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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trying Something New

Since the forsythia are blooming, I thought I'd trot out *that poem* that John wrote last year about this time.

Still makes me laugh. Who knew that my down home boy was such a Renaissance Man?!  (He can do anything except cook.)

Getting back to my title...yes, I am trying something new. It's spring. Everyone has split. It happens every year and I should not be surprised. Still, I can't see that I should keep chugging along unless I have something to say. I don't. I'm recycling old thoughts, old ideas, old posts, old, old, old. It's all becoming so
very staaaaaaaaaale... And if it is stale for me, poor you!

Therefore, I am going to try posting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for a while. At least until the southern tier begins to bake so hot that they're forced indoors to read blogs. : D

Back to the bedroom. Who knew that that was going to be such a project! Today I'm stripping the bed and washing it all down the way our Edwardian ancestors used to do. Gosh, I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it.

You take care now...


  1. I enjoy your each and every post, your blooms are beautiful and the header is amazing,
    I`m spring cleaning too!
    You have more gumption than I do, thats a big bed scrubbing job!

  2. John, a man of many talents. You can tell him that here when the forsythia blooms, it's an indicator to prune the roses.
    Late spring/summer posting can become scarce as we all want to be outside, not on a keyboard. I have to force myself in during nice weather to even write my column but at least it's about my passion of gardening.
    I don't envy the task ahead of you but wish you speed in getting all your cleaning done. :-)

  3. Loved John's poem! : ) Enjoy your day!

  4. I adore John's poem and the picture of the forsythia is beautiful Vee. I still am spending mornings on the computer, though I should be outside weeding.

  5. Oh my...I enjoyed John's poem all over again! It put a smile on my face!

    Nothing wrong with cutting down on your posting, although I certainly don't see "stale" here. You'll need a bit of extra time if you're doing such thorough spring cleaning! And if you're waiting for it to get hot in the southern tier...it probably won't be very long. Even here in the Mid-Atlantic, it seems that summer blazes in before I am ready. (Although truthfully, I'm never ready.)

  6. You get 30+ and 40+ Comments, daily here!

    I just don't understand, why you say that; "It's spring. Everyone has split."

    Why do you feel this way? That no one is reading/commenting on your blog? When you get constantly great Comment numbers?

    Geeeepers, we bloggers, who never see such Comment Numbers, could get a little *peeved* at you, ya' know, Honey-Bun. :-)

    (who would faint if she got 30+ Comments!!!)

  7. John's poetry is coooool!

    If you don't really have anything-to-say... Of course, take some time off blogging.

    Just *please* don't say it's because no one is reading/commenting here. Yikes! I repeat! I'd faint-with-surprise, if I got 30+ comments, any day!!!


    But really!

    1. Have ye never heard of the concept of blogging and commenting without obligation, Auntie? Yes, truly, my numbers are way, way down...numbers do not equal comments as you know. This can probably be attributed to not only spring, but the fact that I have one foot out the blogging door myself, especially of late.

  8. Such a poet you married! And the photo is amazing! I wish you well on the spring cleaning, And, BTW I never knew you to write a "Stale" post. :-)

  9. Way to go John! Love it! My forsythia is all done with the yellow now...

  10. Hi Vee,

    I'm not supposed to be on the computer myself, as our son, my ONLY offspring, is graduating from college a week from tomorrow; but this is what blogging has done to me. Such an addictive activity. :)

    I LOVE John's poem, it made me laugh. You two are perfect for each other because you always make me laugh, too. We all need a break from blogging now and then, but your posts are never stale from my viewpoint. I hope spring has sprung where you are? Have a wonderful weekend, Vee!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  11. I'm loving John's poetry! I've taken quite a break from my blog because I had so much work to do. You are never boring Vee!

  12. This poem is great! I like your idea of a posting schedule, and I so agree with taking a step back. I think spring cleaning, graduations, Communions, weddings etc. season is upon us, and hard to keep up. xo

  13. I'm so glad you brought that poem out again. I enjoyed it just as much this time. Maybe an annual addition to your posts? That would be fun!

    I like your idea (and understand)of posting less while you can get out and enjoy nice weather. It's been a long winter. In the meantime, you'll be coming up with enough ideas to post daily all winter long! I haven't been blogging nearly as long as you, but the break I had a few weeks ago was needed. I may do that again sometime. I'll be checking ~ probably daily until I get used to your new routine. Have fun!

  14. John's a poet and didn't know it! Very nice...would make a beautiful set of Springtime notecards! I'm a random poster...just whenever I have a minute to sit down and share something. I think we all have a bit of Spring fever. Ask John if he will write me a Spring fever poem.

  15. I think that sounds like a great solution to not posting at all!

    Love John's poem!

    Here in Pennsylvania we are enjoying a few sunny days with mild weather! Soon we will be baking and hanging out indoors much of the time. Then we will pop out in the early morning or early evening to check the garden and weed etc, and take photos of anything beautiful....


  16. Love his poem. I'm sure he can cook as well! Maybe he just needs a new cookbook.:) I know of a good one...or make that two!

    The lawnmower has had far more than a tuning over here...it has been hard at work for two months now. The sun is shining and there is much to be done. Enjoy the day.

  17. LOL John's poem is hilarious and so manly, awesome, haha.

    I never EVER tire of reading your blog posts and never once thought anything was stale...but you do what you need to do for sure.

    Spring cleaning- not for the weak.


  18. John's poem makes me smile and I like how you "fancied it up".
    My hat is off to the bloggers who are able to come up with interesting posts on a daily basis. I think you excel at that. Stale? Not a chance. However, I do think you are more than entitled to slow down your blogging schedule in favor of cleaning like our Edwardian ancestors once did. :D. Ha ha ... see, you make me smile, giggle, ponder and enjoy.
    I have noticed that a lot of people seem to have "split". It is a busy time of year in so many ways. I just hope they haven't all split for good.

  19. I love John's poem and the beautiful Forsythia photo. It makes me smile. And it's so true. Our lawn mowers are all tuned up and ready to go for another season. I tried to post on alternate days too but sometimes I have too many pictures to share so end up posting more. I can understand your thoughts on this Vee, but I am never bored with your posts of every day life. I enjoy them! And I have noticed several people among the 'missing' lately for various reasons I guess. I'm not even on as much this week due to the nice weather. I have to squeeze my walk and let the dogs out in every week day at noon now. I notice some bloggers only post on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, which I've tried too. I just take too many pictures that I 'think' I need to share! Enjoy your cleaning day. I'll miss you on the weekends but that is when we'll all probably be away from the computer! xo Pam

  20. You have quite a poet here! What a sweet guy!

    I have never found your posts to be stale. And if I ever feel that way myself I just remind myself that you can't please everyone!


  21. I am more happy each time I visit to have met you and John. Folks like us who live and love their relationship and the beautiful and gentle things of live. Your new header is delightful. Yes the blog parties do thin out and folks are out soaking up the sunshine but yes, again, we will all be inside when the A/C is the only way we can get a good breath. Love John's poem and the fact that he wrote it. Blessings.

  22. I like John's poem...cute.

    I'd never ever think of you and stale at the same time! You have a nice group of people here that look forward to your posts. Comments do fall off when the weather is nice, that is to be expected. I wouldn't be at the keyboard right now myself if the weather wasn't turning yucky again.

  23. I love John's poem!! He is quite the man!
    Spring cleaning is great exercise! Back in the 'old' days the ladies only deep cleaned twice a year. My whole house - from top to bottom - USUALLY gets a good cleaning every year. Not all at once mind you but over the course of a year it all gets cleaned - whether it needs it or not!!

  24. I love the poem! John did great! And with the forsythia blooming, it means it is time to prune the roses!

    You are never, ever stale and the same, Vee. I look forward to you getting your second wind so we can enjoy our daily posts each morning! ;D

    Have fun fighting those sheets!

    Gracious Hospitality

  25. Your never boring Vee but I get it about one foot out of blogland. It's time for the outdoors and cleaning closets and tearing apart the bed, dressers etc. When it gets hot we will all be back here like spring never happened.

  26. Love the poem! I could never see my husband doing that..gave me a smile for the day :-)

  27. Good for you to get into a bloggy routine!!! Something I MUST do soon for my own sanity as well. I love each and every post you put make and wouldn't want to miss a thing (that, being my problem perhaps).
    Love John's poem and your pretty picture. My forsythia is just about blooming.....

  28. I know. I have been outside loving the warmth under my bare feet for the past couple of days. Then I am too weary yo write at night. Hmmm. I must get a routine too.

  29. Blogging a few days sounds like a good idea to cut down but not leave altogether.
    I for one love reading all your posts. : )

  30. Spoken like a true Mainer. That about sums it up.

  31. I remember that poem! It makes me smile every time.
    Great visit you had with Pam a while back! I've never met another blogger IRL.

  32. Hi Vee - I'm stuck at home and indoors with the crud so I've been doing some reading today. Thanks for your sweet comments and for checking on me. I remember this poem - surely makes me laugh to think about the funny John we met and him composing poetry! Very cute!

    My dad and mom have this little joke about forsythia. If my dad sees ANY yellow flowers ANYWHERE, he says, "...must be forsythia...". Mother just grins - he's always said that. Just makes us all laugh. Mother used to try to convince him that it's not forsythia, but she doesn't fall for it anymore. Dad's just doing that to bug her. :)

    Cleaning the beds? How did the Edwardians do it? Inquiring minds want to know!

  33. You, and your posts, are never stale, Vee!

    John's poem made me smile! I love forsythia--do you know it is Brooklyn, NY's official flower?

  34. Forsythia, I love them. They tell us it is spring. It is everywhere in the streets here at the moment , great sights . Have a nice weekend

  35. John is a very talented man and I think he could learn to cook something, or perhaps make bread? If he wanted to! I think many people, including me, have slowed down blogging now and I'm not sure why. But I never blogged every day and am in awe of those who do, or did.....

  36. I like John's Poem. I again this year promised myself I would plant forsythia to bloom for next spring. I think we appreciate those first blooms more than any other that follow in spring. Have a great weekend.

  37. Love John's poem!

    I don't recall anything stale; I always read, but sometimes don't have time to comment. Enjoy your sabbatical!

  38. Vee,you are really funny!! I too am a little busy with projects around this home that I put off...
    I don't think your posts are stale at all! I enjoy reading them!

  39. Love the poem - LOL! For me, forsythia blooms means it's to trim the roses here too.

  40. I love John's poem....
    I always love reading your post even though I don't always comment.... I just enjoy!

  41. Maybe that's what I need to try doing, it's been so busy here I hardly have time to even look let alone open up the lap top.
    I love John's poem! My forsythia bushes are just starting to bud, we've had rain almost everyday for a week.

  42. Over the years I've noticed that blogging and commenting, following and reading waxes and wanes with the seasons. It's a natural thing and we all find something that works. I'm lucky to get two posts a week up, but then when I travel I'm in a hotel and have time to think and plan and write. I find that at this time of year there's so much to do outside with the longer days, that I don't sit at the computer as often.....but then that will change when it gets hot!

  43. I like Johns poem, perfect for spring! Our forsythia is just about done, I haven't had time to go cut a few braches so I just use the the falsies I keep on hand :)
    Right this minute I am cooking 20 pounds of pork for our SIL's college graduation tomorrow! So proud of him for sticking it out!
    Your little place here is always comforting, like visiting an old friend and picking up where we left off. Thank you for that :)

  44. Hi Vee,

    Oh yes the weather is so lovely, I am sure that everyone is outside instead of reading blogs. Yet, I always tell you when I have little time to visit, your blog is always the first on my list I go see.

    I love John's poem, and your Spring cleaning sounds like allot of work. We had our little RJ yesterday and last night and I'll miss him when he leaves. Thinking about taking a ride to the Cape. Although my Spring cleaning has been making me feel quite guilty.

    Happy weekend.


  45. Hi Vee

    I haven't been around just from basic tiredness. I'm taking off two days next week and hope to re-charge. Problem is that with such a small office when I get back everything that I missed will be waiting for me plus new work:(

    I am actually doing the same to our bed today too:)


  46. LOL! He's quite the poet! My forsythia is done and I only have a few daffodils blooming (the ones I planted this year). My roses are in full bloom. If it weren't for the deluge of rain this weekend it would be like summer - in the 70-80's.

    Yes, us Southerners have to get while the gettin's good! Because before we know it the heat will be upon us and then you don't want to be outside except early morn!

  47. Trying something new is a good thing to do. I should shake things up a bit and try to schedule a blogging time. Like everyone else I plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this spring/summer. Best of luck with your new schedule and congratulations to John for his literary achievement. Great fun to see his poem!

  48. Just another guilty southern springtime slacker checking in from her haze of spring fever. I wasn't blaming spring. I was blaming busyness. But now that you mention it, it might as well be spring... to blame.

    I am just happy to have time to read whenever you do post.

    And your John made me grin.
    I needed to grin, so thank him for me.

  49. Vee
    John's poem brought a big smile to my face-so sweet.
    I know what you mean about stale, I'm there myself.
    Wow, I commend you in your thorough housekeeping.
    I've got a feeling I'm going to find a lot of surprises
    when we take our beds apart soon!

  50. Cute poem! And if I recall correctly, John does know how to cook a toasted cheese sandwich!

    Ah, I can't believe that you think you are getting stale. And lookie here on this post - there are over 50 comments! Geesh, I'd be dancing a jig if I got that many comments on a post! It just never, ever happens, no matter my witty (or not so witty) commentary or what pretty photo I post. But that's OK. I'll keep plugging along. I hope you'll keep plugging too.

    Oh, before I forget - I won't be participating in the note card party next week. We have out of town guests during that time. But I hope you can join in to this Saturdays photo challenge. "Flowers" is the theme!!!

  51. Cute poem. Remember when everyone did deep spring cleaning?


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