's maid and Shirley hasn't shown up yet either (in this season). I am not a fan so don't quite get the need for the addition of the character Martha especially when we have Isobel to spar with Violet.

  14. Lovella and I agree...driving past the babies without even a wave?
    Why can't we have an all Violet episode? Just follow her around all day and night, catching her fabulous comments. Her response to the observation that not everyone is a Noel Coward "that's a relief" was so great.
    Bernie watches with me.

  15. Mrs. Hughes is wonderful. She handled Edna so well. You are right about the upstairs people being flat, but perhaps not entirely flat.
    I like Mary. She was certainly a pill in the first couple of seasons, but I detect some character development. She has expressed awareness that Matthew brought out the best in her and that she was a different person when she was with him. That's what love can do, I thought. I really like the fact that she's standing up for herself a little against her father, although I can't imagine how difficult that would have been in that day and age and class.
    Edith - well, I feel sorry for her. But she is behaving foolishly. (I'm itching to spoil here, but I won't)
    I don't like Bates as well as I once did. Prison hardened him (as it would) and he seems rather merciless in his dealings with people, whereas he was once so full of mercy. Anna I do love, although I don't completely understand her reticence to speak of what happened to her.
    Violet - give her more lines!
    I agree with Pondside about Shirley MacLaine. I really don't like the scenes with her. She doesn't fit the part at all. And maybe that's part of the reason she was chosen - she doesn't fit in.
    Rose is a spoiled brat.
    Cora has irritated me from the beginning. She speaks in an almost whiny tone of voice and her innocent questioning and acceptance of anything her maid says to her about the downstairs folk make her seem utterly gullible.
    Tim started watching the series with me this past fall (we started at the beginning), but he isn't really into it, so I watch on my own.

    1. I am not willing to give up on Bates so soon. Look how tenderly he is treating Anna and she's been soooooo cold. And see how he helped Moseley out of his financial distress. Sure, he used a ruse, but it was the only thing that would have saved poor Moseley's self-esteem.

  16. We both watch it together, and my favorite is the Dowager....those acidic comments! Nice to see her soften toward Matthew's mother. In the last episode I liked Robert's comment to Bates when he said that he had said quite a mouthful "for an Englishman",
    We both enjoy seeing the scenery and the old vehicles, and I especially like the castle, upstairs and down. I have seen that there is a line of Downton products for sale....I will certainly look for some kitchen items.

  17. I so agree w/ Lovella's comment regarding how they drove right PAST the 2 Littles without stopping or even honking!!!! (Although I doubt if there is honking on the Downton grounds.) It seems like this season there is a frenzy about it with people coming in and out of the show, and situations arising and settling in such a rapid pace. Perhaps they should reconsider the few segments they produce and call a season, and add a few hours more to the story-line. I don't think any viewers would complain, and obviously they could afford some additional episodes!! Seems their "thing" is to have a short season so everyone can't wait til the next one, but this year they truly seem to be in a frenzy. I agree that I want Anna to tell Bates, and to tell Mary (since it was Lord G's "man"). But I recognize that I am thinking of this in terms of 2014 and not the 1920's. Living in a castle as they do, I am sure "ugly" wasn't encouraged to be spoken of. The times are changing, but look at the situation today and how so many women still don't want to talk about it in the USA, not to mention in 3rd world countries where it many times is still considered the woman's "fault". Edith's man is not what I am thinking he wants us and her to believe he is. I keep wishing she could "Google" him and find out what the heck he was into or where he is going with his idea of moving to Germany. I can see him screaming "Heil". On to next Sunday!!!!!!

  18. I came across Downton (which I also thought was Downtown at first) during season 2 and I was immediately sorry I had not started it from the beginning. Well, I took care of that by ordering Netflix and having a 2-3 day marathon watching it on my laptop while the hubby was working the weekend! He wouldn't care for it I'm afraid. Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson became fast favorites, followed by Anna, Mr. Bates, Violet...and I just LOVE Daisy. My heart broke watching Sybil die and I totally was unable to sleep after watching Matthew meet his maker...I was NOT at all prepared for that! All of the characters certainly have something remarkable about them and I am often impressed with the tenderness I have seen between the aristocratic family members (some of them) and members of the servant staff....Mary and Mr. Carson, Anna & Mary, Mr. Bates & Robert. I love Mrs. Hughes' compassion AND her fire when she needs to use it and am hoping one day to see her and Mr. Carson get together...I can see it in their eyes that they care deeply for each other.

  19. I think that a problem we have is that we want Downton to be a fairy tale where Matthew and Mary live happily ever after, Edith never feels left out or neglected, Anna and Bates never have a fight, and Daisy finds true love.

    Real life is not that way. It's messy. Downton is a dramatic show so they have drama - a lot of it, and maybe more extreme than we have in our lives but we do have drama. At least I do with four daughters in the house!

    I think the story lines have not been too far fetched either, sadly. Aristocratic women and men had lots of infidelities - some were quite well known in society, but because of their place in society it was overlooked, or at least as long as one didn't "officially" know, it was pretended that it wasn't happening.

    I do think that Thomas and O'Brien got away with a lot because Robert and Cora are so clueless at times.

    I don't agree with the life choices most of them make, but here's the thing - I like them. I really do like the characters and tune in to see what is going to happen to them. I want them to be happy, and settled and at peace.

    I love Carson, and his fatherly affection for Mary, I love Mrs. Hughes who is no dummy and can handle a twit like Edna. I like Mary - I think she has come a long way from her proud haughtiness of season 1. I like Tom - he's going to be okay too. I like Carson and Mrs. Hughes who as the 'father and mother' figures of the staff have great rapport and friendship. Will it turn to more? Who knows, but it's fun to watch!

    Okay, enough from me!!!


    1. Edited to say that I love Isobel Crawley and ADORE Lady Violet! Dame Maggie gets great lines and is a wonder in this role!

    2. What a lovely overview of your feelings concerning the show. I found it very helpful and I also found myself nodding in agreement. You have an open, generous attitude toward each and every person. If you took the quiz on which Downton Abbey character you are, I might think you'd be Cora or Isobel.

    3. I ditto everything Mrs. Rabe said...my post was getting too long, so thanks for saying all of things I wanted to!

  20. This is exactly why I don't mind watching each episode more than once. I'm so nervous about what is going to happen next that I miss some very good stuff. Oye. Happy to read all the thoughts here and see some things that I missed. I am always surprised when the theme music comes on and the show is over for the night. Dear does watch it just at some dark morning hour while I'm still in bed. I watch it when it airs and he's in bed. We love to discuss the show with anyone who has watched it later in the week (like with my sister and my DIL) I enjoy Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Patmore and The Dowager most. So happy to see that maid sent walking with her suitcase up the lane!

  21. Hubby does not watch, although he's been known to sit through an ending. I think he's afraid he'll get caught up in it. Although I have to say I've watched my share of British mysteries with him.

  22. I agree with you, the upstairs people are flat this year...their storylines are downright boring in my books. I was not very happy about what happened to Anna. I am overall disappointed with this new season and am just going week to week deciding if I will continue watching. My favorite characters are the Dowager, Mrs. Hughes and Carson. They are carrying the show this season, in my opinion. I too was most happy to get rid of Edna, but will she be back???

  23. I was so glad when Edna got her comeuppance, I had hoped they wouldn't drag that storyline through many episodes! I love the servant storylines, and you're right, the upstairs crew are a bit boring this year, but I have hopes that they will liven up soon. My husband abhors the show (it's a soap opera) although I couldn't help notice that as he read his book while I watched, his eyes kept straying to the t.v. and he kept asking questions re: what was going on. Lol, I predict he will be watching openly before the end of the season ;>) By the way, I too have been known to eat all the candy and read the last page, but I am prolonging my enjoyment of the show by forcing myself to see one episode at a time. No judgment, maybe a little jealousy!

  24. With all the busyness of the last few weeks, I haven't watched this season yet. Thank you for the update, and i always trust your opinions. Wanted to stop and see what you are up to and glad that I did. Hope you didn't get too much snow.

  25. I'm in the middle of season three, and have very strong opinions about some of the characters. I didn't read what you wrote above, but just had to chime in because I absolutely love this series!

  26. Yes, V watches with me! We did the "catch up" marathon together this summer. It's not his favorite show but he watches to please me, which I am grateful for as we can then talk about it. Our favorite character is Violet Crawley. She always makes us smile as she always gets in the last word..lol

    V and I always laugh that the upstairs people have to be dressed, right down to taking off their robes at night--such powder puffs! We are also amazed they discuss so much family business in front of the servants --so much gossip for them!

    I think what happened to Anna is probably unfortunately very true to life of what happened to many servant girls in those days.Woman probably had to be quiet about it to keep their jobs. I hope something good will come out of it before the series is over, unless it was done to show a contrast between the "haves" and the "have nots" which much of the show seems to portray.

  27. Does it help to mention I haven't even had the urge to watch the last two episodes I recorded? I was not impressed with Episode one. Flat is one way of saying. And I was disgusted with the fact that the family jumped on Anna in favour of the 'new' Edna. Doesn't loyalty matter... or at least get both sides of the story first?

    In truth, I totally lost interest when they killed Matthew off (esp. since Sybil had already gone...) give me break... Will admit I did start to catch a little interest this past fall when the tantalizers started appearing so I was ready to settle in for another season.

    I still love the Dowager very much. She's good anytime.

  28. Wow, a lot of comments. I may repeat what others have already said...
    Yes, Tim and I watch together although he would never watch it alone.
    I am very disappointed in Anna not sharing with her husband and her
    employers what has happened so the creep can be caught and jailed.
    I fear a baby may be a consequence of the horrible event. Please don't tell
    me if I'm right! I'm also worried about Edith signing that paper without reading it.
    I wonder if this man will leave her high and dry with whatever money she might have.
    See how suspicious I am?
    I don't care for Rose and wish they had not even written her in. She is such an irritant.
    and I wanted to bop Tom's ears for even giving Edna the time of day. He must be dense
    when it comes to his new position. Thank heaven Mrs. Hughes knew how to handle her!
    I so enjoy the Dowager and her quips. I'm glad Mary has come around and look for her and Tom
    to do a far better job than Robert has running the estate. As for the new man in her life, I'm hoping
    she'll not get involved so soon and I'm hoping someone else will come along.
    that's it. BTW, how many shows are left? Do you know, Vee?

  29. Very interesting. I don't have a favorite episode and I'm not enjoying most of the directions it seems to going in. I've found the Anna section so upsetting and can't warm up to Mary at all. Thankful for Mrs. Hughes.

  30. I actually never saw the show until late last year and did an entire catch-up from seasons past with our on-demand feature. Mr OP did watch a lot of those and was semi-interested. This season, I've been watching on demand as well, can't seem to catch it in "real time," but he hasn't been around to watch it with me.
    The last episode really rattled me - I felt so horrible after watching it. I'm sure that this happened so often to women of that era- the covering up.

    I'm off to play catch up with your other posts.


  31. My husband watches with me and I don't have a favorite episode so far this season. I did think there were some memorable quotes in last week's episode and strangely enough my sister noted the same ones and commented on them. Favorites are Anna and Bates, Tom, Mrs. Hughes more than ever this year, and Carson, if only for his voice … and I've always thought they might have something of a relationship coming and it's more believable than ever this year; and the Dowager never disappoints, This year I'm more drawn to Isabel Crowley--she seems a much warmer character, maybe it's her grief that makes her more likable. And I'm more and more disappointed with Edith; she seems so desperate. And I must be the only one who wonders if Tom and Mary couldn't join their little families together … but Mary would have to come down a peg or three … I would watch it just for the scenery---inside and outside.

  32. Vee- I came and read and I will be around to comment tomorrow. I love the show and have not seen the whole season yet-although I have been tempted to do so. Just a long day here-catch you tomorrow when I hace more time. xo Diana

  33. I almost didn't read this post because your warning said it was 4th episode that ran last Sunday. Our PBS has only shown 3 Sundays but the first one was 2 hours so maybe it counted as the first and second..Anyway, I see that you are not discussing anything more than what I've seen.
    It was a total shock to me when Anna was raped and I was shaken..truly disturbed by it and felt that it was over the line as far as this show is concerned. I rarely find a show that I feel 'safe' watching and even though DA has had its ups and downs, it seemed that it was never too horrid and was soon rectified...I felt we paid our dues when Matthew died right at the end of the last season and we could have gone a long while without such a shock.
    My husband watched a bit of two shows with me, just to be kind I think.
    I love Violet..I know some don't but most of her comments are great.
    Edith is a fool...I am so afraid she will be hurt and for some reason I don't trust him, especially after he knew how that card shark was cheating and then he knew how to do it too..makes you wonder where he learned it.
    I could do without Rose..period.
    Loved Cora giving the boot to Nanny..what a creep she was and I didn't see that coming.
    Mary is Mary. I do believe she will do the best she can for the future of Downton, better than her father. I am not quite sure that she will get into a relationship very soon.
    So glad that the horrible Edna is gone...hurray Mrs. Hughes!
    I will continue to watch but if it goes much further down the soap opera road, it will be over for me.

    Thanks so much for hosting this discussion..looking forward to the next one. xo

  34. The only people who would side with Edna are those who think cheating and lying are acceptable, and I couldn't care less what those sort of people think. I don't think the upstairs people have been flat, so much as the PC crowd is making it's self heard. Lord Grantham is being written as a more typical stereotype of an aristocrat, rather than the Lord Grantham we were first introduced to. I think the socialists at the Guardian kicked up a fuss, I'm sure they were having fits during the first two seasons when Mrs. Crawley, the socialist, would screech that she was 'upper middle class'. I love the dowager, she gets better and better. Tom is a crybaby, I've had it with his character. He ran off leaving Sybil behind when he might have to face responsibility for his involvement with IRA terrorism, then he paints himself as just poor putty in a woman's hands. I can't stomach that. Mrs. Hughes is always reliable and despite not initially liking her, Lady Mary is wonderful. Thomas is what he is, and I think that's mentally unstable. After Bates saving him from dismissal, he targets him. I dread what he'll do next. I hope he gets the axe.

  35. Sunday night at 9pm you will find me parked on the sofa for the latest instalment of Downton Abbey. The night that Anna was attacked left me awake all night. It was horrific and so we'll played. Poor Mr. bates does not know what to make of her attitude. Valerie

  36. I am soooo missing receiving your posts emailed to me, Vee! I adore Downton Abbey and love the staff, like you. I've always loved Mrs. Hughes and Carson and of course Anna and Bates. No, the only redeeming quality of Mary is that she really did love Matthew. Mrs. Crawley is another favorite of mine. I think she's a kind soul. Anyway, that's my take for today. xxoo

  37. I'm thinking we have the same favorite...Anna, Mrs Hughes...and I rather like Mrs. Crawley. I have no idea where this season is going...but I'm staying tuned.

  38. I think Thomas is a really good actor because I despise him. I am really curious about the food that is prepared for their dinners. I wonder what they eat. Mary suggested having a little dinner party and I wondered how much fun that would be to have the staff do all the work! Sigh.