Friday, August 3, 2012

The End

Thanks to all who've helped me redeem my $7. Seven dollars + two hours at the Game Farm = expensive. Seven dollars + four posts = a bargain! 

Where were we? Oh yes, so it was getting hot and we needed to be sure to leave in time to pick Jake up at school. We visited the raptors, saw a turkey vulture or two...yawn...and enjoyed the shade of this spooky old tree.

Not too much later and we were on the road again telling our story. Do you do that, too? Make a story out of traveling so that it goes by more quickly?

Soon we shall climb the first of three great hills...
(Spoken with authority and a titch of reverb.)

"Four great hills, Nonni." Sam corrected me.

Right. Soon we shall climb the first of four great hills...

 Then we shall come to Two Mountain View...

Now past the big lake shining waters (with all due apologies to Longfellow)


And now we have our boy Jake in tow and, not wishing him to miss the entire "Animal Farm" experience, we take both boys to the Ice Cream Farm (not to be confused with Land of Idyllic Picnic) where we can munch on ice cream cones and sniff that farm fresh aroma thereby killing two birds with one stone and putting out an olfactory nerve in the process.

At this point, we have finished our ice creams, though not without some difficulty. Jake prefers his ice cream in a dish. The ice cream was hard. He wanted no help. The first three spoonfuls were neatly flipped right over his shoulder onto the grass. Good thing he was as amused as the rest of us were. ☺

Jake likes the pigs. He wanted to climb in and play with them. Sam gave him an "oink oink" right on the neck so that Jake would know what playing with pigs would be like. I figured it was going to be like war. All Jake said was, "Please do not give me an oink-oink on the neck."  Phew. Skirmish avoided.

 Llamas are so interesting...

 Such intelligent faces...                                   (Jake was a bit wary.)

Kind of human-like... Yes?

And here's our boy Sam saying that his feet hurt. I shouldn't wonder...all that walking and bike riding in flip-flops.


Yet, he had one more trick up his sleeve. He has mastered the monkey bars. (Yes, he got all the way across; In typical fashion, I missed it.)

Tomorrow? Back to normal, whatever that is...

Have a happy weekend!

Love Vee


  1. Beautiful shots of a lovely day. Thanks so much for sharing. I happen to think that Llamas are pretty cool. We have llama farms around here.

  2. When I saw the title this morning, my stomach did a flip-flop. I thought you were ending this blogging experience. 'Whew!' Wht a fun place to go to. I'd have loved those ugly turkey vultures. We see them flying around town here from time to time. Big wingspan those guys have. And the eyes. All the better to see you with my dear. :)

  3. Great photos Vee! That Llama looks a tad unhappy with your visit. How polite Jake was telling same to not oink on his neck. Great memories you've made! Have a delightful day!

  4. Excellent example of "Time With Nonni"!!!

    Oh and "Time Amassing Photo Ops" too! -grin- Why not multi-task, when one can, say I! :-)

    Btw, what is "The Driver Of These Excursions" called? "Uncle" or some such? :-) (Please Be sure to tell The Driver that "Auntie" asked about HIS name, too.) -grin-


  5. And Hooray for Jake! For not bopping Sam, for doing that teasing, tickle and Oink-Oink. Very mature of Jake.

    Now, just making sure. Nonni did make sure that Jake was praised for not clobbering Sam...

    And Nonni made sure that Sam knew, NOT to do that teasing again...



  6. I just spent time catching up on the whole wonderful story. I last left you at a picnic. This is just wonderful and looks like a definite bargain of fun time! I can't wait to do stuff like this with grandkids.

  7. It's been such fun tagging along with you on this memory-making excursion to the Animal Farm. This post made me smile...and actually laugh out loud at the "olfactory nerve" part. I can just imagine... :D

    Glad that we could all be of help at redeeming that $7.00...and we had such a fabulous time doing it!!

    (The narrated trip is a great idea; I must try that one.)

  8. You sound like a wonderful nonnie! Two of my nieces have a nonnie, she's a sweetheart, direct from Italy! Oh the stories she can tell. We just love her, and it sounds like you are much loved by those two boys!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. How cute all these photos are.
    Llamas?? ok, I am totally confused on your Animal Farm..thought it was animals native to your part of the country.
    ANYway, so glad every one had a great time.
    xo bj

  10. with all this blogging material, you did get a bargain! Oh, I would have loved to have done a photo shoot with the llamas!

  11. Nice shots and dialog. I like the traveling story with landmarks included!

  12. I love seeing this time you're able to spend with your grands. - - My time with grandchildren is either talking on the phone or texting. It's wonderful to share in the times you spend with these special little guys.

  13. what a grand time for Jake and his wonderful grandparents! He's such a cutie. I would love to see a Llama up close, not too close though.

  14. The photos are wonderful. Jake had such a good time. I love the oink oink statement. :-)

  15. Totally fun -- gotta love those ice cream events..sweet photo and I think telling stories together is such a cool-e-sih way to get the kids remember this and that..
    and about the face of a Llamas totally right on the mark..

  16. Love your adventures with the grands. That was a great place for them to visit. Yes to your comment I play the violin and because mine got broken a few years back I am just now getting a new one. Got to break it in.

  17. It sure looks like a fun/memory making day. I love the big ole tree.....and the precious boys!

  18. Time so well spent having fun with your grands. What a great day.

    With us driving back and forth 'up to the land' 2 1/2 hours or so each way we have land marks that we point out to each other every time and it does make the drive go faster. We have many interesting conversations along the way too!
    Hope your 'normal day' is a happy one.

  19. What a sweet time you've had. I read this post and then told my DIL on the phone, that I need more photos of the boys - I am in withdrawal!

  20. Hi Vee!

    I can't think of anything I would rather do than spend time with my family - I can tell you feel the same! What a fun trip, and what adorable grandchildren... :0)

    You are right, that Llama does look very human, in fact I know someone who looks very much like him!

    Loved the oink-oink story, too cute! You two are wonderful grandparents! What fun memories and stories your grandchildren will have to tell their grandchildren!!


  21. It really does sound the most wonderful day Vee. Your photos are wonderful and the guys are all very handsome.

  22. You've gotten a lot of great mileage out of the farm visit! I love the way you broke it up into 4 posts rather than one huge one.

    What fun you all had. And I'm impressed with Jake's reaction to Sam's oink-oink on the neck. Very civilized. He must take lessons from his grandmother.

  23. Loved the trip to the animal farm! The lama is adorable. Hey your admission price is so much better there than here, $10.00 for adults and $8.00 for children, no food or drinks permitted other than what is purchased at the over priced concession stand or food court, and to top it off the only exit is right through the gift shop! Last time we took the grands admission, lunch, and a small gift shop purchase and we were out almost $80.00! We only go once a year, so sad, I remember as a child when it was free.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed the mileage of spending time with the grands and getting several blog posts to boot.

    Have a great weekend.

  24. Looks like a lot of fun.
    Smart little boy being wary of the llama. The do have a tendency to nibble and spit.

  25. Memories in the making - I remember days like these with our guys. Can't wait till we get a few grands.


  26. I've had fun reading about your adventure to the Animal Farm. I'd say it was money well spent and a fun time for all! I love the look that llama is giving you! And I had to run in flip flops one day this week so I know how uncomfortable they can be. (we got caught in a bad storm!) Enjoy your weekend! I hope you have more adventures ahead!

  27. Hi Vee,
    I love visiting places like this! I really love I bet you had a great time with the grandkids and created some wonderful memories.

  28. Bet you didn't think you'd get this much mileage from the trip to the animal farm. Yup, I'd say you got your money's worth and some good bonding time with a grandson. Maybe hubby too?

  29. This looks like it was a wonderful adventure for all, well worth $7 :)

    I'm in Indiana tonight--home tomorrow! :)

  30. Now that is a 'farm' experience they will not forget anytime soon. Jake would like it over at our farm this summer. Grandpa bought two piglets for the grands to 'raise' (regally named Philip and Elizabeth)...also a few turkeys and a couple of geese. It's rather an Old MacDonald's farm over there...but the kids just love it.

  31. I have enjoyed your photos so much...and hoping you can get Sam in some good sneakers soon lol...I had to share Paul Harvey on Facebook, couldn't leave all that wisdom to hold to myself...hugs


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