Monday, August 25, 2008

Dire Prediction

On the front page of my local newspaper this morning, Peter Geiger's grinning face beams at me beneath the less than smile-worthy prediction from the Farmers' Almanac: "Numb's the Word for the Winter Forecast." Bah! You can read about it here at the Farmers' Almanac, if you'd like. (Please, Lord, Let the Farmer's Almanac Be Wrong!)

Instead, I am going to focus on a lazy, warm time spent on the backyard swing... (Don't let my nan's blankets fool you; they are to keep the mosquitoes at bay.)


  1. What a sweet picture.

    I haven't seen any fuzzy caterpillars yet. I think they are the best weather prognosticators. On the other hand, the amount of acorns also indicates the coming weather. :) My husband reads his Farmer's Almanac every day.

  2. Pay no heed to the Farmer's Almanac! Your snow from last winter is still lying in puddles in your don't want to start thinking about what's coming around the corner.

    Mosquitoes...don't they know when to pack it in? I thought mosquito season was over for the year.

    Enjoy a swing in the sunshine with Nan and 'the man'...and have a wonderful day.

  3. Absolutely! Look on the bright side! :-) And be glad that our sun returned for a wee bit!

    Especially be glad, for the later! 'Cause if the ding-dang Farmer's Almanac is right, we might have gone straight from rain... TO freezing rain. Now there's a thought to give you pause. ,-)

    Yes, enjoy the last bits of summer. And the beautiful Autumn which is coming.

    It is, isn't it? >,-)

    Yes, it is!

    Don't put any "maybe not's" out into the Universe, Miss Mari-Nanci! :-)

    Happy late summer hugs,
    Miss Mari-Nanci
    'Smilnsigh' blog

  4. Farmers almanac/shmack. . .they predicted warm and sunny for us last week. . .oh and they were wrong.
    I did check out the Canadian forecast and they say warmer and wetter .. . want to move?

  5. I just like to wait and see each day
    what kind of weather comes my way.
    Hey, I wrote a little rhyme! :-)

    What a nice relaxing picture!

  6. Ahhh they both look so very relaxed ~ I'm so bad, I don't even hardly watch the weather, just look out the window or watch Good Morning America to see how the boys should dress for school that day ~ hope all is well in your world Vee (((hugs))) xxoo, Dawn

  7. don't fret already Vee..... that Farmer's Almanac is always wrong.....

  8. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, enjoy the here and now and let tomorrow worry about itself! How lovely and relaxing reading and resting on the back yard swing looks. I'd try it here but would melt from the humidity. I am looking forward to fall!

  9. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by at my new blog to say hello!

    You know I've learned from being a former Weather Channel junkie that it's just best to see what each day brings. You can't count on the five day forecast even :-)


  10. I love your Mum's August calendar page too. I could just move right in and sit there.
    You have done lots of posts for me to catch up on.
    Grandma looks real comfortable.

  11. Oh the thought of winter! Bah! Maybe they got it wrong but i don't think so. Your swing looks like it would be so relaxing. I hope you have a nice evening.

  12. I love the Farmers Almanac...Mac swears by it...but I haven't seen any wooly bears yet, so we'll see...and don't y'all look comfy out there!

  13. Now this is leisure at it's best! Everyone "unlaxing!" we say around our home! :) Love your banner picture! ~Rhonda

  14. I love that picture. I think it looks so peaceful to sit and reflect or read. I long for those days.

  15. Hey darling Vee! Long time no see! When I was in NB, David and I were thinking of driving over to Maine for the day but never made it (too much family stuff to do), but sometime in the future we will make the drive across the border (for all that good shopping!) and will have to meet you for tea! i have no idea if you are anywhere near the border, but how big is Maine anyway??

    I didn't mind the rain actually, but thanks for thinking of me. I happen to ADORE rain and it was grey and rainy almost every day. We live in the desert here in Alberta (think Arizona, but not quite that dry) and I love rain, so I never get enough. The sun broke through many days, so it was nice enough for "normal" people. My mother complained about the grey, but I really enjoyed it, and sleeping under a sloped roof with the rain over my head in my old room - perfect!

    How are you? I have a lot of reading to catch up on, so forgive me if I missed some important details. I do recall you are married, which was the big news this year that I didn't miss. :)

    How is wedded life?

    Love and hugs Vee. And try not to worry about winter. You have someone to keep you warm now. xo Terri

  16. Vee, this is a really, really lovley picture. It touches me in so many ways... the beauty of your grandmother with her chair gracefully draped (even if it is for mosquitos), your sweet hubby reclining peacefully in her company as if there were no where else he'd rather be, the loveliness of the soft glow surrounding them both, and I can only imagine your standing a little bit in the distance taking it in and snapping the picture. Such a sweet thought...


  17. Hi Vee...I don't even pay attention to the local just never know !

    Looks like it was a relaxing time out there in the yard...very nice.

  18. What a nice place to relax (minus the mosquitos).

    I heard about the Farmer's Almanac and I'm trying to beat down the thought of a terrible winter.

    Enjoy the fading summer.


  19. I heard my weather man discuss the almanac's predictions yesterday morning as I got ready to go to the city and my blood ran cold! It sounded so dire --the worst winter in decades and extreme hardship! AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!

    Where is global warming when you need it? LOL

    Time to load up on hot chocolate and wool blankets.

    Love the photos here! You ahve a pretty yard! Nan looks very comfy.

    Hugs, Pat

  20. Everyone looks so peaceful in that picture...and the grass is so beautiful. Ours is cruncy now, so it's not so pleasant on bare feet.

  21. Only folks in the northern parts of our country are thinking about snow in August! :D I was just thinking about the mornings, it feels so much like fall here, the sun is becoming less and less. It's what I love though, 4 season's.

    Precious picture! :)


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