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Friday, April 7, 2017


A color sorely lacking in my world since those golden days of October has been yellow. In my corner, white moves in and some years, like this one, wants to stay. Now don't get me wrong, when one deals with this much White on such a massive scale for so many months of the year, it is really nearly the last thing I want to see in my home. In fact, I don't even want to see white ceilings. True.

~Golden October~

The Hodge Podge has made me think a lot about my favorite color since Wednesday, but truth is I've had a few discussions about yellow in blog posts through the years to include this post titled For the Love of Yellow way back in 2008. Those were the days when the walls around here read white over yellow or pumpkin. It is also where I first described why I love the color yellow so.

The question of who can wear yellow came up on Wednesday's post and in the comments. I can't. Can you? *This is a fun article* humorously written that you might enjoy reading sometime for the answer. It was written way back in 2004 when the color of the year was yellow. Can you imagine yellow ever being trendy? Warning: The author does use the "b" word to describe Fashion, but who among us hasn't? Okay, I haven't, but I have said other not so nice things about fashion.

In tamer and lamer revelations, often I wander through my Pinterest ๐Ÿ’›Yellow Folder๐Ÿ’› just for fun. Check it out. You may find yourself there as Mrs. Rabe will.

This is such a pretty yellow color. I hope you'll visit Mrs. Rabe at Creekside Cottage *Here* to find out what it is and see more photos of this pretty chair. I'd love to have one this shade!

~buttery biscuits~

I tried a new biscuit recipe today. No, I didn't. I actually tried a new method using my own recipe. It's made with butter instead of shortening and the butter is melted into the buttermilk or milk. It's a nice something, but it is not a biscuit as I know them.

New England biscuits are a force to be reckoned with. These are not as pretty as a regular New England biscuit, which is really a silly thing because the best looking biscuits I ever made were inedible. (I used baking soda instead of baking powder.) I remember how disappointed John was with those things and I didn't have enough ingredients to start over. So these look bad, but taste good, which is preferable to looking good and tasting bad.

See? I cannot stay on topic no matter how I try! ใƒ„

Would love to know what your favorite color is, if you've loved it long, and if you wear it or use it in your home.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday weekend...


  1. I don't think there is anything wrong with having yellow as your favourite colour, it is very cheery after all isn't it! Mine is blue, probably because I wear jeans a lot and am always looking for things that go with jeans blue!

    1. Absoulutely nothing wrong with any color choice! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™❤️๐Ÿ’›

  2. Hi Vee, I enjoyed reading the link to your 2008 post. One of my favorite kitchens was in our 1st home and the cabinets were buttery yellow. I look horrible wearing yellow. My skin is fairer than a newborn baby! lol I've been told that I wear bright royal blue well. One of my favorite rooms over the years was a living room that I had professionally painted. Three walls were light olive green, the focal wall was darker olive and the ceiling was just barely olive...I was so proud of that room. When we moved here, painters had freshly painted everything beige and at our age, we are not going to paint something that does not need it! lol Our priorities change, don't they?? A fun post this a.m. Have a nice day. xo

  3. I ALWAYS had a yellow nursery when my kids were babies because I wanted them to wake up to a room that 'smiled'. My first kitchen was yellow and I painted my mother's kitchen yellow and white. I can wear the darker tones of yellow (think gold). They say you should look at your eyes and the flecks in them for colors that wear well on you. I have very green eyes but with a few gold flecks thrown in...so...for whatever that is worth....lol

    I like green,too-always have. I also love all variations of cream-which is watered down yellow when you come right down to it. Right now I have a lot of soft aqua-ish blue in my home because it is my hubby's favorite color. He likes blue (his eyes are blue--connection?) and he finds it restful. With what he has been through the last few years I have made this house as 'restful' as possible.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Vee. xo Diana

  4. I love biscuits and tasting good rather than looking good is always the best! I love yellow, but sadly it is a color I can't wear, however that doesn't stop me from adding it to my surroundings. Happy weekend my friend, XOXO

  5. I enjoyed your picks for your yellow Pinterest board, Vee! I love yellow about anywhere but on my walls. The last two houses that we purchased had very bright yellow walls, one in a tiny bedroom. It was too much...I don't really have a favourite colour right now, I love so many.
    Guess what, the snow is nearly gone in my front yard-yeah. The back is still covered, but shrinking a little every day. I'm loving it!

  6. Well, I do love yellow, such a happy color but I do not wear it nor do I use it in my home. I like a lot of colors but think my favorite might be a silvery gray. Guess that's odd but it is what it is. Always enjoy your posts!

  7. My kitchen cabinets are a butter yellow which is a cream color with just a tiny tinge of yellow added. I have yellow and red accessories. I love photos of kitchens from the Depression and WWII eras that had these colors. People needed cheering up then (and now).

  8. I love yellow, so much that I had a yellow kitchen for years. I have learned that it really competed with the cabinets and won. When I changed it out, I was shocked at how much more I noticed the beautiful wood grain in the cabinets. It is one of my favorite colors though so I use it as an accent now. I don't wear it too well though.
    Blue is my love language color...any shade. I wear it well too.

  9. Okay, now you've done it!! I often get on my computer before I eat breakfast.... and I guess I have sat at this computer a little too long this morning. I am starving and those biscuits just about made me pass out!! I want one... no, two!!

  10. I will have to visit the chair post. A bright pop of color. Yellow is so cheery. I often miss my yellow kitchen which was yellow for years. When we visited Thailand, yellow was everywhere--the color of royalty and their king was celebrating 60 years in power. They must have been giving away yellow tee shirts. My favorite color is green but blue is a close second. But I love pink too -- and aqua-- and so it goes. What would our world be without color? What a Creator we have! You also have a good weekend.

  11. Vee your biscuits look delicious with the melting butter---Yes butter is a beautiful yellow in my opinion. I'll have to check out your links on yellow. I love red (in case you haven't noticed). Wearing it always makes me happy. I do not enjoy wearing yellow as it makes me look jaundice. My Mama loved it and wore it well. Yellow in the garden is the best for me. ♥

  12. I miss biscuits since I switched to gluten free because of my daughter who is intolerant of gluten. But gluten free biscuits look and taste like a hockey puck! I can cheat because she is married and on her own, but I actually fell better without. Therefore, I might be intolerant as well. I'm just to cheap too get tested.

  13. I love yellow and usually have walls painted a yellow color. Same with the new house. It will have yellow walls in some of the rooms. I can't wear yellow though. It doesn't look good on me at all.

  14. p.s. I did visit your yellow pinterest board and I did see one of my pictures there!!

  15. Favorite color might be green. Mostly I have favorite combos like pink and green or yellow and blue or blue and white or lavender and green.
    I do hope your white covering will melt away. I think butter walls are nice. Hope you have a weekend filled with color!

  16. Yellow is bright and cheery and springy...and reminds me of my Aunt Maggie who always wears yellow. My favorite colour is blue (sometimes green)...but I wouldn't think of painting my house blue or dying my hair blue. In the 70's we had smoky blue carpets in our house...and lots of blue-themed accents. We have also had several shades of blue cars over the years. Now our car is white. But in my closet...there is a lot of blue.

    Your buttery biscuits looks yummy!

  17. Yellow is such a cheerful colour. I do not have it in my wardrobe or on my walls but I love seeing it in decor and painted our baby's nursery in a pretty pale yellow, so many years ago! Probably my favourite colour is blue - dark blue! My wardrobe has a lot of black and blue - ouch. My walls are painted in creams, tans, olive greens, and burgandy.
    Your biscuits look delicious.
    Have a wonderful weekend and lots of yellow sunshine.

  18. Hi Vee! My favorite color since I was a little girl, has always been red. I've never been a yellow person (except for flowers outside) but just this past winter, I painted my Beloved's old office, where my youngest granddaughter now sleeps when she's over, a pretty shade of yellow. It is so cheery and pretty and I love walking in there.
    I can understand your dislike of white....too much around your neck of the woods.
    Happy weekend!

  19. I love yellow but seldom wear it. I had a soft yellow jacket (sweatshirt fabric type) that I really loved but gave it away years ago when I lost a lot of weight. Not sure it would even be a good color for me anymore. It's amazing how a change in hair color (to gray or white) makes a difference in what colors look good. Blue used to always be my favorite color growing up and I have also worn a lot of black and navy blue over the years. I used to like gray also but it is no longer flattering. I guess my favorite color now, for both clothing and decor, is varying shades of green. And wood tones in decor. I do have some yellow in my decor, the largest expanse being yellow formica counter tops in the kitchen.

    Thinking of the biscuits ... have you tried Marilyn's Iron Skillet Biscuits from Mountain Top Spice? I honestly thought I had the world's best biscuit recipe, but her recipe is amazing and so easy. I don't have the right size iron skillet, so I just bake these in a 9-inch square or round pan.

  20. What a fun post, Vee. Yellow is not my favourite colour, but I do like it in combination with other colours, such as blue, my hands down top choice since I was a child. The froth of yellow forsythia outside my kitchen window complements the grays and blues I have inside so well. I do have some yellow pottery on the open shelves that adds life to the room, too.
    Otherwise, that's about all the yellow I have. None in my wardrobe. I've noticed a pale buttery yellow seems to be popular in the stores this season. I won't be wearing it. People might ask me if I needed to go to the hospital.
    Then there's pink. I love it, too, but more judiciously than blue. My mother has always said I look better in pink than blue, and I always got the pink dress and my sister the blue one. So now I have a LOT of blue in my wardrobe.
    I hope the white disappears soon.

  21. I would have to say purple is my very favorite color, but I am partial to all the pastels, so I guess I'm wishy washy. I haven't been shopping, but I am hoping that those awful paisley prints are not this year's fashion fad. I will have to skip it again if it is and wear my sad lot of five to ten year old clothes in my closet.

  22. Well, it wouldn't be yellow. I don't wear yellow and don't even see any in my house. I like baby blue best. My eyes are blue and I've always favored light blue. Now I'm hungry for biscuits but I have buttermilk on my grocery list right now and I won't make them until I buy some. Hubby is hungry for pancakes too. Enjoy your weekend! Yellow is very cheerful I think! Hugs!

  23. As soon as I'm done with my week long babysitting gig I plan to sit down with no interruptions to read that article. Thanks for sharing it. Now when I see yellow I think of you.

  24. My favorite color is blue...always has been, the deep, indigo shade. But when I decorate guess what I've chosen? YELLOW! Yellow house, Minuet walls-- and Minuet, I admit, is pale yellow....however, just recently, in a kind of now or never plunge, I painted my hallway a deep shade of gray/blue called Bluefin Bijou. Don't you just love paint names?

  25. Yellow is one of my favorite colors! I love the boost of energy and happiness I can get from yellow! One year, very early in my life as a gardener, I planted all white tulips for the spring. And my, was I disappointed! I realized after a winter of whiteness, it was not the color I needed for spring flowers. But I also love blue and red, and green and orange, and most other colors, too. Love the pinks of roses, too.

  26. Delightful post, dear Vee. At this very moment I am wearing a mustard yellow shirt. I never thought I could wear yellow, but it doesn't look too bad....at least I don't think it does - HA! I am thinking I need to add more yellow to my wardrobe.

    Have a blessed Sunday! Hugs!

  27. Those trees a gorgeous. We don't get much Fall color her in Southern CA. Yellow is my favorite color.

  28. Yellow is a color I hardly ever wear, and don't decorate much with it either, now that is sad, now that I think of it! I enjoyed your yellow post, and that gorgeous yellow chair painted by Deana. I know what you mean about things not looking that great but tasting good, and vice versa. I always say good tasting food should look good too, but sometimes it doesn't, lol! Enjoyed my visit with you today :)

  29. I'll have to paint you something in that yellow! I adore yellow and use it in my house, but I cannot wear it!

    My favorite color is red and I wear it and use it in my home but I really love color and hate to be limited to one favorite!

  30. Hello Vee. I sure hope the parties not over LOL
    I love yellow!!!
    Green in muted shades looks well with the yellow. I also love many blue variations!
    My home has a lot of gold and burgandy. My kitchen is yellow with cream and a bit of bright red. But I do have a lot of old pottery that is blue and white.
    But you made me laugh over the biscuit challenge, my DIL gave me a recipe that so far was amazing... but I also like a scone type that is smaller yet stays moist!
    Well. I am so glad I stopped in!
    My sweet kitty died the other day and I had her for almost 14 years so I feel like my house is missing something.
    Always, Roxy

  31. I like a lot of colors equally but I'd say my favorite home colors right now are autumn shades of rust, beige, a light creamy yellow, and touches of orange, red and sage green. They are warm colors and perfect for an area that has short summers ;) If I lived in an area that was warm most of the time I'd probably use cooler, beachy colors like blue and sea green and white.

    I agree a good tasting biscuit is better than a good looking but tatseless one...lol

    Have a very happy and Blessed Easter, Vee!

  32. Lots of nice things in your post today. I am loving yellow in my living room since I made the decision to lighten things up. Your biscuit looks wonderful.

  33. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, but it hasn't always been. First it was maroon and forest green, then maroon and grey, and then just black. My mother once told me that I'd never have a problem finding something to wear to a funeral, because my closet was filled with it lol Now my favorite colors are green and yellow, but I still love my black :)

    Those biscuits look perfectly tasty to me! And yes, I'd much rather have something look like crap and taste good, than something that looks wonderful and tastes like crap.


  34. Yellow, red, orange. I love all the warm colors. Those biscuits sound wonderful!

  35. I don't think I can wear yellow though I do like the color!!
    My favorite color for my whole life is red though I do not wear a lot of it. I've always had a red car and never get tired of the color.
    I also like blue and SOME greens but the colors I most wear are black, white and blue.

  36. When I worked in a grocery store, we wore bright yellow uniforms (pants and top) and the walls were painted yellow. After many of us complaining of headaches - from the colour on the walls, they repainted grey and decided to change our uniforms to grey as well. I looked so washed out in yellow and rarely wear it. Our living and dining room is a nice pastel butter yellow which we enjoy and I don't need to tell you my favourite colour - I do wear pink and blue too.
    Happy Easter Vee.

  37. My favourite colour is anything in the aqua/turquoise spectrum and I have touches of it in our home and I wear it....a lot! It's been a favourite the past few years. As a child I liked blue because that's what my mother dress me in. As a teen it was cranberry/burgundy and teal. I think it took me most of my life to setting on the aqua/turquoise colour but I absolutely love it! Plus, just about any colour goes with it. I like that sweet yellow chair. Which I guess I could add that I also like soft buttery yellow in my decor. The walls in our living areas are buttercream and before that they were yellow. :-/ Not big on change here. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Blessings and hugs to you dear friend. Pam

  38. Vee, the first picture is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of a portrait I see at the Drs office. LOVE YELLOW

  39. Hi Vee, I like yellow, too. I love our yellow kitchen, and I especially love yellow, blue, and white together. So cheerful!! When I walked Duncan this morning, I saw buttercups blooming, and those really make me smile. :) I think I can wear yellow, but it's not my best color. As far as a favorite color, I love blue, pink, and also yellow. It's hard to choose a favorite.

    Have a good weekend and a Blessed Easter, my friend.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  40. Yellow is such a cheerful color. I am drawn to it at the beginning of spring and will often set a table with yellow napkins and a centerpiece of daffodils or forsythia. Other than that, I don't use yellow in my house. I suppose it doesn't really fit my style. And I never wear yellow. (Never.) It is not a good color for me.

    Red, on the other hand, I can wear. I don't wear it as much as I wear black these days. (Black covers a multitude of sins. Or at least I am under that illusion.) I also use red as an accent in my house. And red tulips make me swoon.

    (I ramble on and on when I visit late at night.) (I also make lots of typing mistakes so it takes me longer to ramble as I make corrections.) (I think I am going straight to bed after this.)

    Those biscuits look delicious!

    Blessings as you celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Lord!!

  41. Since reading some time ago that you loved yellow, and when I see yellow, I think of you, really! I will say "I bet Vee would love this", Now, when I tell you how often I think of you believe it! I really really do! i bet you don't think of me that often, LOl
    Like you I also want color on my walls, I am just a colorful person! I have often asked myself about which would be my favorite color, and since I am so colorful, I haven't answered that until recently it seems I am drawn to green, all shades, would you believe that!
    Those biscuits looked so delicious and as though they could jump off the screen into my mouth, as it is now almost twelve and it's lunchtime! I stopped using shortening and lard a longtime ago, now use butter, the shortening and lard make a much tastier biscuit! Sure wished I lived nearby we could certainly enjoy sharing a biscuit or two!
    Wishing you and your family a most blessed and Happy Easter!
    Love from me to you,

  42. I love yellow flowers but have nothing in my wardrobe in yellow except for a pair of house socks and those were a gift. Hmmm...

  43. Pretty, pretty yellow!

    I can now never see the color without thinking of you. ♥

    I found a very old post of my rare use of yellow for tea.

    Thought you'd like to see it again. Just for another wee dose of a soft yellow smile.


    Easter blessings to you, Vee. Hugs. ♥

  44. Fault me not if I've already answered this question. But, although my kitchen and our house is a pale yellow, my very favorite color is green - the color of our alfalfa field in the spring. It's also the color of just about everything in spring, so for me it's a sign of renewed life after a long winter. And I'll admit that this year our winter wasn't as long as yours, poor soul! xo

  45. I have been loving yellow this spring. I have several pots of daffodils and some faux forsythia in the dining room and they look so pretty with all the dark blue and jadeite green I have out there. I am loving green too. I have flirted with green for years and now I find I like it more and more. I used red for so long and in so many places I burned out on it so I'm taking a rest. When it comes down to it, I guess I can't say I have a favorite color. I like them all!