Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Molasses and Other Gifts from New Brunswick

Oh dear, I have no patience for selecting music that complements a post. None. I am floating along like a downy feather on the breeze here. All I can say is that this particular selection can cause me to shed a tear. Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason why seemingly unrelated elements have connections for me. Would it help to know that it brings back memories of my grandfather playing his violin into the night long after my sister and I had been sent to bed? Or that I've been thinking of my grandfather because my son and daughter-in-law made a flying trip to New Brunswick, Canada last weekend? Nah. I didn't think so. ☺

~The View from the Cottage taken by the travelers~

They went to the lake to check on things and button up against winter. My son asked if there was anything he could pick up for me while in New Brunswick. Oh good man! I remembered Crosby's molasses and he remembered Coffee Crisps. 

I shall have molasses for years to come...all the better to make that sweet brown bread I told you about last spring winter. Alas, the Coffee Crisps are no more.


Sam was joining me at the picnic table with his dish of ice cream saying as he arrived, "...and a yellow leaf fell down..." It makes me grin that he notices life's little gifts. Later he would show me that he can tie his shoes. Yes, his father very successfully taught him to tie his shoes following an eight-step plan. What? An eight-step plan?! Whatever happened to the little bunny with two little ears? 

Anyway, here's my contribution to autumn whimsy...

~azalea leaves wearing jewel tones~

Now don't look at that dust... 

A lovely Wednesday to you!

Love Vee


  1. Dust, wat dust? I am incapable of seeing mine, so I can surely not see yours!

    How did you know that is one of my all-time favorite pieces of music?! Ever since it was used in the old PBS Civil War series (God bless the soul and magical voice of Shelby Foote!), it haunts me still. Here is some background about the inspiration behind the song.

  2. Interesting that a product I take for granted is one that you crave from Canada. I'd like to try the brown bread recipe but no longer have my bread maker.
    We used the bunny ear method for tying shoes laces too, 8 step? There's progress!
    There's a morning nip in the air that I recognize so well and the few leaves turning color confirm what's around the corner.

  3. My son use to play the violin...all those years of lessons and it now sets in a box, maybe one day, I do miss hearing it

    How much fun for him to be able to bring you back some memories..and they taste good

    Oh my, I am behind in the shoe tying...that was on the to do list for summer...we played instead

    Come fall...with all your joy!

  4. Happy Wednesday from the Washington Coast to you! I'm waiting for the sun to rise. Love that the little one noticed the yellow leaf fall...

  5. Good morning! I am loving the music! loving it! sigh...

    Never heard of a coffee crisp, but sounds wonderful

    Have a good day!

  6. Morning! I've fed the birds and the kitties are happy (??) watching the birds eat. Love Sam finding a fall gift. Cute story about his shoes. I'm looking forward to FALL and some cooler weather (80's instead of 90's!!!)

  7. I adore this music with its haunting melody. I think I may have found a kindred spirit in your first commenter Donna. It's like she was inside my brain! I totally fell in love with this song AND with Shelby Foote while watching Ken Burns' Civil War documentaries. His voice was, as Donna said, magical. I saw him as the quintessential southern gentleman. Sigh...

    I love that Sam saw the yellow leaf fall down. Oh yes I do! As well as your autumn whimsy...lovely.

    I so enjoyed your post this morning!

  8. Lovely post! So nice of your son to pick up some tasty treats for you to enjoy. The leaves are a changin'!

  9. A wonderful post Vee ~ a beautiful memory of your grandfather and happy times with family. You're blessed!
    And thanks for the musical gift.

  10. I haven't tasted molasses since I was a child, and now I want some.

    Lovely post.

  11. Music has a way of bringing us right back to cherished memories. I enjoyed hearing a bit about your memories of your grandfather playing the violin as you and your sister drifted off to sleep. How nice.
    The view from the cottage is gorgeous!! Do you get to go very often? How great that your son brought back some of your favorite treats.
    That Sam must make you smile regularly. He is such a cutie. Love your hint of fall display today. I was out gardening this morning and noticed a few more signs around here too.

  12. How nice they brought something back for you. I have a problem with music on blogs only because a lot of times I'm reading late at night and it's dark and quiet and then all of a sudden...MUSIC! So now I just keep my mute button on so I'm not scared out of my skin any longer! Glad you figured it out for yourself!

  13. After saying I don't like music while reading blogs (I do love it at other times), I just had to click on your link and listen. So many comments on it! It is haunting, and suits the mood of memory, nostalgia, and oh dear, the near end of summer.

    How sweet that Sam noticed the leaf falling. He's learning to observe from his grandmother, perhaps?

  14. And the molasses - who knew it was only in available in Canada, eh?

  15. It does make a difference...sharing the sweet memory of your grandfather playing his guitar certainly touches my heart and brings back sweet memories of a very special grandmother in my life.

    How wonderful that Sam notices things. You are helping him recognize those. I called my little grandson last night and we talked about Dragonvale. He makes us smile. I wish to live closer and enjoy those times more often.

  16. Oh my, the delicious baked goods that can be made with the molasses (a cookie from childhood comes to mind called Hermits). I never tasted the coffee crisps but I just know I would have loved them. Sam is such a sweet child. I love the leaves in the dish. xo

  17. I'm going to have to turn on my speakers so that I might hear your music. How powerful, the gift of music.

    I love your Autumn photo. It is time. I'm ready. This morning had a crisp feeling to it....I had to smile.

  18. crisps! Never thought about them being a special product from Canada.

  19. We love this song Ashokan Farewell! So lovely!

    Our family on the Canadian side button up the cottage in the beginning of October, but they are in Ontario province and I am sure New Brunswick gets colder sooner!

    All of these are signs that Autumn is truly on it's way.

    Enjoy your molasses. I may try your bread recipe but would have to use local molasses, which I hope would be acceptable!


  20. Beautiful post, and the talk of that bread is making me hungry! The leaves on many of the trees here have changed color, mostly from the lack of rain all summer long. Sounds like we might make up for the drought this weekend with rains from Isaac.

  21. Dust? What dust? I can't-see-me-no-dust!!!!!!! ,-)

    You wannnnnna' seeeee DUST? Come over here. To the house that "Chuck It" left. -grin-

    Sweet, sweet Autumn whimsey photo... Love pics like that!

    Oh and yes, I did forget about Labor Day! But see, it doesn't mean much to us. We never go anywhere. It's just another weekend.

    Except this year, it contains both *My* Jake's 12th Birthday. And the Full Moon.

    Hmmmmmmmmmm... You are right! It is some kind of a great holiday! Just for those 2 interesting happenings. :-)


  22. Ah yes, you can't make good molasses cookies without Crosby's molasses either. What a treat! And of course the Coffee Crisp bars didn't last long. "A nice light snack". ;) I have noticed in my travels this past week that way too many trees are turning colour. I'm sure it's just the stress of a dry summer and not really autumn foliage. Right? However, the temperature today sure makes it feel like autumn! I'm cold again. :( Hugs from NB.

  23. I love that your grand appreciates the little gifts of nature.

    I am going to have to get with you later on that music issue I have, I am getting a lot of complaints about it being missing. Will try one more time.

    Loved the piece of music for today, beautiful!

  24. The Ashokan Farewell is a haunting tune, Vee!

    No signs of autumn in these parts, except for a noticable shortening in daylight :(

    I'm still knee deep in recycle, donations and garbage as I de-clutter in order to sell our house. I am amazed by what I kept for so many!

  25. Hi Vee,
    Happy Wednesday to you too :D
    I love the red and golden leaves, I always enjoy fall and the changing color of the leaves (so pretty). Just shows life goes on around us.
    I have never had a coffee crisp they look like a cookie. I think I will look for some.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  26. I love violin music, especially when Andre Rieu is playing it! This is a lovely tune and how wonderful to have memories of your grandfather playing it.
    Beautiful photo of the view from the cottage! Love the greens and blues.

  27. I've never experienced the excitement/privilege of having a grandfather, much less... having one that played the violin... I'm wanting to cry, just thinking about this wonderful memory!
    Thanks for a wonderful thought!!

  28. Always happy to send you a couple of Coffee Crisps in an emergency :)

  29. I'm smiling to think you have some wonderful Canadian treats. I need to do a give away one day with such pleasures.
    OH ...and your little guy and my little guy notice the same things. A yellow leaf was pointed out to me this week as well. He also told me he was practicing hard to tie shoes so he could wear them to school. They are growing up.

  30. Yes certain music.can make me sad. Especially classical..still love it..

  31. ummm, the treats sound goood.
    Both my son and daughter played the violin all thru their high school. Son still does every now and then.


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