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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Queen Anne Architecture Among Other Things

Queen Anne Style Components:
  1. steep roof lines 
  2. asymmetrical 
  3. one-story porch 
  4. differing outer wall surfaces 
  5. ornamental brackets and/or spindles 
  6. turrets or towers
  7. bay windows

I have photographed and discussed my neighbors' home so often. Allow me to do so again. We are looking at the back of the home, which surprisingly has more details than the current front. That's because the end we're seeing used to be "the front."

Once upon a time, it was a grand old Queen Anne home with a porch wrapping around the corner and across the front. In fact, in summertime photos, the former stairs climbing from the lower lawn can be seen. A large entry door was once there where the windows are now. There was once a circular drive and the horses would climb the hill and enter the carriage house through the doors you see just beyond the deck. (The deck is a recent addition in the past twenty years.)

When I was a teenager, I visited the home several times with my youth group. Why? Because it was the only nursing home in town (now we have none) and we were invited to play games, sing, and visit with the inhabitants.

I have always enjoyed the view beyond my windows. My neighbors do a beautiful job of maintaining their home and lawn.

Joining Mary at Little Red House for Thursday Inspiration: architecture.


In other news, my niece gave me the cord needed to hitch my iPad to the tv. Yay! I tried it out by visiting blogs. You all look so beautiful on the big screen. There's my own blog above with the fort photos (architecture of a brief sort) and the fort builders in their Christmas photo.

To the right, see Kim's beautiful spring blog entry here at Happy at Home. If you're starved for spring colors...

The rest of the afternoon was given to watching episodes of Victorian Farm, which you can find at You Tube in their entirety. Lovely!

Still using "snow setting" 

~Bottles of index fluid~

We got quite a kick out of reading what you had to say yesterday. You're such a fun bunch of folks!

Tip: I keep lots of fingernail polish on hand for John's use. He is forever asking for some so that he can index things as you see above and below. The eyes aren't what they once were for either of us and so marking cords for electronics is handy.

He gave me a little lesson on dialing in motors that you might also find helpful except that my eyes glazed over at about the thirty-second mark. ☺ He also told me that in machinery the index mark is referred to as a "witness" mark and I really liked that term so have remembered it.

A happy day to you...


  1. That is a beautifully maintained home, Vee. Still quite a bit of the white stuff I see. Lots of rain in these parts. xo

  2. Aren't you becoming Hi-Tech! Your neighbor's home is beautiful, but the snow--I'm cold just seeing it:-)

  3. I loved seeing your neighbors house through the snowfall. Thanks for sharing the nail polish tip!


  4. That is a pretty house and it looks pretty amongst the snow. I see your clock on the shelf, it looks similar to the one I have that is dated 1896 on the back, which still runs. How cool is that to see blogs on your T.V.

  5. I loved seeing the snowfall and view from your window of your neighbor. Heading over to visit Kim at Happy at Home!

  6. I adore the architecture that you have up there in Maine. I cherish the book that I got during our first visit to your state - "Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn" It is so grand with all of the old carriage houses. Your neighbor's house is quite a treat to see every day. Oh, the detailing on the porch is delicious!

    Now, about that iPad cord. There is an iPad cord for the TV??? I had no idea! I guess I need to do a little search online to see where it can be purchased. And where does one plug it into the TV? Or is a special TV required? I sure could have used such a thing when I was very sick a few weeks ago.

    1. There are ports on the back of my flat screen. Quite a number of them really. The cord gets plugged into the tv and then into the same spot where the iPad battery is recharged. It works great!

    2. We have flat screens, so there must be a plug-in back there somewhere. I'll investigate the TV in my studio room. Thanks for the info!

  7. I like your "witness" program ... I have used a sharpie ...those apple cords are hard to see for us olders -- and maybe the young just don't admit it. I like your architecture photos --what a pretty house. Now you can watch your you tube stuff on the big screen via your tablet.

  8. How sweet of you, to highlight a neighbor's house, which they maintain wonderfully! Joy! Joy! Joy!

    Of course, your house info, has only whet my appetite... (Ahemmm, you know ME! ,-)) Is it possible to find any old photos, showing it in its former grand old Queen Anne state? And show them to us? That would be oh so much fun.

    Wow! Look at your blog, on your big tv!!!!!! Woot! Oh please, will you take a pic of mine, up there, and send it to me, via email? -chuckle-

    (Vee is beginning to re-think the Wisdom, of this entire post. It's setting her up, for more work! From me, anyway.)

    How about that?!? I use fingernail polish, for marking things too!!!! ,-) Great minds work in similar ways or whatever that saying is....


  9. Nail polish, what a great idea!

    He'd have a field day at our house where we have at least three boxes of cords. Yes, boxes!

    This is what happens when one's son becomes a computer nerd about the age of ten AND the said son is a packrat. I'm not holding my breath he goes through them soon as the bookshelf and all his books are still in his former room.

    However, all that computer nerdiness has paid off as he received his first paycheck as a software engineer (he gets paid once a month and had to wait a month... that was interesting). His first comment was how much the government takes out but all of us had warned him. His second comment was even with that how big his paycheck is compared to many of his friends in the area.

    I asked him if all those all night study sessions and not giving up when things were impossibly hard were worth it? I also told him we were so proud of him. Being a guy he just mumbled an embarrased thank you. ;)

  10. The view from one's own house to a lovely neighboring house is such a blessing! And to have childhood memories of the house, oh my, how sweet is that?

    The electronics folks are sure smart but why haven't they figured out that a lot of their product users are having to resort to nail polish marks to use their products? Surely they could design the products with shiny colored dots that ideally would even glow in the dark? Come on Apple/Microsoft...get a clue!

  11. Love the architecture pictures and the story of your neighbours home. So sweet that you keep lots of nail polish on hand for John's use - smile! Have a great day Vee.

  12. Queen Anne architecture is probably my most favorite. I love everything about it, even some of the elements others might consider gaudy. Your neighbor's home is so pretty, even if it has been updated. I just can't believe all of the snow you still have! We have had a lot of rain ... more than enough. AT least we aren't starting the year out lacking in rain which we are prone to do in the south. Hopefully you will thaw out soon .... I know you are more than ready!

  13. I would absolutely love to have that view from our front window. You've seen what we get to look at.

    Perhaps I need to invest in more nail polish. I'm going to tell DH about this use. I'm forever learning something new here! Thank you!

    Are your toenails still painted in different colors? I think it's wonderful that you did it.

    1. Oh, of course! Pedicures last for quite some time.

  14. Our house is the oldest house in our neighborhood and it's not the charming kind of old. We are making it, slowly but surely, a little more charming. Thankfully we live in an area of big trees that help my views. Have a wonderful day, Vee!

  15. I adore old houses! I love adding character to our 20 + year old house which was just builder basic boring!

    We can hook up my laptop to the TV and is how we watch movies. I've not really looked at the blogs that way, but I could.



  16. Your neighbor's house is a beauty. How nice to have that view to gaze upon and also the wonderful memories associated with it.
    I love how your photos look like they could just be lifted by the corner. Neat editing you have done there.
    Blog reading on the tv screen.. what a great idea and I was delighted to see my own blog up there :). Thanks for the shout out. My neighbor once put some photos of us up on his big screen tv and I was mortified. Ugh!
    Interesting idea with the nail polish and cords. I just tossed a pile of unidentified cords into a box hoping my son can identify them when he comes over. I'll have the nail polish handy when he does.

  17. Hi Vee. I've mentioned before that I'd love to live in your neighbour's house. Thanks for the history behind it. I find it interesting how old houses are changed, updated, renovated, and even ruined over the years from the original beauty and purpose. I love the front porch on this house with it's fancy woodwork detail and would spend hours out there in nice weather, if I lived there. I'd have you over for tea and crumpets and talk too! I've never hooked up my computer to the tv to view blogs but, what a great idea! I know it can be done as Murray has done it downstairs on the really big tv. Now I must pop over to visit Happy At Home. Enjoy the snow!

  18. Now that's a lovely view to enjoy every day from one's own house. Such graceful lines.

    We watch quite a bit of stuff on our television and bought a small computer which is permanently attached to the back of the tv. It's called something special but I'm not a techie person and that kind of conversation never sticks between the ears. Anyway, it's nice to not to have to plug anything in anywhere if we watch on the big screen. (which really isn't that big - just big relative to a computer screen)

    Clarity came as I read your explanation of why you have so many colours of nail polish. I really don't envision you as someone who spends that much time painting her toenails and changing the colour often. But then, I only know you from the blog, and we can be anyone we want online. Scary, isn't it?

    1. I'm such an awful tease that it's a wonder anyone ever believes me. Though it was John's idea to caption the nail polish bottles "index fluid," he really rolled his eyes to read that I keep a stash of nail polish just for him. No, it's really mine and I do use it all the time...pedicure rarely for manicures.

  19. What a charming house to have outside your window...I think I'd be peering at it often. Lovely old houses fascinate me. There is a neighborhood in a nearby town that we LOVE to drive through (iced coffees from D&D in hand), just to look at the beautiful homes.

    Oooo...I know you're going to enjoy viewing the computer screen via your television screen. Must be much easier on the eyes.

  20. it is so awesome to imagine that house in its original state with horses and circular drive and carriage house and wrap-around porch.......how extraordinary.

    Vee, I really feel oftentimes that I don't belong in this era. It actually bugs me a lot - I love all our modern things (blogging,etc.) but my comfort level has never been completely satisfied in these times.

    BTW - maybe it is time I try the "all different colours" pedi now that my surgery is over. I had all black on for a while but my daughter the day before my surgery came and gave me a really bright tropical peachy orange colour. I cannot tell you how many nurses commented on it, haha.

    1. Yes! There's something completely cheering about a fun pedicure.

  21. I love the Japanese concept of "the borrowed landscape" which is what you see from your home which, though it does not belong to you, contributes to your feeling of home and neighborhood. This old house just looks wonderful and I like that you've known it for so long.

  22. It IS a nice big house from the picture. It's neat that you've seen it all your life and watched it change. It has quite a history to it, too.

    I had to giggle out loud today when I saw your post with your polished piggies all different colors! Did John index your toes, too?


  23. Vee, your neighbors home is gorgeous! I love, love old homes like this! Maybe they will let you photograph the inside ...I am curious about their decor..I bet it is just as gorgeous as the outside! ..and what amazes me is there is huge lot! Love it..
    Your husband sounds like a fun guy!

  24. Hi Vee,

    I love that home, and I didn't know that those were the features of Queen Ann architecture. i haven't tried hooking my iPad up to my TV. Now that sounds interesting. There are so many wonderful things on You Tube.

    Well, Have a great day Vee. Mary's linky is up.


  25. Thanks Vee, I learned about Queen Anne homes today, always nice to learn new things. I have marked things in the past with nail polish, keys in particular but I know there are many more uses.

  26. I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to old houses. I love to see pictures of what they once were and try to imagine them in their day.
    I like the idea of "borrowed landscape" also. I have a farm in back of me with a nice hill and plenty of pretty trees. I don't have to pay the taxes but have the million dollar view!

  27. Vee, this is a charming house -- I can't imagine having a former carriage house next to my home! I can't get over all your snow; is this a typical winter for you in Maine?

    I think we may have one or two Queen Anne style homes in the older neighborhoods of our city; that really is such a lovely style. Your post makes me want to drive around and investigate now. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  28. That's a great looking old house. They have such character.
    Looks like you have lots of snow around yet and it's still coming down.
    What a good use for the nail polish!!

  29. Vee,
    The neighbors house is an amazing example of architecture!
    My High school years were spent growing up in a Grand Lady Victorian!!!
    Love the nail polish "index" tip...much smarter looking than "Mr. Ed's" masking tape and Sharpie marker!!!

  30. Well I have learned so much in this one post.

    1. I learned the name of style for that type of house. I love it, btw.
    2. I learned that you can use nail polish for something other than nails.

    and mostly

    3. I learned never to put my backside on my blog again. I had no clue it could be hooked up to a wide screen tv!

  31. ohh gotta figure out how to put the ipad to tv. Nice pictures as always. Bill is always asking for clear fingernail polish for his projects. Going now to look for Victorian Farm. ~ Abby


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