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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Odd Little Jumbled Thoughts

Nothing much to say this morning even if John did tell me recently that he's never known me not to have an opinion. I had one for that comment now let me tell you. =/  Unfortunately, I am (opinionated) and so must work at keeping a lid on in hopes of not becoming a cranky old woman. It may be too late for that. ☺


The oddest thought came to me after playing ball on my back lawn. I really was playing ball; I really was on the back lawn; however, it was my former back lawn. (Some may remember that my former home is right next door to my kids' current home.) Anyway, the thought came that if I had been told in advance by one day that I would be playing ball on the back lawn on Memorial Day 2013, I would have found it very odd. (Apparently, there is a lot of sharing of yards among the three homes: my kids, their neighbor, and my daughter-in-law's parents' home.) Yet, if I had been told twenty years ago, I would have thought Of course. This is my home and I will live here forever. 

Oh the things I think. I am guilty of thinking that life is always going to be whatever it is now. Perhaps it is in light of tornadoes, bombings, and beheadings or whatever else is going on in the world these days. And now I'm just reminding myself of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey, the old segments from SNL.
That dates me. I haven't watched SNL for nearly thirty years. Do they still do them? If you have no clue what I'm talking about, here's an example of one:
If you must lose your job, your home, and your mind in the same week, try to lose your mind first so the other two won't seem as bad. 


The rain has made the world so green, so lush, that it's strikingly beautiful even if it is my own corner that I am seeing.

I managed to get the new rosebush planted with John's help yesterday. My foot has not been happy about using the shovel, though I did get the azalea back in the ground a day earlier.

Have also managed to purchase a lawnmower that I am unable to start. Either that or I've really slipped since last summer. Anyway, I do hate to be this dependent on the man. Had to mow the lawn at high noon while the man was home for lunch. Not ideal.


Some time ago, John had a request from Diane to write a poem for Spring Fever. This is his attempt. Perhaps I should have provided dialog for you because he was not always coherent and I was beside myself with laughter. You'll see the camera shake. I can't help myself.

~It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!~

Edited to Add: Transcription for those who've requested one...

Spring Fever
Rushed out of bed one morning 
I knew the winter was waning
Somehow I felt quite different
My energy level was gaining

I looked at the chores that needed much doing
So I grabbed for my tool kit
I really was moving

I spun into this
And wound into that
Started on new things
And finished up stat

My wife thought I turned into a [general befuddlement ensues] whirlwind
When she watched me take down a tree like a beaver

[Aside] Okay, that's got a lot of work to be done on that.

I: [General merriment] Who is this for? Who are you doing this for?
He: I thought somebody wanted a "Spring Fever" poem.
I: That's true...

(Diane, this has given me so many laughs. I giggle myself silly every time I listen to it.)


We enjoyed a lovely Memorial Day with family, which my son and daughter-in-law hosted. (See paragraph two.) Perfect!

This ends today's odd little thoughts from my corner. Perhaps you have had an odd little thought lately you'd like to share? I'd be interested to know whether I'm normal. ☺


  1. Oh Vee...I sooooooooooo needed this this morning. It hit so close to home..thanks for making me smile. I too am guilty of thinking things were going to stay the same...the home part especially. Now I have to laugh..wished I had lost my mind first then the rest wouldn't have mattered.
    I am glad you were able to play ball. Thanks for your odd thoughts...it lifted my spirits today.

  2. I can't see your video, something on my end says the flash player is not working and needs to be updated, will have to tend to that.

    We have had an exceptionally lush spring here. I keep commenting on how full everything is. Our surrounding woods and the undergrowth seem so solid and thick this year, almost smothering, they have blotted out the sky. How is this for a bit of odd... I was missing seeing the sun and the sky so I drove over to the Target parking lot and sat on the hood of my car and watched the sun set over the interstate. I love the big open expanse of sky in that particular spot. Now I could have driven a much shorter distance to the lake and had a more lovely view but the lake is surrounded by trees and the sun slips behind those trees, I needed to escape from my wooded bowl.

    I am pretty sure you are normal, odd little thoughts and bits of randomness included.

  3. The video is great! Made me smile!

  4. Our Spring is lush too with the Mock Orange (among the other plants) reaching heights unknown! Lots of rain finds my mind wandering back to happier times too when we didn't know about what "Code" our national security was in, our schools were safe, automatic weapons were only used in war, people respected others property... I wish my grands could be growing up with a simpler life sans the violence; we may have had only 5 television channels, no computers or cell phones, but I loved my childhood. (See random thoughts go through my mind too!) Love you, XOXO

  5. Sounds like a perfect Menorial Day! The rain has made things lush and green here too. Have a lovely week, Vee! xo

  6. What a hoot! I wish you would write up the poem that John wrote as I couldn't hear it very well. He's such a card! I'm glad you got to play ball on your former back lawn on Memorial Day. Sounds like fun to me. I like the quote from SNL which seems to have a lot of wisdom to my aging mind. :) I have never seen the show. Well, maybe a couple times about 30 years ago. Your new rose bush has lots of buds on it. I managed to plant 2 window boxes for the back deck on Monday but have to bring them in at night due to frost warnings and chilly temperatures. A blogger from town, Linda of Stitch Lines, is coming out and we're going to the apple orchard to take pictures. Clouds are sort of coming in with rain later today. Enjoy your day! Hugs. Pam

  7. Love listening to John read his poem and your laughter Vee. Have a wonderful day!

  8. I love John's accent! Such an adorable man...

    I'm using bloglovin' these days and I couldn't get your video to play with that link. So I came to your site via the hard way. It was worth it!

  9. Oh I thoroughly enjoyed this! And trust me, I'd be hard to beat in the odd thoughts department, I LOVED the poem. haha Hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. This made me laugh this morning. I love the quote from SNL. I seem to have odd little jumbled thoughts all the time. The only thing is I can't remember them. :)
    I couldn't hear the poem very well either. Maybe you can write it out.

  11. That is such an adorable video. He is quite the poet. What a very lucky lady you are!

  12. I think your thoughts are very normal, Vee! Similar to mine. I love John's poem! His New England accent & your laughter are so charming!


  13. Odd jumbled thoughts tumble through my mind constantly. It's amazing how fast a mind can travel from one topic to another.
    Love John's accent. (and your laugh) Couldn't make out all the words, but enough to appreciate his take on spring fever.
    Lots of rain here lately, too. Everything is so green and lush. The weeds love it!

  14. Spring Fever poetry never sounded so good! Love it. I'm trying to imagine Elmer writing a poem...and I can't.

    We always seem to picture life in the future as it is today. It's what we know...so it is how we see it. And yet it seems...little stays the same. I rather like 'the same'!

  15. Some of my odd thoughts could get me deported!
    We bought one of those lawn mowers with the turn key start but then my dear middle son left the battery plugged in so long that function doesn't work and he lost the key somewhere in the lawn. Anyhoo that was a great plan but I still have to crank the mower to get it started. Love hearing your voices!!

  16. This spring has a lot of us rather speechless. Commenting on what spring has unfolded in the garden is about all that I can manage too. Little odds and ends of life seem to flutter about. I really I set stand that bit about playing ball on the lawn. I've been told it isn't healthy to try to figure out the steps that put us where we are today or attempt to figure out where and what tomorrow will be. Feels a bit like reading a novel with pages swapped or missing yet a voice says "keep reading...it will all make sense in the end".

    By the way...are you following Pigfork? It just bobbed into my consciousness yesterday.

  17. PS: Your header makes me want to come to your place...surely the steps lead to a fine B&B!

  18. LOVE the poem.. love the laughter. I am suddenly looking forward to the retirement years. Thanks Vee (and John), I can always count on you to leave me smiling.

    Blessings, Debbie

  19. If I turn off the mower mid-mow, I can't restart it well so have to call for help. Thus I try to keep going, which means a constant full hour walk. The poem is great. Your hubby has talent! And humor. I sometimes wish life would go on as it is now, but it never does. Then we get used to a new normal and then that changes. The one constant seems to be change.

  20. Oh how adorable - you made me giggle with this. I love your "odd little jumbled thoughts" and your wonderful sense of humor!! Your pictures are beautiful.

  21. (1) Please get closer to John, when trying to pick up his voice. -sigh- Even on Hi, I couldn't hear him. But can hear you, because you are right by the cam.

    (2) Your old neighborhood, sounds like our street. Only 3 families on this street, and all same family. We call it "The _ _ _ _ Compound." :-)

    (3) Lovely photos! Lovely header!

    (4) As to the "Odd Jumbled Thoughts," believe me, not much can beat me, on Prednisone! Anyone who has taken it knows, it *hoppppppppps you up*! Oh wow does it. I'm naturally bossy and on Prednisone, I am Gen. Patton!!! Those living on "The Compound" are telling middle son, that he is LUCKY to be "off Compound." -grinnnnnnnnn-

    (5) I love this kind of a post! Pics, what's going on in you life, memories, wonderings, general sharing of VEE, with US. Thank you. :-)

  22. Oh, I've had quite a few thoughts running through my mind since the endless rain set in. Especially this morning when I have a waterlogged garden and lawn but the water has been shut off inside...then we'll be under a boil order. Grrr. I'm beginning to boil over!

    My favorite Jack Handy quote was..."If a kid asks you where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "Probably because of something you did." Haha! It still makes me laugh!

  23. I meant to add that there must be a lot of "bad kids" in my town the last few days! :)

  24. Wow! I feel so special! A handsome man wrote me a poem and READ it to me. giggle giggle!!! I feel as giddy as a teenager! more giggling! Hubby and I put the computer up on the kitchen counter to watch and listen. He's headed out the door so I'm going to listen to it AGAIN! heehee! Tell John I owe him a Yankee dime...and a few hugs! OH MY...I can't wait for my hubby to leave so I can listen to 'my' poem again!

  25. You have never once failed to amuse me, Vee.

    : - )

  26. I love the odds and ends --- and the poem is adorable! It is very good and expresses spring fever for a man SO WELL!

  27. Vee that was marvelous. So great to hear your voices. Seems as if I know you better now. We have a new Cub Cadet and HH also could not get it to move. He had it running but just forgot one little button. Bless his heart he thinks everything should work just like the old things. Had to call the dealer we got it from. Could not understand the owner's manual. LOL Love you both.

  28. Dear sweet Vee..this is wonderful. thanks for making my day. it is priceless...and gave me a much needed laugh..so great to hear your laughter ...surely enjoyed this..
    Love, Mona

  29. I'm not the Diane who requested the poem, but I wish I could take credit for the idea. What a great talent John has! I loved hearing you laugh, too, Vee. I've always said that I love to come here and visit. You brighten my day.

    I understand about playing ball...if anyone had ever told me that geocaching is fun, I wouldn't have believed it, either. Maybe we're reverting back to childhood. Well, maybe we're learning to have fun again.

  30. how fun to be married to a poet!
    you haven't missed a thing by
    avoiding SNL, by the way.

  31. LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE it!!!!! I absolutely LOVE to hear y'all's voice! What a poet he is!

    You know, hardly anyone ends up where they THOUGHT they would be from 20 -25 years past! I think that's best we didn't know THEN what we know NOW! Actually -where we ARE is most likely better than where we THOUGHT we would be!! Wow! That was a tongue twister!

  32. We are sitting here in the truck at McDonalds listening to John's poem. We both got a chuckle.
    A happy day to you and John.

  33. I loved this! Your husband is a true gem, and so are you:)

  34. This is a fun post! I am loving John's poem...and I am loving how you are enjoying it! =D

    Sounds like a surreal moment, playing ball in your former backyard. And it sounds like you all had a lovely day!

  35. Great post. Made me think. ;) I mentioned your blog on my post. Hope you don't mind. ourtreasuredabode.blogspot.com

  36. Evenin', Vee - No Jack Handey does not do those "DEEP THOUGHTS" anymore. You can watch them probably on YouTube, but the guy who played him died - think his wife shot him & then killed herself. No kiddin'. Something like that.

    "It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man."

    "I think my new thing will be to try to be a real happy guy. I'll just walk around being real happy until some jerk says something stupid to me."

    Your lawn and azaleas are gorgeous, Vee. Got a huge kick out of your video!!! I remember your voices and that accent well! Such a cute man and all that laughing and giggling is priceless!

    Talk to you soon - trying to get a post together... Hugs~~~

  37. Phil Hartmann - forgot to put his name on there. You know there really WAS a Jack Handey? And you can watch old SNL on Hulu....

  38. That was just fun! It was fun to hear your laughter and your husbands very pleasant accent - things that are missing when we only get to read one another's blogs. Thanks for the smile!

  39. You have the best odds and ends!

    John! What a talent! Let us hear it when he finished the middle part that's "gotta lot a work to be done on that." Love the accent - make you both all the more delightful!

    I think I need a Maine trip again!


  40. I loved the poem. Hearing him read it and then you question him and start to laugh makes it even better. I just know that I would really like your husband.

    I remember that segment of SNL. I haven't watched it in thirty years either.
    It's too early for me to have any deep thoughts. Maybe after a few hours and a few cups of coffee.

  41. This is a wonderful post, Vee. I enjoyed it so much. John's poem was a delight, especially with your laughter in it....Sorry not to be commenting much this week. I seem to have no energy at all.

  42. Absolutely so refreshing for me this morning, I think John needs to publish his poems, sorry I didn't get to hear him read, the plugin wasn't working. I am so glad your foot is better and that you were able to play, grandkids love it when we are able to join in. I am sure there are some odd thoughts stuck in my head somewhere, just can't seem to find them, for today your thoughts lift me.I haven't watched SNL in as many years too, funny quote.
    Now I must go and catchup, I came by Monday and started but got side tracked, your Memorial Day post was precious, and I was happy to read that you and John met Cheryl and her family.
    Dear Vee, the name you chose for your blog, fits you to a tee, You truly provide a "Haven" not only for yourself, but for us as well!
    Enjoy your day.

  43. Vee
    I believe I would've married that man just for his heavy Eastern accent!
    Oh, the poem was hilarious, but not bad at all. Edgar Guest would be proud.
    Glad you had fun with the g'kids. I can imagine you had tons of memories while rousting about with them.

    1. I'd be marrying a lot of men if that were the reason. They all sound like that heah. ;>

  44. I was just thinking of SNL recently but for me it was The Church Lady!

    It poured down rain all of Memorial Day weekend here and the Holiday itself.

  45. First, you are perfectly sane. :) Loved hearing John read his poem. My John had to work Memorial Day, so other than setting aside some "remembering" time, it was just another day. Glad you had a great time.

  46. Loved the poem!!!
    SNL.... is not the same..

  47. LOL! Loved the poem and the SNL tidbit. I don't really watch it anymore - too late at night for me. Enjoyed you rambling thoughts :)

  48. The poem is great fun! I always loved SNL back years ago. These days, I'm asleep by 10 p.m.!!!

  49. John's poem was charming! I love his accent.

    My daughter and I went to our community pool this weekend and someone there asked if we were from Boston...lol! I guess "back east" accents all sound the same here in the West!

    It is very green here also -- it reminds me of Ireland. We've been having quick thunderstorms every afternoon bu the dry weather will return soon, I'm sure.

  50. PS: If someone told me twenty years ago, or even ten years ago, that I'd be living in Colorado I would have laughed hysterically. Life takes it's own course, I guess. I do feel blessed to be living this new life with my children and grandchildren nearby.

  51. I've been at work more than usual this week and couldn't listen to John's poetry until this morning. I got a good chuckle out of it and can imagine how much fun the two of you were having. John is quite the poet and it is especially nice to hear him speak. Love the accent.

  52. Oh Vee,
    You are the best! I love the smile that comes to my face when I read your words. I expect it must be exactly how you talk. I always say I'd rather spend a day with an opinionated person than one who has no direct thoughts about anything. Super boring conversations, don't you think?
    Anyways...I wonder if we would have asked John to offer up a poem in our book this time around on Celebrations, what he might have sent us. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

  53. This is so funny. hahhaa....since I am the most opinionated woman on the planet, I would be curious to see how you and I could hold a conversation.
    I do love his accent and assume you sound just the same (only in a lady voice:) hahaaa....it's all so funny, the way all things are so different from one area of the world to another.

  54. Love the poem, and even better, hearing John read it. He reminds me a lot of Bill. Okay, well you better get the lawn mower situation straightened out. As you know, only women are allowed to mow lawns in Maine. Hope you can beat the heat. ~ Abby

  55. How sweet!!The poem made me giggle too.
    I do remember Jack Handly and deep thoughts.

  56. I just saw this post for the first time. I am laughing out loud! Hearing you laugh made me laugh even louder! Regarding your opinions, please DON'T keep them to yourself!

  57. I have LOTS of odd jumbled thoughts...I don't think I am capable of long coherent thoughts :^)
    I just found your blog today and I'm thoroughly enjoying every moment of visiting with you!! I am a Conn. yankee kidnapped to Texas, so lots of your pictures remind me of "home".
    Sweet husband and I live deep in the heart of Texas and I like our "calm" life!!
    It's nice to read about another couple that enjoy their little space and are content!
    Blessings to you,


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