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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Random Thoughts for a Saturday

I woke this morning feeling a little blue yellow. It's the state of the country I think. Enough about that. On to other more cheering random things.


Now that is cheering! Plenty of snow left, of course, but how long can it last with those temps?

There's plenty that needs setting to rights around here. Winter has been more unkind than usual. I'm taking it slow. 

There! One thing back where it belongs.

Sometimes I just need to know when to cut my losses. This unhappy primrose just needs to go. Sigh.

I am working on a project that will include some spring flowers.

The Christmas leftovers will be tossed over the banking as soon as I don't sink to my knees in snow and mud. In the meantime, the birds have been enjoying the old berries. If I plant tomatoes this year, perhaps the birch log can serve as a support.

Probably better pick up that dead chicken by the door. 

A lovely weekend to you.


  1. And a lovely weekend to you! My sil Mike and grandson Nathan are on a boy scout camping weekend and the weather is glorious! Sunny and in the 70s today and tomorrow....OTH, Tuesday in the 30s and possible snow..........Oh, April, what are you doing!

    (And where did you get those darling butterflies?)

    1. They are a set of four that I purchased for under $20 at a gift shop in Conway, NH.

  2. Looks like that dead chicken belongs in an Easter basket! I hope you have a lovely weekend and some bright sunshine to make you feel a cheery yellow! Sweet hugs!

  3. We are headed for a few days of cold and looks like I'll lose the blossoms on my weeping cherry tree again. I never get to enjoy it for long, but better days are ahead.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create around the birch (?) cross. It's already lovely and touches my heart. I think we're off to get the 5th wheel today. It will be so nice to have it out back again.

  5. Oh I am so happy to see that temp reading and see the lovely sunshine. Hoping all that snow will be behind you soon. Now I've got to get outside and mow the lawn...oye!

  6. Your temps are passing ours already. It always happens. That snow doesn't stand a chance! Begone!
    Hope the blueness of your morning turns into a sunny yellow afternoon.

  7. I think your project is going to be very beautiful. xo

  8. We love your random thoughts. Our yard needs similar tending, except, as far as I know, we have no dead chickens to deal with. Maybe some poor mouse who didn't make it through the winter.

    (I am NOT telling that we woke to snow this morning.... and here you have summery temps already. Enough on that, as you would say. We're having company arriving any moment so who cares what's going on outside. The ham baking smells deelish (ham on a bun for lunch with homemade mustard sauce...and for dinner there's turkey ready to go in the oven and jostle our nostrils all the live long day.

    Happy Day!

  9. Son put the cover on his pool yesterday. Tired of dirt, sand and leaves in the pool...until we get thru with spring, we'll have sandstorms away too often . Each part of the country has weather dislikes.....we are in the middle of the worst draught we've ever had. I would gladly take some of that leftover snow ya'll have..

  10. That should be "drought". Lol

  11. It's 70 degrees here today and the yard clean up is being done by dear husband while I coddle myself with a bad cold. That snow will be gone before you know it! Dead chicken?

  12. {giggles} on the chicken. I had to go back and look, lol. It is nice here, Vee, hang on..our warmer weather will be coming to you soon. Blessings

  13. It's definitely nice here but not 70...YET...I think it's supposed to get nice here, tho we have had some wonderful weather so I can't complain.

  14. I was able to do a quick assessment of my shrubs and prune a few, the weight of the snow has done some damage this winter. The lilac out the front is missing one side. :-( Of course that's where Glenn blows the snow off the driveway but I know better than to say anything.
    Can't that poor chicken be dusted off and revived? LOL

  15. Yeah 70 degrees!! I got my herbs planted (except basil) and some bean, chard and zucchini seeds planted yesterday. Tomorrow we are planted some knock out roses and a few more plants. We had such a hard winter (for our area) that many perennial bushes died this year and have to be replaced.

  16. Ahh the end of another season....
    I'm doing a similar clean up in my garden here - it's a mess with Summer's leggy perennials - they get the chop today!
    Poor chicken - what did he do?!
    A beautiful simple birch cross Vee.
    Today is already Palm Sunday here and we celebrate our Saviors triumphal entrance into Jerusalem.
    Palm Sunday the door to Holy Week...I have a lump in my throat thinking about His journey to come....
    and all for us.

  17. LOL- Oh-yes- don't forget the dead chicken by the door! Loving your dear little rustic cross., Vee. I am anxious to get outside but it was COLD and rained hard all day long today. But, one thing for sure, Spring is coming!!! xo Diana

  18. You sound a little low, snow will be gone soon and the spirit of spring will make you feel better.
    Hugs !

  19. It is amazing what a mess everything is after this winter. We have had a week of nice weather and are working bit by bit to get everything in ship shape! Love your cross - will you use it with some flowers?

    Oh that is one sad, sad chicken!

    Enjoy the lovely weather!


  20. Dear Vee....I can't imagine cleaning up after snow....my back yard really needs help, and there has been no snow. I like your butterfly, and looks very nice hanging. My feeling is to just toss all my plants that look dead or almost, and start new. I want to plant a tomato plant and a zucchini.

    70 degrees will melt that snow if it keeps up...we've been in the 80's, but today is a little cooler and it feels good.

    Have a great Palm Sunday and Holy Week.

  21. Vee,
    I am so glad your snow is disappearing..and spring is so very close for you...
    I love your posts...you are such a good, friendly girl.....
    Love, Mona

  22. Those are some great random thoughts for a Saturday. I think our weather and Spring progress over here is pretty much like yours. Don't fret my friend - we're in this together and Full Spring will surely be here soon! The birch cross is brilliant and I can't wait to see what you're making.....blessings to you!

  23. Glad the weather's warming - you deserve it more than just about anyone dear. Sorry, after this winter I've decided I definitely can't move back to New England…………….except for July and August, haha!!! And you didn't even know I was even contemplating a move such as that did you Vee? We do chat about it now and then!

    Chin up - hope tomorrow you feel less blue or yellow.
    Hugs - Mary

  24. I didn't know you still had snow here and there...no wonder you are blue...er, yellow. Chicken by the door? Not a good thing.

    Onward and upward. We aren't much better here but it can only improve, right?


  25. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend- dead chicken? I think I missed something somewhere...

  26. Oh, Vee!!! I wish I could wiggle my nose and you and John would magically appear right here with us down on the ranch where the green is SO green it is unbelievable!! We would ip some ice tea because he gets a little warm. The breeze is nice. We could sit and visit and then with another wiggle of our noses you could be back home again!

    Now - about that dead chicken......

  27. A dead chicken by the door?? Hmmm. The weather the past few days has been so delightful here too. At 15C (60F) we were basking in the sunshine. Not really. Just enjoying it. The snow is going fast too. Have a wonderful week leading up to Easter. Blessings. Pam

  28. Dead chicken? I think it is just in hibernation...and will be awakening real soon with the sun shining down on it. Enjoy the week...and may spring arrive in all it's glory in time for Easter.

  29. I feel the same way....it was 70 degrees all week and things were beginning to get green and then today we got 6 inches of snow! Even the v
    Birds were confused!

  30. Glad your harsh winter is over. at least our wet winter and spring made everything bloom amazingly although it did put gardening work a lot behind.


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