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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nothing Much to Say and I'll Say It Anyway

I've been humming Oh the barnyard is busy in a regular tizzy... all morning long. This means just one thing: I've been visiting S*san Br*nch a lot! It's lovely over there. A wonderful recounting of her life on the island and plans for a trip to the British Isles. Sometimes I find myself sighing when visiting S.B.

And our "barnyard" is pretty busy, too. Fioré (the cat) has gone plumb crazy. We find her in the strangest places. She's not allowed on counters or tables, yet we find her there all the time. The carnations were moved because she chows down on them as if they were catnip. We've taken to calling her Seabiscuit for her love of eating flowers and, what's worse, she has absolutely no remorse.

The only tree blossoming around here is in that print above that John brought me from the flea market several years ago now.

In other scintillating decorating news, I removed all the things from the bay window. That seed packet garland was the proverbial straw... I packed away the fabric banner and repositioned the seed packet garland on the light above the table. Fascinating stuff, say what?

The only forsythia blooming are the forced branches I keep lopping off and bringing in. There may be nothing left on the bushes when it does come into forsythia season.


Last night, I worked on my next set of note cards for the note card party coming up next week — the 18th to be exact with sign-up beginning the evening before, if you choose. Some mention how difficult it is to limit the photos to four. I find it difficult to find four that complement each other enough to be considered a set. I really enjoyed working on the project. (It's fun to wander back through the pages of one's own blog.) If you participated last time, I hope that you will be able to again and, if you didn't, I hope that you'll try it. The more the merrier!

Thanks so much for sharing your favorite poems and poets with me. I either nodded my head in recognition or went scurrying for the poetry books. Fun!

Hope that you have things blooming in your corner...


  1. Ahhh...I do love when you just chat with us. I'm a bit jealous of Susan Branch getting so much of your attention over there. I just might have to step up the interest level and beauty in my life to try to compete. lol
    Hugs, Friend.

  2. I already have my four picked out.
    Hoping for a warmer day today for working and the snow to melt!

  3. I have my photos ready for the party! Lovely chat this morning. Have a great day!

  4. Good morning, Vee. I shall try to gather some photos for notecards and see if I can join the party!

    Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Hi Vee,

    I keep watching the weather and seeing that you have been getting colder weather than we have. Lots of things in bloom here. The Daffodils are totally confused, they have been hanging around for weeks. I saw my first full bloom pink blossoming tree yesterday.

    I look forward to your note card party next week. I'll keep my post a bit more simple this time. I never can contain my zeal when I find a new thing to share.

    I read your post yesterday, but didn't have a poem to share, I love too many to pick just one.

    Susan Branch, sigh, she lives in a fairytale. She always encourages me to just live my own life though. Have a great day.


  6. I giggled about the carnation catnip. That's just funny to me.

    I haven't been through my blog to pick photos, but I'm trying to be a little less goofy this time around.

    I had missed the previous post. I'll have to scroll through comments to see if any of mine were mentioned.

  7. I just love your pics.--We had a freeze here last night, I know, Alabama. Everything is blooming, the apple trees and fig trees in front already have fruit on them. Wish I could show pics (thanks to dial up internet, I think I am repeating myself), sigh. Have a great Thursday. Blessings

  8. My cats are just like Fiore'. Always where they are not supposed to be and trying to eat what they should not!
    I so enjoyed your note card party and like you, I have trouble finding four that look good as a set!
    Here in GA, we were near freezing this a.m. - after having such hot weather for so many weeks.
    Hope you have a nice day, Vee.

  9. Love your Subject Line! It gives me.................. the will to keep posting.

    (Eeeek! I nearly used that usual word, which fits there. That little 4 letter word, that begins with 'H' and ends with 'E'. You remember the one? The perfectly lovely word, which was forever ruined for us, in 2008. -sigh-)

    “Now the noisy winds are still; April's coming up the hill! ”
    ~Mary Mapes Dodge

  10. Good morning Vee. Enjoyed your say it anyway. Have a good day!

  11. S*san B*ranch's blog! That is so lovely a place, that it should come with a Warning! Of...

    "Beware, You Are About To Enter A Place Of Total Loviness! A Place Where You Will Never Want To Leave, And Return To Your Own Every Day Life Experience!"

    Right!!!!!?????!!!!!! I get mesmerized by the whole blog... Every aspect of it, is so prettttttty. All her beautiful art. Her lovely, old home. All the white, she uses in it.

    Imagine having white rugs and furniture, which stays white?!? Imagine being able to live in a home, with those delightful furniture coverings of pink flowers on white background. Imagine all of it?!?

    And now, on top of all that, she is going to the UK! Oh "be still my heart"! :-)

    “Now the noisy winds are still; April's coming up the hill! All the spring is in her train, Led by shining ranks of rain...”
    ~Mary Mapes Dodge

  12. Susan Branch has such a delightful blog and it always puts me in such a wonderful mood! I love your photo and I have my aprons hanging on the back of my door to my laundery room/panty.
    I spent the last two days gardening and cleaning up leaves until 7:00 each evening. Once I get outside, I don't want to come back in where I should be painting.

  13. I just signed up for the note card party yesterday. Or was it the day before? No matter. I missed last time because of a trip, I think.

    Perhaps Fioré has spring fever! It sounds like you might have a touch of it, too, and the weather is NOT cooperating for you. I hope it improves soon. (the weather and the fever)

    I LOVE the aprons you have hanging up there. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! My aprons are currently so tatty that I keep them well out of view when not in use. New aprons might well be my next stitching project. Yes, indeed! But probably not until next week.

    Dear me, I'm chatty this morning. Time to give you a break. Have a wonderful day, Vee.

  14. What a lovely chat! Fiore wants a can of Fancy Feast with greens. (She's been in need of someone to tell you that she's really a Persian and wants to be fed from a crystal dish (with a pedestal), too.)

    Honestly, our Willow ate my houseplants and bouquet greens until I started giving her canned food with greens. I plant catnip in the herb garden every summer, too.

    If you're already feeding Fiore such goodies, please let her know that I'm really not a cat whisperer. Maybe Fiore prefers fresh greens!

  15. Spring has bloomed here for quite some time. The pink and white dogwoods are still blooming and so are the iris's. In my new temporary home, the only thing blooming are the iris. I am not sure what will come up over the summer..It will be a surprise.

  16. Vee, this is my all-time, favourite sort of post. I love everyday life. It's in the details - the saying is so true for me.
    I would like to try to post in the card gathering, and will do my best, but I will be on the road again next week. It would require planning ahead, and I am not good at that!
    S*san B*ranch's blog - I don't know it but I am going to go looking!

  17. I love Susan Branch too! I must take a peek at the blog.

    I love the beauty of your home Vee. It really is a haven!

    By the way I bought some seed packets at the dollar store - 4 for a dollar. I have them on the shelf in my newly painted bathroom, but may make them into a garland...

    I wish we could sit down face to face with a cup of tea...one day we will....


  18. Oh I just love this post. Isn't that really what life is...just the regular humming of life? I remember when I was so sick and I missed normal!!
    Have a great week!!

  19. Thanks for the reminder of the Note Card Party. I just put up your button on my sidebar. Thanks for it too! The only blooms here are pansies from last year and the daffodils are starting to open up and I can't see either one from a window! Lots of dark clouds around with the sun peeking through once in a while.

  20. I do feel so at home when I pop over to visit with Susan Branch. Cozy, Warm.... she makes it nice.

    It just totally blows my mind that your trees and shrubs aren't blooming. All of blooms have turned to greenery, cucumbers are in the ground, picked my first strawberries this week, the blueberries are growing, and the roses are beginning to open.

    What is even crazier, is after not really having a winter, we are experiencing a touch of blackberry winter in April. I had to cover everything up last night!

    Hopefully you'll have blooms soon.


  21. Is that a new banner? It's very pretty! I want to comment on the poetry post but I haven't had time to look up any poetry. I feel like I'm always just a 'little behind'...no pun intended! I love visiting with Susan B., too! I can get lost in her world. Enjoy your afternoon! I just got home from the park.

  22. The ordinary day is the best kind of day, Vee!

    I,too, am a fan of Susan Branch. I found her first book years ago on a visit to the bookstore "Bunch of Grapes" on Martha's Vineyard and fell in love with her artwork and handwritten recipes. She has such a friendly, sweet way of writing.

    Only two more days work and I think I'll be finished at my Mom's house! I'll be so relieved when the job is done. It has certainly been a learning experience for me.

  23. Love the way you 'didn't' share today. Lol. sandie

  24. Susan Branch...Vee, I'll check her site out. You share so many things that are new to me!
    Yes, as you probably know, our cats love to eat or destroy flower arrangements.....
    Still loving that seed packet garland!

  25. Vee, I love the way you create focal points within focal points. Lovely!

  26. Haven't been to the SB blog in a while. I'll have to stop by - sounds relaxing!

    Loved seeing your display. Those yummy dishes and I love the tree print. That's exactly the kind of thing I'm always drawn to.

    The seed packet garland is such a lovely easy idea! love it

    Can't believe your forsythia hasn't even bloomed yet!!! Mine is done and my fruit trees already have little fruit on them!

  27. Let me say how much I love your apron line up!

  28. I'm glad you said it anyway! I agree with the others who said that it is such fun to have a chat about this and that and just "hang out" a little while.

    As much as I loved your seed packet garland on the window, it is just as adorable on the chandelier.

    And I can relate to the kitty-on-the-counter business. Our Pinky knows that she is not allowed on the counter, but if a window is open, she simply must get up there! If she sees my husband, or my daughter Kati coming towards her, she jumps down immediately. If she sees me coming, she doesn't even budge. I guess you know who is the indulgent parent.

    I do hope your spring is springing very soon!

  29. I love how you have displayed your aprons! I, too, was too slow in thinking of a poem. I'm still thinking :)

  30. Things are blooming beautifully in my part of the world...though I am in someone else's part right now. I like your apron line-up!

    If I get my act together before the 18th...I will participate in your note card party.

  31. I love the picture John bought you, it reminds me of a picture from my past......

    Spring is here in Texas....everything is beautiful...
    I hope spring comes soon in your part of the world .

    You have wonderful collection of aprons and you've found the perfect way to display them....love it!

  32. How can I not stop and say Hello? You girls are so nice; another meeting of the minds right here in Vee Haven! Thank you so much, Happy Spring! Love your aprons Vee!

  33. So glad I stopped in! I missed the note card party last time. I have to snoop around and see when it is!
    Whoa! I just noticed your famous guest above me! How lovely!


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