Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thoughts for a Wednesday Morning

Thank you for the prayers yesterday. Sam was back home last night because he was doing so well. His right arm is in a cast — there goes the penmanship practice this summer — and the pins and rod have been removed from his left leg (no cast; no splint, only bandages). One big step forward and a little step back. Hope that this is the end of his broken bone saga. It is going to be a long summer for the poor little guy. 


After posting Lakes of Canada for Canada Day, I had a couple of emails with questions. Perhaps I should have stuck with O Canada after all. ;>

No, The Innocence Mission is not a Canadian group. They actually hale from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. (I always thought that they were Canadian myself.)

In an attempt to answer what the lyrics mean, I've selected the following quote, which really says it much better than I could. (However, let me just say that I feel a sense of joy whenever I hear the song. Probably because I connect it so closely with "the lake" and perhaps because the imagery is so easily identifiable with me. I've walked in that circle of flashlight and I also like to think that, though I am shy, I can be known.)

...'Lakes of Canada' creates an environment both terrifying and familiar using sensory language: incandescent bulbs and rowboats are made palpable by careful rhythms, unobtrusive rhyme schemes, and specificity of language. What is so remarkable about Karen Peris' lyrics are the economy of words, concrete nouns-fish, flashlight, laughing man-which come to life with melodies that dance around the scale like sea creatures. Panic and joy, a terrible sense of awe, the dark indentations of memory all come together at once, accompanied by the joyful strum of an acoustic guitar. This is a song in which everyday objects begin to have tremendous meaning." Sufjan Stevens
quote source

Now I'll wish my own countrymen a very joyous 4th of July! 

Love Vee


  1. Some kids are just prone to things aren't they? Our oldest daughter was always tripping and falling, nothing serious though.
    Wishing you a happy 4th of July Vee.

  2. So glad to hear Sam is doing good, poor guy. Wishing you a joyous 4th as well.

  3. Well, as I said, I liked the song. I'm glad your Sam is home and already on Day 1 of his healing. That's the way I look at it, anyway.

    I think you ask him if he did it to get out of penmanship practice, LOL.

    Happy, Happy Independence Day!

  4. I'm wishing Sam a speedy healing. Boys! I have lots of them in my family, too and pray a lot! Enjoy your holiday week! Hug those grandsons and have fun!

  5. Wow! Vee, I have much to catch-up on, I am so sorry to hear this about Sam, I will be praying for a quick recovery. Hopefully I can get back tonight to see what has been going on at Haven, I did enjoy the posts on this page and glanced at a few on the other, but there are tomatoes that need canning today. ~smile~
    Think of you so often, and hope you haven't forgotten me. ~Grin~
    Wishing you a most blessed and Happy 4th of July celebration.

  6. So glad to hear Sam did great and is already back at home and on the mend! Yes, hopefully that will be the end of those broken bones! Enjoy your 4th of July!

  7. Happy 4th of July Vee and so glad to hear that Sam is doing well - poor little fellow! Stay cool and enjoy the celebrations!

  8. Glad he is home...

    Onward, with the summer...


    Have a Happy 4th Of July!

  9. Glad to hear your grandson is doing well and a Happy 4th to your too!
    Get some American Flag stickers for that boys cast.

  10. Vee, what wonderful news that Sam is doing so well, despite a "small" setback. Thanks for sharing this. Happy to hear there is no cast, just a bandage. ~ Abby

    1. There's a cast on his arm and a bandage on his leg. Just so we're all on the same page. ☺

  11. Yay! So glad Sam is home. What a trooper! Keeping him in my prayers.

  12. Glad to hear that Sam is home and doing well. Happy 4th to you.

  13. Thanks for the update on Sam. I wish each of you a safe and happy 4th.

  14. Glad to hear Sam is already in better shape and home. Prayers DO work!

    Question - is he drinking enough milk and getting enough calcium? Hope so. It will help him heal faster, too.

    Love that boat on water pic.

    I grew up on a Lake Erie peninsula that was once an island and I shall never EVER get rid of needing water. I am so landlocked and homesick right now - happens ever summer.....though I handle it easier now that Mom and Dad, and my real reason to BE there is gone.................

    Would love to own a 4 room tiny little cottage near water.

    Have a happy 4th.

  15. So glad to hear that Sam is is home. I've had 5 broken arms and 1 ankle most as a kid, so I know how he feels. Yep, I'm a klutz!

    Have a safe and happy 4th sweet friend!


  16. Glad Sam is home. These things always seem to happen at the 'start' of summer vacation. Have a happy and safe 4th of July!! xo

  17. Well that's one very creative way to get out of penmanship lessons! Glad he's home and the other pins are out. I got bad marks in penmanship in the 4th grade and I'm still bitter about it. Happy 4th to you and yours!!

  18. Happy to hear that Sam made out so well! Kids are so resilient, aren't they? The biggest "pain" he'll have is not being able to do all that he wants to do this summer...although that can be quite a pain in the world of a small energetic boy.

    Enjoy your holiday! Eat some ice cream! Or something strawberry! :D

  19. Good news for Sam! I hope you and the family have an enjoyable July 4th, Vee. It sounds like a beauty of a day for the northeast. Blessings. Pam

  20. Glad Sam is back at home...and praying that he is on the mend! Thanks for your well wishes for Canada Day...and may I send you some in return? Have a wonderful July 4th...whatever you have planned!

  21. Happy 4th to you and your family Vee. As for Sam maybe he should be wrapped in bubble wrap....! Poor little guy. So glad he is on the mend!!!!

  22. Just now catching up on my Wed. blog reading. So sorry to hear about Sam and hope he is on the mends soon. Happy 4th. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  23. Oh I am sorry to hear your grandson broke his arm! Kids do heal pretty quickly! My son broke his wrist recently and within a few weeks it was all over. But then again, my son didn't need surgery! :(

    Happy 4th to you also. Hope you have a nice relaxing celebration.

  24. I'm happy to here that Sam did well through his surgeries! Enjoy celebrating on the 4th, XOXO

  25. Happy 4th!

    Glad to hear Sam is recovering well! Good news!

    We are heading to Camp Geezer tomorrow - the pool is finally open!


  26. So glad to hear Sam is doing so well. Sorry he has to spend the summer in a's not fun. Bless his little heart. Are Sam's bones brittle or is it just his little-boy-ways?

  27. I haven't been around for awhile, so I had to go back and read about your grandson. My goodness, he's had more than his share of broken bones, but boys will be boys.
    Here's praying he heals quickly and completely and NO MORE broken bones.

    Hope you have a fun, relaxing and delicious 4th....

  28. Vee, glad to hear about your grand-son.. Hope he recovers quickly... have a fun filled fourth of july..

  29. Oh Vee, I've been away for a few days - sorry to hear about Sam, but glad he is doing better. I must go back and read your earlier post. Have a Happy Fourth!

  30. I missed this news about your grandson's latest adventure in the ER. I'm glad to hear that he is alright - but what a worry!
    Wishing you a great Fourth of July!

  31. I'm so very glad that Sam is doing well. It can't be easy to keep a boy entertained and moderately quiet during the summer. Working on penmanship would have helped. Wishing you and the family a wonderful holiday.

  32. I'll keep the little guy in my prayers. Have a great 4th!

  33. oh no! did sam break his arm again?
    poor little guy. life is tough on those

  34. Glad to hear the better news about Sam!

    Hope you and your family had a happy 4th of July, Vee! We had a wonderful family BBQ.


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