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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sound Common Sense

~kinda skimpy~

The Kitchen Garden

I wish all my fair sisters would set apart a portion of their home grounds for a garden. A good flower garden exerts a powerful aesthetic side of the home life, and the vegetable garden contributes to the family's health and economy...

Best for the lady who tends the garden, though, is that life-giving something in the very smell of the ground... And when long summer days come, when the lady drops her endless sewing and gathers what she has grown in anticipation of a fresh meal — a vase of colorful blooms upon the table to meet the family when they sit — she will come back with lighter step and rosy cheeks. This is not romance, but sound common sense.
 ~Keeping Hearth and Home in Old Massachusetts
compiled by Carol Padgett

Hope that your garden is growing. Mine is, even if a bit skimpy this year. It still pleases my eye even if it'll not please my plate. Comments are closed today because I am having such trouble keeping up this week.

Enjoy your day!