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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bullet List

Bullet lists work. They keep things organized. They are good when a gal has little time for smooth transitions.

*My Azalea Bush~My View
(This is my neighbors' home)

*No rain for two weeks finds azaleas and everything pretty parched

*I am trying to keep the rhubarb watered. Note my stellar job of pruning...
Note: Not my fence!

*Loving my new candle from Good Neighbors. Smells as if I might have actually baked something.

*Abby isn't sure about my new profile pic. Did you see that it is an optical illusion? Is it my right eye or my left eye? Try it both ways and you'll see what I mean. It totally creeped John out and he has told me not to do that again! Sigh. So now I'm working on a new profile picture.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments and kind suggestions. I'm working my plan: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. On that note, I'll see you tomorrow! (Oh, one week to the Note Card Party ☺)


  1. Your azaleas and forsythia are beautiful Vee. We had so much rain this past week that all of the blooming bushes and tress have lost their flowers here.

  2. This made me smile...that is what I need to do, a bullet list as I go through this transition...it seems a little overwhelming. Your flowers are just wonderful...and so calming.

  3. I love Becky's candles! I'll add blueberry muffin to my list of must haves. I'm enjoying peppermint mocha this morning.


  4. Spring is beautiful in your area. Unless that candle is edible I could never get away with just the smell of baking :)

    I hope you enjoy a beauty filled day!

  5. the flowers are beautiful! And I KNOW I would love blueberry muffin scent! haha Enjoy your day Vee!

  6. Beautiful photos of spring around your place. I wish I could send you our weather forecast. We don't need rain right now, but the tree frog (and weatherman) tells us it's on the way. Our ground is saturated and we're beginning to think we'll never get a garden planted this spring. Happy Wednesday to you!

  7. It's lovely to see spring all over again in your area. Thanks for posting the pretty photos. My reading list is gone; I guess it was coming. I have to seek and find now until I succumb to the changes. :-)

  8. A plan. Maybe that's what I need...a plan. Love your bushes. I'm thinking now that I should get out and prune my yellow bush too....

  9. I love, love, LOVE bullets! I used them all the time for my reports to corporate officers, to help the "spoon feeding." LOL...

    Hey, and plans are good! They help to keep us focused.

    Love the springtime flowers now arriving in your area. Get OUT THERE and enjoy!

  10. We're having summer-like weather here, which is so unusual. My rhododendrons are just starting to come out in full bloom, like your beautiful azalea. Now, I'm waiting for my peonies to pop! Isn't Spring glorious, XOXO

  11. Love your signs of spring! Our forsythia is also in full bloom as is our cherry tree! We are finally getting some rain today in NH. Will send you some!

  12. Bucket lists and bullet lists...it's all good! No rain for two weeks? Welcome to summer. I've been watering things over here the past few days as well...since we have had temp's around 30°C (90° in your language). I am loving this weather...knowing it can't last. Your pruned forsythia is prefect along the fence.

  13. It is so wonderful to see so much spring and color on so many blogs. Finally we are there. Hve a nice day

  14. We have matching fences!! Bucket List for me on mine! But it may be down the line....

    1. Oh. I'm sorry about the fence. Both yours and this one, but there's nothing I can do about this one. It belongs to my neighbor. Sigh.

  15. I love seeing your yard and flowers in the Spring...looks very different now, doesn't it? If I burned that candle...I would HAVE to bake muffins! lol Enjoy your week and work on that profile pic! I feel like you're watching me! heehee!

  16. Flowers and candles...my favorite things! Funny, we've had a ton of rain here and finally have things happily blooming!


  17. You crack me up, Vee!

    I hope you get rain soon, all we have lately- wish I could send you some, my garden needs attention and needs a day or two to dry first!

  18. Spring is beautiful in your neck of the woods. By all means, water the rhubarb! You'll be needing it for baking! As for the one-eyed blogger --- it doesn't creep me out --- but John's comment is making me laugh.

    Happy day to you, Vee!
    Gracious Hospitality

  19. I'll join you in a rain dance Vee, getting pretty parched here too. Pink azaleas are so pretty, hopefully your will recover.
    I never water the rhubarb and when you think of all the patches still growing at abandoned farms, it's a pretty sturdy plant.
    A small printer shop near me sells long skinny pads with '10 things to do today' on them. I've used them in the past but now use the free real estate ones and cross off as I accomplish things. No bullets, but the same idea.
    Your one eye profile pic is funny - it looks like you're looking at me through a portal in my screen. Listen to John, the man is smart. (and that would be 2 brownie points for me) LOL

  20. Your hair-and-one-eye pic....

    If you simply held the camera in front of you, and snapped at you, then it's of your left eye.

    But if you took a pic of you, in a mirror, it is of your right eye.

    but what's creepy, about it?


  21. It is pretty in your neck of the woods. Its also very pretty here right now. I'm so sad to see the pretty petals falling from the trees after yesterday's rain, though.

    You make my candle look great!! Thanks for the mention!

  22. I would love to send you some of our rain! It's been the wettest and coolest spring I can ever remember. Despite the rain your way, it still looks so pretty. I love yellowbells and azaleas.... a most welcome sight after a dull winter. =) Your candle sounds like it could make a girl hungry. With the lack of baking around our house my family would be pitching a fit if I had something that good in the kitchen!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  23. You have some beautiful flowers. I wish you had some of our rain.

  24. I like your optical illusion! Fun!

    The azaleas are so pretty, in spite of being parched.

    We had rain yesterday and a bit today...though it cleared up nicely for Lindsay to have her riding students....


  25. Hello Mystery Woman. :) I love your view with the azaleas in bloom, the green grass and the beautiful maples budding out. (and the neighbour's house that I want to live in!) Your Forsythia looks really nice Vee. You did a great job pruning it. See you tomorrow. Have a nice evening. ;)

  26. Your azaleas are so pretty. I had a few in the old house. There are none here or at the new house. I'll have to plant some.

    I say it's your left eye but I'm not getting it could be your right eye. I must be missing something here. It doesn't seem creepy to me.

  27. So glad Spring/Summer has come your way too Vee! I love your optical illusion and you made me giggle! Have a most wonderful Mother's day and enjoy your beautiful flowers.

  28. Your azalea is gorgeous! (We are the kiss of death to azaleas around here.) Springtime in Maine...lovely!

    I agree...a bullet list is an orderly way to present a potpourri of thoughts!

  29. I do like bullet lists. It seems like a good way to bring organization to a bunch of this and that.
    Your azaleas and forsythia are looking very pretty. Great job on the pruning of the forsythia. Judging by the size of them, that was a BIG job.
    That candle sounds delightful.

  30. I need one of those candles, I love the smell of baking it's the taste of my baking that is not so good.

  31. I am so daft that I can't see the optical illusion. That's pretty pathetic, isn't it?

    Is the notecard party next week or the week after that? I get confused.

  32. Absolutely beautiful post! Just wanted to let you know that this weeks Cottage Garden Party is ready for your gorgeous landscape / flower / garden posts! hope to see you link up this week! xoxo, tracie

  33. All the flowers are sooo pretty. I don't have blooms as yet.
    Just like Debbie, I can't see the optical illusion, either.
    All I see is your left eye...:)

  34. Spring time in your part of the country is such a treat after the harsh winters you have. The flowers are gorgeous!

  35. ! The Azalea is so pretty and I love the style of your neighbors home, it's so different than the homes around here.

  36. How lovely to visit and find that spring flowers are blooming elsewhere in this big world. Our grass is turning green. Our neighbor returned from snowbirding in AZ. They spend summers at their lake house. When he went to check on it yesterday, he found snowbanks still holding on. I've heard the lake still has ice. Long winter here so it's especially nice to visit you and enjoy a real spring.

    Beautiful azaelas!

  37. It is your left eye.....??

    I love azaleas but I don't see many here. We had rain for a few days and everything is so wonderfully green now! I told Vinny I felt like I was living on a golf course...lol!

  38. Interesting. Do you all have access to the same yard?


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