Monday, February 11, 2013

Hodge Podge

More freezing rain and snow this morning. Has the blog been reduced to a weather report? Ugh. I hate when that happens.

Spent a quiet Sunday at home. John didn't even go out in the afternoon, as he usually does, once he arrived home from church. I watched an episode of Foyle's War on the iPad as recommended by Brenda. (You really can't go wrong to pay attention to her recommendations on nearly anything.) Then John and I watched two episodes of Waiting for God on the iPad. (I really need that gizmo that hooks the iPad to the tv, but oh my we were cozy on the sofa together watching that wee screen.) Then I baked.

Baking is always dangerous around here because I do not do it often and we have all the control of half-starved wolverines. It's not pretty.


My sister, brother-in-law, niece, and her boyfriend are all vacationing together in Puerto Rico. What good timing getting out of here and missing out on the thrill that was the Blizzard of 2013. I've been getting more and more emails from them to take a photo of their dog Bailey who is being boarded right next door with my neighbors.

Bailey's getting older and they were missing her and needing word. Thing is that I haven't seen Bailey, even if she is living right next door. My neighbor took this great photo and so they had proof that all is well.

Instead of finding Bailey, I found this golden window. Do you remember the old story of The Golden Window from childhood readers? I remember so many of those old stories.

And this is one of the photos that my sis has emailed me. Lots of green grass, palm trees, blue water, and golf courses. =D

Do you dream of going someplace warmer at this time of year? Where would you go?

Love Vee


  1. We went to Mexico for a week back in January but it seems like it was eons ago. We're dreaming of Florida.
    I can't imagine watching a movie on my iPad - too small!

  2. Vee
    Your cookies do look dangerous on the waistline. I could never resist them, for sure!
    I'm glad you and John enjoyed Foyle's War. I recommended that to all of my blogger friends too. It is sometimes hard to find a good show these days....
    I'm not really wanting to travel right now, Im enjoying the winter and all of the beautiful snow.
    Have a great day!

  3. Those cookies look very yummy Vee. We usually head to Naples, Fl for a few weeks. I used to live there and my sisters still do. But this year we are staying put. Too much going on with the house.

  4. Those cookies do look GOOD!

    I had 3 G/F Valentine cookies, from our lovely local G/F bakery. I spaced them out, over the weekend. Delicious. But if I had more, I would have "Paid for it." (with too much time in the Loo, to be graphic) This I know. So it helps...

    Oh I love the pic of your sis's beautiful black Lab!!!


  5. Dream of going someplace warmer? Nope. We did that one year. Spent Jan./Feb./March in FL. I did not like it.

    But years ago, when we were not-so-olden, we went to the Caribbean, with daughter and son-in-law. That was fun! Of course! We were younger, and we stayed at a resort.

    In FL, we rented a condo, and ate in. Hehhhh...


  6. Good morning! Cookies look good and I laughed at your description of wolverines, as hubby and I can relate! haha. We have had a couple of days of cooler weather (upper 40's during the day, low 30's at night) which I have a feeling would seem quite warm to you. It's enough to let me know though, that I don't know if I'd ever make it in REAL cold weather. Keep warm and cozy and enjoy your day!

  7. The cookies look yummy! I'm not supposed to have any, so I'll just move along to the next subject. And that is the beautiful dog your sister has! We all miss our pets when we're away from home. After all, they are part of the family. As far as travel, I'm not feeling any big urge to go anywhere right now. My favorite time for vacationing is usually in September.
    Have a lovely day!

  8. Yummy, cookies look so good.
    We lived in Puerto Rico for three years. Funny thing is nice weather gets boring after a while. We really missed the four seasons and I'm glad to live where we get all four.

  9. Your comment in my blog today..."Did you make your own little dividers, too? How darling!"

    Thank you for noticing!

    I'm not pointing out, my attempts at water colors. Because they are very, very, very in-the-"beginning"-stage.

    Yes, I did point out the Valentine Background I made! To show that I had BEGUN to TRY to do water colors. Something I have been *going to do,* for sooooo long. :-)


  10. I think we definitely have similar taste in film and books!

    I haven't heard from my daughter in two days. It could be that their power is out but I have a feeling it is the affects of living with five children and one large dog and them not getting outside!

    Her hubby will probably do anything to get to work today. ;)

  11. Another delightful post Vee - I enjoy your weather reports BTW. Your cookies look yummy and I totally identify with the downside of baking. Too much of that has been happening over here lately.
    No plans to escape Winter but making plans for a Spring trip to Northern Alberta to visit our daughter and her groom! I dream of returning to Ambergris Caye in Belize again someday - the first "paradise" that we ever went to many years ago!

  12. Funny you ask about dreaming of going somewhere...I sure did this morning...just anywhere!!!! I haven't been on a trip in decades and it sure sounds good right about now.
    Oh I have wanted to I might just do that sons would so enjoy that!

  13. So Bailey had a car ride to Maine! I am glad they dodged the storm. I wish I was in Scottsdale, AZ. Camel Back Ranch and Spa would suit me just fine. Cookies look good, Vee. xo

  14. Its just the opposite for us Texans! We are hot, hot, hot!! Yesterday it was 90! I worked on my yard in shorts..we had ice cream for dessert!! Those cookies sure looked good!!!

  15. Not this winter, but come fall, I'm going to Paris! I've been wanting to go for years and wished both my girls could make the trip, but now I'm going with friends who promise to give me the grand tour (they've been there so many times!) Love the heart cookies, what a spectacular idea--stay warm and cozy, XOXO

  16. Love your valentine cookies Vee. I can't believe how much snow you have goodness. We have lots of green grass here...and after yesterdays sunshine we have rain ...again.

  17. Sweet little Valentine cookies. Baking is dangerous around my house for a different reason - I'm really bad at it. People get all excited and then we pull stuff out of the oven and it's oddly misshapen or didn't rise. *sigh*

    So much snow!

  18. You gave me such a chuckle about the starved wolves! I really can imagine that...since i have seen it here also!

  19. If I get sunshine here and there I don't need warmer. Baking is dangerous in our home, too, when it's just the two of us around most of the time. I do have the "out" of sending some of the cookies or whatever to work with Dear so we don't eat the whole thing! I'm bracing myself for an onslaught of visitors and activity here at this old house. Maybe I should do some cleaning and laundry before it all begins...
    Have a good week.

  20. Glad for a viewing recommendation! Oh why am I one of those people who will inhale a batch of cookies? No self control where sugar and fat mixtures are to be found freshly baked.

  21. Hmmm....dreaming of going back to Hawaii :) If I close my eyes, I can almost feel the ocean breeze and salt water spraying my face.

    Anyway, your cookies look divine and what a smart idea to use your kinger to create a heart :)

    I hope you have a lovely week.


  22. The cookies look delicious but I don't bake any more. My daughter and some friends are vacationing in the Cayman Islands so they missed the snowstorm we are having.

  23. The cookies are darling, Vee! Valentine's Day and sugar cookies just go hand in hand. I'm glad you had a quiet weekend doing what you enjoy. Cold and rainy here (my weather report).

    We haven't been any place warm in awhile. We take a spring trip every year when we aren't so busy. We just love visiting small towns and cities, the last few years we've been to Charleston, Savannah, Asheville, Martha's Vineyard and Nashville. And we've seen some of the West, too. This year hubby is talking Aruba...I think we need the tropics badly!

    Bailey is a beautiful dog, I can see why your sister and her family miss him!

    Have a good week, Vee!


  24. Puerto Rico is so much prettier than what I'm seeing right now. Incredible! We left a blizzard for AZ and all we're hearing down here is how horribly cold it is. They just don't appreciate 41 degrees.

  25. I just got back from Marco Island Florida a couple of weeks ago but I am as ready as anyone can be to go back NOW!
    Love the little cookies. I have no one to bake for or I would make some.
    No kids... no grands... nieces and nephews all grown and flew the coop.
    Maybe I can find a recipe for fish flavored cookies to feed my cat.

  26. its so hard to be away from our pets, especially when they are older, Baily is a handsome beauty. If I could leave this snow and ice I would go to Hawaii,

  27. Hi Vee,
    Lovely mosaic, and those cookies look delicious. My daughter and her boyfriend are headed to Florida early March. Such lovely weather.


  28. We love watching PBS on the IPAD, too! You need to get one of those connectors...maybe from Amazon! I love the Golden window and your pretty cookies. The air conditioner is on right now and we are 81 degrees. So I'll be happy where I am in Florida! Sweet hugs!

  29. I just made the granola you posted last week! Easy Peasy and it smells so good. I did snatch abit of the oats and burned my tongue so a true taste will have to wait!

    Glad you had a quiet relaxing day we all need that once in a while and a snuggle on the couch watching something enjoyable!

    Those cookies look good - they wouldn't last around here either!


  30. My Mom used to tell me the story of the golden windows. :). I'm staying warm and cosy at home in spite of the weather. Spring isn't far now! xo

  31. Hi Vee,
    Oh my goodness you have really been hit with lots of snow. I have never lived in snow so it just look so pretty to me, although I know it must be very cold and hard to shovel.
    Your cookies look soooo gooood! and I love the red heart. Gary and I could eat all the cookies I bake in one day..LOL. We are such cookie monsters.
    We stayed home all Sunday and watched Hallmark Movies and I cried while I was sewing. I watch TV while I sew, so now the quilt I am working on has a lot of my tears...LOL just have to love a Hallmark movie.
    Happy Valentine week to you and your hubby. Elizabeth

  32. Foyle's War is the best series ever made.

    Hubs bought me the boxed set for my birthday in October - we've watched them all twice now - every episode is incredible - one feels like one is actually THERE during that time period - easy to forget modern day, they did that fine a job.

    Those cookies have me craving them now, so cute.

    Big hugs, my friend.

  33. Love your cookies! It is warm in Fl. today, I feel like we did not have winter. I think I would like to go somewhere that is cold and snowing! I love the warm weather in summer, but in winter,I like to be able to wear sweaters and jackets and sit by a fire!

  34. After all of the glowing reviews, I just set Foyle's War to record on my DVR :)

    How wonderful to see green grass and palm trees!

  35. Your cookies look delicious and perfectly harmless! I find if I BAKE then I don't EAT. However if I am not the one doing the's all downhill from there.

    I am yearning to visit snow country! Colorado in particular! I used to go there often to ski but that was 10 years ago. I would so love to go again.

  36. It's nice to bake cookies on a Sunday afternoon and have them for dessert. It sounds like you and John had a cozy afternoon enjoying some great TV. If I were to go to a warm place for winter vacation I guess I'd choose Florida even though I've never been there and wouldn't have a clue which part would be the best. As long as it was warm and safe and on the ocean I'd be happy. Mind you it's +5 C. and sunny here today. I should go for a walk. Should. I'm watching Eli play on the floor. :)

  37. No, I'd stay right here Vee, in my corner of Maine. Your cookies are lovely, glad it's only a viewing for me or I might be in on the pack of wolverines. Foyles War, we've seen them all and are waiting for the new season to come out as Brenda mentioned. There is a gizmo that hooks the ipad to TV? I need to look into that as we don't have cable. But then again, that might start to defeat the purpose. Anyway, sorry to ramble. Blessings ~ Abby

  38. Your cookies look delicious, Vee. Can I have a couple, please? Or have they all disappeared?
    Foyle's War is a show I will add to my list to look up.
    We just got back from a little vacation and it wasn't that warm. But it was warmer than here by the end of the week, so I won't complain. I'm kind of enjoying staying cozy and warm now.

  39. The cookies look so cute and yummy! Bailey looks just like our sons dog who is named Bailey as well.

  40. Your comment about the wolverines had me laughing out loud, requiring an explanation to the rest of the family! =D (I'm afraid I'm in that category too.)

    Your cookies are adorable! Such a cute idea. I just made some Valentine cookies too. They are cooling on the counter and then I will drizzle them with chocolate. Isn't everything better with chocolate? If they turn out, I may blog about them (using my blogger "gymnastics" of course).

    I believe that Ron watched some episodes of Foyle's War. Hmmm...maybe that is something to fill in the lonely Sunday evening hours after the season finale of Downton.

  41. The cookies are so cute! I like to hear about the weather where people live, but then, I'm weird that way. ;)
    Sounds like you had cozy afternoon watching shows. Bailey looks like my Ebony who is also old. It is difficult to go off and leave the old ones behind. Where would I go to be warm? Hmmmm I have no idea, but I'd go just about anywhere a second if someone offered to pay my way. LOL

  42. What cute little heart sugar cookies. I love sugar cookies...with milk...for dunking. :)

    We've not had snow or really cold weather so I am not wanting to go anywhere. Now, come summertime, I would LOVE to take another family cruise .....:)
    Instead, I am hoping I'll be knee-deep in UNpacking...

  43. Catching up again, Vee! I'm sorry I have been absent again so long. I've been helping my duaghter but I have to admit she is taking care of the baby like a pro and is recovering well from her surgery. I'm so proud of her! We finally got a couch to sit on --lol--I can't wait till our house sells and we finally can buy the rest of the furniture we need! I'm glad you weathered the storm well. My brother got 22 inches! I love the old shows whose links you've given over the last few posts--I hope I find time to watch a few!


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