Monday, February 4, 2013

Vintage Wash

Sorry, Mister. I thought it was called Vintage Wash. It isn't. It's called *Vintage Textile Soak.*

What's this all about? It's about my guilty conscience and sending some poor guy who was going to buy this linen (if only he thought he could get the stain out)

to the internet looking for Vintage Wash. Does any of this make any sense? No? Fine. Well, welcome to my world where I am guilty of everything including driving people nuts by sending them on long goose chases. Just to make me feel better, I'm tossing in a helpful article on washing vintage linens *here.*

This is my first toast rack. It's all the Downton Abbey and British tv I watch. I felt that I simply could not carry on without having one and when I found one yesterday at the flea market, I snagged it. John isn't sure what the difference is exactly between "American" toast and British toast, though I will remedy that some day when we can have toast again (maybe in a year or two). I'm sure that British toast is far superior, though I really have no clue. So how is toast for a crowd served at your house?

Can we talk about Downton Abbey? Just a titch? We can't. Sigh. I did have to laugh when I read a forum's threads in England discussing the program at some point last fall. One of the topics of discussion concerned the prison scenes with Mr. Bates. One commenter said that she used those scenes to check on her kidney souffle. This amused me greatly (because it doesn't take much to amuse me greatly) and I have used the line whenever I leave off tv viewing. "I must go check the kidney souffle," I say. So you're quite certain that we shouldn't discuss last week? Oh my. I was glad that I could discuss it with my daughter-in-law. John doesn't watch and I have no one to discuss it with and it seems as if I
will explode if I can't chat with someone. Email me.

A lovely day to you...

Love Vee
Edited to Add: And thanks to Karen, I learn the connection to Kidney Souffle.

As you recall last week there were terrible kitchen tragedies which rattled both experienced and novice cooks alike.  I am still a bit shaken, quite frankly.  But this week we see the healing process begin.  Human nature is such that we while we need time to grieve for the burnt kidney souffle, we have to pick ourselves up and carry on.  We can blame whomever we wish, but in the end when we seek solace, comfort and instruction from those around us, we can re-build our lives.

What a fun site called Downton Abbey Cooks.


  1. I'm a tad confused! I do not see a stain on your linen. Is it also new to you from yesterday? Why are you not eating toast? I've definitely missed a great deal! I have not seen Downton Abbey, so no help there for a great discussion. Hope you find someone to discuss it with. A lovely day to you as well!

  2. I love the toast rack...what an elegant way to serve toast. Now if I could stop my hubby from smearing peanut butter all over it. Yuk! That piece of linen is gorgeous. I have used dishwasher soap for stains and it works like a charm.

    Have a great week!


  3. Sadly I am not caught up to you in Downton Abbey yet. We are just finishing up Season Two and will wait to watch season three until it is released on Amazon this summer. It is a well done series!! Warren and I are both into it and watch it together which is fun. Not since 24 have we both enjoyed a show together so much.

    1. Then I shall be certain to put *Spoiler alerts* on when I do start discussing it, which will probably be soon.

  4. good morning! Love the toast rack! Hubby and I just started season 3 on I am a little behind! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Hubby and I watch together and we laugh when he refers to me as "M'Lady". haha Enjoy your day!

  5. Love your vintage towel, and your Downton Abbey Toast Rack. Simply precious, both.

    As to chatting about Downton Abbey, of course you can. With SPOILERS.

    Or, make a new page, for "DA" discussion, and add Link to it, to your Sidebar.

    Or find lots of "DA" discussion sites on the Net, right now. :-)

    Or all of the above!!!

  6. "Well, welcome to my world where I am guilty of everything..."

    When oh when, will I eliminate such words, from your vocabulary?!? -scream- -pout- -huge sighhhhhhhh- -moan- -Harrrrumph-

    I know! _I_ can not eliminate them, for you. You must weed-them-out, for yourself.

    IF you want to...

    Unless it's fun, to go around with so much "guilt" on your shoulders.



  7. Vee talk to me about it!

    The girls and I watched it all online when it was released in Britain so we are dying to talk to someone about it!

    When we make toast we just pile it on a plate...your toast rack is much more civilized! Love it!


  8. Is your toaster broken ? Or is it about carbs? Whatever the reason, you'll need to give John a demonstration someday soon. Re. DA, I had a friend discuss on FB last Monday and her daughter immediately contacted her and had her remove the post, afterwhich she apologized and said her Evil Twin did it. But how long does one wait? Til the last person has finally caught up? As far as the prison scences, they were not my favorite and I realized last night some of it is visual. Why do they color the prison scenes with a blue tint? And everyone so very pale? Have you noticed. If they're trying to make it bleary, they are doing a good job. I think there must be someone wearing a color other than black, blue or gray.

    1. Oh talking to you about it would be so enlightening as you are the maternity expert in our crowd!

  9. I looked for a couple of years at antique places and flea markets for an antique toast holder. Many times the vendor told me that they had one/some but sold them and that a number of people were asking for them. Because of DA do you suppose? I finally bought the stainless steel one I showed in a recent tea post which isn't as elegant as yours but does the trick. Before, making toast for a crowd, it would be piled up on a plate, causing it to go soggy - and I like mine well done and crisp.
    I'll email you about DA, and tell you who I discuss it with.

    1. Ahhh, I like my toast crisp as well... This little toast rack was described as a "vintage rack" so I don't think many people recognized it for what it is. My gain!

  10. I have to watch the last episode when it is being replayed tonight. Hubby at first didn't mind me turning from the Super Bowl but things got exciting just when I was going to turn the channel! But our PBS station replays it on Monday nights.

    I followed a lot of the discussion when it was played in Europe so I knew the big events that would happen. That's so funny about the prison scenes because that is when I get up and leave the room. Just not into them at all and they have been dragging on too long.

  11. I have not seen Downton Abbey...I know I am probably one of the few in the world. I didn't hear about it until the end of the second season and planned on catching up this past summer. That didn't happen. So, I now have the first season in my Netflix Q and I will watch it one by one until I catch up.

  12. I think I'm going to have to either rent from Netflix or buy season one of Downton Abbey just to satisfy my curiosity.

    Thank you for sharing your discovery about washing vintage linens. I would never have thought to look for 'vintage textile soak'.

  13. Ah yes - toast without the "toast sweat". That IS more civilized for sure - leave it to the Brits to figure this out. Great find! I like the checking on the Kidney Souffle excuse - also very civilized.
    I think the only thing that you are guilty of is lightening ones day with your delightful posts Vee!
    I have season 3 of DA but haven't viewed any episodes as yet. I need a few more storm days around here :).
    A lovely day to you too my friend!

  14. I use my old silver toast rack for mail in the front hall......I write letters while the kidney souffle cooks.
    I will watch last night's episode tonight - thanks for not spilling the beans!

  15. I haven't caught the DA bug - need to check it out if everyone is loving it so.

    When making toast for our crowd - it goes just as fast as it come out of the toaster. No one waits:)

  16. That's a great line about the kidney soufflé! Good grief, people actually still eat kidneys? And go through the trouble of making a soufflé with that ingredient. Gag... Sounds like the kind of stuff that mom used to make us kids eat. One time we got beef tongue cooked in a very thin tomato sauce. And it still LOOKED like a big ol' tongue on the serving platter. Needless to say, the red sauce did not enhance the appearance or flavor. One of the most vile things I've ever been forced to eat. Ah, enough about my ever so happy childhood, LOL!

    After all of your posts about Downton Abbey, I caught up with the DVDs over the summer. Mr. Jim is hooked on the story lines too! We're thoroughly enjoying the newest season. I keep marveling over the grand architecture and the photography. And of course, some of the witty lines are priceless.

    I would use the toast rack for organizing file folders or envelopes. There is no crowd here that devours a stack of toast.

  17. I have the show recorded but I haven't watched it yet. I love British Comedy. I have the complete DVD set of Are You Being Served. That one is my favorite.

  18. Hi Vee,

    Your linen looks lovely. There's a shop in Concord Ma, called Thoreauly Antiques. They have lots of Vintage linens and I hear the lady who runs that section of the shop discuss what she uses to wash them. I think they might even carry the cleaner.

    Downtown Abbey...I was in a Fiber Arts group yesterday (a sewing bee kinda) and we were all a chatter about the show. Perhaps that is why it is such a hit, we love getting into this and that.

    Have a beautiful Monday.


  19. I've had to put back many lovely vintage pieces at flea markets when I discovered stains on them. I'm wondering if this product would remove them? Hmmm.

    Most of my family prefers crispy toast except my daughter who loves hers soggy. And kidney souffle? Yuck! Sounds as bad as tongue or brain sandwiches. Isn't blood pudding a British delicacy, too? Double yuck! Now that I've ruined your appetite I'll be moving on....

  20. I am a devoted fan, but I have to say, last week's episode came too close to home losing a daughter...I was noticeably depressed. However, I am happy that Cora stood up and gave Robert the boot to another bedroom; just sorry that the doctor (this week) changed his tune that Sybil could have been saved. I love Maggie Smith, but Granny is getting on my last nerve with her old fashioned protocol!
    I have a silver toast rack and when the grands come, they love having it at their table and I love seeing them enjoy picking their own piece of toast! Who says this generation can't be taught good table manners!! XOXO

  21. Downton Abby? Oh yes...we need to chat... Since I am all caught up now on the current episodes..=)
    I have a friend on Facebook that is very good at talking about it without revealing too much. There are those of course that went ahead and bought the whole season and someone commented how the season ended as in happy or sad and even that was too much information for me.

  22. Love your toast rack and I love Downton Abbey. You'll have to name your toast rack *Downton*! I watched D last night instead of the super bowl. My team wasn't playing and Maggie Smith was -- she's the hands down winner! Can't wait for Bates to get out of jail ... boring!!!!! :D :D

  23. I love the DA chatter - talk to me! The jail scenes are not my favourites, either. The "kidney souffle" excuse is a brilliant one, sure to be used by many. It reminds me of hiking. Huh? I hear you saying...

    I always take my camera along on hikes. It provides the perfect excuse for a little break if the trail is steep and I need to catch my breath - "oh, wait just a minute, Tim, I want to take a picture." But I think he's catching on...

  24. OK...I am about to become a devoted fan (or not). After all the discussion I went on-line and ordered season 1,2 and 3. I don't foresee having much time for 'watching' over the next few weeks...but eventually I will get on the bandwagon with the rest of blogdom. No danger of me giving out too much information over here!

  25. I wish I was watching Downton Abby, Vee--I know I'd love it--but life has been so busy these past few years that I hardly watch TV at all anymore. It also doesn't help that we don't have a couch as! The TV is set up but no place to sit!

    Yesterday we went over to my duaghter and son-in-law's house for the Superbowl and my grandboys were there so I ended up on the floor playing with them. They are my amusement these days. :)

    PS: Thanks for the vintage linens wash tips web site! I love your toast rack -- it could be used for many things!

  26. Vee, have you seen the Downtown Arby's spoof ? Or Upside Downton Abbey ? Google both of them for a lighthearted version of our favourite program.

  27. When Dear and I first traveled to England we called those toast cooling racks and wondered why anyone would want to have their toast cold instead of hot and ready for the butter to melt on it...
    I couldn't resist buying one on one of my thrift store ventures. I should use it for letters...if I got letters anymore.
    I watched all the rest of Downton 3 (on Saturday) and I shouldn't discuss it with anyone because I might give away too much!!

  28. Thanks for the linen tips. I need to work on some of mine. I usually just hand wash them and accept the stains! lol I'm a BIG D. A. fan! We'll talk! Sweet hugs!

  29. Vee - thanks for sending me over to view the Super Bowl commercials on A Farmer's Daughter blog. They are both wonderful - tears......

    1. found it even though it should have been The Farmer's Daughter. I just had John over there looking, too. He left with his eyes brimming. Sensitive guy.

  30. Vee, it seems that most of the blogs I follow are all Downton Abbey fans and followers. I've never watched it, it seems a little, well, boring to me. I should reserve opining on it until I at least watch it, right? I used to have a toast rack like that, it disappeared along with a few other things I thought had made the trip here with me. English toast is probably leftover over crimpets from their high teas. :-) xo

  31. The theology discussion was a hoot. Just sayin...these folks!

  32. Vee,
    When you say, "I must go check the kidney souffle", do you say it with a British accent? That is hilarious. Kidney souffle sounds like an oxymoron to me. And gross, but never mind that.
    I'd like to watch Downton Abbey, but I don't think we can get it here, or something like that. What do I know, I never possess the remote.
    "Sending people on wild goose chases....". Funny. It makes me think how I have lived here since 1987 and just today....Just Today, figured out a shortcut between grocery stores. At least I was only sending myself on a wild goose chase, of sorts.
    I'm laughing out loud now because I just read Barbara F.'s comment that DA seems "a little, well, boring to her".
    Ok. I'm stopping. Press. Publish.

  33. Ken likes his toast cold so the butter doesn't melt. I like mine right out of the toaster so the butter does not melt. So the toast rack would be good for him but not for me. : )

  34. Bill has no interest in Downton Abbey either. I was a bit sad when we cancelled our cable tv, as I knew I'd have to wait a year or so before it came out on netflix, however..... full episodes can be watched online. I haven't watched yesterday's episode yet so don't want to read any of the comments. ~ Abby (not Abbey)

  35. I had a sweet toast rack attached to a pretty china tray that I sold in a yard sale! I could kick myself now. I was into a different style of decorating then and it was taking up space in the cupboard and I didn't use it. I thought it made the toast too cold to be standing up spaced apart that way and if the toast wasn't buttered then it got too dry and hard. It would at least have made a lovely letter holder. I have totally missed out on the Downton Abbey craze so will not be able to discuss it with you. :( I'm thoroughly enjoying my grandsons. They are just the sweetest little boys.

  36. I used to have a bit of a toast rack collection, still do have a few of them, which I do use.

    The difference is that the toast cools and crisps before the butter goes on, which is how I like my toast, a nice bit of crunch.

    I have had to, however, acclimatise my family to this way of eating toast, as they are Australians (Im a Scot in Oz). My husband now knows, after many years, that if he makes me toast, not to butter it straight away.
    And if I dont use the toast rack, when I take the toast out of the toaster, I dont pile the slices on top of each other (which promotes the meltiness).

    Maybe one day we can talk about making tea to go with the British toast?


  37. I toast my bread wrap it in hand towel and go and sit under the trees in the garden and eat it, am I doing it wrong.

  38. There's a difference in British toast? I think we should set the record straight, for the good of all mankind, and take a trip across the pond and find out ;)
    I'm new to Downtown, my daughter tried to get me involved last year but I'm the only one here that has the least bit of interest.
    If it involves:

    A- Alaska

    B- fishing

    C- gold mining

    D- all of the above at the same time then it gets airtime in our home.

    I like my toast medium brown with a good share of real butter spread from corner to corner, just in case anyone is interested?

  39. P. S. for vintage linens I use BIZ, the powdered variety.

  40. Oh for the love of Pete! I spelled it DOWNTOWN!
    Downton it is :)

  41. My German mother saturated the toast with butter while still hot so I never developed a taste for English toast.

  42. I spent an hour on the phone last night with my beloved niece who was telling me all about Downtown Abbey and trying her best to convince me to get on Netflix or something to watch it. She promised I would love it. I'm 'almost' convinced now.......we shall see???

  43. I must admit I haven't started watching it yet, tho I do have season 3 being taped. I'll have to catch up by watching season 1 and 2, but that should be fun.

  44. Oh, I DO love that toast rack! What a charming way to serve toast (as opposed to the piled-on-a-plate method). And "checking the kidney souffle" amuses me too. I believe that I shall adopt that line, if I can remember to use it at the proper time.

    Downton. I do believe it's the best show that has been on television in many years! I am so glad that I listened to all of the recommendations and got it from Netflix last spring. Now every Sunday evening finds us hunkered down in the living room, mugs of hot tea in hand, breathlessly waiting for the week's episode to begin! And OH...last week's episode...

  45. We are both hooked on Downton Abbey and Brit. TV in general! We have been delighted by so many wonderful shows from across the pond.

    I don't have a toast rack. Would love one. The Downton Abbey introduction to the electric toaster brought back childhood memories for us.

  46. WE can always discuss DA!!

    I had to delete a comment made on my blog recently with a huge spoiler- hope I could it in time, couldn't believe she did that!

    I am more than caught up - having my daughter marry into to a Yorkshire family I have been able to see all of season 3 twice now, and the Christmas special. It helps having connections.

    Being flat on my back in a hospital bed I have watched season one and season 2 for the 4th time, too - so we can discuss any time you care to do so!

    Can't type much, but wanted to say hi and that I am recovering.


    I LOVE you say you have to go check your kidney Souffle, that's classic.

  47. I'm so late to this party that I doubt you'll see this, but I guess this is as good a place to confess as ever. I have yet to watch it. My daughter LOVES it with a big old love and regularly tweets in response to episodes. She recently appeared quite taken by something that hsppened (Maggie Smith related I think). I guess that's what you're talking about... and I guess even more that I need to watch that show!


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