Thursday, July 11, 2013

Treats and Trees

It has long been understood that anyone in the family who visits Canada must return with treats for the less fortunate who were not able to visit Canada. It goes without saying that the treats will include the following: at least one loaf of King's Landing bread, Coffee Crisps, and Macintosh toffee. As you can see, there was a slight variation from the list. There was a switch from toffee to Cherry Blossoms, which are glorified and amazing chocolate covered cherries with toasted coconut. And they are big. Very. Oh yum. The memory of them is still fresh. What? Yes. Gone. All gone now.

You may remember that I have created a King's Landing bread that I now realize is not quite the real deal, but close. I've always said close. The recipe can be found here *printable recipe*


The tree I told you about a few days ago was removed yesterday. We must wait for some sun to see if John will need sunglasses at the breakfast table.

Sadly, I think the next tree will be going soon. It's much more diseased than we could see. The tree service said that fir trees have a lifespan of about 35 years and that these trees had reached that limit or nearly. Interesting. Guess that fir trees (Christmas trees) should be used judiciously in yard planting.


And there is more though I will save it for another day. 

We are still in the soup around here. Hope that you've managed to climb out!

Love Vee


  1. Both of us, are on the topic of TREES, today.

    You, Lucky One, can say one of the nearby trees, is gone.

    I on the other hand, am lamenting the continuing growth of scrub trees, in the next yard over. Yes! My constant complaint! -sigh-


  2. Those munchies sound really good. We do the same when we go to Texas, tho our offerings usually run to praline, peanut rounders and salsa. All gone now too. You live in a very nice neighborhood. Wish all our neighbors trimmed their trees.
    We need more actual rain. Lots of clouds and sprinkles, not much to show for it. We'll be waiting to see about the sunglasses.

  3. I'm kind of like a broken record, stuck on cherry blossoms. Those look so delicious!!

    As for the trees, I relate to that one, only we have yet to take them down. We have several unhealthy ones down here in the piney stick forest, but the removal is not in the budget. We do a lot of praying during the storms, too.

  4. Those treats look yummy..Vee.
    Don't you hate losing trees? We have an enormous oak tree that shades the entire back of our house. I have already started growing a tulip poplar in case we have to remove the oak. I LOVE trees...

  5. Ah...Canadian Treats! You can't imagine how often I think of you when I stand at the candy racks. I remember when I was young and across the line where we went rollerskating. They had a vending machine that only sold American Treats. The chocolate with crispy rice in it was my go to and now we have it here as well...but it is somehow just not the same anymore.
    That is one big tree removal. Wow... but sunshine is good at breakfast...right?

  6. Those coffee crisps sound good! We have a white pine tree on the edge of our property that we need to take down. It is leaning towards the house and with a good wind, or even much more rain it could uproot. Today we are foggy and thunderstorms are predicted.

  7. Good morning! both of those candies sound really good! Melody just had to have a couple of tress removed from her property AND they were the ONLY tress they had! I have never seen such a treeless place. Your surroundings are GORGEOUS! Strikes me as so strange how different things are from place to place. Enjoy your day!

  8. Fun treats from Canada!

    We are still in the swamp too....

    We have a blue spruce that needs to go - but it provides a bit of privacy from the road so we leave it. Once my parents sell their place and add on here, it will come down and privacy there won't be a problem.


  9. I love NB and so glad your sister was able to visit there. We have gone there for the last three autumns, but this year we are having a STAYcation in September......with new windows and floors we have spent enough already.

    I have never heard of or tried those snacks - will check them out if we ever go back there.

    I am so sorry about your tree/s. We lost a cherry tree this spring - it was newly planted last year and lived through the winter but not that weird late frost we got in early spring - it was blooming and budding and went into shock, followed by ridiculously high heat, followed by non ending downpours for 14 straight days.

    Hubs pulled it up last weekend and today is going to plant a Dawn Redwood. It loves lower land that gets soggy - so that is the best place for one to soak up all this LAKE called a yard here!

    The rain finally stopped and the weatherman said we're going to dry up. I sure hope so - I don't ever remember it being so soggy and hot that the mulch has gotten all moldy. Bleck. Bad on allergies, too.

    Anyway, that's all I have. Hope you replace your tree. Losing one is also sad.

    Oh, and blue spruce are supposed to live a LONG time, could be it just needs feeding/nutrients. I could call an arborist or lawn care company and get a strong commercial dose or two before losing any more trees.

    1. I'm not sure how I feel about the loss of this tree. It remains to be seen. Perhaps I'll be thrilled!

  10. We're a little overcast today too, but reports of sun breaking through by noon is promised. The treats are intriguing and I remember when our daughter studied at The London School of Economics, she'd send home unusual candies that were not found here. Shouldn't there be some kind of international agreement for countries to share treats! XOXO

  11. Oh no -- I hope not TOO soupy! We have recovered nicely, though the yard squishes like an oversaturated sponge when you walk across it! Today, there is sun. The light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping it reaches you soon, my friend.

  12. Soup in the summer is good every so often but not everyday for sure. Hope you get some BBQ weather soon. Trees that were there and now gone really do change the skyscape. That is so interesting about the life span of a fir tree...

  13. We have lost some of our trees due mostly to the drought of last year. Two were blue spruce and the rest were fir. It is looking nekkid around here! We really had too many trees, but I loved that they gave us a bit of privacy from the busy highway.

    I'd send you some of our sunshine if I could. We will be needing rain soon if this heat wave continues and it likely will. It's that time of year and we still have August to get through. As one someone said at my blog, is it fall yet? :)

  14. Our rain has stopped and now it is much cooler out so I can get some much needed gardening done. Are we going to have to send you chocolatey care packages? ;-) Aren't butter tarts a sought after sweet too? (could never understand that one)
    You paint a funny picture of John with sunglasses on at breakfast, he'll just switch sides with you!

  15. Special treats are a great souvenir...a nice way to experience the culture of another place. Who can blame you for enjoying those cherries to completion? Not I, for sure! Those Coffee Crisps are making me swoon right now...I think it's lunchtime, although I have nothing here that looks as good as those. :)

    Yep. More rain here too. We have not had our typical dry summer. Au contraire!

  16. Giant chocolate covered cherries.....with coconut.....yum! Too bad about the tree, we are still in a soup here, I am so draggy it is not to be believed, wish the humidity would just go away already. xo

  17. Oh yummy treats, the chocolate covered cherries with the coconut sound so good.

  18. Fun treats from Canada, indeed! We are only 90 miles from Niagara Falls, plan on going soon, anyways, we can get UTZ potato chips now. Yummy!!!

    Sorry about the tree, no swamp here. Although we did get a pretty mean storm last night.

  19. I didn't know those trees only lasted 30 years. At the new house two sides of the property are lined with fir trees. They are huge. I wonder how old they are!!

    Each day we get rain and sun and rain again. It's been like that for days and days.

  20. Oh my! My Canadian friends have been holding out on me with those cherry blossoms! Verners is a must bring when they visit me, but it sounds like I'll have to add those goodies to the list now. LOL! So sorry to hear about your lovely trees. :(

  21. So sad about the tree, I hate to see them taken down but one does what one must. We have cedar trees all around...we watch them for diseases,so far so good! Am definitely going to try the Kings Landing Bread...canning homemade chili with tomatoes and onions from the garden...using the pressure cooker...scary stuff lol

  22. Oh my, you had a ringside seat for the whole enterprise!

  23. As soon as I saw the Coffee Crisp...I knew someone had brought Canadian treats. I don't think we have King's Landing Bread in this part of the country. I'll have to bake your version!

    So sorry about your missing shade! We have blinds...for a reason. We started off here a few years ago with no trees and no shade. One day there will be shade...but trees don't seem to grow while we are watching. :)

  24. I will remember these if I ever get to Canada! Those trees were gorgeous. I bet you were a bit sad at losing them. Good to know about the length of time for these trees.

  25. I'm baking bread as I write this. Sure wish I'd read here first and now I would be baking your recipe.

    It's so sad to lose a tree. How will this affect your flower beds?

    Yum! I've been wanting a candy bar and now I REALLY want one.

  26. It's funny what you get used to and love - then you move and miss it - go back and visit - and need to bring home. We do the same thing when we go to Chicago. Interesting treats. sandie

  27. Oh my, candy bars from Canada, there is nothing like them :) My dad is Canadian and I lived there for several years so now when we go visit we always have to bring treats back to the U.S.A. Aero, Coffee Crisp, and Smarties are a few of my favorites :) And Ketchup chips (though they are not candy bars) are my absolute favorite.

    Have a lovely weekend, Vee.

    Hugs to you!

  28. Mmmmm that Coffee Crisp look mighty good! I've never had any Canada treats... maybe that's a good thing.
    We had the same problem with fir trees at our family home when we had it. They just last so long and that's it. Sad, especially when you have to pay the price to have it removed. LOL well not really that funny.

    Hugs, Sherry

  29. I didn't know that Coffee Crisp wasn't available in the US. Glad your family treated you to some.
    I'll bet you had fun watching the men take the tree down. Did the grandsons come to watch, too?

  30. Still in the soup...a big old bowl of thick tomato soup and I'm the cracker all soggy.

    Love your new header photo - the sunlight is gorgeous!


  31. Interesting seeing the different treats.


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