Saturday, April 14, 2012

John Writes a Poem

Nature rarer uses yellow
Than another hue;
Saves she all of that for sunsets,—

Spending scarlet like a woman,
Yellow she affords
Only scantly and selectly,
Like a lover's words.

~Emily Dickinson

(Gotta wonder if Emily ever saw a dandelion.)Well, that's all good and nice, Emily, but my beloved went into action when he heard me muttering about poets not working much with "forsythia." I could give them some grace, I suppose, for the challenge of such a word. 


When it's springtime in Maine
And the weather is in a dither
Hang onto your hat
And go check the forsythia

If the leaves are green
And the flowers are blooming
Get out your lawnmower 
And give it a good tuning.


I love it!

~checking the forsythia~

~a little~

~a little more~


Yes, more than enough! 

Come on now, tell me, has your beloved ever written a poem for you? 

Love Vee


  1. You gotta love a man who is willing to draw on his creative resources to fill in the gap that the poets left! And he did a fine job at that! So is it time to give the lawnmower a tuning? :D

    Your forsythia pictures are beautiful! I am especially fond of the last one with the cluster of blooms in focus and the background out of focus. (I am suddenly noticing photographic techniques more that ever due to the fact that I have a new camera. Woohoo! Oh, I have sooooo much to learn.)

    Blessings on your spring weekend...may it be full of delights!

  2. I love the poem! Thanks for sharing it and the lovely forsythia pictures with us this Saturday morning. I hope you enjoy the day, Vee.

  3. Excellent!!!

    The heart of a poet, beats within thy breast, John!

    Bravo! All round!!!

    “Hath the pearl less whiteness Because of its birth?
    Hath the violet less brightness For growing near earth?”

    ~Thomas Moore

  4. Snaps to John! Love his poem! Our forsythia is slowly turning green. Glad yours is finally blooming!

  5. You've got quite the poet there! What a sweet thing to do. You're a very lucky lady!

  6. Good morning! I love the poem! And I agree, not the most easy word to use, haha. What a sweet guy. Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  7. Re: Your comment in my blog... Those are not my azealeas (spelling?). They are right next to us, but belong to son/daughter in law. Same with the first pic of the blooming tree. Even the second blooming tree, is not ours. ,-)

    But the violets and dandelions are! -grin-

    So happy to have made John's day!!! He IS good. And I like saying so, in the old-fashioned way. :-)))

    “Hath the pearl less whiteness Because of its birth?
    Hath the violet less brightness For growing near earth?”

    ~Thomas Moore

  8. Love it John!!!!

    Yes, Mr OP used to write me poetry all the time when he was in the Air Force and wrote to me a few times a week. I saved every letter, poem and card he ever gave me. One day maybe my grands will love reading his words.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. You're a lucky woman Vee! Wonderful poem!

  10. Bravo, John! Vee, he wants you to be happy always. Good guy. xo

  11. Hooray for John. No way could or would my hubby every write a poem. He is great with math. but not written word. He makes it up with some other romantic things, like cooking my favorite dinner. LOL I love forsythia but haven't had any for years. Your photos are great.

  12. Very good poem! John's a great poet! And yup --- it's from a man's perspective and that comes through to the reader. At our house, the man says that when the forsythia is in bloom it is time to treat the lawn for water grass prevention. :O

  13. Love the poem! My husband and kids have written a few over the years that I have put aside. They have never had to use the word "forsythia" though:)

  14. I give him an A! And what about daffodils? Yellow!
    And kerria japonica, which is starting to bloom.
    Yes, dh wrote me a poem , very short, but it rhymed!

    Enjoy the weekend! Gorgeous here.

  15. Your husband is a poet! You probably knew that. This poem could also be called "Hope."

  16. Move over Ogden Nash -- John has become a poet to rival your poetry! :)

    Did you know that the forsythia flower is the offical flower of Brooklyn, NY? There were many wild forsythia growing here at one time.

  17. John's poem is simply delightful! He appreciates nature and has a lovely sense of humor!

  18. Go John! Loving that poem!

    The forsythia photos are great too.

  19. What a multi-talented man! That is great!

    Tell him I've been mowing for a month but our forsythia started blooming a month ago! Emily used to pronounce it "for-cynthia"! Thought you'd like that!

    I happy my people are home!


  20. Beautiful shots of that yellow bell- especially the last one. Love the poem too

  21. I love it! John is quite a poet, even with the Maine accent. Beautiful photos. The last close up is perfect! I love forsythia. Murray has had the lawn mower out for a spin already (with the blade up). Just waiting for the green grass to grow but then, the forsythia isn't blooming here yet!

  22. Ummm, no ... he has many talents, but poetry is not one of them ;-).
    John, on the other hand, very talented in the poetry department. Great job!!
    So glad to see your forsythias in bloom. Your photos are so pretty. I hope it's safe to say your snowman has been retired until next winter.?.?

  23. You have a good one there Vee! No, my husband has never written a poem for me, nor recited one. But I still love him...he rewires lamps for me.

    Johns poem was lovely and so are your pretty pictures of forsythia.

  24. How about that John, another hidden talent revealed! He's a keeper!

  25. How wonderful that John could do that for you! I like his poem. John is a quick thinker. I do believe he has a talent for improv!

    Nope, never a poem, but he selects the most beautiful cards with the sweetest sentiments and then he writes something even more wonderful in the cards.

  26. John is a poet and don't even know it! How sweet, Vee.
    I'm jealous of the spring glory
    you have there in Maine.

  27. I think it is so romantic. Good for John....poems are from the heart and ever so special. I say, enjoy and appreciate his very loving spirit.

  28. Way to go, John! Elmer would never write a poem. He figures if there is something to be should be said in a way that can be easily understood...and poems are just way too complicated. He says sweet things though! :)

  29. Well done John! And yes, my Dear has written a poem for me many years ago...

  30. I love John's hidden talent. Now we want more......good job, John!

    David never wrote a poem. Actually, I'd be surprised if he ever read any poetry.

    Hope your having a fun/safe weekend.

  31. What a wonderful poem!! That John is a keeper!!

    Love your sweet banner, too.

    You mentioned the folks in tornado alley...I'm one. We've had a couple of nights of storms near KS and OK...we're in MO. We were lucky and didn't get it this time. I dearly love spring, but really hate the crazy weather.

    Have a great Sunday......dana

  32. I love John's poem too, Vee, Another check mark to add to his long list of talents.

    DH of mine would write me love letters and poems when we were dating and once in a while he will add one in a card. Somewhere in an old trunk is an old heart shaped, empty candy box with those old love letters and poems.~smile~ I am now wanting to find them.
    Your forsythia is beautiful, I am amazed at how well you capture its beauty. Great photography!

    I am taking a few minutes this morning to try and do a little catchup, enjoying your posts on this page. I am hoping to be able to join the Not Card party! So if you see someone spending extra time nosing around and clicking here and there it is little ole' me. lol.
    Psalms 91, so comforting and one I cling to.
    Enjoy your day.

  33. Oh, my goodness...John is SUCH a poet.
    How fun it must be to live with a real, live poet...:))

    Your blooms are lovely...
    Oh, and I generally only use 3 photos for my header...I do have some 4's tho, that I use from time to time. Three seems to enhance certain photos, I guess.
    I have been busy making headers while Picnik is still in business. So easy there and the new ones take more time and BRAINS to figure it all out. So, every chance I get, I run over to Picnik and make another header. :))

  34. Down South we call it Yellow Bell. I love forsythia...this is lovely
    Batgirl and Sandi

  35. Oh so cute! Love his poem!

    Like my mama says still,

    "John's a poet and don't know it!
    And he's got the feet to show it!"

    (or does he?)

  36. oh let john come check out cher's new poem over at the cat lady's
    batgirl (with sandi)

  37. Very nice indeed! My hubby no but my brother does. I think it's wonderful!

  38. Wow a poem just for you.
    No, I've never had a poem written for me.

  39. John's a poet and didn't noit!


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