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Friday, April 18, 2014

Good for Me

It's after nine and I find myself thinking about the events of that first Good Friday. It is good to ponder. How do I reconcile all that I am doing today with that sacred timeline? Oh! I remember. Jesus came to give me a reason to live, to do the little things that create a life worth living. 

I will be cleaning and baking and watching my grands. 

~book gift from Great-Aunt K~
We will probably read this story by Max Lucado again, if the weeks' past are any indication. The story has captured the boys' attention.  

They have wondered aloud how such a day could be called "Good." In the end, we have learned that it is "good for me." Very good for me. The best it could possibly be for me. For you, too, if you have realized your need to receive the greatest gift ever given. 

A blessed Easter weekend to you. Don't forget, Sunday's coming! 

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