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Friday, April 13, 2012

News and Other News

Saving my good news (so good) for last because I don't want you leaving me too soon.

Yesterday, I felt as if I were in a real life game of Hide'n Seek. I wandered listlessly down through my friends' blogs and no one was home. For hours. I called, "Come out, come out wherever you are!" Chirrup. Later in the day, I discovered that you all had better things to do.

Yeah? Well so do I. Just consider today a little more of the same old, same old that you were dished yesterday. Don't forget! I have good news coming (so good).

~Best Early View of the Morning~

I'm noticing that the jelly cupboard is getting chipped. Does that mean more character or time for a paint job? Just thinking aloud, Dear One, no need to answer.

Remember how I told you that the forsythia wasn't blooming? Well it's still not, but it will bloom before another day is past.

In another scintillating decorating mention — this could become a regular feature, aren't you thrilled? — I present to you the light switch.

~Before and After~

I'm going to miss my Christmas switch. That house looks exactly like one I see daily, minus the snow, the lantern, the gifts, the lovely purply light.

Wait! Sometimes we do have purply light.

~Purply Light ? ~

Okay, so it's really not so purply. What would you call it? Smoky blue? Mariner blue? Blue?

I was visiting Raising Jane yesterday where she linked to a great site that features letters. I found the best letter ever! It was from C.S. Lewis to a young fan in Florida. He gave her the secrets of writing! Can you believe it? He has a list of suggestions that I have been trying very, very, very hard to follow. Okay, not so much, but I'll do better. You can find that letter *here.*

Now, if that's all the good news I had to share, you might not think it enough. It is, though, trust me on that. My big, so good, good news for those who haven't yet found her again... Brin is back! *My-Messy-Thrilling-Life Brin!* 

Yes, and there's other good news, too... a new 14th generation American grandbaby. Congrats to Jill and Bernie and the new parents, too, of course!

There are some little grandbabies—four of them, not yet born, who belong to Linda who are standing in need of ongoing prayer. We are praying. If you pray, please read their story *here.* 

All these links should provide lots of reading for a lazy Saturday afternoon. What? It's NOT Saturday yet? 

Forget it.

A good Friday to you...


  1. I'm home! You're more than welcome to stop by for a visit! Great photo of the sun! Enjoy your day!

  2. Good Morning Vee,
    I love the letter by Lewis...thank you for the link. The chippyiness of the red dresser looks comfy.

    I am still trying to find myself settling in this temporary home and need to get back into the routine of blogging. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Gosh, full of news and wonderful links today :)
    I was home, you should have rang the bell, I was in the basement :)

    have a wonderful weekend

  4. You always come up with the most interesting posts! Thanks for the links!!!

  5. Ohhhhhhh gooooood grief!!!

    I was thinking of and wondering about BRIN. I was, and not long ago. Today perhaps, even...

    And here you are, telling us that she is back to blogging.

    My synchrinosity... It gives me *goose bumps*, at times. :-)

  6. Oh, to have just a 1/10 of the talent in writing that CS Lewis had! Thanks for all of the links! I need some fresh reading! So much going on in the world!

  7. Wonderful news...and yes, prayers for this next generation yet to be born...and congratulations!!

    I will check out that site on CS Lewis letters...I know I will be inspired

  8. Don't you just hate that? When you have a bit of time to wander around...and nobody's "home" and there's nothing to read?

    Oh, but you've given us lots to read here this morning! I have a bit of time this morning. It's Bekah's birthday, we are taking the day off from formal studies, and the first thing on her to-do list today is a l-o-n-g unhurried bubble bath. So she is soaking and I am...um...reading. Thanks for the links.

    (Love your red jelly cupboard!)

  9. I don't think I've ever clicked on so many links in one post. I spent my morning enjoying each one, but especially the C.S. Lewis letter.

  10. Well, I've had my daily visit with you first and will save the links you pass on to us for later. Love your red chippy jelly cupboard even if you didn't ask for a comment. Love your posts and Thanks as always for visiting mine! Of course you'll take a picture as soon as your forsythia blooms?

  11. Lots of good stuff there, Vee! I think your cupboard is just getting better looking with age!
    Linda's babies....yes, they are in my prayers morning and night - a miracle waiting to happen as their mama 'grows them'....as Linda says!
    I'm going to try to find Trish on your blog...I'm here for another three days and maybe I'll run into her. This is a VERY small place!

  12. congrats and congrats!!! good for you..and good luck to the parents.
    C.S.Lewis is one of my favorite authors..thank you for this link.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    have a great weekend!

  13. Good morning Vee,
    Just a quick note to say Hi, and to let you know I am alive and well. Today is my first day back and I just had to stop by to visit you, it has been so long since I was at Pear tree lane and when I logged in I couldn't remember my pass word,lol took me a few seconds, so I am blaming it on age. When i finally got logged in I found a comment from someone who said my blog was private, haven't checked that out yet.lol and was wondering if so how they got in. hummm!

    Thanks for all of the links, I will bookmark them and hopefully get to them this weekend. I will be back to see what mischief you have been into also. I have so missed you and my other blogging friends, and think of you all so often.
    Love your new header and background.
    Our forsythia has bloomed and gone, but we had such a warm March so many others plants bloomed and guess what happened this week frost and freeze and what a mess our garden flowers look like now,
    Loved the light switch, reminds me of our dear friend Thomas Kincaid, I was so sad to read of his passing. So do you have a summer switch plate? I keep thinking I will get some cute ones as I always see them at my mother's home, you both are my mentors!!Yes even a switch plate moves and inspires me!!~smile~
    So sorry for the letter, but it has been awhile, you know!!
    Love, Sue

  14. Happy day to you too, Vee! Isn't it wonderful that Jill is now a grandma? I think so! Exciting! I will follow your other links this week-end and read up on the happenings of your blogging friends.

    The light switches --- amazing and so pretty! Is the "plain" one shabby chic'ed around the edges or did you photo edit it? Whatever --- it is really pretty.

    As far as that cabinet --- I have to comment. I love it chipped. All it needs is a light coat of sandpaper rubbed over the edges to smooth it out a bit and you have a the very "in" thing! :D

    Enjoy a great week-end!

  15. I haven't been blogging regularly since the family left...so much to do....but I am going to be back whether you're ready or not! :)

    Your light switch cover made me think of Thomas Kinkade...I was so sad to hear that he died. Such a beautiful gift he shared with us all!

    Have a great weekend! I know I will!


  16. Oh, and thank you friend for linking to the letter by C.S. Lewis! I just read it and it's wonderful.


  17. Thanks for your kind comments today. I have lost all my Blogs I Follow List (what is going on??) so wondered if you would become a 'Follower' so I can access you that way.

  18. I love this post! I will check out the links! I love your light switch,as others said it does look like a Thomas Kinkade. His things are so inspirational!

  19. I am excited to check out all of your links. And I have a lazy afternoon stretching out in front of me to do so : )...enjoy your week-end! HUGS

  20. So many fun links to explore after commenting here. The C.S. Lewis letter is sure to be interesting. Love that man's writings.

    Character. That's how I'd view the red jelly cupboard.

    I'm home!

  21. I've got to read the letter. I've always loved the way you compose your posts. Off to check out your links!

  22. I'm sorry I wasn't around today Vee but I was doing some retail therapy with my best friend and didn't get to check on anyone. I have been running out of blog fodder lately too so have to get out and take more pics or go back into the archives again. I have good news. I'm going out to visit my sweet Alberta family this Thursday. Yup, I'm flying by myself and I'm kinda scared. I wish I could get Scotty to beam me out in an instant! Looks like a nice weekend ahead. We're going out for breakfast and to the market tomorrow. I'll take my camera. I think your jelly cupboard looks great! And, I love the aprons hanging on the hooks in yesterday's post. Have a lovely weekend! Hugs, Pam

  23. Oh, dear...I haven't had a lazy Saturday is soooo long. :))

  24. I was home! You could have called me and that was a lot of interesting sites. Hope you have a great weekend. sandie

  25. Hi Sweet Vee

    Just catching up a bit here -
    I missed all your posts this week. Glad that you had a wonderful Easter - I would have loved to see the photo of the Where's Waldo fun!

    I'm up late tonight so that I can get caught up on a few things before tomorrow.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  26. Vee
    I saved your CS Lewis link for when I have time later to read it.
    He is one of my favorites.
    I like the chippy look of your cabinet too.
    I'll be praying for your friend with the unborn babies, for sure.
    Sweet dreams-Kimberly

  27. Here I am in my hotel room with my room make already so sleepy and I am like you...wandering around, wondering where everyone is.
    I loved this read and am so happy to be directed to Brin again.
    Happy Saturday.

    PS..hoping for sunshine for mine.

  28. If only one had the time for lazy reading!


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