Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Maine Quilts

What fun! The Quilt Show that is! Haven't been for nearly a decade so my friend Bea decided that it was time to change that. We drove through a pouring rain to Augusta just last Friday. I took over 200 photos. You'll be glad that I followed a blogging buddy's advice and pared them well back. 

A friendly reminder not to touch the quilts or else...

~Bea takes a closer look~

Soon enough, we were in a crowd of mostly women, mostly in our age group, all studying fabric, design, stitches, composition. If you can't tell, I seem to have been busy matching ladies' clothing to quilts.



The quilt above with the same shade of green as the lady's shirt, fascinated me, too. I first thought it was all blocks, but instead was made from strips to create the block and then give that wonderful edge.

~quilts all around~

If I lost all my photos of that day, I think I'd remember this one the longest — the quilts hanging on one side and the ladies all colorfully dressed and looking like quilts themselves on the other.

Now with only minor commentary... 

~a comparison between hand stitching (Japanese) and long-arm stitching~

 ~a close-up of the quilt above it~

 ~A "Challenge" where each quilter created the same pattern in her choice of colors~

Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings.

 ~the older I grow the more I know it!~

The quilt above and below were in the vintage quilt display.

~a "Signature" vintage quilt~

 ~would love to try something like this~


~charm packet banner~

Hope that you've enjoyed the quilt show from my corner of the globe. If you'd like to visit another quilt show, THIS one at Pat's is great.

My sister and I are making drapes curtains I'll catch you this evening when I have a chance to put my feet up! 

Oh, do you quilt or do you pretend like I do?

Edited to Add: I have since discovered, much to my horror, that I was not supposed to publish photos without providing proper credit to the quilter. Though I could add the names of the quilters and the names of the quilts, I have purposely chosen not to do so based on how I would feel about having my name all over the WWW. Because this was posted over a week ago, I think that I fall into the category of going forward and begging forgiveness after the fact. I do promise not to feature quilt shows in the future. If you should have a question about a particular quilt, please contact me. Thank you!


  1. I LOVE all the photos! Quilt shows - a long time since i saw one. Yes, I quilt. But I do tend to love the more simple patterns and ideas. I am not much into the very ornate quilts, though I do love looking at them. And hand quilting is my favourite. Providing the hands work.
    Now, your header - Vee, the garden and house look absolutely stunning! I love that golden look in the light. Oh, it is good to see some blogging friends posting. I have been looking around and have definite feelings of the Marie Celeste.

  2. Hello Vee,
    Oh how I'd love to quilt...but, I am a pretender! What beautiful pictures you have of these quilts. I must say though, I believe my favorite is the one with the yellow house (a blue ribbon winner I see). So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good-NESS!! I had no more commented on the previous meadow post when this popped up. I am in awe of the talent and don't know how you picked from among your 200. I loved how you compared the line of ladies to a quilt themselves. You have such a writer's mind.

    These are gorgeous, and I couldn't possibly choose a favorite, not that I didn't try...

    Have fun making drapes. My sister is the master drape maker in the family.

  4. What a treat for the eyes! These are amazing.

  5. There are some talented quilters out there. We have a big quilters guild here but I've never been to their show and unfortunately I don't quilt, knit or sew. I wouldn't have made it as a pioneer woman, we'd be cold nudists. LOL

  6. What fun you and your friend must have had at the quilt show, and how I thank you for letting us see some of it....I have made some full size quilts, but sometimes think I collect fabric more, though I don't do much of that anymore.....I also do little quilts, like Kathleen Tracy's. I'm lucky that we have several quilts my mother made, one from my grandmother, and one from her mil. Real treasures. But I love to look at other people's work!

  7. Quilt shows blow me away! Houston is the home of the Mother of All Quilt show and I attended frequently. Eyes can not take it all in and feet protest the hours of standing on concrete floors and yet each year I'd go again to marvel at the creative drive of quilters.

    I have quilted baby blankets and clothing items. I am glad I am not creatively driven to quilt as I own quilts from great grandmothers, great aunts, mother in law, and collected a value able antique quilt at one time. These treasures are too precious (and the wrong size!) to use as bedding and they take up a lot of storage space. Can't imagine parting with them; adding to the collection for future generations to store...shudder!

    Plus... Secretly I think buying fabric, cutting it up and sewing it back together is a tad insane. Using scape makes sense. Plus I couldn't help but notice how quilters often had huge weight issues from sitting so much.

    Tmi. Sorry?

  8. These quilts are so gorgeous, I saw quite a few that I wish were gracing my bed. Hope we will get a peek at the drapes. xo

  9. Good morning! I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this! I could have looked at all 200! How I would LOVE a quilt show. I have become quite obsessive on quilts recently...they are just soo beautiful. And yet, the more I look, the more I realize I may have started this interest way too old...haha...I am such a beginner I may not even be pretending yet, haha. Enjoy your day Vee!

  10. Wow! Such beautiful works of art. So happy you were able to attend and thanks for sharing with us.

  11. Oh my, such beautiful creations! And how fun to view all these quilts with a friend - I am sure it was a lovely day. I would call myself a beginner quilter. I have made 6 quilts and my next quilt is going to be made out of my son's baby clothes. I thought it would be a neat idea to cut his clothes into squares and piece them together to make a quilt since the baby clothes hold memories and there is no point in letting them age outside in the shed :)

    Have a beautiful day! Hugs :)

  12. Oh, Vee! What a treat! I go to the International Quilt Festival in Houston about every other year. I need a year to recuperate! I get overwhelmed by the beauty of the quilts -- the art work, the tiny stitches. Amazing. I loved this post and bet you were close to heaven! :D

  13. Those are stunning! What a beautiful day you had.

    Have fun with your drapes! Take pictures so we can see what you did!


  14. Oh my goodness!! I'm at work right now and just took a quick peek. I will be back to "study" these - so gorgeous (especially the crazy quilts)!!

  15. Hi Vee...thanks for taking us along to such an amazing quilt show. Your photos of the ladies studying the quilts are interesting compositions. It must have been a wonderful day to see such beautiful quilts. I love quilting and appreciate the artistry in the quilts you featured.

  16. Bea had a great idea there, going to the quilt show!! Thanks for bringing us along! I love how your artsy eye saw quilts and clothing match-ups. (And I, too, love the photo of quilts and ladies all lined up...) :)

    There are so many beautiful quilts,each one a work of art. Fascinating to see the same pattern crafted by different quilters with their own fabric choices. I don't think I could pick a favorite quilt of all that you showed. I keep changing my mind.

    To answer your question...I think I pretend to quilt too. I once pieced a quilt for my oldest daughter's bed. Then she changed the colors of her room, and I never quilted it. I lost my incentive to do so as I don't think anyone wants a peach colored quilt. I wish I had chosen a more classic color. I pieced a lap quilt for Bekah several years ago, and it too remains unquilted after several unsuccessful attempts. My friend is going to help me get started though, so this one may actually be completed. I have successfully made quilted pillow and table runners (are they "pretend" quilts?), so perhaps I am not a total quilting failure.

  17. It's been awhile since I've been to a quilt show, but I love to see them! I have put my quilting on the back burner (sewing is a lot quicker gratification;), but when the weather cools off I'm going to have to get it back out -- my kids are asking me about it.

  18. I don't even pretend that I can make a quilt but I really enjoy seeing the handiwork of others. What a lovely show and I like your perspective. Love the little saying under the sweet bird...

  19. Oh aren't they beautiful!!! I love the one of all the flowers, looks very intricate and love the crazy quilt too. No I don't quilt but often have the urge to give it a try it. Perhaps one of these winter days.

  20. Me again. Forgot to say I liked the bird quilt saying too. : )

  21. I don't quilt...though I am sure I would love to. When I run out of things on my 'must do' list...I'll take up quilting! Beautiful...all those works of art done with fabric!

    Love the cute quilted reminder that they are not to be touched. So, I can't for the life of me figure out why there were mostly women at the quilt fair! :)

  22. Just the thought of creating something so beautiful makes me wish I quilted. My grandmothers did and I have things they made. Those quilts are treasured and hold wonderful memories.

  23. Amazing quilts! I would have a hard time following the rule of 'no touching'. I used to do some quilting years ago. 5 years ago I made a small 'I spy quilt' for my great niece. It was all done with sewing machine & tying with yarn. I don't think I have the patience anymore to tackle a quilting project.
    Happy drapery making to you & your sis!


  24. What a lovely time you must have had. They are stunning. I think my favorite that you pictured is the Victorian looking one with all the embroidery. What talent was shown there that day. Thanks so much for sharing. I can't wait to see the curtains you and your sister make. I don't really quilt, but I sew. My sister has made dozens of quilts. ~ Abby

  25. What beautiful, beautiful quilts! My oh my. Such gorgeous colours and patterns. They are works of art! There are many that I liked but the wall hanging of the yellow cottage by the sea really appealed to me. No, I don't quilt. But, I sure do admire those that do!

  26. I would have never guessed that a quilt show would hold my interest. Boy, was I wrong! Each of these quilts represents a great deal of time and talent. They are all so uniquely beautiful. The purple crazy quilt really caught my eye. Gorgeous!
    Obviously I don't quilt or even pretend to. I am in awe of those who possess this talent.

  27. Oh.My.Goodness...I have never seen so many fantastic quilts. I one with the extra embellishments were absolutely breathtaking! What funthat must have been to see in "person". Thanks for sharing your trip with us!


  28. Those quilts are beautiful. So much work and love in each one, I am sure. My Mom was a quilter and used to display her quilts in shows. They would auction off a quilt and the proceeds went to charity. No, I am not a quilter...

  29. Beautiful quilts! My mother is a quilter and I have always admired her quilts whenever I go and visit. I am blessed to have one that she made many years ago, an Amish inspired quilt.


  30. I love quilts! These are all so beautiful and I'm so glad you shared the photos with us. I really loved the one with all the embroidery stitches embellishing the quilting.

    My grandmother made quilts and I'm lucky to have one of them. Her quilts were more of the 'use up the scrap material' type and probably not show-worthy and her stitches were far from perfect, but they were made with love and I treasure the one I have.

  31. What a wonderful outing, Vee, all are so beautiful, I wish I could say that I quilt, or even say I pretend to quilt, but neither applies to me. I guess I am labeled an admirer of beautiful treasures created by beautiful, and loving hands.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I am limited on time today, but will be coming back to catch up on what you have been up too, I have so missed you, and blogging. You hit the nail on the head when you said i might be away until Christmas, I am going to try and change that., you think. lol So if sitemeter sees me snooping you know what I am doing, lol
    I am truly honored that you would consider pinning anything i would do. Thank you for considering me, go ahead and pin, pin, pin,

  32. Oh wow!!! Really cool. Blessings

  33. Oh how beautiful! ALL THAT COLOUR is absolutely amazing.

    No, never quilted, I am much too impatient. I have hand sewn a 20 pound 1480s Renaissance gown with about 8 yards of material but cannot cut a proper perfect quilt piece to save my life.

    I LOVE them and admire those talented folks who are able - and just have to love from a distance I guess!

    This was a really awesome post, Vee, thanks for sharing - bet you had fun!

    GL with curtain making. Yikes.

  34. I am an admirer of quilts but not a quilter. Beautiful!! Love your photos. You captured the heart of the show.

  35. I wish I could quilt. No excuse for me never trying it. I do embroider and I love the quilts with embroidery and I enjoyed seeing these pictures.

  36. Beautiful quilts. Wandering through a quilt show with a friend is a lovely way to spend the day. I'm too impatient to commit to a big quilt - I just pretend. My mother, on the other hand, creates beautiful quilts that are auctioned off at an annual event for charity.
    Love the concept of matching clothing to quilts in your photos. So creative.

  37. I used to quilt a lot but only small quilts. I learned to quilt after I fell in love with the quilts in an Amish town close to where we lived at the time.

    As with so many things, learning to do it oneself was a fraction paying for a handmade item!

  38. Vee, I wanted to thank you so much for your sweet note! I'm glad that you liked the tea cup and little treasures. Those quilts are lovely. The detail on them is amazing! Thank you for sharing with us.

  39. O, Vee what a pleasure it was to read and to look at your post today. It was a feast for my eyes! The talent displayed was marvelous. I don't quilt,shoot, I don't even sew! But I have an admiration for all you ladies that do. I smiled all the way through this post, and every time I thought I'd picked my favorite...well, along came another beauty.
    Ginger :)
    P.S. Want to see those drapes when their completed. :)

  40. I just pretend....:)
    My mom was so good at it...I've made a few...9 patch...nothing fancy at all.
    We used to go to quite a few quilt shows when she was still with me. I miss the shows...I miss my mama.
    I like the lavender crazy quilt here best of all...:))

  41. I'm back to relate a funny story. Yesterday, my mom told me that when she first saw the title of this on my sideboard, she though it said, "Maine Quits". She was bummed because she thought you were quitting blogging. She said she was so happy to see QUILTS instead. LOL

    I did the same thing with another post on quilting from another blog friend. Mom and I must both need an eye doctor appointment!

  42. WOW!! My mother would love this...she is a wonderful quilter, I haven't learned..yet! Thanks for sharing. How much fun and how beautiful. They are truly works of art.

  43. Good morning, Vee,

    So much talent and beauty at this quilt show! All so beautiful. I smiled as I viewed the ladies and their patchwork-like appearance too.

    Sweet stopping by to visit with you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  44. Quilting has certainly gotten more sophisticated. I have a close friend who does extraordinary quilting. I'm just blessed to peek over her shoulder, and own a few of her creations!

  45. Quilt shows are certainly a feast for the eyes, and for the photographer, aren't they! And, I suppose, for the quilter too but I cannot claim that moniker for myself. No patience for all that sewing. The idea of creating mini-quilts (12" x 12" or so) as art, however, appeals to me and maybe one day I'll get around to doing that. My favorites of those you've shared with us here are the two flowery, embroidered quilts. So, so gorgeous, especially the one in purples, lilacs etc that you showed us a corner of. I really love that one!

  46. This was a treat and a half! I'm so glad you shared.

    I'm not a quilter, but I have had a hankering to try a small Victorian crazy quilt, like the one where you say 'love-love-love'.

    And that one further up the list, with the purples and lilacs all 'crazy' with embroidery and crochet and tatting...FOR THAT... I'd be willing to learn how to quilt.

    Beautiful works of art...

    What fun you must have had.

  47. Vee
    Wonderful show. I do admire Real quilters!
    I'm a great pretender. I try, but I am not
    devoted enough to give it the effort it deserves.

  48. Hi Vee,

    These are incredible quilts!! This is probably a dumb question, but were any of them for sale? I like so many of them, but I especially love the one with the American eagle in the center, and the flower quilt beneath it. Both are just wonderful!

    I have three quilts, and I do treasure them. One is the Dutch Doll pattern, given to me by my sweet paternal grandmother as a high school graduation gift. The other two were given to us by my husband's grandmother -- a Double Wedding Ring pattern and one called Grandma's Fan.

    I don't quilt, and after seeing this post, I wish I did. Maybe one day I'll learn. Thanks for sharing some of your pics, Vee; I know you must have thoroughly enjoyed this show.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  49. Wow! Such gorgeous quilts! I know how easy is is to take 200 photos when you see the quality of work such as this--it is amazing! I really loved the quilt of the yellow house. Both my homes have been yellow, so I have a soft spot for that color. :)

    Thanks for the "shout out," Vee!

  50. I love going to quilt shows! They are beautiful works of art and something I've never made! I know I should try...I've never known how to begin! You took some wonderful photos! Enjoy your weekend!

  51. You pared the photos down? LOL...... I stuck with it until the end, and they were all stunningly beautiful. The crazy quilt ones at shows like that always catch my eye. I know how much work goes into those embroidery stitches! Thank you for sharing, Miz Vee!

  52. Oh dear, I would have never thought about asking permission to show the photos..will the rules never end?!
    Anyway, they are beautiful and we all promise not to do anything bad with the photos you have shared.
    How fun that must have been. I have gone to a big show before in Portland and it was amazing to see all of that hand work and creativity just like at this show you went to.

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. xo


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