Friday, July 12, 2013

The Lake

Popping in a few of the photos of the lake that my sister shared with me. I doubt that this has much interest for my readers, but it is a way of documenting for myself.

~Clear Cutting on the Camp Road in~

~The first Camp on the path in~

~The Cove and the missing tree~

~South Side off the point~

There's one more photo that I popped into Sankewi because I had written a short paragraph about it. Oh, about Sankewi, it's nearly done. One more little tying up and it will be as cooked as I wish to do. That silly little writing exercise has taught me a lot and perhaps I'll talk about those lessons another day. I'm feeling a little vague today. ☺


Donna's Personal Photo Challenge is tomorrow. I'm not participating this month because it's raining still and I have not met any cooperative birds. At one point I seriously considered passing this photo off as my own. 

I will be visiting, though. All of you gals who've posted great photos of birds this past week should seriously consider linking up. You know who you are!

A great day to you...

Love Vee


  1. Since it is hardly likely I'll be able to visit that area, I really enjoy the pictures. BTW, yesterday was not a stellar day for me either. If the rain keeps up you may be able to shoot some photos of ducks swimming in your yard. ;)
    I'm to inconsistent to get involved in any picture shareing, but I do like to see everyone elses pics.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Water pictures, are always welcome!!! I have so little, in my life. Oh yes, I can look at a pool. but that's not the same... As a lake or the ocean.

    Look at that lovely sunset! Delightful...

  3. Looks like such a peaceful place! And what a darling photo of that little girl! glad you posted it, even from Pinterest. :-)

  4. Oh we love Tim's mom's family cottage on the lake in Ontario! It's quite a drive for us, but when we get to go up we are so excited. Thanks for sharing your photos, it brings back wonderful memories for us!

    I'm behind on my reading of Sankewi - I enjoy that story, I'm just behind on all my reading! Please leave the link up even after you finish it!

    We are to have cooler weather today and tomorrow, and yet I just heard thunder so I'm hoping I don't get wet while getting our groceries today!


    1. I'll give a fair warning for sure. Then I'll be taking it down.

  5. Good morning! I enjoyed all of these photos...soo peaceful and restful! And the final one of the little girl is adorable! haha Enjoy your week-end Vee!

  6. I would love to be sitting by a lake right now. We haven't had a vacation for quite some time and we are headed to Colorado soon. I can't wait to get out and enjoy some nature for a change. Have a great day Vee!

  7. These photos remind me of the U.P of Michigan where we used to vacation and where my parents used to live.

  8. Enjoyed seeing the photos of the lake and property. It looks like an idyllic setting and a wonderful place for a getaway!

    I'd like to get away from all. this. rain. I normally enjoy rain, but day after day after day...not so much. We have even had seagulls in the field next to our house. I kid you not. And we are not that close to the beach.

  9. I love the second shot of the sunset behind the building. Beautiful. It looks like a wonderful place to escape to.

    Can't wait to see how Sankewi ends, although I really hate to see it end. It's an enjoyable read.

    Have a great day. I'm off to find some caffeine. My brain is still foggy and it's showing in my writing!

  10. Thanks for sharing! I like looking at your pictures. They sure make me smile. Blessings

  11. I like your photos! We are finally having some sunshine here! Maybe some is heading your way. We are having pleasant July days. August is probably going to bite us hard.

  12. The pictures are wonderful..I could just envision walking and enjoying that place...nature, truly the refresher of my soul.
    We could use the the 100's plus here!

  13. How cute! That really does look like you! Very sweet! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Hope the sun shines at your house. We're expecting rain.

  14. Still raining?! I do enjoy the photos of the lake. Hope you have a good weekend...

  15. I love this photo! We in WA have seen NO rain for so long now. I was so worried when our CRAZY neighbor shot off fireworks over our woods. He was lucky I had bronchitis or he would have gotten an ear full. We need a good rain or the fire hazard will really be bad.

  16. Well, will wonders never cease! I just clued in to Sankewi Vee and although I haven't finished it yet, my interest was held and it's one of those stories where you're desperately hoping for a happy ending. I didn't know there was a writer in you, but I'm not surprised because of how easily you talk to readers in your posts.
    Bouquets to you my friend.

  17. I see you got some yummy Canadian treats. :) I do like Coffee Crisp and haven't had a Cherry Blossom in years but they are very good too. I remember once in my childhood I purchased one and it was so old it was gross. I spent 10 cents on it and was so mad! :) Clear cutting looks terrible doesn't it? Why can't they leave a few trees to make it look nicer. The last scenic photo of the lake is so beautiful. They sure picked a great week for their visit. I must admit I haven't read Sankewi beyond chapter 3 as I forgot about it. Maybe I'll catch up this weekend. Thanks for the reminder of it and of the Photo Challenge. I doubt I'll get to that one too. I hope the soup disappears for you this weekend and you see lots of sunshine.

  18. Thanks for sharing the photos of the pretty scenes at the cabin! What a nice area to enjoy a rest. And thank you for the plug about the photo challenge! My post will go up tomorrow, and you'll want to pop by, see my photo, and read the background information. I'm sorry that you won't be hooking up this time, but I understand. I've seen scores of posts today by other bloggers that have bird photos featured, but I guess they don't want to participate in the linkup. Oh well! You shouldn't have any problem with the August theme - water.

    Now I'm off to do some reading of your story...

  19. Love the beautiful lake photos. I just love the lake. We go every chance we get.
    I hope your get over your vagueness. :)

    Looking Up!

  20. What a great vintage feeling those pictures of the Lake have.....And what is better than looking at the sunset across a lake. Is your family cottage on the east side like ours? I hope you get to relax more, Vee, and not feel vague! Peace be with you!

  21. How fun to have a camp on a lake to stay at.

  22. Beautiful peaceful pictures and the last one is so adorable! Vee - I've been lax in reading your story - I'd better get caught up before it's gone!

  23. i'm hopping over to sanskewi to catch up . . .

  24. ok, i'm back. i have SO enjoyed reading your
    short story about a place you clearly love.
    your writing has a lilting quality, like the soft
    lapping of the shoreline.

  25. ps. i was shocked (pleased) to see my name
    but maybe that is another 'lea' :)

  26. Oh, Oh. I've forgotten about Sankewi of alte and have some reading to do over there! It's a lovely spot on the lake...especially as the sun is setting!

  27. You've done some great editing with Pic Monkey. I've got to visit there again.

    I do a lot of posts as documentation for my own reference (Geocaching). The photos you shared that your picture took of the cabin are a joy to view. You mention the cabin at times and it's wonderful to see the photos of a place that holds many cherished memories for you.

  28. The lake looks so beautiful. I know we've talked about EB White's essay, Once More to the Lake before, but I always think of it when I see photos of lakes. I grew up with lakes, now live very near the ocean - both are beautiful in their own way. But lakes do stay where you've left them!

  29. The lake house looks wonderful and peaceful. ~ Abby


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