Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's Talk Tea and Toast

~trying out the toast rack~

~notice unmelted butter~

~half-eaten toast~

~primrose gifts from John~

~The M&Ms match the primrose!~


  1. Morning Vee, oh ya, hot buttered toast, comfort food I think but with coffee for me...LOVE your Friendly Village dishes, I just did a post on them this morning...You have a wonderful set of them, me not so much, great post, Francine.

  2. John knows how to bring spring into your home and help chase away cabin fever ~ beautiful primroses!

    I dreamed about irises blooming last night. Everything was green outside. I guess I'm ready for spring, too.

    Your vignettes are always lovely. You inspire me to do better.

    To show you how little I know, I always thought the toast rack was to place your toast in that's freshly toasted and buttered. Then it's placed in the toast rack and passed around for each person to take a slice. I really need to watch Downton Abbey! I'm so glad that I've never bought one because that's how I would have used it. I'm sure my mother-in-law would have visited from VA and known the proper way. She would never say anything, but years later I would find out and know that she simply decided not to embarrass me.

  3. Yes, what IS it about toast that it just never quite makes it to the table. (A letter holder is a good idea!) ;D

  4. Hi Vee,

    Bless you -- your posts never fail to make my day. :) These pretty vignettes today, combined with your gentle humor was just what I needed this morning. It's been kind of a frustrating week around here.

    Since watching Downton Abbey, I've been halfway wondering if we might need a toast rack, but you've definitely answered my question. A great letter holder indeed. I DON'T like cold, crisp toast with unmelted butter. In fact, my mom might be the only person to do this, but she used to butter our bread first and toast it under the broiler in the oven. Yum!! That's really still my favorite way of preparing toast. I'll eat it out of the toaster only if I can butter it right away like you do.

    Your table looks so pretty! Johnson Bros. Friendly Village are the only dishes my husband has ever expressed any interest in, so I really need to get some one day. I keep looking for them discounted somewhere like Home Goods. Oh, and BTW, your Primroses are beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day, Vee!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. Your tea & toast table looks like a lovely scene from someone's cozy home in England. I notice you have a butter bell, I love mine. And yes, I like my butter melted on my toast! : )


  6. I love your haven! So beautiful!

    I am a butter it straight from the toaster kinda gal myself. I usually put it on a plate then and eat while blogging. I am not one to sit at the table with breakfast. Your photos make me want to though!

    Have a delight-filled day. Tell John the primroses are lovely!


  7. -clapping hands- Oh I love to see a post, which comes together totally. Theme...Written words...Photos...Everything meshes. In a lovely, lovely way.

    My Hearty Congratulations on doing this, my Dear! Because it is like a rarely found sparkling Gem, in Pretty Blog Land.

    I really want to comment more pretty words, to say this over and over again. But I'm finally coming to grips with the fact that I use toooooooo many words. And they dilute my feeling/meaning, rather than add to it. :-)

    "Auntie's Wisdom 101" for the day!!!

  8. Your question... I never use butter on toast. But if I use one of those "make-believe-butters," I want it to melt, yes!!!!

    Oh but, I don't like my Peanut Butter to melt and get all runny and icky. -shudder-


  9. Good morning! Your right of course....the toast MUCH have "melted" butter (or substitute!) on it....a letter holder is a good idea...haha. I did LOVE the look however. I wanted to sit right down and join in Enjoy your day!

  10. I always thought toast racks cooled the toast. I'm like you, if you're going to toast, why not enjoy the warmth and melted butter. Our further deal is that we like our toast lightly toasted--almost warm bread with the slightest crisp to it. We lived with friends for a time who liked their toast black. mesh. It would make a nice letter holder --or a better word might be bill holder? How many letters do you get? If you get enough to hold in that rack, you are blessed. A dying art. But that's another subject isn't it.

  11. The toast rack sure looks pretty on your table. A softened spread of butter and honey would be good on dry toast. Enjoy your day. Stay warm in this next bout of winter weather! Sweet hugs!

  12. I'm a lover of hot melted butter on my toast too. I make one piece at a time. I do wonder though if there might be something like a toast cozy you could make up. You know those quilted covers made for teapots to keep the tea warm! Could work I suppose!

  13. So pretty and inviting. I love your cozy lights, I have them in my home too!!

  14. These are beautiful pictures, Vee. Your home looks so warm and inviting and the table set so pretty! I have a porcelain toast rack that I just HAD to have...silly me, we never use it. A letter holder is a great idea! ;-D


  15. I do like your pictures of (once again) your cozy home. How do you still have M&M's in your bowl? They last about 30 minutes here. The posies are lovely - what a guy!!!!

    Now, I have a solution for the cold toast. Put the toaster on the table. Pour the tea. Next, park John in his chair and have him hold the butter knife in one hand and the butter at the ready next to his plate. Oh, also, don't forget to have John hold his mouth just right and keep his eyes on the toaster. Then, you sit down at your place. Place two slices of bread in the toaster. Push the button down. Both of you now watch the toaster. BOING! When the toast jumps up, shriek at John to grab a piece and put butter on it leaving one piece in the toaster so it will stay warm. You put the buttered piece in the toaster caddy, and give him the other piece to butter. Set it in the caddy, too. 1-2-3 GO! Both of you grab a piece of hot buttered toast, jelly it up, and eat it before it cools!!! Have a sip of tea! This is a team effort so both of you will have to step up to the plate to have warm toast with melted butter AND use your toast holder caddy thingie.

    Now there. If you have any other questions you need answering, just let me know. I won't charge you anything. :)

    Have a warm TOASTY day, Vee & John!

  16. like many pretty ways, i like the idea of a thing
    more than the actual doing of it. (toast rack)
    your home is so lovely. it has inspired me to
    do a little valentining around here.

    thank you for redirecting me to your fiction
    page. i am enjoying it immensely!

  17. Your home is so cozy Vee. Have to agree, give me the toast with the melted butter, although I do think toast racks are pretty.Don't you love those British comedy shows?

  18. I like my toast hot too with the butter melted on it. :-)

  19. What a pretty table!
    I don't have a toast rack didn't even know about a toast rack.. I would think that would cool your toast.. I like mine right out of the toaster with of course melted butter! You have such a cozy home!!!
    Have a blessed day!!!!

  20. I like it your way too Vee. I love your photos - the aprons (again) on the door, the pretty china and all the accoutrements (big word!). Lovely post. I think the toast rack will make an excellent letter holder or (brain wave) small china plates! Enjoy the day. Hugs, Pam

  21. I agree about the melted butter, but your toast rack does look so elegant on your table. Love your dishes too.


  22. Awww. The banner looks so cute in your house! :) and I love your tea set and the aprons hangong. :)

    ~Sarah <3

  23. Love the photos, Vee. I'm with you. Use that toast hardener for something else besides toast! :)

  24. I'm right there with you - I want tons of melted butter if I'm eating toast. The photos are wonderful and make me want to sit down with you to enjoy it all!

  25. I am so picky about my toast.....and I want it no toast rack for me!

  26. What a beautiful table setting - so elegant and civilized! The pretty flowers, dishes, and the bowl of M & Ms are just so lovely. I too like my toast warm with melted butter. My mother used to butter the bread and then toast it butter side down in her cast iron pan - so delicious!!
    I think you toast rack would make the perfect napkin holder?
    Stay warm in your cozy haven during this forcasted snow warning!

  27. My first toast rack encounter was in London. I was not amused to have cold butter on cold toast in the morning. The racks are cute though.

  28. A toast rack has never been on my I'm glad you did the review for us. I'm sure you will find other good uses for it!

  29. I would have to agree Vee. I like my butter to melt and then eat it quickly. It's a beautiful letter holder though.

  30. LIke you I like my toast warm with melted butter. I love your tablesetting and all there is on it.

  31. I was thinking of forewarning you what to expect with your English toast rack when I saw your post, but one never knows if others might enjoy cold, crisp toast and unmelted butter! Like most Americans, I prefer my toast hot and the butter melted, and I see it is the same for you. However, it does make a lovely organizer for letters and papers.

  32. I would keep the toast warm in the oven until putting it out into the rack for company. On my own, it's like you - well done and hot from the toaster, slathered with butter and eaten.
    Toast and tea was always a comfort food growing up if you didn't feel well, didn't want a big supper or had it for afternoon tea.
    Nice hubby buying you primroses.

  33. I'm thinking I'd rather have my toast with soaked in butter as well! :) Love the pictures of your beautiful home! Looks so cozy and warm! :)

  34. I kept my mouth firmly closed when I read your excitement about finding a toast rack. Now you've discovered the downside of toast racks. Cold toast, blech. Melted butter, yum.
    Your table looks so cozy and welcoming with the primroses (go, John!) and your pretty dishes. And may I express my admiration, once again, for all the aprons hung on your wall. I'm still looking for such a place in my home. It might have to be in the laundry room, off the kitchen.

  35. Oh yes, I am an over the counter eater, too. My mother was as well, and I never "got it" when she did this. As an adult, I now understand completely why mother did this. She did not have time to relax.

    Vee, your home looks lovely! So pretty with the flowers from you beloved. And yes, those toast trays make great desktop organizers.


  36. I would butter the toast before i put it in the reack, but that doesn't solve the "cold toast" problem, does it? I guess it will be a nice letter holder!

    My granddaughter was born yesterday! We are on Cloud 9!

  37. I absolutely adore Friendly Village dishes! Very warm and homey.

  38. Well, well, well, it would seem that I am the ONLY one that like toast the British way!
    I refuse to be deterred, I will soldier one in my crusade for crunchy toast. However, I did noticed that you didn't butter all the way to the edges of the bread, I would have to send that back for rebuttering, Im afraid......

    I must say I am in awe of the photos of your home, when mine grows up, I'd like it to be like yours. It makes me yearn for a 'haven for Fi', lol.


  39. Too funny, Vee! Crisp cold toast - sounds like something that wouldn't hit the spot!
    Well, your teacup, saucer and plate, toast rack and primroses look lovely and inviting.
    Even though the butter didn't melt, it is important to slow down and savor breakfast, and things in general like that.

  40. Your primroses are pretty! Three cheers for John!

    And I'm not surprised that you would use the toast rack for another purpose. It looks pretty, but it is not practical for its original purpose.

  41. I love Friendly Village, I would find room in my house, even under my bed, for that set! My toast rack looked identical, although the previous owner had painted it white. I like raisin toast, with a light coating of peanut butter. Mmmmm Are you ready for Nemo? Another storm of the century. How much more can we take? I am done. xo

  42. Well, everything looks yummy and toasty and warm at your place!

  43. I'm a fan of toast made in toaster ovens with the butter melting into the toast under the broiler. =)

    I came here because I think about you every time I hear the forecast for New England. You'd never suspect there's a storm coming from your beautiful pictures. Stay warm, cozy, and safe!


  44. I like my toast warm too.
    Ken tried to leave a comment but he is having trouble. He's still learning his way around blogland. : )

  45. Oh yes, I agree with you on toast, totally. I think the toast rack would be a wonderful organizer or letter holder. Better than any store-bought types.

    I love you dish pattern.


  46. I suppose there's one advantage to waiting until evening to comment...I get to read and enjoy all of the other comments!

    Cold toast does not excite me either (although the charming toast rack does!). Cold foods should be cold. Hot foods should be hot. No in between kind of stuff.

    (As I type this, in my mind I can hear Bekah coming up with things I like at room temperature. She has this black-and-white sort of thinking that takes words quite seriously and she must test them to see if you are stating absolute facts. That girl!)

    Your breakfast table is stunning! You know that I adore those from your sweetie are precious...and a bowl of M&Ms can't be bad. Ever.

  47. Beautiful photos and such lovely primroses. Thank you for your lovely comment yesterday. I didn't hear "she had lived a good life," but a lot of people said to me, "at least she's in a better place!" I hated that phrase and know people mean well, but it still hurt. Stay warm and I pray you're not in the path of that storm coming,XOXO

  48. Such a warm and cozy post! Love the photos and love the Friendly Village dishes. My hubby may make me move out if I told him I wanted another set, but I am just going to have to see about finding them. The red buildings are what grabs me. As for the toast rack, I think it'll make a perfect letter holder.
    The flowers are beautiful! Yay, John!!
    Hope the storm doesn't get too bad in the NE. I'll be thinking of all my blogging friends. Stay safe!

  49. A perfect post, Vee. Tea and toast. Toast and tea. Tea and Tea with Toast. Toasted Toast with Tea. No matter how you look at it, it's just perfect!

    I hope you keep warm and cozy during the storm. They say that spring isn't too far away, and hopefully that's true. In the meantime, keep safe and find something to entertain yourself where it's toasty!

  50. Ah... toast, the ultimate comfort food with the butter melted of course. I love love your pictures in this post, especially the first one, what a cozy kitchen you have. Thanks for sharing Vee. ~ Abby

  51. Warm toast with butter is the ultimate comfort food, and with hot tea, it is even better. :)

  52. Must always use my toast rack, the last thing I want is soggy toast which is what happens when the butter melts (in my opinion) Alan likes it your way.

    Must be marmalade too and not jam if it is breakfast time!


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