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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Photo~A~Day~Challenge~Week Four

22 green

If I were naming this, I'd call it "Discovery." In this case, Jake discovered a ball of pitch on the end of a spruce frond. Kind of messy and kind of delightful all at once.

 23 pair

Naming this, I'd call it "Imagination." Give a boy some yarn and a paper clip and tell him to go find a stick and pretty soon you have a pair of fishermen catching "the big one" right in their former luge. They loved this and played at it for a long, long time.

 24 hot

These red azaleas bloom well after the pink ones have died away. I still have another variety blooming yet on the side of the house. Crazy late season.

 25 cold

One section of a John Rossini print that hangs above the piano.

26 thermometer

Not sure that my coffee is hot enough...

27 fruit

Last night, we had our first strawberry shortcakes of the season made with local berries. I forgot to take a photo. Blessed me I remembered this one that Kati may recognize.

 28 yellow

 29 grass

Cheating a bit. It's mostly clover and I really wanted to show you the roses.

30 looking up

I actually lay on a blanket yesterday watching clouds float by and taking photos. Today, they make me dizzy so, lest they do the same to you, consider yourself spared!

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And this concludes the photo~a~day challenge for June. By next Saturday, we will have already been in July for five days. Thanks so much, Kati, for all the fun and challenges. 


  1. I like both "Discovery" and "Imagination"! It looks as if you inspired some good times during your last full week of taking care of the boys.
    Your azalea is lovely...and it is hard to imagine that azaleas are still blooming!
    I like my coffee hot too! I have never thought to measure it...hmmm...
    Enjoyed seeing life through your eyes during the month of June!

  2. Isn't it fun to see where a child's imagination takes them? How fun that the luge has transformed into a fishing hole.
    Your red azalea is a thing of beauty. What a great color. It is hard to believe they are blooming in late June.

  3. Oh that was fun Vee - you did a great job! Those boys are so precious and I love your descriptions.

  4. I love that you included the g'sons in your photo challenge.
    It's good they enjoy spending time outdoors exploring and not sitting
    in front of a computer or whatever it is children use these days!
    Your 'hot' azaleas are sure pretty too.
    I hope your weekends a good one!

  5. Vee, I'm laughing over here in the PNW! I thought #24 said HAT not HOT...oye. Those Marines could be described as "hot", too, by many a gal. I enjoyed your challenge shots. Now I'm headed out the door for the wedding in Portland. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. You are so clever! Looks as if your creative imagination kept the boys entertained and taught them quite a lot about being creative. Your roses are beautiful. I have an empty spot in the herb/flower garden and was looking at roses yesterday (wondering if that empty spot would be perfect for one). I love azaleas, but know that one wouldn't be happy there. You are so blessed to have azaleas. There is something extra special about them.

  7. Great pictures for the photo challenge. Your grandsons are having a wonderful time!

  8. What a fun challenge. I love that the boys have such great imaginations...

  9. What a great June you photo challengers have had! I love the ones of the boys! You are a wonderful Gran.

    I love those azaleas! What amazing color!

    I have lots of clover in my grass - we live in the country so we've just embraced it! Speaking of grass, I should mow but will probably wait until Monday!


  10. Grandchildren are pretty much the best thing ever!
    Your azaleas are beautiful. I like that you used this picture for "hot". Good thinking!
    I'm really going to miss seeing everyone's pictures from Kati's challenge. It has been really fun.

  11. Love your pictures. I think the first two with the kids are just precious. They do have such a sense of imagination. Love the flowers too.

  12. Vee, I loved all your photos. The little boy's face while he is touching to goo.:):) You have plenty of room to explore . Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. Love all your photos for the challenge. Especially the imagination!

  14. Nice photos. The azaleas are beautiful. Being much further South, ours bloomed a couple of months ago. The zinnias and giant sunflowers have stepped in to take their place. And I remember playing with yard and sticks. We used chunks of ham to fish for war mouth bass and brim in the creeks (pronounced "cricks" in the sawth). "Those where the days my friend ..." ~:)

  15. Ahh..the joys of being a a kid! Those boys sure do look like they are having a blast. The red azaleas are gorgeous and I am so jealous of you laying on a blanket cloud gazing. You have inspired me to do that one day soon...will just have to find a place where I can actually see the sky! Maybe sometime I will get in on this photo challenge :)

  16. Sweet pictures. Vee, especially like the "hot" one. Wonderful color!

  17. Fun to see your grandsons having simple fun without electronics! I know they give you great joy. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Oh, your berries sound good. A blog friend sent me strawberry preserves in the mail today! Can't wait to try them.
    We are enjoying a quiet, lazy day - hope you are doing the same. Take good care.

  18. Way to go...with the photo challenge! You did well. I love the one of the boys fishing...using their imagination. Boys are still boys!

  19. Oh to be young again...I think if I could, I would run faster and play harder and sing louder and be sillier and goofier...well, you get the picture! If we only knew then what we know now!
    Your azaleas are gorgeous...

  20. These are great photos. Isn't it nice to know that kids can still be entertained by something other than a computer. Sweet. Love that print above your piano, even with the snow. Lee and Longstreet riding into Cashtown is above my piano. Your azaleas are gorgeous!!

  21. So nice to see that kids can still have fun with simple things and their imagination. : )
    You did well with the photo challenge. Will there be one for July?

  22. What lovely photos..thank you for the smiles..and the charming photos of your grands..sigh...to be young again. Smiles

  23. Love your azalea - your woods are gorgeous and the boys "fishing" there is precious! Have a wonderful week, Vee! :)

  24. I most certainly do recognize the strawberry! :) Strawberry shortcake is so yummy!

    Your red azalea is so pretty and cheerful!

  25. A great conclusion to the photo challenge. I hope Katie repeats it sometime as I'd like to join in. I never got myself organized enough this time around.
    Love the "hot" azalea, and the pair of boys fishing with their imaginations. Such a healthy way to entertain themselves rather than via technology.

  26. All wonderful photos, Vee! You do these challenges well. Little boys have big imaginations and it is wonderful that a simple pretend game such as this made them so happy and occupied! Can you believe another vacation is in the works for us? I'm still trying to blog about where we were a few months ago! I love to travel so it s all good.

  27. Such great photos. I especially liked Pair. The boys are so cute. You really put great thought into your choices of photos. Have a beautiful day!

  28. You are so clever and imaginative. You and John are such awesome gparents to those boys!

    I have really enjoyed your pics for Kati's month in photo challenge.

    Also I just borrowed my daughter's niece's version of Frozen, MY nieces sing is allllll the time and cannot believe I haven't seen it yet. Looking forward to it soon, knowing it will be soon b/c I know I have to return that DVD quickly or two little itty bitty girls will freak, I am sure, haha.

    I can imagine their Mom is relieved it's gone for awhile lol.



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