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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gathering the Moments~April

Another month come and gone? Yes, and though I can't say that April has been any prize and am beginning to think that 2014 is going down as the spring that never was to be followed by a summer that never was (don't tell anyone I told 
you —— Foogle it), I still think it went by fast. 

I spent the month fretting about the cat, kiddos, and husband, not necessarily in that order.

~Grandpa Robin~

A real robin showed up; even he looked winter spring weary and as if he had had a cold for a month. (That nest material looks as if he were wearing a mustache.) 

Real daffodils are still scarce, but one arrived in the form of art.

~Thanks, Lorrie!~

My son celebrated a birthday and we helped. This photo was taken last summer, but he doesn't change. Does he look patient, good, and kind?  He is. 

Sam and I tried a photo with the iPad camera. I liked his image and not my own. I suppose you can tell that. 

Oh and another "daffodil" arrived just this week with a message I need.

~Thanks, Abby!~

He held the whole month, too, and here we are ready (or not) to head into May. I'd like to head off boldly this time believing good things are on their way.

I am linking to Cheryl's 
Gathering the Moments...
It's a wonderful tool for summarizing a month!


  1. April has been a bit of a stinker with a beautiful day of 50 degrees and snow the next. Oh well, maybe May will bring some pleasant weather.
    I like what you said about your son, he does indeed look like a kind fellow, a reflection of mom.

  2. I love your posts Vee! I so enjoyed the one of your parents. And yes, your son looks like a really kind and sweet soul! Hope May brings less worry and more happy days!

  3. Oh, it is so hard when loved ones are sick (ask me how I know)...and when the cold weather holds on for dear life! And yet, as you say, a month goes by as a whirlwind. I pray that everyone is on the road to recovery (including your handsome Fiore) and that May IS a prize! :)

    Love the photo of your son, and the words that you say about him. I also love the selfie!

    Thanks for "gathering" again this month, friend!

  4. Enjoyed this as always Vee. And yes, your son looks like someone you'd want to know. No matter what the day holds, the Lord holds the day! LOVE it! Soo true. Soo Encouraging! Soo true! May your May be warm and joyful!

  5. Your month was one of all sorts of things, Vee. Happy Belated Birthday to your son. He DOES look like a kind, gentle soul. God bless him.

    I love that landscape on your mantle,Vee. It's a beauty. AND I love that sweet bit of trim and the tag at the end. Aren't people wonderful?

    Hope you have a blessed mid-week day! xo Diana

  6. It is an interesting year, weather wise!

    We have Robin's galore here, and daffodils, the tulips are up but not flowering yet - the peonies are up but way behind. I think they may bloom in June at this rate. The hydrangea seems behind as well!

    I need to get busy. I am doing the table decor for our pastor friend's wedding this weekend. Last planning meeting today at noon! Off to see the Downton Dresses at Winterthur tomorrow!


  7. I hope May is a better month for you, Vee. Sounds like a lot of concerns made you a bit weary. Praying for you. And I hope the real daffodils appear soon. Ours might, if our new crop of snow would disappear.

  8. I think that's about how I could sum up my month also- fretting about the kids, the husband, and my grandkids. I hope I have a fret-free May.

  9. April has been a month for the record books here too, illness in my family, etc.. I will be glad to see May!

  10. Hopefully May will bring warmth and wellness to you and yours Vee.

  11. Hopefully May will be a better month for you, Vee. My heart is heavy, but there are always blessings and I need to remember them. xo

  12. I'd say you gathered the April moments. Pretty kitty. Here's hoping May is full of flowers and smiles!

  13. Happy Birthday to your son, lovely photo's of your family .
    May will be better and summer will be to hot but life is what God gives us.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog.
    Hugs to you

  14. The daffodils have come and gone here, and April is ending with a cold, rainy day. Before you know it, we will be begging for relief from summer's swelter. Hoping for you a May full of blessings, both small and beyond imagination!

  15. I hope John is feeling better, Vee. Worry has it's way with us all once in a while. Even King Solomon found that life wasn't a bowl of cherries in the end!
    But I'm glad things are looking up.

  16. Nice collection of thoughts for April. Yes your son does look kind. Like the pic of you and the grand, too bad you learned how to blur yourself out. Is that THE fake blanket behind you? I'm looking forward to May, it starts out with my daughter's birthday. Have a delightful last day of April. ~ Abby

  17. I am ready for a good May and hope things just starting 'springing' up!!
    hugs, Linda

  18. Nice summary in photos of your month. I really can't believe this is the last day of April. Where does the time go? Hope the month of May is a better one for you, in all ways. Your son is indeed kind looking as well as nice looking and I hope he had a nice birthday, too!

  19. The last day of April. It's trite to say, I know, but time sure passes by quickly these days. Your gathering of moments is lovely in spite of the hardships of this past month. I do hope that May will bring you flowers, both literally and figuratively.

  20. Your blog is like a breath of spring air even though you haven't gotten to experience much of spring this year. You are a blessing to your readers. Blessings to you and your sweet family.

  21. You know Vee..your blog gives so much happiness..and blessings to us. I am winter weary as well..today is it monsoonal rain and winds are at like 20-50 mph. ANYWAYS--thanks for the smiles you provided on a daily basis. Blessings

  22. If it makes you feel any better, my good bloggy friend that lives in South Dakota has been experiencing a blizzard this week! ;)

  23. I hope John is fully recovered from his cold/illness and pray for a continued, but speedy recovery.
    God bless little Fiore too.
    I know spring comes to your parts later than here in PA, but take heart, it's coming. It HAS been a long and wearying winter....and year, for that matter. Mister has been laid up with a bad back for going on 2 months now. :( We are waiting!! for improvement and return to function.

  24. Beautiful moments and beautiful photos.

  25. I pray that you are blessed with a beautiful spring in full glory when it finally materializes, that just fills your heart with singing. What a privilege you have to build into your grandsons' lives each day. I can imagine they'll have some fun stories to tell their kids someday! Cheryl's monthly reviews do make me stop and review, which is good to do, and also I realize how fast time flies by.

  26. I enjoyed your post, Vee. But I cannot accept a summer that never was! We MUST have those 90 degree days to enjoy! lol Seriously, summer is my favorite season although I am getting rather intolerant of the extreme heat that now seems to come more often.

  27. Uh, oh. What exactly should I , er, Foogle? Summer 2014? I'm ok with a little cooler temps, but really, haven't we had enough bizarre weather? I'm always thrilled to head into May. It's my favorite month of Spring. Everything blooms! Here's hoping it's a banner month for us all:>)

    1. Foogle "The Summer That Never Was." I think it only applies to New England and the Maritime Provinces. (I could be wrong.) It's one of the weather predictions for this year.

  28. I sure hope this next month is much much better! You inspired me...I'm joining in this party tomorrow! I love the idea of gathering our moments! sweet hugs, Diane

  29. April sure did go by fast. The first April that I lived with snow. : )
    Your son does look all those things.
    I'm thinking May will be sunny and green and pretty.

  30. Dear Vee, It is the spring that never was!! I have heat on and flooding in the streets and it is wet and windy!!
    Though the weatherman promises a nice weekend....we will see. lol
    Though the Lord does hold the day and He carries us all through it.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  31. p.s. Happy birthday to your son and wishes for a blessed year ahead. .and yes he does look kind and patient.

  32. Well, I like the moments you gathered to share with us over here. Sweet pic's all around! Sorry April wasn't exactly spring-like over there. May May make up for it! (That is easier to type than to say! ) Happy Birthday to your kind and patient son!

  33. Hey, April can take care of itself. *smile* May is the perfect month. It's Sparky Birth Month, you know. Gifts are welcome and I accept VISA, Mastercard, tokens .... *lol* ~:)
    (PS: You do have a sweet looking family.)

  34. I'm glad April is gone and the promise of May is at the threshold. What a month it was! I love the pic of you and your grandson on the iPad. And you have sweet bloggy friends who send rays of sunshine in the mail. Happy May to you! Hugs. Pam

  35. I too have wondered if spring would ever come and stay for good, it has been up and down, but somehow things have managed to turn green and flowers are blooming, however we have had tornados, flooding, and high winds in our area this week. And He still holds our days in His hand! I hope John is feeling better, and yes, your son does look patient, good and kind! Wishing him a belated but happy Birthday wish!
    Thanks for sharing, have missed you!

  36. I'm beginning to sense a little of what you all have been going through coming to this other side of the U.S.
    Looks like lots of good things happened in April, too, for you and the family. Blessings...

  37. Thanks for sharing your April moments. Your son looks like a wonderful man. May your May be a wonderful one and make up for these past few months!!! Hugs.....

  38. This too shall pass.........April, I mean....Actually it's 6am on May 1st as I write this...I had terrible food poisoning last night and went to bed super early. but now I'm apparently all better and ready for the joys of May, usually my favorite month of the year. Along with June....May you all be well!

  39. Love the photos, your son looks like you, Vee. That robin is nice and plump, he must be finding some worms. xo

  40. I love your 'April moments' Vee.
    It's all the special little day to day moments such as these that make up our lives.
    I agree your son looks laid back. To me he looks like a calm, patient person who is considerate of others.
    You are rightly very proud of him.
    I hope by now you are all perking up and waving goodbye to the winter ills of the past weeks.

  41. Is Fiore okay? She's such a beautiful cat. Such a nice recap of April. As I read this, May 4th, it's about as green outdoors (almost) as in your picture. The chives are coming up in my flower bed. That's exciting!


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