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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Footprints Tell the Story

What does one do with two active boys around 3:45 in the afternoon when lunch is long past, the movie has been watched, the games have been played, and snack time is over? Go sliding, of course! Naturally, the camera battery decided to croak just as I wanted to take photos. These were taken this morning.

Lots of tromping back and forth...

 See that sharp turn to the left?

That's right. Directly through the giant slushy puddle. One leading the way and the other in his footsteps.

Nonni (that would be me): You Yahoos! (Yes, I have called my grands names.) What do you think you're doing?!

Yahoos: We're wearing boots!

Nonni: Are they waterproof?

Yahoos: Giggles

Nonni: Sigh


The good thing about having to recreate this scene is that I found something white (besides the snow) so that I could link to Mary's today. 

White birch bark as found outside in the snow. Snow isn't all that clean, is it?

Inside on felted white wool

What would you take a photo of if the topic were white? That is the topic today at Thursday's Inspiration at Little Red House and you could join in!


  1. Sounds like a fun day of memories. You can rest today, Nonni!


  2. Ah, to be young again and giggle when your feet get wet and cold! I adore your white-on-white photos. You got some texture going on in both of them. Take a curtsy, my dear!

    Now... about that battery. Is there a reason why you don't have a spare battery? And yes, you may ask me how many batteries I have. For the D90, I have 5. For the D800, I have 4. For my little Coolpix, I have 3. Cold temperatures really drain a battery fast. And a battery can eventually fail completely. I don't ever want to miss some once-in-a-lifetime shots because of a dead battery. Admonishment over, LOL. Carry on!

  3. Sounds like you all had a great day!

    What would I take a photo of that was white. I like my white pottery and dishes and also beautiful white sheets...


  4. Your comments on the foot prints reminds me of the sweetness of finding handprints on glass after little ones leave. I remember my mother saying she would just leave them there for awhile. I do love that white birch.

  5. Oh, grands leave all kinds of footprints...on your snowy lawn and all across your heart...
    Sounds like you had a rousing good time with them! (And probably collapsed into your chair after they left. Ask me how I know.)

    As I look around this morning, I have no idea what I would photograph if the subject were "white." I use lots of color in my decorating. Maybe my white dishes...

  6. My mother used to say, "Where there's no sense, there's no feeling," when, as a kid, I used to say I wasn't cold.

    What to photograph for white....A challenge. I love white Irises, white peonies, white roses.......A white bouquet? White flowers in the garden when it's almost dark and they are the last visible blooming things?

  7. Of course little boys will splash through puddles...even ice cold ones. I can just hear their giggles. I love birch trees and your pictures of white are great Vee.

    Looking around here, I don't see anything white to take a picture of. Lot's of color in the house and browns and greens outside.

  8. Looks like lots of fun was had at Nonni's house! And now Nonni can rest..haha.

  9. I only have white ceilings and trim in my house, some dishes, our snow is almost all gone and what's left is gray and black! Much more fun white happening at your place! xo

  10. Sorry your cam batteries died, but you still did get some lovely and evocative photos.

    Footprints through a wet spot! What could be more illustrative of little boys?????????????????????? ,-)

    And the bark is lovely.... -happy sigh-

  11. Oh Vee - you know, little boys are gonna find every single puddle within a 10-mile radius to stomp through. And yes, we called (and still do) our kids Yahoos (pronounced in Texas as YAY-hoos) Tony always taught Sunday School classes for the young kids at church. Yep, they were called Yahoos from time to time. Many parents mentioned it to him (but nobody ever seemed to mind).

    White pictures - I like the birch bark - we don't get much of that down here. Closest thing is sycamore and crepe myrtle sheds.

    Keeping an eye on Storm Q. It's a booger - maybe it'll miss y'all! Take care!

  12. Love the tromping in the snow photos! If I ever have grands they'll be lovingly called names, too. Something white? Don't tempt me.

  13. With 4 granddaughters we always stayed inside playing Barbies, baking or doing other girly things - never splashing through puddles. LOL The first and oldest grand is a boy and he stayed pretty clean too when I babysat. (probably bored to death at granny's)
    I found a couple of nice whites for today but do love that pristine piece of birch bark you found.

  14. Oh, I could find all kinds of white today. We're having a real winter storm in most of MO as I speak. At least in my area of mid-MO and in the KC area where my son is driving in blizzard conditions trying to get home from work as we speak. I'll be a nervous wreck until I hear he's home. Have been saying lots of prayers. It's a mess in that area. I wish he'd just pull in to the nearest hotel, but know he'll keep trying to get home. Sigh.

    Your story of the grands trudging through the puddle made me smile. You know that's exactly what little boys do, don't you? :)

  15. Hmmm...there's not much white around here these days. Oh yes...the trumpeter swans taking up residence in our grass fields are snow white. Your 'birch on snow' is perfect for the white theme.

    My grandgirlie (Maggie) was planning to bring a friend here for lunch today, but their plans fell through. They like to play Barbies and make forts in the basement...and they stay out of puddles with their princess shoes.

    I heard my dad when you called your grands 'yahoos'...that is a favorite expression of his.

  16. How fun!!!! what a fun way to spend an afternoon!! too bad about your batteries that always happens to me...ALWAYS!!!

  17. Sounds as if the little guys had a great time entertaining you!

    If I could take a picture of something totally white, it would be to create a flower bed with all white flowers. I've seen pictures of them, but never had a spot to try it.

  18. That's a funny name, no problem. Kids will be kids, whereever there is snow to be had. Snow isn't very clean. We used to make show ice cream when I was a kid. No more. We are waiting for a big one this afternoon. Actually we need it!

  19. Oh yess, little boys will "slosh" they can't help themselves.
    As for white on white. I think we are in for a lot of it later today. Big storm coming our way.

  20. I love the texture and details of birch bark! What a fabulous find and do you know what? I was surprised you brought it inside, but somehow that pleased me! Sounds like you had fun with the boys and everyone got some exercise! Sweet hugs!

  21. I probably would have followed them right in the slushy part! : )
    I really like the white bark on the white snow. Nice picture.

    1. Not if you were wearing what I was wearing...clogs. (My boots died last winter and I've not yet replaced them.)

  22. Vee,
    Lovely . . .little children's footprints in the SNOW!!!
    I LOVE SNOW...and yesterday it SNOWed on the Prairie!!!
    I had already done my post for Mary's Thrusday's Inspirations. . .
    but I still went outdoors and made a SNOW Angel!!!
    Thank you for sharing your creative talent. . .
    and Grandma conversations with us! Priceless!!!

  23. Great pictures Vee, I felt like I was right there with you and the Yahoos. If I were going to join the party, I'd probably take some pictures of my vintage white linens with some of my old ironstone pitchers. I have a thing for white ironstone, it's comfort pieces. Have a great day Vee, thanks for adding some cheer to mine. ~ Abby

  24. Little boys (and girls) have such fun splashing through puddles. I still enjoy it if I'm in the right mood.
    Love your choice of white. I really want to have a birch tree in our yard someday. I love their texture and the way they seem to glow at nighttime.

    You can pop over to see my white photos. And I sympathize with you on the battery losing umph just when you needed it. I don't have a spare one either.

  25. I see what you mean. You have clean slush though, not mud so thick it had to be scraped off first!

    The white frost that will be covering my garden in the morning.

  26. You're making happy memories for the grand-kids. I love to see kids play outside instead of watching tv. There is always something to do, right. I love your white on white.

  27. You make me long for winter, we don't have snow but I love the cold mornings and nights by the fire.
    Down the road and round the corner is a house with white iceberg roses leading up to their front door it's a great look.

  28. Those snow boots just love to gather water. DGS is a puddle/stream/any water magnet. Comes in with wet feet. Had to change to rubber boots for school just to keep his socks/feet dry. Love the birch bark against the snow outside and wool inside.

  29. Sounds like the boys had a blast in the snow! I too used snow scenes for my "white" Thursday inspiration.

  30. I just shoveled a "squirrel path" so they could come back for some peanuts!

  31. Oh Vee, your conversation with the "yahoos" had me in stitches. As the mother of boys I can well imagine this scenario.
    Your white photos are lovely. Our white snow is long gone, but I am still enjoying the white mums that I bought at the grocery store on Jan. 27th. Money well spent.

  32. Boys will be boys~ even if they were kinda Yahoos, haha.

    That birch bark is awesome. Puddle? Not-so-much.


  33. Kids and puddles, they just cant resist - I couldnt either at their age.

    No, snow certainly ain't white, which you learn real quick if you try and paint it. It's all sort of colours. Same with sheep wool, which we tend to think of as white.

    Not sure what I would pick for white. No snow around here. Looking around me now, the only thing I can see obviously white is my car. Boring.



  34. Oh Vee, what good is some slush if you can't stomp through it? ;) Thanks so much for sharing your cute story and all your whites! xoxo

  35. Love that white birch. I've wanted a birch tree for so long; happily the lady across the street has one that is in our view.
    Photo of white. Hmm, my grandson? After having strangers comment to our son that his baby sure is white.
    (Still shaking my head over that...)

    1. Do they mean "fair" "blond"?

    2. Only if the "people of color" making the comment would describe themselves as dark or brunette.

      We are hoping the reply of "thank you" was deemed appropriate!

  36. Vee, thanks for visiting The Gardening Life today. We haven't received the storm and our forecast looks to be slightly warming. Hope you fare well through the storm in your area.

  37. Ahhh, I remember those days with my own kids. Mid- afternoon and I'm ready for bed and the kids need something to do. Send them outdoors! Great white photos. I love the birch bark on the snow. I guess I could take a photo of white plates, white pitchers, fake white tulips, white linen napkins. Too late to join tonight. I'm tired!

  38. I'm enjoying the snow shots, but glad that I don't have any to show! haha! I'm sure your tykes love it!

  39. My kids would love to go sliding like that! And that piece of white birch is beautiful. I'm not sure what is white around here, everything is more of a dingy color.

  40. Who did I pop over from...lol...I can’t remember, but I’m glad I’m here. I love the piece of silver birch you found. I have a piece that I’m really looking forward to painting on. (I tend to paint on anything I find) Anyway, I’m off now to have a peek at some of your other posts. :)

  41. Your blog never fails to make me smile. The little conversation with the Yahoos is my favorite part.

    If I could take a picture of something white, I guess it would be the dust left over from grouting my floor, although it's about as white as your snow for the first 17 attempts at wiping it up.

  42. Good Morning Sweet Vee

    I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!! And yes I'm am shouting!!! It's beautiful!!!

    Are you expecting snow withe the next storm headed our way?

    Good Luck!


  43. Nonni - you are a hoot! Looks like your grandboys had a wonderful fun day tromping in all that white stuff! Everything around here is white - must say I'm longing for green! You always lighten my day dear Vee - have a great weekend!

  44. I'm so happy that Nonni and the Yahoos are having a great time! (Birch bark is wonderful, too.)

  45. So joyous to be a kid isn't it. You will have the memories. Valerie


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