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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gather Some Ferns

~Calming Green~

I was walking through Blogdom this morning and every footstep echoed after me. We are all thinking of Oklahoma and so many other things besides blogging. Some are finishing up homeschooling; some are gardening; some are dealing with the constant frustration that this particularly challenging spring has brought. Some are in the process of moving; some are dealing with loss, anxiety, the stuff of 
life. So many of us are away.

When I mentioned to one dear blogger that I was thinking of graves this morning, she got in touch with me right away. I was perplexed and couldn't imagine why she was worried, but then she had been sharing about BBQs and I wasn't. Talk about being on different pages. So funny! 

Well, yes, I am thinking about graves. In fact, I'd not been at my sister's more than a few minutes when that became the topic of discussion and we planned a trip for tomorrow to visit a few family graves. It will be an all-day event taking us up-country. Has Memorial Day taken on a larger meaning than only recognizing fallen war heroes there? It has here. It's become a day of recognizing all those who've gone before us. Hence graves are tended and flowers are purchased and most of us visit family graves before or on Memorial Day.

~Grounded Forsythia~

~Neighbors' Red Wheelbarrow~

~Rusty Basket and Dirty Deck~

~White Lilac~


~A New Arrangement~

~Gather a Fern~

One of the most popular posts on my blog was *this Puttery Treat* that I did to join Brocante Home's Puttery Treat Challenge. (Alison also has a wonderful Pinterest board of Puttery Treats you may be interested in). By my definition, puttery treats must be easy-peasy, done quick as a wink, which is why I'm offering you a suggestion for a kind of puttery thing that you can do to instantly spring up the house and bring some green inside: Gather some ferns! Besides, green is so calming.


  1. Vee,
    Your lilacs are just lovely. I miss them so much. We shall be back very shortly and I will get to unpack all this stuff. This year I did not bring as much - only 4 knitting projects! Most of the "stuff" is Jack's. Some day maybe we will learn.

    Have a safe weekend.


  2. I was thinking graves, too, Vee, as I make one journey (and it is a journey from SI to LI with the crazy roadwork and resulting traffic) for Mother's Day and Father's Day. I try to pick a date in the middle of both. Love your photos, covet the lilac, mine is still deader than dead and will check out your link. xo

  3. That reminds me that Dear and I took a drive last Memorial weekend and we met some people at breakfast who had driven to this sleep little town to visit the graves of their ancestors. Seems the family had lived in that area for quite a long time and many family members were buried there. Katie and I attended a military memorial service at a local cemetery a couple years ago.
    Love the lilacs and your new arrangement...

  4. I'm not sure I have a fern in my yard...I should look more closely. But I was amazed at my nieces hanging ferns, three pots of them, ever so healthy, and to learn she dug them out of the woods by their house! And I have always thought of memorial day as military ... but I rather like to think of it as remembering those (many) who have gone before. I hope you enjoy or appreciate your time of remembering this weekend.

  5. Love the display of the delicate fern next to window frames and prints! Very pretty!

  6. I need to head to the woods to find some fern, yours look sooooo pretty, and so does your arrangement!

  7. Ferns are growing all over the place here at HT!!

    I like the red wheelbarrow picture!!

    I've never been to my father's grave. I just don't think of him there. I feel close to my father when I'm driving. : ) He loved to drive and would have LOVED my car. I wish he could have known that I finally got a corvette! : )

  8. This view of Memorial Day, of which you write, is the way "it used to be," back when I was growing up. I remember accompanying my mother, to family graves, with flowers... Spring flowers...

    It's nice, that somewhere, this is still the custom...

    At first I thought Ferns! Yes! I can bring them in!

    And then I thought... Nope, ferns spread, by spores or some such. I'd be bringing in more stuff, to irritate my well-irritated sinus, etc. "OH BOTHER!" -pout-

    No pretty flowers inside here... Not even ferns... And I am totally stuck in A/C, while getting rid of this c-o-l-d.. Though grateful that we have the wall A/C units, I hate having to be stuck inside, with them.



  9. I bought an african daisy to accomplish the same thing. It will end up at the cemetary but for now it is cheering up my kitchen table.

  10. I think you are spot on about remembering all of our loved ones that we have lost on Memorial Day. Up until 12 years ago when I lost my mother, the only loss I had ever known was my grandparents and people much older than me. Since my mother, there have been so many, I guess it's my age catching up with me. Very sad. But your flowers bring a smile to my face. Thanks for a lovely post, Vee.


  11. Your lilacs look so pretty and I bet they smell great too. I did notice a common element in all your beautiful photos today and that is the colour green, the colour of spring and life. I like the ferns in the vase and that little picture of the blossoming tree is sweet. I wish you and your sister some good times and memories tomorrow as you visit your loved ones graves. Have a great holiday weekend Vee, even with the rain. I guess we in the northeast will have to make our own rainy day entertainment.

  12. Very thoughtful post, Vee. We always visit our parents' graves a few days before Memorial Day and place flowers there. I love your new arrangement.

    Are you are Facebook?


  13. Green is such a calming, color, yet full of LIFE! We enjoy green year round (except for lawns in summer when they turn brown), but in spring the green seems to fairly shout with joy. Ferns there are a-plenty in our area, but not in my yard. I hope to create some shade where they can thrive. Meanwhile, I know of several places where I can gather a few fronds and make arrangements like you have.
    Enjoy your Memorial Day preparations, and remembering those who have gone on before.

  14. Hi Vee
    Your lilacs are pretty and I like the new mantle arrangement. I have gathered some ferns, 3 to be exact to plant in a shady spot in the garden where not much else will grow. They were purchased at a nursery and when they're established I'll remember your vase with a few fronds in it and do the same.

  15. I forgot to mention how pretty your fern and glass vase arrangement is, and the new vignettes you've created. Just lovely.

    About your raised bed - stick in a bunch of perennials and forget about it, except to admire them blooming every year.

  16. This reminds me of a past post that I must bring forth again. :))
    I will link it all to you, my sister friend.
    I love it when a blogger jogs my memory...:))
    Have a great rest of the week.
    xo bj

  17. Hi Vee

    Yes Memorial Day has always been a day to visit the graveyards and do clean up, weeding and bringing new flowers to plant or put in those vases in our family.

    Went to see the progress on Flyboy's house (the current owners are putting in new septic system, I pointed out all the wonderful things in the flower beds that they will be able to cut and bring in the house!

    Happy Wednesday!

  18. Vee, what a pretty fern you have... I wonder if it needs a little sun? I think maybe I should try and bring in some green like you mentioned.. you got me motivated...
    I think maybe I should visit my grandmothers grave this Memorial week-end too..

    1. The plants are loving all the water and are looking beautiful. I, however, need some sun!

  19. Your "puttery" is lovely Vee! I agree that green is calming and this time of year it's so wonderful to bring some green indoors. I have been adding ferns to my Spring Flower bouquets here too but I love how your single fern is so very pretty on it's own. What a lovely tradition to decorate the graves on Memorial Day!

  20. I will do just that! Years and years ago I planted a big fern we had in the house outside just because I was tired of caring for it. I was certain it would die. Instead fronds of fern come up ever year and have for over 27 years now. I never thought of gathering some up before. I will do that tomorrow. We talk about graves, too. My sister has a 'pending' obituary for my mother who is nearing 90. I think Louis Dean and I have decided to be cremated. A choice I once vehemently opposed. I find a cemetery is a fine place for some contemplating......life and death and the whole circle of life thing. Perhaps I think more about that since entering the fall season of my life. I do think 'Life' deserves some serious thought!

  21. Green is one of those colors that we now celebrate, with the earth coming alive again. Gosh, I didn't even think about Memorial Day fast approaching. I am caught in a time warp and quite unsettled about days and months. When will I catch up? Who knows!

    A dear neighbor friend is is dying of cancer. It will be any day now. We will miss him, such a sweet and gentle fellow. He will soon leave behind a devoted wife, and another dear friend. We will rally around her in the days ahead. Its tough stuff, this getting old business.

  22. Your new vignette is so cheery and has a lighter, springy vibe! I love your pennant, and your fresh ferns are the perfect touch of springtime green. How long do ferns last when brought indoors?

    Yes, so much to think about...and pray about...

  23. Ferns are so beautiful!

    Your right about me being occupied with other things but I'm okay and will post tomorrow.

    Today we helped celebrate a birthday for my friend Amy's son.


  24. Memorial Day was always called Decoration Day in my part of the world, at least when I was growing up. The graves of family members were decorated whether they were military or not. It's a tradition that I've kept up since my mother passed away over 35 years ago.

    I love green, especially in houseplants and, of course, nature. I have quite a few house plants, mostly the easy ones to grow like pothos. :) Love the fern and I wish I could grow them, but never have had any luck with them.

  25. I'm here, Vee! Baby granddaughter went home a few hours ago and then I took a nap after dinner..lol My brother and sister-in-law actually sent a NYC pizza by overnight delivery to me today! It was such a treat but I almost fainted when I saw how much they spent on postage. Triple digits!! They sent it as an early birthday present to V and myself, as we are June babies. I ate so much I think it put me to sleep....lol!

    Enjoy your day with your sister and remembering those who have gone before.

  26. Agreed. Green is calming...and ferns are lovely!

    Strange...but a friend and I discussed visiting graves today as well...and there is no Memorial Day weekend coming up for us.

    Most lilacs are done over here...but I am still enjoying my Korean lilac...Miss Kim. Great fragrance! Yours are in their prime...by the look of it.

  27. I've never thought to cut ferns and bring them in. I was out there yesterday looking at the unrolling fronds and thinking how beautiful they are this time of year. Several of my lilacs are finished already. It is always sad to think that amazing fragrance is over for another year. I love spring.

  28. Many good thoughts (graves and remembering), pretty pictures (ferns, new header, and lilacs), and always something to think about after visiting Vee. Thank you!

    Gracious Hospitality

  29. Green is my favorite color ... maybe I need the calm! :D :D

    (Love your lilacs. I can't grow them here so I have to enjoy yours!)

  30. Interesting to see what looks like an old door frame used in your new arrangement. It works well.

    The talked about topic here at present is: the soldier hacked to death with a meat cleaver outside his barracks in south London yesterday by an Is*la*mic extremist who then went on to deliver a threatening message to onlookers before being shot along with his accomplice by the Police. Now languishing in hospital under guard.

  31. Memorial Days, when I was growing up, was spent at my Grandparent's. I loved hearing stories from them of ancestors that had come before us, from Europe, to find a new home. Yes, it's a day of remembrance for me too...and not just to the fallen heroes, but all that have lost their lives. My heart and prayers go out to all the families who are grieving in Oklahoma, XOXO

  32. Unfortunately I am from a family that doesn't make any fuss over hardly any holidays...wish I could go back and change that! holidays seemed to always cause a big family brouhaha so the celebrations dwindled and everybody went their own way....your post is very thoughtful..I will continue to try to resurrect some kind of holiday celebration..oh the joys (wink, wink) of dysfunctional families...
    Love, Mona

  33. I have lots of ferns and have never thought of bringing some inside. Thanks for the tip! We will be taking flowers to the cemetery on memorial day weekend and then having dinner at our house.

  34. As a child I loved to make fern bouquets as we had many varieties of fern in our garden. Right now I am hunting down varieties to add to one of our shade gardens; wondering if maiden hair fern can over winter in this location.
    A few years ago I was surprised to see cemeteries teaming with families on Memorial Day; it seemed unlikely that so many graves belonged to fallen military. That's when I figured out the day had morphed into a springtime "All Souls/All Hallows" day.
    I do note that those autumn rememberance dates have been completely overshadowed by Halloween hijinxs. Interesting how that went.

    Glad you posted this as there is a Civil War burial area near by and I have always meant to check it out some Memorial Day. It makes me curious as Utah fought for states rights, aka the Confederate side of the war.

  35. I'm going to have to look for some ferns on my next walk through the woods. I like this idea of bringing a bit of green into the house in this way. So simple, yet fresh and pretty.

  36. Your lilacs are beautiful Vee. Thank you for the fern inspiration! I wanted to take some pictures of my master bedroom for the blog and had meant to get some flowers, while out at the market. Now, instead, I might just gather some ferns!

  37. Beautiful photos and I you've inspired me to cut some of my ferns and bring them inside!

  38. I love your "new arrangement!" What a pretty collections of objects!

  39. Vee
    I like the feathery look of the fern.
    I have many here in the woods and never even thought of gathering them!
    Memorial Day is weighing heavy on me this year since I am so far from my Mother and Dad's graves.
    Enjoy your time with your sis. It will be fun to see the old grave sites!

  40. I love walking the fern lined paths up the mountain not too far from home. I think I may snip a few for an airy green bouquet.

  41. Your flowers and ferns are so pretty. I just love the fresh spring greens and blooms. We visit graves as well. There are so many stories to tell and memories to relive. I don't grieve, but do find it all so peaceful. Memorial day does seem an appropriate time for that.

    Have a good weekend. =)

  42. What a lovely post - full of interesting things and pretty photos. I have lovely ferns growing (volunteer) in my yard, and all around in the woods.


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