Monday, February 18, 2013

Some Items of Business and a Downton Abbey Spoiler Alert

Two items of business and then some major Downton Abbey spoilers. When you see *Spoiler*Spoiler*Spoiler,* you'll consider yourself warned, right? Oh good.

First of all, this week is the Note Card Party. I know. So soon! There's a new button, if you'd like to have it; otherwise, carry on as usual. Both buttons can be found at the page you find when clicking for details. Either button is fine with me — whatever fits your decor. Thank you for displaying it (presuming that you do). I appreciate it so much. Seems as if our little Note Card Party is in decline so we'll see how it goes and play it by ear. There are new things coming along in Blogdom all the time that may be of more interest.

Like the new thing going on at Donna's. She is hosting a photo challenge *here.* She will not be holding your hand (mine neither apparently), though she will be providing links where we can learn a few tips. The first photo challenge is...well, you just run over there and find out! This could prove interesting. I may learn something in spite of myself.

*Spoiler Alert*Spoiler Alert*Spoiler Alert* 

So there we were watching Downton Abbey last night with part of the storyline taking place near Iverness, Scotland (Scottish Highlands, up in the glen, very pretty place).

Oops...wrong show!

There was a lot of walking about in the countryside and the gardens...

Violet Crawley and her niece Susan married to Shrimpie, parents of Rose

Am I far enough down here yet? I certainly hope so because I'm about to blow...

They killed him? Are you kidding me?! First they kill Sybil in an extremely cruel way and now Matthew? Oh there was a lot of foreshadowing, many hints of things to come.

Okay, perhaps not that bad...

Allow me to back track a bit. Just when I might have supposed that Matthew and Mary's love story is the major one of Downton Abbey, I realized all over again

that theirs is not the major love story after all. It is this love story that holds the fibers together:

And so help me, if they mess with that love story much more I am really going to be upset. Consider yourselves warned, Downton Abbey people. (Julian Fellowes, this means you!)

Last night, there was a whole lot of "coupling" going on. Even Mrs. Patmore was in on it. Thank goodness she listens to her dear friend Mrs. Hughes.

Let's see, we had...

Doctor Clarkson and Isobel Crawley. I love the acting...doesn't she have the perfect pleasant and perplexed look going on? (Not only that, I loved the color of those walls.)

Tom and Edna and, thank you, Carson and Mrs. Hughes, for calling it correctly. That little Edna had to go. Phew! I just love Mrs. Hughes' wisdom: "Tom, she tried to make you ashamed of who you've become."

Mr. Bates and Anna shared an idyllic picnic in Scotland. Lovely to see them together and I only hope that the scene with little Rose is not any kind of foreshadowing whatsoever. Do you hear me, Downton Abbey people?

(I did like the way Rose's dress matched the tree.)

Then we had Edith and Michael (the married man) and, sadly, Edith has slipped her moorings telling him that they will have many more evenings together. Ackkk....

And wouldn't I just love to see Carson and Mrs. Hughes finally realize that they care deeply for one another...What do you think?

But just this one last time, let us focus on dear Matthew and Mary...

Mary looks so lovely in blue...

The newest Crawley family and the newest Lord Grantham to be... Will his name be Matthew? 

Matthew's over the moon with giddy!

"You'll be a wonderful mother, Mary."

The final kiss...

So very giddy...

I'd just like to say that it would be fine with me if you'd change your minds, Downton Abbey people. I am not opposed to "it was all a dream" sorts of scenes. Just sayin'...

Your thoughts on Season Three?


  1. I say, Thank Goodness for that!

    We've had to endure that misery since Christmas and, since everyone in the world hadn't yet seen it, we've had NO-ONE to share our grief with!!

    Actually I blame the US because he's gone to do some filming there!

    But Julian better not try to kill off Hugh Bonneville because I just adore him!

  2. Big sigh....
    Yes..I couldn't agree with you more...those downton abbey people better pay attention. After it was beloved looks at my distraught face and says...maybe he is not dead. Yah..right..I said but did wonder if people can be laying with eyes open in perhaps a wee coma?
    While waiting for it to start last night I quickly had a peek on Facebook and a "friend"...did not put quite enough spoiler alert for my eyes to catch the bad news. =(. I did keep it to myself though and allowed the grief to linger in the room until the scene was played out.

  3. I understand that the actor who played Matthew decided not to return to the show for the 4th season. It's all his fault! But then, the folks who write the show and make the contracts should sign the actors for at least 5 years -- just in case they have a hit!

  4. Does anyone know why Syblil (sp?) was written out? Maybe they would have kept her if it had not been for the tragedy coming yesterday. I wonder..

  5. I am heartbroken. :~( I love the undercurrent of feelings between Carson and Mrs. Hughs, hope they leave that just the way it is. I wonder about Anna and Bates, too much happiness there, holding my breath that something doesn't happen to them or between them. BTW, I love Downtown Abbey!

  6. I too was devastated to see Matthew killed off at the end. It was fun though to see the little romantic happenings of some of the others in this episode; wasn't the giddy Mrs. Patmore a hoot.
    Rose is coming across as an irksome personality, no wonder her and her mother clash and I don't look forward to seeing more of her.
    Thank heavens for Maggie Smith, I enjoy her costumes and quips each week.

    1. I only heard one from Violet last night..."The thing with nature is that there's just so much of it." My sentiments exactly when being pestered by a fly as she was being pestered.

  7. All this lamenting...

    Story line not going in nice ways...


    See why I do not watch this kind of a tv program?

    Very pretty to look at, yes.

    Great actors, yes.

    Purrrrrrfect settings, yes.

    But NO way a Masterpiece theater series is NOT going to break your heart, in some way or two...

    I protect myself, my Dears...


  8. Change is good! I called this one early in the show for some reason!

  9. Oh I wish everyone would put up spoiler alerts, haha. I knew something was happening to Sybil before I saw that...and how horrid was that? And then!! to kill off Matthew of all people!? Too much to bear. Took me by complete surprise...I'd love to see Carson and Mrs. Hughes together, and I was soo glad to see that Edna was NOT going to pull off her schemes....she was awful. I LOVE Mrs. Crawley for some reason, but am still getting over Mathew over here...sigh.

  10. Re: Your comment in my blog...

    "Once Upon A Time" Sun. night

    No Spoilers

    I didn't see that coming, either!

    I have to say, the writers are managing to keep our interest! ,-) Twists and turns... Twists and turns... Wheeeeeeeeeee....


  11. Yes, I saw your card party on my calendar for this week. Now I need to make my decisions. Oh me, oh my. Such decisions are frightful! Every time I see your lovely photos of tea cups I wonder why I don't have any like that. (Because silly me bolts out the door on a regular basis to take photos of critters, I suspect.) Please don't fret about participation!

    I could be fretting about participation in the new photo challenge, seeing how signups are proceeding at a snail's pace. But I won't. I appreciate the plug, so thank you very much for that! LOL, there you go again about hand holding. Silly goose, you don't need hand holding! And YES, you might very well learn something along the way. And a lot of the learning will happen when you see the creativity of others on a regular basis.

    We recorded the last hour of the program, but I already knew that Matthew would be killed off. I kept telling Jim that someone was going to die. His response? As long as it's not the dog! hahaha....... The actor is now "hot property" on Broadway, thanks to the Downton Abbey success. I'm sure that lots of twists and turns will be along the way. Just as long as they keep the series going!

  12. I can only say that I am SO GLAD I knew ahead of time what was going to happen with Sybil and Matthew.

    Since my son is a computer scientist, he found how to download the programs as they played in England so both his wife and sister were able to watch all but the Christmas episode last fall.

    I chose to wait until it was shown in January but they know me (I am the poster child for I HATE SURPRISES) so I asked to know any demises ahead of time. Both were still sad enough to keep me awake for awhile after watching them.

    I was frustrated with the storylines earlier in this season but my daughter-in-law assured me all would work out as I watched the upcoming episodes. I thought the Christmas episode delightful, except for the end. I wonder if enough people wrote and begged the actor to come back for another season, they can have him recover? PLEASE don't leave us this soon!

    I don't think it will happen as I saw him interviewed after the episode was shown in England and he has other projects that are important to him that he can't do if he stays on Downton.

    Am I the only one who now wants to visit Scotland?

    1. I should say that other computer nerdy types watched it ahead of time, too. Like Jewels' family (although I don't think it is Jewels who is the nerdy type?). ;)

    2. As Vee knows, the girls and I watched in online too! We can never wait! So glad it's all out in the open now!

      We were so sad at Matthew's demise. We sure hope that Mary decides to be "Matthew's Mary" and not the one she was in Season One!

      This was a good season - lots of good things happened.


  13. I have to say I knew Matthew was going to die, which made the finale hard to watch. I heard an interview with the actor on BBC radio that he wanted to leave the show and pursue other roles...I've been heart sick since hearing this. However, Mary (who reminds me a lot of our oldest daughter) is strong-willed and very capable of taking over the duties of running the manor; cheers for Women's Lib:-D
    I Love, Love, Love Mrs.Hughes (who reminds me of my mother)and yes, I'd like to see her and Carson admit their feelings. I would have left Edna go also (another "E" bites the dust)! She was conniving and Tom has a responsibility to Sybil, to be the person she knew he was born to be...for their daughter.
    I do like that James and Mr. Barrow became friends; Mrs. O'Brien was a trouble maker.
    I feel sorry for Lady Edith in that Michael wants it both ways; to look like the devoted husband and to have a "gal" on the side. As much as I would love to see Lady Edith fall in love, it would not be with a married man:-(
    Wow! I didn't mean to go on and on, but what other show gives us so much to talk about! Love, XOXO

  14. I was sad that Matthew died in the car crash. Here's a thought as to what might happen in the story line. Maybe Mary & Tom will become a pair now that Edna is out of the picture. Just a thought.
    It seemed to me that season 3 was very short. When does season 4 begin?


  15. No one could review this like you! I was taken aback and disappointed at the ending. However, I really liked Matthew's character and am not as fond of Mary as she seems to just no be able to break her 'ice queen' facade. He was say too good for her! She'll not find another one like that. Also glad Edna got the sack. And I'll tell you this! Those people sure play free and easy with that little baby. Where was that nurse! :) Will there be another season, or will any of them withstand this final blow!

  16. PS Please excuse the errors in that comment. Perhaps we'll see a 4th season where Edith gets a brain transplant!

  17. I was in shock at the ending..... and totally disgusted. If that scene really is the end for Matthew, I'm done with the show.

    I was totally glad that Mrs. Patmore saw the light, and that that stinker Edna was shown the door with her suitcase, and I agree Edith has slipped her moorings.

    And that's that....

  18. Carol has beaten me to my prediction. Mary and Tom. So glad Edna got sacked. I had also read previously that the actor playing Matthew was not coming back but never expected this. Hope Downton keeps afloat.
    I love my BBC productions. A magnificent post Vee.

  19. Oh my goodness. Another night of stunned silence at the end of Downton Abbey. We were all crushed (and surprised!) when Lady Sybil died. And then to have our beloved Matthew die in the finale...too, too tragic. Always the optimist, I didn't have a clue that something would happen to another main player, until the scenes of Matthew driving the car...and then I knew what was coming. Although I also hoped that he was injured and that the next season would feature his long and agonizing recovery. Of course, a tiny bit of internet research revealed that the actor was leaving the show (how could he?) and I have to come to terms with his demise. Oh... (Unless he changes his mind and it was all a "dream" as you are hoping...I will hope with you.)

    All I know is that Season 4 will need to have some very compelling story lines to replace the wonderful love story of Matthew and Mary. I am almost afraid to watch.

    I must add that I was disappointed with how the treatment of Thomas's character played out in Season 3. I was horrified at the first episode of Season 1, but saw that the character was not regarded as a "good guy," so I was reassured. However, the last few episodes have treated his homose*uality as "the way he was born"...almost to the point of making him a hero. That sticks in my craw.

    I love the photos you included in this post!

    1. Yes, I glossed right over that storyline, which I am not a fan of at all. There is a lot of putting today's "values" on this period piece. The truth of it would be considerably different, I believe. Not better, but certainly different.

    2. I totally's "values" on a period piece.

  20. Vee
    I almost wish I hadn't read your post. I had to relive the horror of it all over again! And I'm really trying to let it go....
    Yes, I agree there are many love stories within Downtown Abbeys scenes, but nothing like Matthew and Mary's.

    1. I understand how you feel. I'm taking this to heart. If feels so real!

  21. I said over and over....and OVER...I think they'll be able to revive him. That blood is maybe just a bad cut. I just cannot believe that after surviving the war he will die now. It's not fair. I still can't talk about it....but I'll read your comments. Thanks for posting this! Sweet hugs, Diane

    1. It certainly is a horrible know how writers love irony...

    2. I was just replying to the comment above mine. I don't think of it as a writer would. I still believe in 'dreams come true' and want the happy ending.

    3. Ahhh...ever the romantic! Sadly, life doesn't always cooperate. Ditto writers! ;D

  22. I have skipped the spoiler part - really!!! We have only watched 3 episodes of season three so far! The farmer is into it just as much as me and it's such fun. I will come back to this sometime after we've finished the season!

    Will have to check out the photo challenge - thanks for that link!

    1. How'd you manage that? Very carefully I suppose.

  23. Yes, indeed. Bring Matthew back... He and Mary looked so happy, and the hospital scene was just so precious! As for Edna -- something tells me we haven't seen the end of her, and it makes me mad to think she will corrupt poor Tom. And Rose? Haven't decided about her yet. I think she's trouble.

    I just found out I have some friends that have all three seasons on dvd, and will let me borrow. I can't wait to get started on Season One -- since I came late to the party. Never saw the episode w/ Lady Grantham's soap... I'd like to see some of these relationships from the very beginning.

  24. Heavy sigh...
    I was waiting for all my friends to catch up and see the ending of Season we could rant and grieve together.
    I hear he said he'd only do 3 seasons.
    I made Katie watch it early in the day instead of late at night so it wouldn't bother her sleep as much.
    On another subject...
    I'm having a hard time participating in memes these days. With Katie here and more visitors on the horizon this weekend I'm not getting around as I usually do. Have a great week!

  25. I've read the UK got this dreadful death at Christmas; was Valentine's weekend their smack on us?
    Apparently the writer feels happiness is boring and Mary and Matthew were too happy so out came the ax. Bates and Anna, look out!
    I have the pattern for making Rose's crown like head piece. Had to make one hat in that style in millinery school over ten years ago. At the time I thought they were cool; aside from having them have to be cut out to the precise size of the wearers head, the style was a free for all of creative mojo. If only ladies would be willing to bloom and be openly admired for standing out this headpiece style would give women so much accessory creating and wearing fun.

  26. My daughter Sarah let me borrow her DVD's of Season 3 and waited for me to finish watching them so she had someone to talk to about it! I kind of had a feeling that something major was going to happen at the end, as she was really wanting me to finish watching it, so that put me on alert and I kept waiting for something bad to happen! Oh well, I still enjoyed it and look forward to more seasons!


  27. Well, never did get to watch it! Seems like this season went by in a blink, though. So many people hooked on it. I am all ready with my post for the Note Card Party. ;-) xo

  28. I was so sad at the end of the show I cried. I just can't believe they killed him off!!! When we saw him so happy driving I said to Ken Oh no he's going to get killed and sure enough he did!!
    It sure is going to be hard waiting for the next season to begin!!

  29. I saw this right after Christmas and have been DYING to share it with my fellow DA lovers.............I cried my eyes out. Bawled. As in hubs came to see if I was ok kinda crying.............I ADORED Matthew and cannot believe he is gone - I was hoping he'll come out of it ok....but that was dead eyes at the end there totally.


    He was so level headed and kept Mary's snobbery in check. He will be REALLY MISSED by many.

    And Julian Fellows can write whatever, honestly there is no way I could not watch the next season.....but I hope they stay "good" because I truly hate to see everything go "bad" as far as morals and scruples...but then the Roaring 20s in history were just that, you know? Yikes.


  30. Vee, this is a great post. I agree with everything you've said about the season finale episode. I'm just sick about Matthew's death -- his character was such a good person; he'll be truly missed. Yes, that tarty little maid Edna certainly had to go, and I loved Mrs. Hughes in this episode, but she's always a favorite. And yes, I do agree that Edith has slipped her moorings. I can't imagine what Season Four will be like.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  31. I haven't ever watched the show and it sounds like I'm the only one in blogland that hasn't. But, if I may offer a thought or sounds as if the cliffhanger was the actor who is leaving the show supposedly died in a car crash. Maybe he didn't die after all and this is a way they can bring in another actor to take over the part, since he was so injured that he might not look the same. Just 2 cents from a former TV addict who has seen these scenarios many times.

  32. I skipped over the spoiler part...since I am totally immersed in Season 2 at this time. I'm loving is hubby!

    Note card party? Let's see. I'm sorting through photos of China at the moment...and may have to switch gears a little to participate on Wednesday.

  33. You must be ahead of us in the story so I didn't read most of your blog, I am enjoying the show

    1. That's good because that's why I gave the warning. We have finished all of season 3 including the Christmas special.

  34. i have heard several folks say they will not watch any more. me i will watch just to see what happens next? i'm curious as to where they will go??! ( :

  35. I moved quickly through the Downton Abby info as to not know what is going to happen Vee in the event i ever do get to catch up with the shows. However I've heard a lot of rumblings about how unhappy people are with the latest write off.

    I'd love to join in on the Note Card party this week, Vee, and I promise not to make it all baby

  36. Matthew was one of my favorites and Dan Stevens wanted out of the show. Why does that always happen when you love a particular character? I own all of the seasons but 3 is the only one I'm reluctant
    to watch again.

  37. I was really upset with Downton as well. I couldn't believe that they were killing off another character pretty much in the same manner as before. By that I mean.. a new baby and one of the parents dying. We'd better hope Edith never marries and has a baby cause I'd bet my bottom dollar that baby bites it the day it's born!


  38. I'd read about "Michael" wanting to leave the show, so I wasn't surprised ~ although I still didn't like it! Very nice review, by the way.

    Thanks for the heads-up about Notecard Party. I'll get busy. And please don't stop ~ I really like your circle of bloggers (**

  39. I had been hearing about Downtown Abbey for a couple of years and in January discovered that the DVD's were available for checkout at our local Library. I was hooked immediately as you all have been but since I'm unable to watch on TV, I've been tempted to download Season 3 on I Tunes. You didn't spoil it for me as I had been hunting for a way to watch it on the internet and discovered the foreshadowing of Matthew's death there. I can only agree with your comments and hope that he will not really be gone - it's just too sad. Thanks for reminding me about the notecard party - such a good idea!

  40. Vee,

    Oh, I just hate sad endings. I was getting lost in Downton Abbey, and when they killed her, I thought it just too too sad, and now Matthew.

    It was such a safe haven for a while.


  41. I had to avoid your post yesterday since we hadn't seen the finale yet. But now that we! He sure looked dead. But you just never know if enough people cry out.

    My favorite scene of the season may have been Carson singing after finding out that Mrs. Hughes didn't have cancer. Delightful!!

    Now I'm thinking I may have to look at some other British shows that I've missed over the years. There is a lot of time to fill.

  42. Great post and good review here. My goodness for awhile it seemed we were watching a different show. Seemed like places had new paint --or were we in Scotland? I was confused, but also distracted by family gathered with me to watch ... I saw a lot of aqua in this episode--do you agree? And on fb a funny cartoon about fundraising for public TV --- if you don't give we may have to kill off another ... Unfortunately the guy who plays Matthew thinks he needs to move on to something else. and it would be ridiculous to have him out of town for the next season. So, til death do them part. Mary and Tom? Probably not. They promise lots of new characters next year. But so long to wait. I wish the "season" was a bit longer.

  43. HI Vee. I checked out Donna's blogs and am now following them so I can take part in the photo challenge. It sounds like a fun thing to do. I'll be getting some pics ready for Notecard Wednesday. Thanks for the reminder! Not being a follower of Downton Abbey, I don't have a clue what's going on but it sounds very interesting!

  44. Oh I'm so bummed out about Downton. Honestly, I think when they discovered that the actors for Sybil and Matthew weren't going to return they should have made season 3 grand and ended the whole series right there. They could have had Sybil and Tom go off to Ireland with their baby, promising to visit often. Then they could have had Mary & Matthew celebrate the birth of the new heir to Downton and then ended the whole shebang with the family toasting to the future of the estate. It would have gone down in history as a wonderful series.

    Now I fear it will slouch along, more actors will go, or the plots won't be compelling and it will slowly trail off and finally just disappear. Ugh.

    Of course maybe I'm just sad because Matthew & Mary were my fave part, oh, aside from the Dowager! Once Maggie Smith goes I'll have to quit watching . . . she is brilliant!

  45. We watched that last episode on Boxing Day. What a downer Downton Abbey was that day. I was so disappointed. Really unbelieving that they could do that. First I thought that maybe he was just stunned and would be miraculously revived. Then I did some internet digging and found that no, he really was dead. Dead! After all we've gone through together. After all the backward and forward with Mary. Really!

    Does Matthew, oh wait, Dan Stevens, think that he can ever have a role that would make him more popular than Matthew? That last scene with Mary - so tender. Hope for the family. Hope for Downton Abbey. Then to dash it all as he drives along, blond hair blowing in the wind, sunshine in the sky. Accck!

    Oh wait. I almost forgot. This is a story, not real life. Silly me.

  46. Hi Vee,
    I wasn't warned so I really was NOT prepared to see Matthew die!! I was already upset about Sybil and now Matthew? How could they?
    You noticed they showed the dog a lot on the last show, now I'm worried about the dog!!!

  47. They had to kill him off. His contract up and he will not renew as he is on a show in Broadway. Because of the sudden decision the death had to be sudden.Producers say that the marriage was too loving and stable for a separation or divorce so death was the only. In the new series being shot they are concentrating on her being a single Mum.


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