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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Toward the End of Christmas

Christmas is mostly still in place here in my Haven. I have been taking small things down. Things that may not be noticed by a seven-year-old (soon to be eight) when he returns Monday afternoon. 

I caught him peeking in the little village last night when he was supposed to be dressing for the cold. His dad was waiting patiently to leave. 

I asked him what he was doing and he said that he was having one more look. He was visibly relieved when I assured him that there would be another day for that as Christmas wasn't leaving my house until January 7. In fact, Christmas is never gone here. Something always remains out throughout the winter and through the year. I may resort to my Jesus on the breadbox decor to remind me all over again that He is the Bread of Life.

This does not mean that I am not thinking about changes. There was a wonderful article at Houzz called *Downsizing Help—What Furniture to Leave Behind* that I hope to use when making some imminent decisions. The house is not terribly efficient just now. There's cleaning of closets, drawers, and a lot of releasing to be done from papers to clothes to decorating items.

In the meantime, I have been cleaning a little. Seems that a little bug or two is floating about. I have no fever today so I think I am on the mend. Still my right ear feels as if an elephant moved in. A small one.

This is how I clean everything lately. These small spray bottles of hydrogen peroxide, available on your pharmacy shelves, work great! (The spray bottle itself. I think the peroxide does kill germs, too. You'll have to trust me on that. Shhhh...don't tell my doctor nurse practioner that I pour the stuff drop tiny amounts into my ears.)


  1. As I just told Deanna, my dining room looks like an after-Christmas sale! We took down a lot of Christmas decor yesterday, and just dumped it in there. This morning, we're waiting for Ron to return from helping his sister with a small project. He'll fetch the storage boxes from the attic and then we'll put things away. I love to decorate for autumn, and the pumpkins make way for the Christmas decorations, so it has been quite a while since my house was plain and simple. It will be a refreshing change, I think.

    I love that your grands notice and enjoy your decorations. Isn't that one of the reasons that we decorate...to make our homes warm and welcoming and meaningful?

    Oh, I hope that you are soon feeling as good as new! Take it easy today! {{hugs}}

  2. I think this is the latest in a long time that I've kept the Christmas tree up and decorated. It will stay until Tuesday although I might take the most of the ornaments off it and just enjoy the snowflakes and lights until then. I like your NOEL sign with the vintage winter scene. It's sweet. Have a nice weekend sorting and cleaning. :)

  3. I have used hydrogen peroxide in my ears several times. My ears itch and that seems to relieve it....
    Christmas is all gone here! Kinda sad isn't it?

  4. that is so cool that he wanted one more look --those memories you're building! I'd peek in that little house too--or I think it's a church. My ear felt like that a few days ago--and still crackles a bit; mine was related to a sinus infection that sure is taking it's time leaving. I'm trying to stay inside and taking things slow … but a little cleaning out is taking place here too!

  5. I love the Jesus on the breadbox idea Asa reminder.......I have been sick since Christmas night, cough won't leave me. I need to make several trips to the thrift shop soon, as soon as I can get out of my house! xo Please excuse what appear to be typos, iPain changes things in its quest to take total control of my life!

  6. Hi Vee
    I hope the elephant in your ear moves on, so many people have health issues lately. I think I'm done my cleaning for now, took the tree down this morning.
    Your grandsons really enjoy their time with you, don't they? So sweet that they'll miss your Christmas decor.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I hate elephants in the ears ... no fun and so irritating. I took the red bow off the front gate, but that's all I've done about removing any decorations. I'm out the door now to cover some of my tropical plants ... we really are going to have a real freeze for a couple of mornings ... first since 2011. Be well and warm!

  8. Christmas was gone from our house the day after. We have no little ones around and I have some major projects to tackle. Hope you ear feels better soon!

  9. I love the snow scene painted on the Noel and your little lighted church! My tree is down but I still have some Christmas greens up and my manger scene.
    I haven't heard of hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner but my sister-in-law used to use it in her ears when they felt plugged. I'm thinking of doing that as my right ear is bothering me too. Take care and stay warm

  10. You and your hydrogen peroxide remind me of the father in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' whose cure-all was the Windex bottle!

    Keep Christmas with you all through the year!

  11. We still have a lot of Christmas up for our last family party tomorrow, I am going to be so glad for the clean sweep after that!

  12. Guess I will try hydrogen peroxide next. I have never had an ear issue before. Two nights ago I woke up tugging on my right ear and it itched so much that I couldn't go back to sleep. I web searched and tried rubbing alcohol and vinegar and a dab of melted coconut oil. It gets better then goes back to being full feeling, itchy. What the heck IS this all about???
    Christmas leaves slowly around here too. Downsizing looms in my future too; we plan to go smaller before retirement in four years. Ugh...I hate to even think about moving again. Rapture...I'd rather just suddenly be moved to heaven.

    1. I think many of us are thinking about it. I would certainly welcome leaving in a flash.

  13. Hope you are feeling better soon, Vee!
    I did put ALL of the Christmas decor away yesterday, nicely organized. And took up the bit of WTW carpeting that remained under the Christmas tree. And then applied deck stain to it.

  14. Christmas is gone here. I just ditched the last Poinsettia. The leaves were dropping and I thought that may have been what made my kitty sick. Anyway, I sure hope you feel better. I hate earaches.
    Savor those sweet childhood moments. No little ones around us anymore.

  15. Feel better soon! I find that year after year, my Christmas lasts just a little bit longer. I used to couldn't wait to see it go, now I hang on to it as long as I can.

  16. Hate elephants in my ears too, thanks for the tip. We had used olive oil, comes in a little purple bottle from the pharmacy. (not the usual olive oil, can't remember what else, and since I am too lazy to walk back downstairs to look..I will leave it this.)-- thanks for the article, think I will look at that,Blessings.

  17. Awe, what a sweetie pie you have in a grandson. Hope you feel better soon, my hubby still has a slight cough that came with the sickness we got in early December.

  18. I don't put my Christmas things away until Twelfth Night either, and it may not all be finished that day....

  19. That's sweet that your grand noticed and wants to keep seeing the little village. I have kept a couple things out all year long instead of putting them away. Hope you get all better very soon.

  20. I thought I`d put everything away, but the dining room light fixture still has its pearly crown. The poinsettia plant looks very happy underneath. Surely a white sparkly garland doesn't scream Christmas, does it? I like it there.
    Germies have been making their way through our family, too. Nothing too serious or dramatic, but I can relate to the very small elephant in the ear. Sometimes it thumps.
    Such a sweet little grand who wants to store up Christmas memories.

  21. Cute about your grandson liking to look at the village. : ) He would love Ken's trains!! I'll be taking some pictures soon.
    Hope your feel better.

  22. Hydrogen peroxide definitely kills germs and it is a safer germ killer than most.

    I have my few decorations put away. I think it is so sweet that your grandson likes looking at the village. Keep it up as long as you like!

  23. I hear you, Vee. I always leave some bit of Christmas up year round, too. Kinda crazy, huh?;>) I have a bunch of sorting and purging to do, too. I am dreadfully anticipating it (is that an oxymoron). I just discovered Houzz. Love it- better than Pinterest for me-as I don't have to see the same pin 50 times on a page.

    Hope you have a good night.and feel 100% soon. BTW, you do know that hydrogen peroxide does have bleaching properties so don't use it on anything that isn't colorfast. You probably know that~ xo Diana

  24. Love it - when we get an ear ache, we first do peroxide then a drop of alcohol to dry it up.

    I'm with you on leaving the decorations up. They will probably be up until next weekend since the Epiphany is during the week.

    Happy New Year!


  25. Hope you feel better soon. I love your village pieces. Lovely photos you have shared.
    Hope you rest well.

  26. Love your NOEL sign, Vee. Our Christmas decor is down, however, I haven't yet replaced decor on two tabletops and the mantel. I did dust, though. lol
    Vee, peroxide is a great thing for swimmer's ear (external otitis) - I had it recommended to me in the past by a doctor. Worked great.
    Looking forward to your notecard party. My post is done, and scheduled. I'm excited about it. :)

  27. Knowing that a little grandson was still appreciating the Christmas decor would be reason enough to let it remain. How sweet!
    I've been plugging away at stowing mine today. Didn't get as far as I would like, but tomorrow is another day. My grandson has been here for several days. I'd rather play with him than concern myself with getting all the decor stowed by a certain date.
    I hope the peroxide sends that elephant on his merry way.

  28. Downsizing is painful, but once it's done, you won't regret it. We have too much piled up in our storage room that needs to find the light of day in somebody else's home. I've got to figure out if I want to go through a yard sale or not, since Mr. Jim is not too keen on them. And aren't those peroxide spray bottles wonderful? Once you get one of two of them, you can get the big bottles or peroxide to refill them. I hope you ear gets better! Don't forget to hold your nose, close your mouth, and blow to help clear liquids.

  29. Personally I can't wait to downsize! We put away all our Christmas decorations today - inside and out! I'm so looking forward to re-organizing and getting rid of stuff.

  30. I think we are all cleaning up and sorting and packing stuff away, and even getting rid of stuff! I love that your sweet grand was enjoying your village! That is so neat. We still have somethings out but I am slowing taking things away.

    I hope you are feeling better - I'll pray about your ear. It's no fun. Glad you have no fever.


  31. We have also been slowly taking down Christmas. It snowed all day today, so that will delay our taking down the tree so that we can drive it over to the community center to be recycled into mulch. We have to shovel out the driveway first!

    Hope you feel better soon, Vee!

  32. years ago I bought some crystal angels for Christmas that I just love...they have since made their way to my everyday decor and honestly have forgotten that they are SUPPOSE to be Christmas decorations, lol. As for hydrogen peroxide for your ears you will be glad to know that I have suffered with tiny ear canals and a resulting wax build up for years and my doc has ordered me more than once to put a few drops in my ears a couple times a week! I don't do it as faithfully as I should, but you can know it is perfectly safe to do so. It might not get rid of any infections, but it sure will keep them nice and clean. Oh, and just so you know, "elephant ear" is among my least favorite things to endure. Praying you clear yours up quickly!

  33. Here's to your ears dear - hoping the elephant returns to the bushveldt very soon!
    I've not heard of those little spray bottles but will look for them.

    I packed everything away yesterday except for the decorated gazebo tree - working on that definitely today as a cold spell is forecast, VERY cold! Bob will be stashing those green boxes to the back of the attic crawl space storage area today (freezing cold in there and requires crawling on knees, not fun!), hopefully we'll be still breathing next Dec. and able to pull 'em out again!

    Love your little grandson's comment as he peeked - aaah, seven going eight, the delightful age, if only it lasted longer!

    Be well soon - your cold weather should be killing off those nasty bugs!!!!!
    Hugs - Mary

  34. Vee, I just love that NOEL wall plaque! I have a little village that I used to put up when my grandsons were little...and like yours, they were mesmerized by it! I hope you feel better soon!


  35. Hi Vee!

    I'm sorry you are not feeling well, I hope you start feeling better very quickly - big hugs to you.

    I heard that it's a good thing to leave at least one Christmas decoration up in your home - there was a cute little poem that went along with the idea too. I can't remember what it said word for word, but something to the effect that we would keep the Spirit of Christ in our homes...it was cute...I liked it. So, I always keep a little something up, just as a reminder... :0) I can just see the sweet face of your little grand, happy that you were leaving something up. They really do keep the Spirit of Christmas in their hearts longer than we do.

    Hydrogen Peroxide is a wonderful disinfectant to have around, I gargle with it when I have a sore throat, so a little in the ears is probably a very good thing!

    Get well soon.


  36. Happy New Year, Vee!

    I have so enjoyed all your Christmas decor around your home, as well as your adventures with family, like that adorable video you posted recently, with the entertaining commentary to go with it! Hope you are feeling better and the elephant has quietly moved on, leaving you lighter, both in mind and body!

    Take care,


  37. I would love to leave Christmas decorations up longer, but I have help to put everything away if we do it on the 1st. So, that's our tradition.

    Your NOEL sign is really pretty. Did you and John create it?

    When those bugs hit, I'm spraying Lysol, using Clorox in the dishwasher and the Clorox spray cleaner. I will remember Hydrogen Peroxide. I always have it on hand, but never thought about cleaning with it.

  38. I still have some Christmas decor out, too, Vee. I love your Jesus on the breadbox idea.
    I sure hope your ear feels better. I do think like you in that hydrogen peroxide is a safe medicinal. I used to soak my contacts in it, and got the idea from an optometrist. xo

  39. We have used Hydrogen Peroxide to help maintain ears, thanks to my Daddy! I also haven't totally dismantled my Christmas either. We try to keep a little of my husband's childhood traditions alive in our home and family. All Kings Day is tomorrow. Tonight the children will leave their shoes outside of their bedroom doors and gifts will be placed in them. I believe some in Canada call it "Little Christmas". After January 6th, I get serious about packing our Christmas décor and organizing for next year! It kind of makes me feel sad.

  40. As children we were all taught not to put things in our ears!
    Obviously you and I didn't heed that advice!
    Happy 8th birthday to your grandson - awe he's cute wanting Christmas to stay - that's what's magical about childhood.