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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Early Morning Walk

Up early, I stripped the bed and made it up again with a fleece sheet bottom and a crisp white cotton sheet top. My morning cup of coffee was waiting for me by the time I arrived in the kitchen. John had already been downtown for the paper and was seated at the table reading intently, sipping his coffee every so often.

I popped a piece of 12-grain bread into the toaster, measured out my tablespoon of peanut butter, and then leaned back into the cabinet waiting. I decided to feed the pets; they always appreciate my remembering, and while I nibbled on my peanut butter toast, I wandered about the house looking for my shoes.

For in those few short moments I had decided to go for a morning walk. Perhaps reading about Happyone's morning walks had influenced me. I have enjoyed her descriptions of spring mornings and wondered if I might find anything of interest. That, and I had nothing planned here at the blog. =D

I was not disappointed. The birds were in full song. Try as I might to capture one's photo, I could not. I took a number of photos of tree tops and managed to miss every single soprano and a tenor or two. The chickadees were singing their spring song, "Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe."

The river beckoned, I could hear the water gushing over the rocks. When I arrived there, I didn't see a lot of "over the rocks" action at all. This is a bit concerning as  there are fears of a drought. I did see the sun on the water and took a careful shot lest I put your eye out.

Do you see the garbage? Ugh. Why do I feel compelled to point it out?

~A reflection of the old mill and a gnarled root system exposed.~

No flowers, lots of birdsong, brisk morning air (30F), and bright sunshine—exhausting. ☺ I turned for home and found Haven waiting.

Have a great Tuesday. Have you been for an early morning walk lately?


  1. Yes, I have. : )
    Thanks for the blog mention!

    I hurried over here when I read your blog title.
    Happy that you enjoyed your walk. I'm sure your whole day will be better because of it. : )

  2. I have not! You seem to have woken with lots of energy to have already changed your bedding. We typically do early morning walks on Sundays, when the weather turns for the better. Today it is raining! Have a lovely day!

  3. nooooo, it's 8:22 here, I just put my coffee on and now, thank you very much, I will have peanut butter toast with mine.
    No walking today as we have a busy day scheduled.

  4. We went for an evening walk last night at sunset. I thought I saw a bat but hubby said it was just a bird. We walked to the pond and saw ducks and came home relaxed and refreshed. I love taking a short walk at any time of the day. (I eat peanut butter out of the jar for a snack sometimes!)

  5. Great description Vee! I loved it-and the pictures. :)
    I need to get back into morning walks.... :)


  6. I so enjoy the way you write. I hope you're still considering that book!

    Early morning walks are something I do when we're out in the 5th wheel. In town there's so much traffic and everything seems so busy. It's wonderfully peaceful when we're camping. It sounds as if you have that right in your own yard.

  7. I went for an after lunch walk yesterday in the cold wind. I had such pain in my leg that it was a short one. Today is cloudy so far and cold (32F) and I'll not be walking until later. I did get out and clean up around the yard yesterday afternoon. It's getting dry here and there's talk of an early and busy forest fire season. I like your pictures of the river. I must carry a garbage bag with me and clean up my route soon. People are so rude to throw their trash and Timmie's cups on the road! (Tim Horton's coffee, Canadian eh?) Enjoy the day!

  8. No, I haven't and I must say you are quite inspiring... always. Your photos (even with garbage) and description was right on this morning. I think it's because for the first time in many days the sun is shining through my breakfast window and yesterday was 20 degrees warmer than we've been in weeks!

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. I haven't been on an early morning walk in sometime...I did get out however and fed the horses and enjoyed the morning sun and spring air!

    This time of year I long to be outside....I am trying to take the opportunities as I get them the next few weeks...


  10. Good for you for getting out. No, I have not had an early morning walk in a very long time. Have a wonderful day....

  11. That was nice. I liked hearing your thought process of the morning and the inspiration of your morning walk. I've always thought we should once in awhile be honest about the garbage...thanks for being so.

    I can't walk down our country road lest I be hit by one of the many dump trucks or whacked in the back of the head by the rock that occasionally leaves the dump part. So...I treadmill.

  12. Oh I enjoyed going on that walk with you. Haven't done that in years. I often sit out on my front porch in the early morning hours though and do my devotion and sip my tea. Such a glorious time of day. Have a lovely rest of the day!

  13. I go for a daily walk but at the moment it is not very early. Come the summer though I shall be doing some. Your pics are lovely and your house.

  14. No early morning (or any other time of day) walks here for the past while. I have had guests staying here...and walks seem to take second place to food prep these days. But I enjoyed my walk with you...and seeing a little sunshine (sadly missing over here recently). Have a wonderful day!

  15. No, but I should. I used to this every morning before we moved into town. It's not as pretty of a walk as yours and I find it much harder when there isn't much to look at. But, I can really come up with a million excuses. I just need to simply get out and do it!

  16. What a wonderful way to start your day. So good for both body and soul.

    Have a wonderful day, Vee!

  17. I walk in the park every morning it is not storming, Vee :) I sometimes grumble when I get up early and my bed feels too snuggly and warm to leave, but once I am in the park I feel so happy. There is something so uplifting about being outside and amongst nature in the morning. Lately I've been watching all the geese stop in the park's grass before they contuinue to fly north.

    I;m sure you've read that the more we sit the sooner we die, so walking is an excellent eay to get the exercise we all need each day!

  18. Early morning walks such as yours seem to set the day up just right. But I confess our walks are usually in the dark, in the evening after dinner/dishes.

    I loved reading about your morning.

  19. I am looking forward to morning walks! The best I can do right now are afternoon walks. But it is quite delightful to get out and observe no matter what time of the day!

  20. I love early morning walks, watching the world wake up. I took one yesterday through the paths around our wooded acreage. Admired the wild dog woods in bloom and watched the slow progress of a box turtle creeping across the dry leaf bed and listened to the song birds. Beautiful post!

  21. i do love an early morning walk but I'm not walking at 5 am as I used to do when I was younger. I love the freshness of early morning ... I would see the trash too, but even with you mentioning it I don't see it in the photo! It is always good to get home, isn't it? Our havens for sure.

  22. Vee, this post has inspired me to start tomorrow! I don't have wonderful scenery like you do, but I will bring my little point and shoot and try to catch a snap or two. I also read Pat's comment on sitting and dying early, so I had better start!! xo

  23. I love morning walks --- but usually we walk in the late evening. Sometimes it is dark when we get back home. Loved your pictures!

    I hate it when people leave trash around! We especially have a problem with that on the roads up the mountain. Every spring we take a walk down our road, bucket in hand, picking up beer cans and other junk.

    I love your sunshine!

  24. You certainly got off to a great start this morning! Hope the vim and vigor has continued through the day!
    (And I wished you hadn't asked that last question...) ;-)

  25. No. But now, maybe tomorrow!
    I loved the way you described your morning. My kind of reading. From the sheets to the coffee to the toast...to the walk.

  26. LOVE, LOVE going on walks. We do our walking in the evenings, after dinner, when our days are nice and long. We walk in the afternoons during the winter months, I actually enjoy walking in the snow, especially when the sun is out and shinning.

    A MID morning walk is always good too. Just getting out in the fresh air does a soul and body good!

    Thanks for taking us on your walk this morning, I feel refreshed.


  27. I would love to be able to walk in the morning....maybe while I'm on vacation next week...for now I get my walking in at work!!! :)

    Have a great day!!!


  28. Hi Vee,
    Sounds like a lovely morning walk. I have been walking around our yard...the roses, mock orange, and weigela are starting to bloom here in GA. Like you, I am enjoying the birdsong. I'll be away from the blog for several days but I wanted to wish you a blessed Easter.

  29. One of my biggest wishes regarding retirement is the possibility of early morning walks. I used to take them when my children were small, or after I'd taken them to school. These days I'm on the road to work so early that it doesn't make any sense to walk in the woods in the semi-dark.
    I loved this post - it's actually my favourite sort of post. There's something of a day book entry about it. Thanks for taking me along!

  30. Hey Vee!
    We love an early morning walk.
    The garbage just seems to be there in the spring...some places worse then others.
    Enjoyed your walk anyway...
    Hugs, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  31. I'm afraid I was up too late to get up very early. Looks like another late night. Does walking up and down the stairs a gazillion times doing laundry count? Your walk sounds nice and the fresh air sounds good, too.

  32. I really felt as if I was with you on this pleasant sounding morning!
    I don't go for enough morning walks. I will do so next time I wake and the sun is shining

  33. One of the things that really gets to me on my walks in the park, people just throwing and leaving their rubbish when there are many bins.

    I do walk and would like to have early morning walks but I am just not a morning person and love to read the daily paper first.

  34. No early morning walks for me - but we have been walking pretty regularly in the evenings. I love to walk on our trail near the creek (we say crick).



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