Monday, August 11, 2008

Not Enough Memory

Oh-oh! I'm getting a "Not Enough Memory" message every time I plug my camera into the USB cord. Am I saying that right? Probably not. Am I uploading or downloading? I have no idea. I only know that I have too many pictures. Not good. Wal*Mart, here I come for some disks!

The thing is, I already have disks...lots of 'em. But where the heck are they? I don't know! Guess that I'm having some "not enough memory" troubles, too.

Anyway, until I get this picture thing resolved, I'll be plugging in something I've had on standby. Let's see, what do I have that's suitable for today? Oh, here ya go...

I've been meaning to share my two-year old grand's first painting. Don't you think that he has a future in art? What colors! What bold strokes! His Auntie L and he had a great time I'm told. Auntie swears that she didn't help; she painted her picture and he just went to town on his own.

Don't the simplest things take on importance when we honor them? This little painting has been "honored" with a frame and it looks fabulous in his parents' living room. (When Auntie L was a little girl taking entrance exams to kindergarten, she was asked what a refrigerator is for. Her response was that refrigerators were for hanging up her pictures. Things have progressed a great deal since then in our family. Yup, now we actually use refrigerators to keep our food cold and we use frames to honor the young'un's art.)

Have a great Monday, Dear Ones!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Philippians 4:6

Source (permission pending)