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Friday, July 19, 2013

Lilies and Bears

It is only when you start a garden — probably after age fifty — that you realize something important happens every day. 

~Geoffrey B. Charlesworth

Now how did Mr. Charlesworth know all that? That I came to gardening late and look forward to seeing my new and important thing every morning? 

~rain kissed lily~

~watching this one~

Or every evening as in this case after a quick thunderstorm.(Yes, the color is just about right.) 

That bud up there with the whacky arrow is being watched very carefully. It is the only stem from the daylilies given to me by my friend Diane. They didn't bloom last year so I have only her word for what they will be — a yellow spider lily with a great large bloom. Can't wait!


Now, should it be as warm where you are as it is here where I am, I'm sending you off to Donna's to *find the wonderful links* she's provided to watch (in real time) some brown bears in Alaska where it is much cooler. Well, I always feel cool watching those bears in the water fishing for sock eye salmon. The best times for watching are afternoons and evenings when the falls are quite active.

Have a great weekend and stay cool now!


  1. Morning Sweet Vee

    It's thicker than soup here today - makes me cranky! Your rain kissed shot is great!

    I'm off to watch the bears!


  2. The lily with the raindrops is so pretty. No flowers at our new home yet but morning was always my fav time to walk around and see what's new in the garden and rub the bumble bee's bellies!

    Off to enjoy the bears.

  3. What a delightful way to start my morning by viewing your beautiful lilies. Thank you, Vee, for sharing :) And thanks for the links. Have a great weekend!


  4. I hope you get a picture when your daylily blooms...can't wait to see it..Every morning I am so excited to get out there early and see what is blooming.....
    Happy weekend to you..
    Love, Mona

  5. I love your beautiful garden pictures. Everything is so nice and green.

  6. It's extremely hot and dry here in Missouri. I'm looking for some relief from all the watering, but I still enjoy my flowers!

  7. Good morning! I am loving the pictures. I am off to check out the videos. Enjoy your week-end!

  8. Don't you love when you find a quote that speaks to your heart and says exactly what you were thinking? I love that you're finding "important things" every day in your lovely garden!

    Oh, it is hot here. Blah. This is the time of year that I am sooooo over summer...and yet summer is not over.

    I, too, have enjoyed Donna's links to the bear cams! Fascinating! I think I can call that "school" too! ;)

  9. Isn't that the truth!! I started a "serious" perennial garden in my 40s but really haven't started to appreciate it as much as I do now in my 60s!
    It is super hot and humid over here - we're heading your way next week and the forcast looks the same. I DO love summer though and am not complaining - much!

    1. Rosella, next week is supposed to be nearly perfect in my corner. Hope that you'll find it the same!

  10. It is hot here...85 today probably. I loved the quote, so very true.

  11. It's very hot here today, the hottest yet. I've watered well to insure some rain (hey sometimes it works) and I'm inside for the day. It is July.

  12. Hot here too. However, there is a nice breeze today which made my morning garden walk much more tolerable. I've seen a few blog posts offering tips to keep cool with drinks and frozen desserts. This is the first for taking a trip to Alaska to watch the bears. Sounds like a great idea. I'm heading over. But before I go I must tell you how pretty your flowers are looking. Hope you'll share a photo of that lily you are watching.

  13. I'm so sorry I have been so absent lately, Vee! Life has been busier than I could imagine lately. It was nice to have some NYC family visiting and I was cooking quite a bit for my granddaughter's party. Then it was catch up time on laundry and lawn care, etc after everyone left. The baby does not nap long during the day --I'm. I wish i ahd more time to enjoy luckey if she naps 10 minutes--lol! She is an active child and doesn't want to miss anything..lol

    I love gardening. It is a challenge here with the drought and animals but I'm happy with what I do have. Your lilies look beautiful--I'm sure they are stressed by the heat. Off to watch the bear video ;)



  14. One of the things I am most looking forward to in my new house is my garden spot. I am looking forward to checking it daily and finding that one new thing. Thanks for the quote!

  15. Yes, well I care much more for my garden than my house :) I love taking a walk in my garden every morning - there's always something new!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Day Lillies pretty colour. Had a whole bed of them at one time grown from seed from friends in America that specialised in them. Took a few years to flower then after a few years of enjoying they became too big for my garden.It certainly is hot here. 90f and set to be hotter next week. After nearly two weeks it is becoming tiresome and the lawn is brown and even a Lavender has died. Have a good weekend.

  17. Your lilies are so bright in the greenery around them. I hope the friend one blooms beautifully for you. I enjoy a walk about every day too. I pull weeds and deadhead, water and admire. It's been raining here off and on all day, on at the moment, and it's warm and muggy. Just the way a summer rain should be. Loving it! Enjoy the weekend and stay cool. Hugs. Pam

  18. The greenery in your photos is so lush - all that rain is good for something. Here we're enjoying beautiful temperatures (25 Celsius) and no rain at all. Things are browning fast.
    I hope that spider lily puts on a wonderful show for you.
    Have a good weekend.

  19. It's quite lovely over here...just beautiful sunny, summer days. Now, I should just stay home and sit on the front porch for a spell! It's looking lovely over there, in your garden. We'll wait with you for the spider lily to bloom!

  20. Red...my favorite color! Those little red blooms caught my eye. Please tell me what they are.

    My Candy Cane Dreams daylily bloomed this morning. It has two scapes this year with lots of buds.

    Looking forward to seeing how your spider daylily looks.

  21. Hi Vee
    I hope your spider lily meets your expectations, they are a nice variety to have along with regular daylilies.
    As for the bears fishing, I've watched a couple of the views and the videos are fascinating.
    I'll have to catch up on everyone's posts when we return, unless by some miracle the owners have installed WiFi in the cottage but doubt that will happen. I plan to live in a bathing suit for a week. :-)

  22. Your flowers are lovely and the bear video looks refreshing given the high heat index we've had. My friend (from Maine) is actually in Alaska right now and left me a message today. I'm sure she's a lot more comfortable then us. ~ Abby

  23. Beautiful day here but we are due for a cold snap and rain next week but it is winter.
    I just love it when you get your first flower on something.

  24. I love the lesson in perpetual motion and change that you get in a garden. You are so right (as is the person in the quote) about that. I also think it gives us a strong lesson in "this too shall pass".

    I have some lilies which traveled all the way from my grandmother's house to my house. They used to bloom, but after the drought they stopped. I watched blooms every day this year just like you're doing, but wouldn't you know it? Before they came fully out, they were pulverized with rain.

    I'm believing for next year.

  25. I've been absent from visiting because of eye surgery and a HUGE patch on my face yesterday. Thank you so much for the plug to my blog! Those web cams have been such fun, and I'l tickled that you and John are enjoying them so much too.

  26. I don't know how I missed this post! Beautiful flowers...you'll have to show us when that one blooms!

    Bears are fun to watch aren't they? At least from afar!