Friday, October 18, 2013

Psalm 103:5 Mug

What fun! *Stephanie* organized another gift exchange. This time she suggested either a mug or a tea cup. I signed up for a mug this time having done *a tea cup last time.*

Today is the day to share... 

Why, yes, I really do live on Autumn Lane... 

All the gifts were wrapped so nicely...

More than a mug — an apple kitchen towel and a magnetic list for the fridge...

The mug is beautiful with pinks and greens, blues and yellows, and the scripture "He fills my life with good things." It's a DaySpring mug.

Even the inside is pretty!

I have used my new mug every day. I especially love the design of the handle because it is so easy to hold. Roxy is the giver; she blogs at *Living From Glory to Glory* Thank you very much, Roxy. The Lord does fill my life with good things and one of them has been meeting you!

My recipient is Kitty at Kitty's Kozy Kitchen. It has also been a blessing getting to know her!


For those who have wondered about the apple butter mentioned yesterday, I followed a recipe found on Pinterest. However, it called for brown sugar and spices such as nutmeg and allspice. We're cinnamon fans and not so much nutmeg fans.

 White sugar was used instead of brown. I added my peeled, sliced apples to the crockpot with the sugar and cinnamon and cooked on high for two hours. Then I cooked it an additional two hours on low. (I did stir occasionally.) 

I mashed the apples with a potato masher because we like it a little chunkier. The recipe had suggested blending. I bottled the apple butter in a sterilized jar knowing that we'll be eating it up in a week's time. That's all there is to it. 

I had about a dozen apples and not the greatest ones so perhaps eight good-sized apples would be the amount. A cup of sugar, two teaspoons of cinnamon, but do yours as you wish. I did add between an eighth and a quarter cup of water in the beginning because the apples seemed dry.

(I can not find the exact recipe I used, but *this one* comes pretty close with the exception of cooking time...ten hours! Wow. That's a lot of room freshener.)

It's best to make the apple butter your own. Consider texture, sweetness, spices. From there, you can create a customized recipe.


Come back tomorrow and I'll reveal the results of a recent giveaway here. Giveaway? Yes, I'm strange that way. A mysterious giveaway and one of you has already won.

~names in the bowl~

I'm sure that some of you are excellent sleuths and can figure this one out!


Hasn't this fall been amazing so far? Even my morning glory is happy. I'll show you another photo of her tomorrow, too. 

A blessed day to you and a happy weekend!


  1. Good morning, Vee,

    What a dainty and pretty mug, indeed! Such whimsy and airiness! And your yellow morning glory is wearing a happy smile, too, I see! You're off to a smashing start of a day! Enjoy!

    PS: Your giveaway is very intriguing...a sort of Agatha Christie whodunnit/(winner!) of sorts! I shall return to the scene of the 'crime' tomorrow, for the full reenactment! ;)

  2. A beautiful mug and I do like the handle very much. Your apple butter looks/sounds delicious. Wishing you a nice day, Vee.

  3. What a beautiful mug to enjoy, Vee, and other delightful goodies. I love that new friendships are formed all through a teacup/mug exchange through our sweet friend, Stephanie. xo

  4. What a lovely mug you received Vee- Very feminine and looks like it holds a nice amount. Your apple butter sounds yummy! I hope to pick up some apples at the farmers market this weekend- I'll try your method --sounds easy in the crock pot. Enjoy your lovely autumn weekend. ♥

    1. Thanks, Martha! Are you still thinking about a blog of your own? Hope so!

    2. Thinking is the key word Vee! A little afraid to blog with such professionals like you. Thanks for the encouragement! ♥

  5. Your breakfast table is looking most inviting. Toast with homemade apple butter sounds like the perfect breakfast for a fall morning. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I have quite a few apples on hand so I may give it a try this weekend.
    The mug is so pretty. I agree...the design of the handle is important and the little butterfly is a sweet surprise when the coffee/tea is all gone.
    Your giveaway has me stumped. I'll be back tomorrow to see if the super sleuths have figured it out.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. So I missed an apple butter post. I'm zipping on back to see it. I have never made it before, and I really love apple butter. Wonder if I can make it sugar free? I think I'll try.

  7. Really like your new mug...kind of wish I had jumped on the exchange...;looks fun! Enjoy your week-end Vee!

  8. Your house must have smelled incredible with apple butter in the crock pot. I love your sweet mug...perfect for you! And a giveaway? Sounds like fun! Enjoy your day. I hope it's a sunshiny day! Hugs!

  9. I should have read this post before reading the last one, ~smile~ you are right making apple butter is a personal taste. Your new mug is very pretty. We have had an amazing fall too,hope it lingers a while longer.. looking forward to your mysterious give-a-way. Enjoy your day,

  10. Lovely mug, I can see why you're using it everyday. The apple butter looks delicious. A giveaway? You are sneaky!
    I had so much fun visiting all the party people. Already looking forward to next month!


  11. Beautiful little mug...and I love the handle, too.
    If ever I am designed to COOK AGAIN instead of packing, unpacking, and hunting things, I will make this apple butter. Sounds wonderful on biscuits with butter.;)

    I emailed you but it was in my NEW GMAIL inbox this morning and can't see had from me to you but....

    "Hi, Vee...well, your mail got to my new is so bad tho, I am sure I'll be changing it AGAIN.
    Stacy is coming tomorrow to try to figure out this GOOGLE mess (I just hate Google...) It is all too complicated for me to even begin to sort thru it all.
    Thanks for telling me about Linda. I will get in touch with her if daughter can't figure it all out. The silly thing is that my blog looks the same EXCEPT there's no DESIGN page at the top so I am clueless how to even change things on my where can I find the Compose dashboard says I have NO BLOGS AT THIS TIME...all the blogs I follow are gone...DAAAAAANG. !!
    Thanks for your help, dear one...."

  12. Love your new mug, Vee! It's nice to have something special to drink from. The apple butter sounds delicious! Enjoy! xo

  13. OK, realize that you didn't give a recipe. I am slow on the uptake this morning. And I also forgot to tell you that I love the idea of a mug/teacup exchange and thought that both you and Kitty (saw hers) were most blessed.

  14. The mug is beautiful, and a great verse to get the morning started! It has been a beautiful Autumn, I was just coming home from an errand and the sun was shining through the golden leaves in the trees along the road. Glorious!

  15. Good Morning Vee, I am so happy you are using and enjoying your coffee mug! I am more than glad to have had your name! I believe we will get along rather well...
    I feel blessed over getting a new Pen Pal and friend out of this exchange (I WIN) LOL!
    You have a grateful heart!
    Blessings, Roxy

  16. Good MORNING, Vee!!! Your apple butter sounds delicious and I love knowing we can make a jar or two and not have to do a full scale canning production!
    You are such a delight - everyone loves VEE!!!!! Including MEEEE!!!

  17. What a beautiful mug and a wonderful verse that I try to keep in my heart always, XOXO

  18. Hello Vee! You never cease to make me smile with your posts :) I love your mug in fact, I must tell you something.....I almost bought the same one for me a few weeks ago. It's so pretty and the verse is a sweet blessing! Roxy is a wonderful lady and I'm so glad she blessed you. butter sounds perfect right now. I just picked the rest of my apples from the trees so maybe apple butter will be on the menu.

    Thanks Vee, for joining the exchange - you are a sweetheart! Have a great weekend. Hugs to you!

  19. Your new mug is pretty Vee, and I can see why you'd use it each day, how fitting a quote on it. There's a big handle too which I like.
    As much as I like to play with teacups, I have some favourite mugs I alternate for my tea each afternoon.
    A mystery giveaway? Hmm, could be the best kind. I know when the word 'giveaway' appears on a blog, people come out of nowhere to vie for the prize.

  20. What a beautiful mug Vee, if I had one like that it would definitely be my favorite. I was so excited to send mine out and was very giddy opening the package that came in the mail. Thanks for posting about this.

  21. What a beautiful mug! And so encouraging, too!

  22. I love the mug but I really like the Apple kitchen towel. I have a fondness for kitchen towels.
    Also thanks for the idea of Apple Butter. I am hoping to visit one of the apple orchards nearby this weekend.

  23. Hi Vee, it is so nice to meet you! What a pretty tea mug you received! I look forward to getting to know you and I just joined your blog with GFC. Have a great weekend.
    Julie @

  24. That is such a pretty mug.....with such a great message. We just spent time with our cousins around my dad's table looking at the benefits in Psalm 103. Apple butter.....yummo!

  25. You live on a street with the best name...especially at this time of year. It sounds like the name of a 'made for TV' series. Love your new mug...with the reminder to think on all the 'good things' as often as you drink from it. Giveaway? What did I miss?

  26. The mug is not only pretty, but a good reminder to focus on God's goodness when you drink from it. It would be helpful for my morning brain some days.
    I have no clue about the giveaway, but I'll be back to check it out. Enjoy that toast and apple butter - looks scrumptious!

  27. Dayspring has a beautiful line of mugs and yours is certainly one of the prettiest! Thanks for sharing today. Have a blessed weekend ~

  28. Oh those photos of the gift exchange are so pretty. What a lovely way to make friends via blogdom.
    I wanted to say thank you especially Vee for your prayers for my friend. She has recovered and is back home and I am so thankful for the praying friends I have.

  29. The mug just brings a smile, doesn't it? It's cheerful and has a very meaningful verse. Dayspring has so many beautiful things. I am a member of their online e-cards. Sometimes it's just nice to send an e-card and it's worth the membership to have your addresses stored.

  30. What wonderful mugs! I enjoyed visiting those other blogs, too....Fall is amazing this year, now that it finally arrived in all its glory! Every image on your blog today brought a smile to my face. Thank you, Vee!

  31. What a pretty mug! I made apple butter last week from the same recipe you posted. Turned out pretty good. Blessings

  32. Very pretty mug and looks like it would hold a good amount of tea or coffee without being oversized. I haven't made crockpot apple butter in a long time. Mostly because I used to have an old apple tree that would give me lots of tart apples so that was a good way to use them up. Unfortunately it got a disease and died and my new apple trees don't produce enough yet to make anything from them.

  33. Hello dear Vee
    Yes you have answered my questions - thank you!
    I imagine the fragrance from the apples cooking gives the house a wonderfully festive warmth.
    What a pretty mug Roxy sent you and I love the Scripture verse ii's a good reminder to read each day.
    You are full of surprises Vee!
    I know!! - you mentioned the Giveaway on your invisible post! LOL
    Wishing you and John a happy weekend.

  34. Vee, your apple butter is the perfect shade! I will get apples and try this. I have jars, too! Lovely tea cup, I think these exchanges are so sweet. I want to join one one time, I think. Thanks for the detailed recipe, can't wait to try it, next week, I have a "jam" packed weekend. xo

  35. Hello Vee,
    I came for a visit to see your beautiful mug received from Roxy, so very sweet. I love the scripture verse. What a blessing it must have been to your heart.
    I do not have a blog, but love to visit your dear ladies through my daughter Stephanie. I believe she has started a precious ministry through these exchanges. I know I have been richly blessed both times around, and have made a wonderful and dear friend in Kitty. You too will be blessed by her friendship.
    Your apple butter sounds like a recipe I may have to try, I just love apple butter!
    Blessings to you!

  36. What a happy post! : ) Love the mug. Today was a perfect fall day.

  37. What a pretty mug Vee. I love the Bible verse on it. Isn't it fun to make friends through blogland.
    Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back tomorrow to find out about your mystery giveaway.

  38. Hi Vee, Your new mug is beautiful and I love the scripture on it -- such an excellent reminder of the source of all our happiness. Your apple butter sounds delicious too. I love apple butter! And cinnamon too. Yes, this has been an incredibly magnificent autumn so far. I hope it continues for a few months. Linda

  39. Hello Vee, this exchange has been really fun and it's always a pleasure to pop in and visit your blog. I need to do that more often. I love apple butter, just love it.
    Have a great weekend and hope to see you in the next exchange!

  40. That is a very pretty mug, no wonder you are enjoying it. I popped over to Kitty's blog and really like the mugs you gave her, too.

    Today was the perfect Autumn day - cool but sunny and the colors are starting to come on strong! We spent a great deal of time outside today painting our three exterior doors. They are now red, of course! We also primed the boards that Tim is going to use to redo the shed. No wonder I'm in bed and tired.


  41. Hmmmm...mysterious indeed!
    What fun to receive a mug...and such a beautiful one! No wonder you're using it every morning!
    You have my mouth watering for apple butter now. Of course, when one stays up way too late, it is easy to be tempted by the talk of such things. The resolve is down? (Not that I have a whole lot of resolve at any time of the day.)
    Good night...

  42. Hi Vee! That's a great idea for getting some fun, inspirational, fresh mugs in the cupboard. Love the mug you received and I really really like the handle on it too! That makes it even more special.

    Have a blessed weekend and week ahead! Edie Marie

  43. Love that Lucie-goosie recipe. Apples and then switch out everything else to make it how you like it.
    I keep wondering what happened to the apples and a bag of red hots candy cooked together recipe. Pink apple sauce with that one. Lately I've enjoyed plain applesauce (no spices) mixed with French vanilla coffee creamer, about three tablespoons to a cup or so. Keep cooking!

  44. I love your new mug! How sweet!

  45. Your mug is lovely. So glad to be part of the exchange. Stephanie is the sweetest!


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