Friday, August 24, 2012

Pan Wonder

Thanks for my title today, BJ.

First things first...

~Climbing Brown Eyed Susan~

Now I am not the most observant person in the world. It has taken me until this week to notice how my climbing brown-eyed susans blossom out from a little pod just as you see above. Fascinating really. I haven't been sitting out much in all this humidity and so it's been lost on me.

A lot of you, on the other hand, are very observant. I heard yelps throughout yesterday's comments from gals wondering what was going on with the pan smack dab in the middle of my mosaic. And I even heard from Cheryl who wondered if that was the first mosaic I had used because she did not remember seeing a pan the first time she visited (before she went to the beach) and was now seeing it on the second visit (after the beach). She was probably wondering if the sun, sand, and surf had scrambled something. No, Cheryl, the only one scrambled here is I.

It is a long and involved story and I do not plan to spare you the details. Besides, one of you is responsible for the state of that pan!

1. No, it was not the first mosaic I used.

2. The pan was out in the yard because I didn't want it stinking up the kitchen any longer. It had been out there for two days, perhaps three.

3. While I was visiting a blog and deep in a very good post, I burned the rhubarb I was stewing.

4. Both kids tried to tell me.

~Mama, Something's Burning~

I'll say! The entire house filled up with smoke. John, up on the roof, thought I was roasting marshmallows. Hahahhahahahahaha...

5. This is what it looked like.

~Who else would show you her charred pan?~

I'm still working on cleaning it up.

6. I took the pan's photo yesterday morning because I was just experimenting with light. It was on the path right between the garage and the deck and safe from prying eyes. Very convenient.

7. I created a new mosaic when I realized that I had placed two identical pictures side by side on the first one. That simply couldn't stand. Though you may find this hard to believe, I do have my photo/mosaic standards.

8. The pan found its way into the second mosaic when I ran out of pictures and needed something to fill in. I really thought it would just blend in and go away. Yes, really.

So to all of you who noticed the pot, give yourself a pat on the back. Very well done!

Love Vee


  1. How funny! It's also comforting to know that I am not the only one who scorches a pan from time to time. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I nearly boiled a pan of hot water dry the other evening. How's that for talent? lol

  3. Isn't that funny! I saw the pan but didn't think to ask about it - I guess I was not so curious yesterday!

    Still they are lovely photos!


  4. Too funny! It's nice to know that folks are actually looking intently and ENJOYING your photos and mosaics, isn't it?

    It's also nice to know (for me) that someone else is prone to forgetful pan burning.

  5. Ha ha... too funny!

    The picture of the "kids" trying to tell you is so sweet. That must have been one deeply engrossing blog post :).

  6. Well, Thanks for explaining! Ha,ha! Very interesting...maybe you should do more mosaics like that with a Huh item in it and see how many questions you get about it. Too bad about your Rhubarb...maybe it will boil clean?! Have a lovely day and your yellow flowers are gorgeous!

  7. LOL...well I didn't notice it, guess I am not that observant. I have burned a couple of dishes while I was blogging. One a while back was a pot full of corn on the cob! All of the water boiled out and the corn started scorching on the bottom of the pan. All of a sudden my house started smelling like popcorn!

  8. Well I am ashamed to admit I didn't notice it! Saw all the pretty around it, and never focused in, haha.

    The burnt pans in my past are too numerous to count. It has been a few years since I have, but still. As I think about it, it is probably because I don't do much elaborate type cooking anymore. ; )

    Have a good week-end Vee!

  9. Vee, thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning...a big smile, as this is such a funny post!

    First of all, I am typically not an observant person. But yesterday (on my before the beach visit), I had paid particular attention to the middle row of your mosaic...the row of smaller pictures all of the same tree in different lights. So when I came back last evening (yes, after the sun and surf had scrambled my brain...that's another story!), and saw the comments about the pan, I went back and looked for the pan, and it was right where that row of trees had been! What?

    So I'm glad to know your story, and to know that I am maybe not as crazy as I thought. (Maybe.)

    When my oldest daughter was a baby, I was sterilizing a plastic baby bottle in a pot of boiling water. I left the room (mistake) and proceeded to forget all about it. Ron came into the kitchen and saw the pot, lifted the lid (mistake), and flames shot out! There was no water left, NO bottle left, just a scorched pan...oh, and a husband shaking his head in consternation.

    LOVE the picture of the kids! Precious faces!

  10. Never heard of climbing Brown Eyed Susans!!! Cool. I have peeked your interest in Four O'Clocks, and you have peeked mine, in climbing Brown Eyed Susans!

    Perhaps we can exchange wee little dry seeds??? Or is that against some LAW? -chuckle- Will the-men-in-black come, because of spreading some sort of a possible horror, between states?!? -gigggles-

    Mmmmm... My suggestion... With a pan that bad... Yes, I know what they are like! Toss it.

    Well, not if it's a very, very expensive pan. But if it doesn't clean up quickly, I say toss it. Life is too short and all that jazzzz. ;-)


  11. Too funny! Toss the pan and get a new one....:D :D :D.

  12. Lovely climbing flowers, never seen that variety before. As for the pan, been there done that, so sorry your lovely rhubarb was ruined.

    I have a bit of tendency to wander away while cooking, the last little adventure resulted in exploded eggs all over my kitchen. Sounded like shots going off in the house and what a mess!

    Best of luck getting that pan back in working condition. Have a great weekend.

  13. Thank you for the explanation. See, we do pay attention!!

    Looks as though Fiore and Molly are better friends these days. What a cute picture!

    If you figure out how to bring that pan back to use, please let us know. My pans always look beyond help.

  14. I'm all for flowers and gardens and beautiful things and for honesty in blogging! Your story made me smile because I've done nearly the same thing!

  15. Now Vee, you should know by now that you can't sneak anything by these bloggers! SOMEbody is going to notice!

    I must say, you did a GREAT job of scorching that rhubarb! Can't say you didn't give it your best shot! tee-hee...

    Now, I have to thank you, too - I've often wondered if I'm doing the whole "chicken" thing right, but you gave me a really great compliment yesterday about my clean coop! That made me feel great! Cuz I try really hard to keep everything clean and un-smelly and make sure my chickies are healthy and happy. So THANK YOU!

    Have a great day - and it might be fun to see if you can slip something sneaking into your mosaics and see who notices. It could be a weekly puzzle!

  16. Whoa! I am so impressed with your diligent blog readers. Sorry about that pan and rhubarb. I've had several put the pot out in the yard experiences in my life. Have a good weekend.

  17. I think we've all had pots/pans that looked like that at one time or another. I think it is easier to buy a new one than to try to get that one back in working condition:)

    No pat on the back for me. The pan escaped my observations first time around!

  18. I thought it funny that John thought you were roasting marshmallows. Funny because I've done that before. : )

    I noticed the pan just didn't think it was strange of you to do. : )

    Love the picture of the kids trying to tell you something was wrong!!

  19. mmm... I need to sharpen my observation skills.

    I was busy thinking about the Italians:) Made me want to try one.

    I love that black eyed susan vine!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  20. I noticed your pan yesterday! Wondered what it was doing in your mosaic.

    Love the photo of your fur-babies. They are adorable! I'd love to see more.

  21. I saw the pot, thought it was unique garden art, and wondered what you had planted in there! Maybe some beans, or rhubarb?! lol Glad you caught it in time before it really went up. xo

  22. I tend to get on my computer and forget something I have cooking on the stove.

    II think the pan is an interesting addition to your mosaic!

  23. This reminds me of my mother's escapades with a pan of scuppernongs she harvested the other morning. Boiled them right down to a gunky mess and now she has to throw the pan out. What was she doing? Playing solitaire on the computer!!

  24. LOL! Miz Vee, I have greatly missed your everyday antics!

  25. That brown-eyed susan is beautiful. Blogland sure can be very who can say they never wrecked a pan?

  26. Great story, Vee. Thanks for all the details!

  27. Interesting.... it must have been a good post if you were so wrapped up in it that you didn't even smell it burning. I have to say I've been known to let things go on the stove a little more than they should have. Thanks for the visual. ~ Abby

  28. Vee
    If you ever get that pot clean, I have to know your secret-please.
    I feel certain that if I had seen your post yesterday, I would have noticed your black potin your mosaics. Really.
    Now, about those dear 'kids'. They may just save your life someday, Vee. Treat them well!
    Thanks for the whole story, I throughly enjoyed it.

  29. Hey.... it's true.... everything even scorched pans are perfect blogging fodder.

    I loved the 'kids' photo... they are so sweet!

  30. Sat., Aug. 25th...

    Silly me! I was about to leave one kind of a comment. And caught myself. Silly me. But I did catch the mistake-in-my-thinking. ,-)

    Sat. and Sun. this week -- No Comments. Was about to wonder how you can see your stats grow, when you do 2 no comment entries a week?

    -Hehhhhhh- 2 days here with no comments, will insure that your open to comments entries of this week, will over-flow with comments. 'Cause people who stop by, will click back and look at older (past) entries. And leave comments on them.

    At least I have noticed that bloggers who are very popular, and post less frequently, have zillions of comments on their infrequent posts. Haven't you noticed this?

    Enjoy your weekend!


  31. I think we all, at least those of us who are mere mortals, have had a scorched pan or two, or three, or...

  32. Hi there, Now for those of us seniors, we probably wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. I love your kids-is your pup a miniature poodle, or a mix? So precious!
    Have a great weekend.

  33. I've never eaten, cooked or scorched rhubarb in my life. Can you tell I'm from south Texas.

    I always love reading your blog!! You're very creative and loving..... all in one... that's great!


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