Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunset Picnic

So there the four of us were enjoying a sunset picnic. My niece, home from Boston, had surprised us with a visit and came along, too. Our first picnic as marrieds was so romantic! Okay, not quite, but still wonderful and pleasant and everyone had a hearty appetite and we saw a lovely sunset.

And we used our "new" vintage picnic basket! Earlier in the summer, Suzanne from At Home With the Farmer's Wife mentioned in passing that she was selling one. We had been looking high and low in flea markets hither and yon for a picnic basket ever since our New Hampshire picnic in the White Mountains. Somehow a vintage basket via a friend seemed just right. (She tells me that it is something her sister-in-law [oops, sister] found in one of her travels.) Here the table is all decked out...

When it arrived, we were delighted because, not only was the picnic basket charming and fantastic, it was filled with wonderful things from Suzanne: a red checkered tablecloth, two embroidered napkins with our names on them, and two crocheted dishcloths. Bloggers are some of the nicest people I know. Suzanne, thank you so much! We were both overwhelmed by your thoughtful gifts. My niece also loved this basket and went over all its features very carefully plus she looked so cute carrying it that I took this picture.

(As a point of interest for you, Suzanne, my niece made her skirt out of a deconstructed man's shirt. It's pretty cute.)

Okay, where were we? Oh, yes, a sunset picnic is a lot of fun!

(I know that they look frozen, but the temps were really quite warm.)

Have a great Thursday!


  1. It all looks so wonderful. I had commented to my sister earlier in the summer that it didn't seem like people were going on picnics anymore. You proved me wrong!!

    Tell your niece I think she's soooooo clever. The shirt looks great. I'm always looking for ideas on how to repurpose things.

    Vee, I was more than happy to gift you with a few simple things inside that picnic basket. May you have many years of wedding bliss.

    - Suzanne

  2. How fun! Vee, you really know how to make the everyday special!

    Your niece is so cute! Her skirt is very clever.

    Have a happy day!

  3. Your niece is a cutie.

    I don't know where your picnic was held, but it was a beautiful spot. A look out of some sort, over some mountains? How is that for pinpoint accuracy?!?

    Gentle hugs,
    Miss Mari-Nanci
    Smilnsigh blog

  4. Vee, what a wonderful treasure!! Picnic baskets are the best things ever! And for Suzanne to have added all the trimmings, what an angel....the picnic looks like it was fun! What is it about eating outside, the food seems to taste even better doesn't it? (((hugs))) xxoo, Dawn

  5. PS. How cool is that skirt?? Your niece is so smart ~ it looks beautiful on her ~ xxoo, Dawn

  6. What a nice way to spend the afternoon. That picnic basket looks wonderful, nice and big. And that sunset - gorgeous!


  7. Beautiful setting...great company...a lovely that's a picnic worth blogging about! What time is your sun setting these days?

    I'm amazed that your Nan is still up to sunset picnics...most people that age are in bed by dinnertime.

  8. Vee, I love that picnic basket. . I hummed and hawed at a picnic basket at Costco the other day, it has nothing on this gorgeous woven one. Your picnic looks lovely and your neice is a very pretty girl, love her ingenuity with the skirt.

  9. What a neat and charming picnic basket! That was a wonderful find via Suzanne! Your niece is so cute and very talented! ...nice skirt!

    I have an award for you, come over when you get a chance. ~Rhonda :)

  10. I so enjoooooooyed catching up with your blog today. Thank you for a serene and lovely time!


  11. Sounds like a wonderful treat. Sunset is always a favorite for me (because I never get up for sunrise!) .he shirt/skirt looks adorable/

  12. Everything looks wonderful. What a great idea. Your niece is so sweet and so pretty too.

  13. I must say Vee, you must have the most fun. What a great idea, a sunset picnic! I love the picture of the picnic table and basket. So lovely. Your nana must be a trooper. That's how I want to be at her age. How old is she? That is so neat that you have her.

  14. Hi Vee, your picnic looks like a late summer dream! The sunset, the sweet picnic basket, your niece (does she know that she has many fans now due to her clever sewing) and Nan enjoying the picnic too. Divine!

  15. Everything looks so great...such a spread!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  16. How fun! I love the thought of a sunset picnic...just have never in my life been on one! Something to add to the list! : )
    Your niece is adorable! Love the skirt! Talent runs in the family!

    Hugs to you!

  17. It's late but I just could not let the day go by without visiting you. What beautiful scenery, your niece is so pretty.I am glad you had a wonderful day.

  18. What a lovely way to dine. Your picnic basket is absolutely gorgeous. How nice that your sweet niece came to visit and joined the picnic.

  19. Did you have fried chicken and ham and salads? I do love a picnic, we do lots of that in fall and early spring before the heat takes our breath! There will be an award for you at my place tomorrow, I'm working on my post glad that the picnic went well and I love that shirt!

  20. Thanks for asking about my grandmother. She's going to be 99 in a few weeks. Yes, she is a very active 99 as she loves to go and do. Of our trip to the Portland Head Light, she said that it made her feel "alive." I'm allowing her to sleep in this morning, though, and no more activity for the next several days.

  21. It looks like you are really enjoying these last days of summer Vee.

    The picnic basket is wondeful! That wa sso sweet of Suzanne to include so many nice surprises inside.
    Hugs, Pat

  22. PS Your neice is really cute and I love the skirt she made! I don't think there would be a man's shirt big enough to deconstruct that would cover my

  23. Vee, I love that basket....and all of the wonderful goodies that came with it. Your niece is very creative! Her skirt is adorable!

  24. I love the picnic basket, how thoughtful of Suzanne :). Your niece is precious! I can't wait to see what you make to put in your picnic basket :)

  25. It certainly does look a fun picnic Vee. All the old picnic baskets out of use these days as we all put our stuff in ice boxes.

    Your neice is a clever stitcher.


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