Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photo Talk

Now this is just the sort of photo I wouldn't want to see pinned. After seeing someone or other do this, I decided to try it, too. Each toenail is painted a different color for a total of five different polishes. I really like it, yet would never do it on my fingernails (I never paint my fingernails anyway). So that's all the excitement of this day. Period. The end. Yup, it's come to this—watching polish dry.

Okay, perhaps I can do better...

Love the name I gave this, hope, love rocks. Ha! Truer words and all that. See how the faith rock is reflected in the pottery? I like that, too. The 
light was blowing all over the place so I tried dialing the Exposure Compensation button all the way back, which didn't work at all. Then I tried the "snow'' setting, which did. 

My son and his boys were here building a snow fort during the last storm. When I tried to take a photo of it the next day in the brilliant sunshine, it simply wouldn't show up. Since a lot of you have snow these days, I thought I'd remind you of the snow setting and that it works indoors as well. The photo of the daffodils yesterday was also taken using the snow setting.

This is their beautiful fort taken using the snow setting.

This is taken on the regular setting and I can only tell the fort is there because of the shadow it casts. A cloaked fort! Very cool.

Here again, light was blowing all over the room glaring off from all that snow. Yup. Snow Setting used again. 

Now here's my question of the day: Do you ever blatantly copy another blogger as I have done here with my cupcake papers in an apothecary jar? (*Thanks, BJ!*) I need more!


  1. I knew you were creative right down to your toes! Yep, I'm a copy cat too. I do not believe I have a "snow" setting on my little point and shoot of a camera. Wish I did! Have a fun day today Vee!

  2. Hmmm...there's more than one setting on the camera? lol....just kidding. I am learning one at a time that I can venture off auto and still get a good shot here and there.

  3. Great photos! I never paint my toe nails either. You have inspired me to try it!


    1. I always paint my toenails and never paint my fingernails. Do you do it the other way around?

  4. Sure all the time - it's why I read blogs. To me, blogs are the magazines of today and I get so much great info and ideas from them.

    Loved that first pic - that's something that I'm not sure I would do. Maybe this summer?!

    Enjoy your day sweet Vee!

  5. Good morning! First of all, the toes look great! haha And you have inspired to get the camera out and start (at least) looking at those settings...I have often struggled with glare...enjoy your day!

  6. I love your pretty pedicure! I should do that here since I wear sandals every day. Maybe I will copy you! I need more polish to do it right though! Stay warm. Hubby just said we have beach setting. I should be using that. Hugs!

  7. I have "runner" toes! So, I'd never show my feet:-D My 4 yr. granddaughter, on the other hand, is very much in to having, not only toes, but fingernails done weekly. Must be the Suri Cruise influence, lol.
    I love the snow fort and remember building a few in my day when we got the big storms. I love the idea of the cupcake liners in an apothecary jar; it's nice to share ideas, XOXO

  8. Cute idea for your toes! If I owned any fingernail polish I might just try it.

    I'm inspired by other bloggers and there are few original ideas anyway these days. Most things I see have been done years ago like back in 2007 and are just being done again.

    1. There is nothing new under the sun... There is a re-interpretation of old things. I have seen ideas that hearken back to crafts my grandmother did in her teens...nearly a hundred years ago. So true what you say!

  9. Very pretty. I do paint my toes but not my nails, can't stand it when they chip right away. I have to admit I am a copier.

  10. how could we be original all the time. Of course we copy, it's how we learn things? or are inspired.Even if I don't blatently copy, I'm pretty sure most of my ideas I've seen somewhere else and they are in my "subconsciousness."
    If I had a variety of nail polish I might do what you did. I only paint my nails in the warm months when toes show. But it looks really nice!

    I'm intrigued with your snow setting, On my old camera I had a back light and I wonder if it is similar.

  11. Hi Vee,

    Love your photo of your nails drying. Copy? My favorite person to copy is the lovely Kim Klassen. There is so much lovely inspiration. When I think of what I have learned since I started blogging, I am amazed.

    I tried my hand at photo settings when I took A Big Picture Class. I'm not very good at it, I prefer to edit the photos after to get a similar effect. I'm a point and shoot kind of gal.

    Snow forts, remember sitting in them when you were a kid? Have a gorgeous day.


  12. Something made me think of how badly I need a pedicure... hmmmmmm????
    I think we all put our own spin on ideas already out there and occasionally come up with an ahh ha original moment.

  13. Your toenails are cool! The nail polish shades you've used look nice together. I have one bottle of nail polish(OPI, SoHo Nice to Meet You) and have had it for at least 5 years. I've used it each summer and it's still good! I would have to go out and buy new polish to try it's not going to happen. What does John think? Did he just shake his head in wonder?

    Yes, I've blatantly used ideas from other bloggers. The first one I think of is flat glass magnets ~ remember your post on how to do those? I've copied other ideas, too. That's the wonderful thing about blogging...learning and sharing. Three years ago I didn't know about providing the source, but have also learned through blogging to do that.
    Thanks to all for the journey!

  14. I use other bloggers' projects for inspiration, but don't usually copy exactly! I agree with Manuela that most thinks have been done before anyway and are just recycled around!

    Cute toes! I need to paint mine. Polish lasts longer on my toes than my fingers! To much washing of dishes and food prep etc, the polish chips off!

    I mostly use my iphone for photos these days. I am too focused on other things right now to, learn setting other than auto on my camera!


  15. Now that the toes are looking so must go 'sans' socks or slipper. Are you ready for that? I polished my toenails a few weeks back...but haven't uncovered my feet since!

    Do I ever blatantly copy? The question is...'do I do anything that is original?' Not likely.

  16. OK, you are officially a teenager again with the multi-colored toenails. LOL! I don't try to paint my own these days. Too painful. And I never have gotten into painting my fingernails. They would be chipped in 5 minutes! So it's not worth the trouble.

    Oh, it is so wonderful that you are playing with exposure compensation! Such a little thing can really make a big impact. I also use aperture priority mode about 99% of the time so that I can control the depth of field. If I need additional speed (e.g., for a moving critter), then I crank up the ISO.

    As to your question of the day - no. Something I see on a blog might inspire me, but I always do my own thing or put in a twist for uniqueness.

  17. Snow setting? I didn't even know that I had one.. Definitely I'll be playing with that! Multi colored toenails sounds like something my girls would do. You must be young at heart. In fact I think I'll give it a try, I've been feeling quite stodgy lately.

    Faith, hope, and love,

  18. Hey - your pedi looks great!!! You are so funny - I laughed out loud at my desk just now reading your delightful post. Your "Faith, Hope and Love Rocks" is brilliant and I love how you are playing with your camera settings - I must give these things a go with my camera! I don't think ANY of my ideas are totally original - I am always inspired by others. I am so thankful for people like you and many other bloggers who give me inspiration daily! Now....back to work!

  19. Pretty toes Vee!!! My husband would never let me get away with UN-polished toes.. he says . he had a nightmare once where he woke up next to me unpolished toes and thought he was with a man.. so, no I have to wear polish so ridiculous,I know!!! The snow does not look like its melting any time soon.. hope it does... want to see your landscaping!!!
    Have a good day!!!

  20. Great photos Vee. I've never thought of using the snow setting for glare indoors. Your toenails are quite pretty. I never thought of painting each one differently. Have you seen some of the latest fingernail polishes? All the designs, textures etc. seems to be a new way of adding bling to ones hands. Not mine. But, I do find it fascinating.

  21. I'm impressed you have a snow setting on your camera. I guess I better dig out the camera video and actually watch it so I get some good tips. That cupcake cup idea is cute...
    Have a great day!

  22. How come you have such cute feet? You do. And they lend themselves so well, to a surprise photo op. :-)

    Snow Setting? Don't think I have one of those.... But yours certainly worked well, for seeing the snow fort. Although I kind of love the "Harry Potter" snow fort, which is under his "Cloak Of Invisibility"!!! :-))))

    Come to think of it, I might be able to *fix* a washed-out-by-light pic, with the *fix-it-settings,* which came with my computer iPhoto Ap.....

  23. "Do you ever blatantly copy another blogger as I have done here with my cupcake papers in an apothecary jar (*thanks, BJ!*) I need more!"

    Ahhhhhhhh, not really... But it's *done-muchly*, in Pretty Blog Land, I suppose. With a shout-out of a click-able link to the original, it's very nice, I'd say.

  24. Are those your feet???? They are beauteeeful. As you know I had a bad fall and sprained my ankle. I was apologizing to all the strangers who became very familiar with at least one of my feet that day. They assured me my feet were beautiful (I guess they had seen some there weren't very attractive). At any rate Vee, your feet really are beautiful. As for copying someone elses idea for my blog, you won't be seeing my painted toenails on mine. Unless I use your picture and say they are MY feet. haha Glad the boys built a snow fort, thanks for using the snow setting. ~ Abby

  25. Vee that's so interesting about the snow setting. I'm never in snow but I will give it a try for indoor photos - I'll let you know!
    Love the painted toes, I painted my GD's tiny toenails when she was here last and got a sweet photo too.

    A delightful image of the cupcake papers in the apothecary jar - I'm going to do that too - brings some vibrant colour into the home.
    What fun your GS's had building that wonderful fort!!
    Shane ♥

  26. LOL! I've been known to show my toes a time or two. Usually I just show one foot and try to cover the one with the fat ankle (from the broken-bones saga). I rarely ever paint my fingernails, they are in water too much. I think I'm a compulsive hand-washer! And yes, I do steal ideas from others, don't we all? :)

  27. I've never used the snow setting - because we don't get snow. Sadly. But the beach setting works much the same way. I'm going to try that soon. The differences in the snow fort photos are striking.

    I'm always inspired by other bloggers. Copying is a form of flattery - and I do it a lot, but usually not exactly. I love the way blogging inspires me.

    Like you, I paint my toenails and not my fingernails. But I've never thought of painting them all different colours. I don't have that many bottles of polish. Guess I'm boring that way.

  28. I have an unwritten rule that my feet will never appear on my blog. Wouldn't want to lose all of my readers in one fell swoop. Ha! Yours on the other hand are very attractive and the polish job is blog worthy. I'm impressed that you are able to bend over to polish them. My lower back problem makes this job a major feat (pun intended :).

    As for the photo topic, most of this camera settings talk goes over my head, but I do know about that snow setting and used it on my recent snow walk. I did not know it would be useful indoors, however. I'm always learning something new at your haven.

  29. I love your toe photo! I would not be brave to show mine, unless after a professional pedicure. Maybe not even then, my toes are crooked ;-) xo

  30. I couldn't find a snow setting on my camera, but that is a good feature to have. What a difference!!

    I've painted my finger nails in two shades of blue - every other nail.
    I don't like looking at me feet and only paint my toes white because I don't want to attract attention to them!

    I'm sure I've copied other things from blogs just can't think of a one right now.

  31. My grands would love your toes, that' s how they paint theirs all the time. Me, I'm bold using a turquoise polish I bought.
    I'll admit I've been inspired to copy what I've seen on another blog, it's a compliment to that person.

  32. The thing that amazed me the most about this post was your youthful feet! At 43 my feet look like old ladies , all haggard and dry. Oh dear.

  33. Toenails all different colours what a good idea, no I never paint my fingernails mainly because I use them all the time the polish always chips and the nails are never all the same length.

  34. To answer the last question, I will just tell you that I happen to have a jar of cupcake liners from the exact same inspiration.

    I have such a basic camera that I doubt I have a snow setting. Even if I do, I probably can't figure it out anyway and would turn some random dial and mess up my whole camera.

    I love the snow fort picture. It reminds me of the forts we used to make growing up.

  35. You are very creative, Vee! Plus you are very industrious in finding out how to do things. Together these make a winning combination!

  36. I haven't braved the elements yet. I've been taking all my snow photos through the windows. Tomorrow I plan to venture outside to take my photos. Thanks for the tip!

  37. Back at home from an out-of-town shopping excursion with my mom and sister and Kati and Bekah. Reading late enables me to read all of the fun comments. :)

    I agree that your feet are very cute! Your pedi looks great...I love the colors that you chose to use together. I do exactly as you do...I rarely paint my fingernails. With a non-professional manicure, it just peels and chips too fast to merit the time spent doing it. My toenails, on the other hand (er, foot) are never, ever bare...winter or summer, sandals or no.

    I do not know if I have a snow setting on my camera. Oh dear, I am getting further and further behind...

    Copy others' ideas? I think that's what makes Pinterest so successful! Although I prefer to think of it as "inspiration" rather than copying. ;)

  38. Vee
    I truly believe cabin fever is hitting you as well as me!
    What a contrast between your two fort photos. It does pay
    to know your way around your camera after all.
    Thanks for the tip!

  39. I don't think my camera has a snow settig! I must examine it to see.

    Copy cat? I wish I was that!

  40. I love those toenails, Vee. You are very LaDeDah! This was a fun post!

  41. OOO, Sweet Vee...I just drug (I KNOW that word isn't right) myself out of my sick bed where I;ve been the last 3 days, to see what was going on in your world. And, there I SAW MY NAME...something about seeing your name in lights (or on a pretty blog) is just an awesomely BUMPER-UPPER when you feel soooo bad. Thank you for the boost and the to the shower to get ready for my doctor appt. bwaaaaaaa.....i am NOT a good patient (I KNOW that word isn't right, either) and I think I might be delirious. .....pray for me.....:)

  42. Hey - I think my camera has a snow setting on it. Don't know if I've ever tried it tho! Guess I'm missing out - your photos look great - I especially like the one with the cupcake thingies in it!


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