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Friday, May 24, 2013

A Maine Connection

How long have I been reading Cheryl's Thinking About Home? Not sure. It feels like not too long, yet time slips away. I don't remember when Cheryl began visiting me either. What I do know is that we clicked; we are like-minded in many ways. 

When I heard that Cheryl had a "Maine connection," I began wondering about the possibility of a meeting sometime in our future. I learned last fall that a trip was being planned from their home in Maryland and that Cheryl hoped that a meeting was possible. Talk about Anticipation! In fact, by meeting Cheryl and her daughter Kati, I met two bloggers at the same time because Kati blogs at Kati's Little Corner of the World.

Sure enough, our meeting happened nearly a week ago on the one gorgeous day of spring thus far. You think I jest? No. I was so blinded by the light that all my photos came out terrible so I'm stealing Cheryl's  Kati's and calling it my own. 

~"My" Photography Skills are Improving~

Isn't that gorgeous? For more beautiful photographs, click over, look around, say hello. I am inordinately proud of Maine's beauty and the photos that Cheryl, Kati, and others in the family took are faBulOuS. If you are planning a trip to Maine, it'll inspire you! (You can find Cheryl's account of our meeting there, too.)


We met at a stopping place just off I-95. Travelers need to stay close to the highway in places that are not too busy for bloggers who only wish to gab and gab and gab some more. (Some may enjoy eating.) We have to pack a lot into the time that we have, which is always limited when folks are traveling.

The waitress showed us to "The Hollow" and somehow we six jostled ourselves into a booth. A booth?! Good heavens! Should have said that it was not going to be acceptable, but perhaps God wanted us to be cozy. Ha!

We got down to chatting right away and John and I had a fantastic time. At one point, Cheryl's husband Ron said, "I'm just so enjoying this!" And we could tell that he really was. Perhaps Ron had been a titch concerned when their son had questioned the wisdom of meeting people from the WWW. It is true that I often tell John to grab the hatchet just before we leave for one of these meetings. Be warned, future meet bloggers! ☺

Anyway, longsuffering husbands of bloggers often take the hit in these sorts of meetings. I didn't get that sense at all with these two. They really enjoyed their chat. 

~Longsuffering Husbands~

Now, in no particular order...

Ron leading the way up the hill to the picnic area where we exchanged gifts. See the light? Doesn't the color quality remind you of a child's reader circa 1951?
~Cheryl and Ron~

~Their beautiful daughters: Bekah and Kati~

A million photos or more later, and we knew that we had to wind things up. 

Speaking of longsuffering, look at those sweet faces! 

These were my delightful gifts... the cutest felted strawberries, yummy strawberry jam, and a book of poetry by Amy Carmichael. Cheryl has been reading this blog very closely!

Thank you, Cheryl, for even wanting to meet John and me. (Let's do it again!)  Thank you for sharing your precious family with us. We enjoyed Ron, Kati, Bekah and you so much.  And thank you for sharing your heart and home at Thinking About Home with all of us. 



  1. What a nice meeting for all of you! Such a wonderful connection to make! I enjoyed reading all about it! Maine is a lovely place to visit--I know as I am in NH.

  2. Oh, I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to meet! I believe that God has planned for our paths to cross. And, yes, our husbands really did hit it off, as did we.

    I had to laugh at your description of our "cozy" situation. =D

    Confession: "My" beautiful photograph of the rocky coast is really Kati's. Maybe we can just all three lay claim to it!

    {{Hugs}} from Maryland...

  3. Oh how nice. It made me think of our meeting too. : )
    I'm going to go and check out her blog. Maybe she lives near me or will when I move!!

  4. Hi Vee, what a great visit you had with Cheryl and her family. It looks like it was a lovely day there for it too. I just went over to visit her blog and left a comment. Your little photo collage does remind me of an old 50's book. Did you know you can darken your photos (or lighten) in photo editing? I did that with 2 of them from our Sunday drive as they were so bright and taken through the windshield. That photo of the coast is beautiful, so rugged. It's rainy, windy and actually warm here today. Pam

  5. What fun to get to meet another blogger! I enjoyed this post so much and have visited the other Cheryl's, too. She has a beautiful family. It looks like a fun visit and I really loved all the photos! The "grab the hatchet" made me laugh! Really? Haha.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. How wonderful that you got to meet a sista blogger. I am trying to find one close enough to my neck of the woods to visit. I am going to visit Cheryl as if you like her I will too. I would love to visit Maine. Only been up to Mass. Enjoyed this post.

  7. beautiful photos1 I think its wonderful you got to meet in person!

  8. Isn't it wonderful to actually meet folks in person after we get to be friends in blogland?! Such a nice looking family too. I hope that John quickly put away the hatchet, LOL. I have boldly met up with several internet friends over the years, and it has always proven to be a delight. I think Mr. Jim gets a kick out of it too. But then, he is more gregarious than me.

    Enjoy those goodies and new memories of your visit! I'm off to visit her blog now...

  9. Oh but of course you and Cheryl would meet as she was in Maine! You introduced me to her when she was having her hospitality series. But how did I "meet" you?

  10. What a lovely visit.

    And what lovely photos all, to remember it by. Till next time. :-)

  11. You meet the nicest people! :)
    Main does look like a wonderful place to visit. I'm sorry to say that the only time I've been there was on a return trip from England to go through customs at Bangor Maine...

  12. You, know, the first thing I thought when I decided Cheryl and her fam were vacationing in Maine was, "wonder if Vee knows??!!"
    And of course, you did!
    Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  13. I'm so relieved to know that the hatchet wasn't necessary after all. Oh Vee, you crack me up and it's easy to see why all who visit Maine also want to meet you and John.
    How wonderful that you all got along so well and enjoyed your time together. I enjoyed reading about it and will head over to Cheryl's to read her account. That first photo is amazing. The varying shades of blue in the sky paired with the water and rugged coastline. Makes me want to head to Maine too.

  14. Vee,
    The comment by LOLOL was ME, unknowingly logged in as someone else. Didn't realize til I commented on several blogs.

  15. I think this was wonderful, and if I had more energy I would have drove on up and met you folks for coffee! lol Of course I would have had to get a lobster roll, blueberries and ice cream to go. I met Cheryl and Kati, actually Kati first, when I saw her fabulous photos on your linky party. Then Cheryl came on over to introduce herself. You have some of the nicest followers, Vee. xo

  16. How delightful! A new adventure and new friends! YeeHaw! :D

  17. What a great meet-up! It looks like perfect day and sounds as if you truly enjoyed yourself. Meeting other bloggers is so much fun!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. How fun! I read Cheryl's post, then yours. Loved seeing the photo of the two of you ladies together. Be warned that if we ever take our long talked-about trip across Canada to the east, we'll be dipping down into the USA along the way, and your state is on the list.

    Love that you gave Cheryl the Hitty book - I read it years and years ago, borrowed from the school library, but now have a paperback copy.

  19. Hurray! Two of my favorite people in the world have finally met!

    Next time, let's make it a real gathering......


    I knew John and Ron would hit it off!

  20. Vee
    The beautiful Maine photos take my breath away. I must get out there some day!
    I am always so happy when I hear of bloggers who get to meet one another.
    We develop a friendship much like those of pen pals I think.
    Cheryl has a sweet looking family. I'll pop right over to see more photos!

  21. How fun for you two!!! I've met a few fellow bloggers and it's just awesome!

  22. I have enjoyed every blogger that I have had the chance to meet. Some I have spent many "dates" with. It looks like you all (even the husbands) had a wonderful time. I love Maine, though I have not been there since I was about 10. It is a beautiful state.

  23. Hi Vee! What fun to connect in person outside of our virtual world here in Blogland! I have had the joy of just such a thing when I found my husband's cousin whom he hadn't seen in a few years and didn't know she was blogging. Seems we live just three hours away - which made for a lovely weekend jaunt to Lancaster, PA and lots of antiquing! Hope to do so again, soon!

  24. What FUN!! Wish we could come up and meet y'all! I often wonder if people will be the way you THINK they are - or totally different! I've only met one blogger who lives here in my same town. But maybe someday......
    I have been to Maine long years ago and I well remember how beautiful it is!! And I LOVE to hear the voices of Maine! Loved that snippet of your voice and John's from awhile back.......

  25. How wonderful to meet! I know what you mean about clicking with bloggers. I met Cathi one day here in PA. I was a bit worried and invited another friend to join us for breakfast. But it was just like we were old friends when we finally met.

    Love stories like this!!


  26. What fun that must have been, Vee. I know from experience that meeting bloggers can be a wonderfully expanding experience. I'm glad you had a good time (without an ax!)

  27. What a delightful visit you must have had. I have to say, I'm a tad jealous. You're beautiful Vee, had to visit Cheryl's blog to find out. Thanks for sharing your visit with us. Have a delightful day. ~ Abby

  28. It's always one of the most special treats to meet a blog buddy! I'm so glad you had fun....and that everyone had fun! Love the photos! One of these days I would love to visit. My husband would have to interpret everything I say but somehow I know we would understand each other...like kindred spirits!

  29. I was wondering if you two would meet up! I do love your pictures, and the way the light is different there. I think that every place must have light that is particular to its location. What a fun meet up! And I do admire your husbands for being so cooperative:)

  30. I've been an acquaintance of Cheryl's for many years (15?) because of homeschooling and am blessed that she has become a friend. She and her family are lovely people! So glad I found your blog through her!

    1. Hi Joanne,

      Well I'm glad that you found me, too. Homeschoolers have a special place in my heart. Even more than Christian Schooling (where I spent many years). Do you blog? I've been looking for you, but with the Google Connect (which I don't wish to do) I'm having trouble. I'll have to ask Cheryl.

  31. How exciting to meet up with a friend through blogging. What a wonderful time you look like you had. XOXO

  32. It's so wonderful to meet fellow bloggers or people who are on a discussion list with you. I've always found them to be kindred spirits! Here's to many more congenial meetings, for you and John, Vee....

  33. Hi Vee
    This must be your year for meeting fellow bloggers and it is nice of you to share with the rest of us. I think I would be worried about the men connecting too but in this case they must have had much in common.
    Canadian bloggers (from my province anyway) don't seem to go in for meeting up with others as I've suggested it a couple of times but without a positive response.

  34. Dear Vee
    how lovely to meet up with Cheryl and her family. I've read her account of the day and oooed and aaahed over the beautiful gifts you brought for each of them!
    I've met three of my blog pals - two were from Australia and one from New Zealand.
    One of them was on an island cruise so my husband and I met them (same age as us) off the ship and showed them Auckland - I was proud of my husband for being such a kind host! (he just doesn't "get" the blogging thing at all, so was mystified from the start as to why I would meet up with someone I didn't know)!!!
    I was prepared for a "hit or miss" experience with all of them but each meeting was enjoyable!
    I still keep in touch with one - we share more in common even though she is almost half my age. She pops in to see me when she is in Auckland and we talk non-stop - a precious friendship indeed!

  35. What a fun and treasured day this must have been. It's one thing to meet a blogger but to have the pleasure of meeting the whole family is special.
    So glad you had a good time.

  36. How special you got do meet an admired blogger pal.
    Glad you got to do that. ☺

  37. I really need to proof read better...
    To meet is what I meant.

  38. Ph Vee, how AWESOME!

    You know Kitty from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen was about 20 minutes from me this weekend - but we (mostly myself) couldn't coordinate a time when it was right to meet up for the both of us.

    I have been pouting all weekend because of missing that opportunity!

    Well she has family here and I am just praying for another time in the future. Sure hope so! She did call though and we had a short but sweet chat. She is a treasure and a delight!

    I am SO GLAD you had this meet up. Loved the extra husband funny stuff, haha, yes, long suffering husbands around blogging gals? Holy smokes, yes! HAHA!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet lady!

  39. I'm taking notes...and went over to Cheryl's to take more notes. Beautiful...and totally excited about visiting Maine in a few months.

    So glad you two could meet...and the guys as well. All my first-time meetings with bloggers have been like meeting old friends rather than strangers.

    Are you ready to bury the hatchet yet? :)

  40. I totally agree that meeting blog friends is a wonderful experience. Knowing how much Deanna loves Cheryl I am not surprised that you hit it off with her in real life as well. So glad the hubbies had much to talk about!

    One of these days.....I'd so love to make that trip to Maine. One of these days. Hopefully you wouldn't feel the need to carry the hatchet...lol.

  41. Sounds like a really fun day for you all!

    That first photo is really beautiful!

  42. i so enjoy the blog friends you meet.
    everyone wants to know you!

  43. What a fun Bloggers meeting, Vee! You and John make the best hosts, and I'm sure these get together's are good times--I'm still hoping it will happen for us one day.

    Maine is a beautiful state, especially this time of the year. I'm off to visit Cheryl's blog now...

  44. This is the first free morning I've had to do a little blog skipping so I'm just seeing this. It looks like you had such a wonderful time, and I know exactly what you mean by the longsuffering husbands of bloggers. I'm pretty sure my husband would let me meet up with some blogging friends. He says that I'm goofy about blogging, but he sure will read a good post if I call him over to the computer. So...

    And can I say that I loved the Memorial Day post? You are so right about the children who grew up without fathers then and do so now because their dads were men of sacrifice and courage. God Bless their families today!


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